Thursday, July 30, 2009

a look back...... 10 years

July 30, 1999

On this very day 10 years ago - A very HOT (100 degrees) July evening in Oklahoma as the sun was setting. And everyone was sweating! (You know how girls dream about their weddings- I always wanted one outside- just did not know it would be JULY!!)
I said the most important words in my life!! I told my husband I would marry him for better or worse, sickness & in health, richer & poor and he said the same.
Well, it has been ten years now- and I can say we have been through those ALL!! We are TRULY Best Friends!! We laugh, we cry, we fight, we make up- but through it all we have NEVER EVER gone to bed mad at each other nor have we left each other to go anywhere with out be on good terms and telling the other "I Love You!" Some times it takes staying up until 3 am to settle a conversation- but if that is what it takes- so be it!!

When we exchanged vows those many years ago. Our pastor told us to look at the audience and remember all those people- they are witnesses to our love and vows to each other. If we were to have any problems- they needed to do their part to help us remember this day and how important theses vows are! I can say that some people have passed away now, others we don't see that much and some we have not talked to since that day. But, we have never forgotten how important those special words are.

He then talked about our rings and how they are an unending circle- just as our love for each other and our love for the Father is. One thing is for sure- God has always been in the middle of our marriage. We pray together at any moment- and daily at the end of the day with each other. It might be 1,000 miles apart- but we are still connected through prayer!

This has been by far the best decision of my Life- and I cannot go without giving the Lord Glory, Honor & Praise for this special Man that he has brought to me!! May we have many many many more happy days and years ahead of us together!!


OK Whitney here you go- these are the pictures you have waited on. My Bridesmaid dresses- UGH!! My mother made them at my request- they were gonna be broom stick skirts- I have no clue what I was thinking the "country theme" was totally our of control for this city girl? Needless to say my husband only gave 8 WEEKS from engagement to the wedding date!! We dated for 3 + years I have NO CLUE why he was in such a rush?? Anyway, my mom made the flower girls dresses too- and most importantly MINE!! She did a wonderful job!! Luckily both bridesmaids were our sisters- so they have to still talk to me!!
The picture quality is not great on all the photos because C has decide to major in engineering- so he has punched so many buttons on my printer/scanner that it no longer scans- so I took a picture of the picture...if that is not confusing???
Actually the faces of the people have been blurred to protect the innocent!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Laugh through the week on this one...

This is our cowboydee he puts any hat on and says "I am cowboydee" instead of saying "yee Haw" he prefers to say "aha ha ha" He cracks us up!! This is a HUGE wooden rocking horse that Mr. Hughey made for T when he was 2. They boys love to play on it and pretend to be cowboys!!

Once again I have a video today- I am taking a blogging break. I have 2 rooms in my house that need improvement. I am painting our bedroom & the boys bathroom. My goal it July 31st. T's birthday party is the 1st of August. I always love to do last minute projects- that way they will get done!!! I will be back the 4th of August- C is having surgery on his ears the 3rd- remember to pray for him.

I might randomly put a picture up or two or the progress- or maybe not??? I just need to focus on those things right now- I will have plenty to post after his party for sure!!!

Enjoy the laughs!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Laugh to get you through the weekend!!

So not funny, but OH SO FUNNY!!!

He is like the little train... I think I can I think I can...

There were NO one year old boys injured in the filming of this video- maybe just a little Pride!

Honestly he did not even cry!! He's our TOUGH little Boy!!!

Have a Good Weekend~



Okay have you ever eaten words?? In our house....T is the MEMORY BOX!!! He NEVER EVER forgets ANYTHING??? I have a great memory- B has a good memory, so I guess with the 2 combined his is WONDERFUL!! It will come in handy when he is in school I hope, he will be a good student if he puts it to good use!!

Well, last February we went to the circus at the Tulsa fairgrounds. As you turn to go to the fairgrounds there are these HUGE colorful slides...Big Splash water park. He was so excited- he thought that was where we were going....HELLO....It was 20 degrees outside!! I told him no, that is for summer time- maybe sometime we can go there in the summer time. BITE....SWALLOW!!!

Fast forward to 4 months later....
He has a calender in his room with his best friend & him in all the pictures. I turned it to June- there is a picture of him & his buddy playing in the pool last summer, he started jumping up and down screaming " is SUMMER we get to go to Big Splash in Oklehoma!!!" I replied " what are you talking about?" He looked at me like I was by far the dumbest human being on the face of the Earth " You told me when it was summer we can go to the BIG SLIDE!!!"

As I picked my jaw up off the floor- I thought how in the heck did he remember this??

