Tuesday, December 14, 2010

months in review.....

I know I have not posted much in the past few months.....hopefully this will catch you up and also explain WHY I have not had the time....
C has a new bed....we took his side rail off of his crib and he loves it!!! My baby is such a big boy!! I explained to him the same way I did T- "when you sleep you are to stay in your bed- and not get out, until the sun comes up and then we will watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse! If you do get out- you will get a paddle." Do you know he has NEVER gotten out of the bed....one day he tried on a nap time- I paddled him and put him back into bed. Never ever again....I am so proud of my big boy!!
He is also completely 100% potty trained....I feel light going in places without a diaper bag now....it is nice!! Let me tell you also, to potty train you MUST give up all things and give it 100% as a parent.....that was the hard part for me!! It helped though- going to school with all of his friends....peer pressure!!
We went to Oklahoma for Labor day.... we toured the Broken Arrow Historical Museum! It was great. I am a native of Broken Arrow, OK and my mom is on the historical society there. They have done a lot of work and it was very interesting to see all the people I knew who were "famous Americans" from Broken Arrow. If you are ever in town you should go by and see it!!Many of the exhibits in the museum were hands on for the kids. Really neat!!Went to the Fair.....I also made 2.....TWO field trips to the fair- 2 separate times and took the boys my self this time. We love the fair!! So if you are counting that is 3 trips total!!!B killed an 8 point deer first day of black powder season.....cousin lil AG was visiting and she and aunt Lala got to see the harvested deer in person....prior to a skillet!!! We took Family pictures with my side of the Family......with a tripod.....good thing I ran fast enough to get in the picture!!!The 3 cousins.....all with blue eyes!!!
Then as I mentioned earlier I went on a field trip to the fair.....well....also I have been to the fire station, police station and a few others!! I love that they go on so many field trips and get the kids out and into the community to see what goes on. They also go visit the nursing homes and share hugs with all the old folks.....brings them smiles!!
They are having such a good school year- and LOVE school. C still may cry every time I drop him off- but I think he is doing it to make me feel good!! ha!!
Then on to Halloween.....Trick or Treat for Mr. Incredible and Spiderman!!! We still only go to a few houses....just close friends and family. Our church has a trunk or treat- that is always fun too!! Class Halloween Party for T....

Class Halloween Party for C....

Our local University had a trunk or treat on the Farm....so we put our spurs, chaps, boots, and hats on and rode over for a good time!!

While the weather was still nice we make a weekly trip to the park, duck pond or walking trails...

Me and the boys made a trip in the middle of the week to see Grana and Poppie in Oklahoma.....we took a trip the the Zoo and also to a museum for kids. That was a fun filled few days!!!
One of my friends had twin baby girls.....I have enjoyed getting to know her better along with the new babies....this was at a shower for the girls!!

Thanksgiving day with all the family.....this is B's side of the family. We ate at his dad and mom's house.....my parents and my sister and her family came. We had a FULL HOUSE!!
Cooking Thanksgiving Morning with my mom and sister....in our new matching aprons!!! LOVE THEM!!!! LOTS OF RECIPE PICS for the kitchen blog!!!! Just need to take the time to post them!! Once again B killed another buck.....this time his biggest ever!!! It was a 9 point....in fact it is at the taxidermy and we will get it in March some time. Looking forward to hanging it on the wall in our living room!! The boys are completely ate up with their daddy and HUNTING!!!
B and his 9 point....

Ok that is a wrap for the past few months.....I have been working on a few other stories and also my recipes for my kitchen blog. Seems like I was thinking I would have all this time when the boys started school to get so much done!! I find myself CLEANING or running errands the whole time!! I have gone through the whole house and cleaned every drawer, closet, nook and cranny out!!! I feel like my house is now in order....if I can keep all the clutter of toys up.....they are only little once so, I know there will come a day when I would wish I could step on a toy solider!!
I do have a 1800 square foot shop in my backyard I am working on getting in order next.....ugh!!
Work is never ending!!! In January it will be 8 months until T starts Kindergarten.....where has the time gone!! I want to cherish these next few months as if they would never end!!!
I will try to update as much as possible.....we have had a dozen meetings with Santa already this year- and two class parties this week.....It is the MOST wonderful time of the Year!!!