Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Kitchen

Did I mention.... I have started a new blog.....I forgot??

Here is the link to my new blog....My Kitchen I was very inspired by Mer and others who have recipe blogs and I LOVE to cook. My friend Katja has started doing recipes on her blog too- Check it out!!

If you have any new recipes for me to try & them to me- I would love to try them!!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back In the Saddle again....Bare Back

Well, I am doing it- if it gets the best of me!! I am putting the pedal to the FLOOR this time. I kinda started to toilet train C- a few months ago.....with no success. I didn't go FULL SPEED like I did with T, so I am going to do the same method I did with T. I read this book. And it worked like a charm!!

I was 8-9 months pregnant with C.....sitting in the bathroom floor reading books until the beloved tinkle noise could be heard in the toilet!! Then we would do our happy dance, call daddy and get our M & M's!!

My mom & B have BOTH told me....that is not how they remember it......I called both of them crying and saying this was the hardest thing I have ever done!!! That was before I found those plastic underwear from Target!!

My method is REWARD for staying DRY MORE.....than GOING to the BATHROOM!!! It really works!! And quick too- 4 days for T.

Now, C is my leader ( I like to say instead of Strong-willed) Child!! So, I pray he will let me lead and he will follow the teachings that we talk to him about!!

So, say a prayer for us this week!! We will MISS all those at story-time this week.....Thanks for the support!! We will be back in a week, in underwears!! All these pictures were taken last year some time....just thought they went with the story!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Friday

Here is one more look at that floppy fireman hat....that needs some starch.

While we were folding clothes this week- he was busy fighting fires of his own!!

Gotta love it!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Good Job & Goodbye!!

This picture was taken a LONG time ago....maybe a year or so?? But I ran across it this week while I was looking for other pictures of food for my new Recipe Blog!!

This was the morning T made his BED ALL ON HIS OWN!! Do you see the pride in those little Rosie cheeks!!

We have been making his bed together since he was 2 when he got his bigger bed. Since this picture which like I said was about a year ago.....He can make it on it's own. I did mention this week- how I have to over look all the lumps & bumps and pillows not in the right place...not to mention the sheet falling to the floor out from under the comforter!!

That would totally break his spirit of JOY- so I choose to over look it, and know that with time it will get better!! He was teaching C this week how to help him.... yeah, I can see where that is going!! I was the younger child. My sister use to TIME me to see how fast I could fetch her things or do her chores!!

If you do notice the Giant LUMPS on the sides.... that is a pillow on each side of his bed. My friend Mrs. Vonda, told me that trick she used it for her grand kids. He kept rolling off the bed...along with the pillows I stacked beside him. She told me to tuck them UNDER the fitted sheet!! Well, isn't that smart....helps to know smart people with good advice!!
Then there is this....dum...dum....dum....!!!!! We are parting with the CRIB this weekend!! Well, I have had the kit out and ready to do it for weeks now- just waiting on my handy man to show up. B has been working a lot these last few weeks he is taking off Friday hopefully, to spend family time together!!
I have taken all the bumper pads out & the skirt of the bottom and it already looks different- so we will see?? He has jumped out- a few times, and gotten in trouble for it. He stays in for now- But I can only imagine??

I can remember T the first night in his BIG BED.... I told him he would get a spanking if he got out of his bed- and he could not get out of bed until morning time when Jo Jo's circus & the Wiggles come on!! We turned up the monitor that night and listened to him... he quietly whispered "mama..mama..." and then he was asleep!!

He also didn't GET OUT of his BED until he was 3 1/2.....He would call out to me after a long nights sleep or nap time...."MAMA..MAMA...I AM UP!!!" I would go into his room and snuggle with him and hold him. When you tell him something- he takes it for the gospel!! It got to the point I was afraid it would wake up C....and he didn't even start to sleep through the night until about that time!!

T has been a good sleeper 14 hours a night at the age of 8 weeks!! C on the other hand....he is a GREAT sleeper now- you just need to be careful not to walk to quickly, he is a very light sleeper!!

I pray he will stay in his bed so we don't have to remove all the toys...etc...from there!! I am going to use the same method for him....even though they are different kids- I don't know what else to do??

Any suggestions??

Sweet Dreams....


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chore time

Yesterday, I shared about our new chore chart & New Rules. Just to let you know we are still on a Roll!!

My guilt comes when I spend more time cleaning and doing chores- rather than spending precious time with my children...instead they are being Hooked on TV!!!

I have decided after much prayer and thinking about it- not to mention I bought about 10 books on Amazon a few weeks ago.....all about having a clean/ organized house & teaching kids to!! Plus, it is a way we can still be together and they can learn to help out- and be rewarded!!

If they can help, then they will learn to keep things clean too!! It started with their nasty bathroom.....boys have the worst habits....toliets....Ugh!!! Then all the toothpaste in the sink..... Ugh..Ugh!!!!