So, the last time we were in Oklahoma it was not open yet, that was in the spring. We will not be going back until Thanksgiving. Due to birthday parties, my parents and I promised when I got married and moved off- we would NEVER go a month without seeing each other.....10 years later.....the longest we have ever gone was 8 weeks!! Promise is a Promise in my book!!
This trip was already jam packed-- Family Reunion, visit grandparents, but like I said....Promise is a Promise!!
We arrived with the smell of chlorine in the air at the water park with only 1 hour and a half left to be $15.00 a POP!!! Even C I had to pay for my swimmer diaper wearing kid too!!! He is ONE people....You should be paying ME!!!
Well, when we got there we paused at the entrance and had a meeting....deciding whether we should pay that much for such a little person & little time????? Then B said "Well, we have to go because I cannot let T down- I don't care how much it cost!! Plus, I don't want to break a promise him and let him down!!" The tribal master has we walked up I handed the tan kid my money and we entered the park. Leaving all the others to decide....then a few minutes later the squeaked into the park behind us.
Once we were in we changed like mad people trying to win a contest. Mall walked to the nearest pool and said "OK T here we are....we are at Big Splash isn't it great!!" He said as his head was spinning like an owl " Now where is that SLIDE??"
Well of course you must be this tall and not weight this much to ride everything!! Of course this trucker family likes to abide by the scales....usually!! So after T and Lil' A.G. stood on their tippy toes and the daddy's sucked in their stomachs....they proceeded to the LONG line.......moments later there was a BIG Daddy sliding down then there would be this little tiny person sliding down to the 9 feet deep pool.....with daddy there to catch them!! While Grana & Poppie camped out at the kiddy pool with C.
T got out of the pool and said "Man that was fun let's do it again!!!" Then I looked at B as he was gasping for breath....."It is your he pointed to me!!" Apparently it is so deep that my nearly 7 foot tall husband did not even touch the bottom when he came down into the water then had to turn around catch his breath and tread water waiting for T to hit then carry T over to the side as he finally got to touch the side of the pool. B later told me " I can swim to save my life...but I am NOT a swimmer!!" I just laughed and said "Well, I am glad that I no one drowned! Thanks for telling me that NOW!!"
Afterwards we went to the lazy river....I tumbled in to the wild river and turned over as soon as I tried to sit into my raft.....Glad there was no camera around......I came up pointing fingers though......looked at B and said " You kicked me over!!!" The tan kid who was working - I thought he was gonna pee his red lifeguard pants!!! B was laughing so hard no to mention T was cracking up too!!
We decided to go- me first then T and B would follow it up- I was so nervous for my little baby. He was so excited but I was thinking what if he got away from us?? So as soon as we started down they wait and push you down separately. So here goes big mama- yet again it dumped over at the first spillway!! Needless to say I have a few bruises from that river....Lazy my hiney!! But once again as soon as we got out- T was laughing and saying "let's do it again that was FUN!!"
They started to close the slides and just left the pool open for the last 15 minutes. So we just swam and let the kids jump in. As we were leaving the park I asked my parents why they decided to go?? My dad said "Well, we wanted to see the kids swim and have fun!"
Here is my thought....We only had an hour and a half- we will never get that hour and a half back- did we spend it wisely?? Even though we lost and arm and a leg to enter the park we came out with belly laughs and fun memories to last a life time!! Plus a kid who got to slide down a slide!!
Honestly, I had fun because I was with the people I love and spent time laughing with them over silly stuff!! That my friend is PRICELESS!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I gave T a good summer haircut while we were in OK this weekend. I have not had the time to do it before then. So, like many times haircuts are the best.

I had been thinking he would look good with it shorter. Then I started to buzzzz away the hair- it was MUCH shorter than I thought. Oh well, he is a boy.. who it is hair it grows back- that is how I made money for 10 years before babies!!

He likes it because "I look just like my best friend-- Daddy!!" And of course B loves to hear that. When I took him to school Tuesday morning his teacher just went crazy over it and said he was so handsome....then it started to swell up!!! I do think it makes him look A LOT OLDER!!! He looks like he is 6 or 7 now. Won't be long and he will be.

When he took a bath the night I cut it he got out and said " Hey it is still like daddy's, when I wake up will it be like his too??" I laughed and said "yes, it will be like that for awhile" He replied with a HUGE grin on his face " Good I like to look like my daddy!"

If you say I like your hair he tilts his head you can't see he is 7 foot tall or something??? Don't know where he gets the idea.

He is COOL for now, especially since it has been in the 100 degree temps here. I think we will let it grow out and do it again next summer- he has TONS of hair and it grows SUPER FAST!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rolls+ hand stands+ bear walks= Gymnastics

Last week we had a FUN time at Gymnastics...or Gymnasnics as T liked to call it. It was so crazy and when you are use to a routine and schedule like me & our children. It blows everything out of order when you throw a new thing in!
Gymnastics was right in the middle of C's 2 hour daily nap. So I tried to move his nap up then he was so upset he would cry for an hour then sleep- then I would wake him up to throw him in the car to arrive at the gym on time!!! It was only a week- I kept telling myself everyday.
Turned out to be a fun week for T and I was excited to see all he had learned. I wanted to him to try this summer- so if he liked it he could go to a fall class, so after MUCH talking to B about it- we got the go ahead. I think it will help him in his balance & coordination, he lacks a little- possibly from my gens on my family's side.....we are so graceful!!!

It was worth it T loved it!!! I really had to talk B into letting him of course....he is one of those dads who is against all activities accept football, baseball & basketball!!! hahaha not really but really close!!

The first night after class he could do a hand stand....spotted of course. I could not believe it!! His very favorite thing to do was the 'bear crawl', he loves to pretend to be a bear- or make his brother be one so he can pretend to shot him. So that did not surprise me.

He did a pretty good cartwheel. The teacher probably got a hernia trying to help him though, he does weigh almost a hefty 50 lbs. not bad for almost 4? ( I have no clue why I cannot turn my pics the right way....just look upside down....they are right on my computer?? sorry??) The pulling on his shorts cracked me know how little girls pull there dresses up when they get shy or nervous...guess it was rubbing off???

Then his balance beam...that was his favorite the second day. The teacher said "look into my eyes and hold your arms out" Poor teacher he kept making this noise with his lips poked out- I am probably for sure she got a shower with that walk on the beam!!

Then there's the back came with unusually noises......"UGH...UGH.....MY BACK!!!" Cracked me up. Poor kid he did not take after his flexible mother- I did gymnastics until I was 15. I could do any thing pretty flexible...not now of course!! I think he is more stiff like his daddy!! But my husband is a very talented athlete...just never gymnastics!!

I love the FEET in the air in this picture.....

Then there's the back ward's roll....he loved that too!! He already can do a pretty good front roll...learned that from cousin Lil' A.G. she is pretty good at that- that is where he learned his dance moves from too!!!

Here is his wonderful hand stand....he did good and you can tell he liked it due to the large grin afterwards!! He really did great at all the different things- he definitely slept better last week- can't say much for any other children in the household??

He really had a good time- I was totally impressed with how much he learned, in such a short amount of time- 4 days @ l hour a day!!

I might enroll him in the fall for some private lessons- boys only class.....request from the father! B looked through the pictures and said "you lied to me- I thought you said it was a boys only class?" "That is next fall" I replied quickly- as I slipped off to the other room!

Thanks Mrs T for a great class he REALLY had a BLAST!!!

Well, the summer is almost over and no more swim, gym, or vbs classes. Seems like yesterday and it was just the beginning of summer and I looked at our busy summer. The most fun about the end of summer is that T's birthday is the 5th of August.

(Again sorry about all the sideways pictures??? My computer messed them up and I tried to fix them- I apologize for any sore necks while reading!!)


Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Memories & Great Time

Yesterday we got to visit with my Mamaw in Person for her 84th Birthday. We went to Oklahoma this weekend- had a Great time!! She is such a sweet lady- great cook- great house keeper- great decorator. She and Papaw got married when she was 16 so she been a homemaker since then. Raised 3 boys and has 6 grandchildren & 10 great-grandchildren. In November they will celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary!!
By far she us to fix the BEST Fried Chicken ever. She is unable to cook now. But when she did cook- it was always GREAT!!
Mamaw had 11 brothers & sisters, we had a small reunion of them on Saturday. There are only 5 living now. Since I live 6 hours away I don't always get to visit people in person for there birthdays. I am so glad that we got the opportunity to visit with her and Papaw.

They are so special to me, they are my last living grandparents. They have lived at this house since 1977- the year I was born. I have such great memories and thoughts of this place & them.

When we went to visit out at my Mamaw & Papaw's house yesterday I took many pictures of memories I don't ever want to forget. You know T always asks us at bed time to tell stories when we were little. Seems like the stories are running out- pictures help to bring memories back.

When we leave Mamaw & Papaw always stand in the garage and way until you are out of sight. Mamaw was unable to come outside yesterday- it was too hot! But, I am glad I did catch this memory on film.

Do you have special childhood memories you NEVER want to forget??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 things on the 10th

10 things....
The idea comes from my friend Mer over at here.
On July 30th we will celebrate our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!