I told them at 9 am...."okay we are turning to TV off and we are going to do chores...who wants to help??" I stood there with WIPES in my hands.....they love using my WIPES!!!!

They help with the table many times after meals- to wipe down the table. I LOVE these particular wipes because the are Natural and SAFE for children- Non-toxic!! I am all about that. I keep them stocked up- because I only order once a month.

I gave them each a wipe and they went to town, they were wiping everything they could- I had to stop T from cleaning the light bulb on the lamp.

I was cracking up when I looked over and saw T wiping every little wire on the basket!! Don't know where he has EVER seen that before??
And good Ole' C he was just so excited about getting to Play in the sink and NOT get in trouble!! He stayed at the sink & pour water in a cup and out for about 30 minutes!! Then he moved to the shower....I have no clue what he was doing in there- but he had a wipe!!

I know he was probably thinking.......This is a dream come true......water, me & the sink I use to get in trouble for sitting in!!

I feel like we are well on our way to starting off our new little chores and system work- I will share next week more.... I know you can't wait.....That is if you are OCD like me!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rules & Chores.....walking a fine line!!

This week we started a few new things. Our chore chart I bought at Christmas time, and I made my little homemade rules chart!! Don't laugh if I misspelled words- or my awful handwriting, they can't read was better than my drawings!!!

I also made these little cards....they are too dumb looking to put on as a picture!! I can remember my Kindergarten teacher having them. It is a smiling face....a straight face.....a frown face.... and a crying face!! Each time we would misbehave, she would cut off a face- then if you were left with a crying face you were in BIG TROUBLE!!!

It made a BIG impact on me. I can remember getting a crying face one day....probably for too much talking?? Ha ha!! It made that much of an impression on me- that is all it took!!!

So, I made some 3x5 index cards of the same. Each time the boys get in trouble I would cut off a face. T cried the first time I had to cut hissmiling face off.... He pushed his brother off the bed!! Needless to say I also punished him more than that too!!

It has just come to the point in our house-I can almost NOT take them in public anymore!!! I can remember when I just had T everyone would say- "wow he is so good!!" I don't know where I lost control.....I can guess but I won't BLAME!!! Now when I go out in public they say "WOW YOU HAVE YOUR HANDSFULL!!!!"

But there comes a point when you are trying to get something done and you look over and your kids are having a wrestling match or running crazy in a store- YOU MUST PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN and SHOW THEM WHO IS BOSS!!!!

THIS IS MAMA'S HOUSE!!!! I have got on my soap box this week and decided if I don't do it now- I will be wishing I had when I am posting bail one of these days!!! No, I would not wish that on anyone- especially my own...just using it as an exaggeration.

We have also started this lovely chore chart. So far so good- the Cowboy like to put his own smiling faces on.....I think I need to move it to where he can reach it better- It is here so it is OUT of reach of others!! HA!!I found this at a local store on sale 20% I thought I would pick it up and it would be just what are family needed for our new year- new start!! It is a Melissa & Doug, you would find if you toured my house....I LOVE Melissa & Doug Products!!! Puzzles, toys, you name it- we LOVE IT!!

The chart has so many behavior & chores ideas to choose from, I let T pick his own on Sunday nights then he gets to put his smiling face on his completed chore- at the end of the day- WE CELEBRATE....with a quarter for a completed line of Smiles :) Did I mention it is magnetic!!

The first chore for the day was folding clothes, I dumped their clothes on T's bed and said "let's play a game- let's put all C's clothes on one side of the bed, then all of your clothes on the other side!" First off....every kid likes a GAME!!! Secondly, I told him I it was a RACE....he has enough of his father in him to be COMPLETELY COMPETITIVE!!! No room for losers in this house!!!

Once we finished that race, we continued to the next one- sorting, underwear, PJ's, jeans, shirts, etc. Then lastly I let him hang up his own clothes as I hung us C's clothes, he wanted to hang them up in his own closet....that is where the OCD in me has to step aside....and say "yes, yes you may...!!!!" Gulp!!

Knowing they would not be in the right place.....long sleeve, short sleeve, church shirts, sweaters, hunting clothes, and jeans. That is how I have all the clothes in their closets. He could only reach the bottom shelf with extra hangers...whew, so I got to put them up in the proper Home- later when he was pre-occupied!!

I don't ever want him to see me correct or finish his work, I NEVER change his bed once he makes it....he will never think that it measures up good enough for me. So I leave it and move on- When it comes to clothes, I know exactly what is clean, dirty & missing in everyones closet- due to my system!! Don't hate me because I am crazy!!!

Here is the future husband of some beautiful young lady....who will thank me one day!!!Hanging up his OWN SHIRT!!! So PROUD!!!And all the other shirts he hung up, half were backwards, and falling off- But it was great and he felt so good for helping me!! We can work on details as the years go by!!