Thought these 10 things can be about some stories about the last ten years and some memories why I LOVE my man so much!!
1. 1999- When I got married to B I thought we would spend more time together?? The day we got home from our 4 day honeymoon- he left and did not come back for 3 days (he drives a truck).....we had NO home phone, cell phone, t.v., computer.....nothing- I went from a city of 250,000. people to a town of 1,000. I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life??? Turns out it was the BEST thing I have ever done.

2. Love that he sends me flowers, leaves me notes and random stuff for me not any particular reason or special time of the year. He once left me a note with some flowers- Proverbs 18:22-
This year for our "dating" anniversary- 13 years. He decided we needed a weekend away- he told me book at hotel in this city- and I'll take care of the rest.....I told him "waffle house doesn't take reservation's!!" That is just how we work- total sarcasm all the time. Anyway, he got reservation's at this wonderful restaurant that over looks the lake, candlelight dinner, and live music- I LOVED IT- Did he??? Yes, because I was there- but he really doesn't like anything like that at all- live music, candlelight dinner, romantic stuff!! He did it because that is what I like and that is what marriage is....give & take....more GIVE though!!!

3. Love his HONESTY- Like when I cook something, he does not like here is how he responds....."hey thank you for fixing supper- but, I am gonna eat this- and then don't ever fix it again- I don't care for it!" It NEVER bothers me for him to say that, I usually agree with him!! But a soft response turns away rath!!! He is so thoughtful of my feelings.

4. He is such a hard worker and I NEVER have ever had to tell him "go to work- go get a job" I am so fortunate that he works so hard for me and the boys, and I get to stay at home to take care of the boys. He has driven over a million miles in the ten years since we have been married.
5. TRUST- I can trust him FULLY, I totally take his word on every thing- even all those millions of miles and hours he spends away from home- I never ever have to worry about our relationship. I know he will always be faithful and he knows the same for me....being at home by myself.

6. Laughter....We will laugh until we cry sometimes. It might be about something that happened 14 years ago, or right then. The other day we had a HUGE fight about nothing!! Then when we kinda got quiet he said "why did I marry you?" I responded " I have NO IDEA!!!" Then he grabbed my arm and said "because I Love you more than anything in the world and could not make it a day without you!!" Then we just started laughing.

Last week I thought I was gonna snap....I had given 5 paddles before noon!! I told the boys I needed to go outside- DON'T open the door, stay in here. I was about on the edge of tears, I called him....of course he was 100's of miles away. I told him "please calm me down.....I am gonna blow and kill theses kids!!!" His response was " STEP AWAY FROM THE GUN CABINET!!!" My stress just melted away. Then he prayed I would have a better day and for the boys to be better.
7. 2005-Welcomed into this world our First Born Child- T just a week after we celebrated our anniversary. He sat by my bed- both trips to the hospital, I was in labor for 3 days!! We went to the hospital spent the night, they sent us home, we went back within 12 hours, then another 12 hours later...8 lbs. 7 oz. Boy!! B sat by my side and held my hand the whole was through- he was great!!

8. He is a GREAT DADDY!!! He loves the boys more than life itself. When he comes in the door- he might be so tired he can hardly walk, be he picks those little boys up and hugs them. Goes to their rooms and wrestles, plays and sometimes just reads them books. The love is definitely mutual- but seeing his love for them and him play with them- Makes me fall in love with him all over again! The time he spends with them is quality time and I think that is more important than anything- they will always remember those moments.

9. 2007- Welcomed our Second Baby into the world- C our little red head, born the day before my sister's birthday! Just like the birth of #1 he never left my side, only this time it was different. I was induced- within 10 hours of checking in to the hospital C was born!! I checked in at 8 pm though, so I tried to sleep and B was over there sucking in the curtains- the nurse and I laughed all night long!! Then at 4 a.m. I clapped my hands and said "get up it is show time- I need you!!" He leaped from the extremely small fold out chair and jumped up to my side- only then to say " hey I need my contacts in for this!!" Then a little before 7 am another 8 lb 13 oz Boy!! This is by far my favorite picture STILL!!! The joy in my boys faces!!!
10. GOD- Well, I cannot make a list with out leaving out the MOST important key reason we have made it 10 years!! If is was not for God we would not be here. We go to church each week together, pray together, and have even done bible studies together. We teach the boys through our life and use God's word as examples of everyday, you could not make it without God. HE is the one we give credit to. He brought us together and keeps us together.

If it weren't for God this city girl from Oklahoma would have never ended up with this country boy from Arkansas!!!