Who can resist this Cute little Cowboydee!!!Meanwhile Back at the Ranch....this floppy hat is a fireman costume.....needs starch on the hat I think!!! Oh My, I just added organize books on T's shelf for tomorrow after seeing this picture!!! Think I have over looked that lately!! Ya Think??

Ok, so now you see what tweaking we have done- hopefully this new start will continue to stay in our home, at least until good habits are learned and patterns are set!!

How do you teach your kiddo's to help around the house??


Monday, January 25, 2010

Mischievous Monday

Here's another fun picture Stacy took of the Boys!! Brotherly love!!! I think T is probably saying "whooo hhhooooo" Seems like every time I turn around they are rolling on the floor- usually laughing!! Boys will be Boys!!
This weekend C came into the kitchen and said "T won't shawre" I was thinking to he telling on T?? I am so amazed HOW MUCH and HOW FAST he is picking up from T!!
Do think it is funny how C will just walk by T and punch him in the stomach, kinda like a slap on the back- T usually whimpers and says "he hit me!" My response, "Oh please, that didn't hurt!.... C- don't hit!" Just to please them all.
They do love to chase each other and play tag...or hide and seek!!! Love it!!! Lots of fun to scare the snot out of your kids....and get just as much of a laugh watching them laugh!!
Happiness at our house is laughter and lots of it!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A hunting we will go..

With the weather being so cold some days and others nice. It is hard to get ONE WHOLE week of good outdoor play weather!

That is when you take it in doors....hunting that is. This week we had only two real good days to play outside- so the others we built a deer camp/deer stand. Using just an old sheet that is our "tent" sheet now- even has it's own peep holes in it.

How I got under the dining room table is beyond me?? I do however know that B would never make it under there- Clearance is way to short for that big fella!!

I was in on the excitement of killing a 10 POINT BUCK in the living fun I tell you- I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at times. Seeing how their imaginations were so full of these vivid pictures of BUCKS & DOE!!! EVERYWHERE!!! And then to think that they were so big to make up these big stories and talk so plainly to understand EVERY word that C says now- Time is going by way to fast.....I know in 20 years I will look back and be glad I took the time to "hunt" in the deer camp with them, under the table!!

So, I asked the hunters if the wanted a snack- Of course, any hunter gets hungry with all that hard work of hunting. I gave them a snack- returned to the kitchen, as I started doing the dishes all I heard was giggling & crunching of Cheez-its!! Every so often I would hear a loud BOOM of the play gun....other than that- they were being very good hunters.

There was a KING snake that crawled in under the camp- He didn't last long, got shot too!! Can't have snakes in the camp!!

When I was through with the dishes I went back to the "camp" and asked if they had killed any deer yet? T replied "YEP a 10 POINT BUCK..... he's a biggin' too!!!" So I was then asked being the "cooker" of the camp... "here cooker go skin and fry us up that big buck!!"

I proceeded to unfold myself out from under the dining room table oh, excuse me Deer camp. And I walked into the living room and started to string up the pretend deer on the ceiling fan...where else right?? I pulled out my very sharp pretend pocket knife....very very sharp T said!! As I made the first slit in to the deer and began the process I was quickly corrected... "No, No, No, that is not how you do let me, see watch me- I'll show you the right way......see like this...." He then finished skinning the deer- handed me a pretend pieces and said "here now go cook it!!"

We had a great time hunting together....and I will cherish our hunting day for a long time!!

All I can say Children Learn What they Live!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look Out World... Here he comes!!

Here he is 4 years old and FINALLY can pedal a tricycle!!! WHOO HOO!!! You can tell by my excitement on the video. Sorry for the quality, had to use what I had at the time.


We have told him to pedal ever since his feet could reach the pedals. He has had this tricycle since he was 3 months old.... Family tradition to get a tricycle for your first Christmas!!

Anyway, yesterday the weather was so nice and we played out doors for an hour that morning and this was after nap for about and hour. I instructed him to push up on one and down on the other. I honestly, think when I am trying to explain or teach something to others- I loose them, unless I SHOW them how it is done. It is the hands on practical learner in me!!

So, I pushed his leg down and told him to lift the other, and pushed and pushed all the way around the driveway- Until my back was burning!! And he said, " I will just push with my feet- like this." And he just shoved off the ground. Then I told him if he EVER could pedal a tricycle and learn on that- he could get a BIG BIKE... thinking, birthday in August??

Well, he proved me wrong- started pedalling like Lance Armstrong!! I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to film, because Daddy was not home- so we could share the excitement with him!!

At the end of the video he is jumping off and saying " I want to see it!!" Almost as if he could not believe it himself!!

You might be thinking... isn't he 4- and JUST NOW riding and pedaling a tricycle. Yes, that is right- we have worked on our motor skills for some time and are continuing. Due to the fact that he is 4 and 50lbs. size 6-7 boys and 13 shoes.... we seem to struggle some times with the small things. Bless his heart you can tell by the knees almost touching the handle bars too- he won't be on this long!!

On that note- he also cut using scissors a whole piece of paper... I drew a line and he cut the straight line I drew!! That was also yesterday!! Fine Motor skills are coming along- Jenny would be proud!!

When the day ended and I had time with God, I thanked him. I have been able to see both of my boys milestones.... and seems like it has been awhile, but to me pedalling a tricycle is just as BIG as taking that first crawl or step!! Seem like the little accomplishments in life are our BIGGEST JOY and as a parent most rewarding!!

He was so proud of himself, I truly believe this will give him the confidence he needs to keep on trucking on the tricycle and make it to a BIG BIKE by August!!


Monday, January 18, 2010

What to Expect when your Child needs Tubes in their Ears

I have wanted to do this post for a while now, just have not gotten around to it. This is the time of year that most kids and parents have to make this decision or have this surgery though.

After the cold flu season, and many many colds or ear infections - the doctor will say "Well, ONE more ear infection and they are going to have to get tubes" Then your heart sinks, and you have this awful feeling in your gut that says....SURGERY!!! I have been there- 5 times in fact!!

Here is the procedure that we have gone through. I would like to mention however- This is our story, all stories & hospitals are different and have different ways and procedures of doing things.

When T got his first ear infection he was 6 months old...then by 9 months when the doctor said that the fluid had not gone away and nothing was changed.... he needed tubes!! After many months of prayer and seeking what we thought would be the best option- He had his hearing tested and we found his hearing was at 20% loss....that would explain his speech was very good- but you could not understand much of what he was saying. Thank You was "Nock New" the Doctor told me that if was if he was hearing underwater!! Imagine that when you are in a pool and you go underwater- if someone were to talk to you THAT is how he was hearing!!

Well, that was our deciding factor- we decided that HE MUST get this surgery. He was 18 months old by the time we had it done. I did not want my emotions and my selfishness to interfere with his hearing and speech for the rest of his life. I also had prayed and even fasted for months for his healing, I know that GOD has a plan and a will for everything- he created men to be doctors to help people with simple things like ears and difficult things like Cancer.

These pictures will help explain how and what we went through. Like I said not ALL hospitals & surgery centers are the same.... T's first 3 surgeries were at another hospital and they were a bit faster- they were a smaller scale and had less patients.

We had C's surgery at Children's Hospital in Little Rock, AR. He was 20 months old. That is where theses pictures were taken. I was told I could not take a picture of staff- or actual procedures, I was glad that they let me take these to help other parents understand and overcome fears, that I had when I went through this same thing. When the doctor tells you that your child needs the surgery, you might set the date that day- or you will get a call from scheduling to set the date & time of surgery. It is however VERY important to listen carefully to the time & also they will tell you what your child can and cannot have to eat before surgery. Each one is different depending upon the time of surgery- WRITE IT DOWN!!!

The first thing that you will do when you arrive for your child's surgery is usually go to the hospital is check-in or register. I have found it VERY helpful to have the office to fax or mail the papers to me and I fill them out prior to that day, emotions can sometimes make you write crazy stuff- when I had C in the hospital I wrote that my husband was born in 1999... for example. If they don't allow you to do that- you will fill out papers and talk to a financial office. Sometimes you must pay a co-pay or money up front... just depending upon insurance.

Then you will sit and wait...... and wait.... sometimes it is long and sometimes it is fast. When we had T's first surgery, SUPER FAST- they took him back actually just carried him and he kinda teared up, I waited until he was out of site to let my tears fall....they took him back and gave him gas...immediately. Then it was over in 15 minutes!

The times we have gone to AR Children's Hospital they have called us back quickly, my husband can go- as long as there are NO OTHER CHILDREN... two adults per child. Let me add one minor note... the black eye was not due to the ears- We had a outdoor party that weekend and he fell on the sidewalk....looks bad- but he was OK and it went away very quickly!!

They will check their weight, height, and put a gown on them and socks.....and the lovely plastic bracelet- that kids HATE!! Now, girls might not mind- neither one of my boys like it!

Next step- they will take you to a room and have you to wait there. There is a TV in the room, so we watched cartoons. Which was great for our little couch potato!! It was very early in the morning- we had to be in Little Rock at 6am.... we live 3 hours away. So early in fact Daddy fell asleep in the chair a few times....
To TRY to keep him entertained I brought some cars, trucks, color books, books & a BRAND NEW toy for being BRAVE!!! That is always fun to get a new toy, instead he was trying to figure out how the bed worked.

Then while you are in room- there will be many visitors- Nurses, Doctor, Anesthesiologist, honestly I didn't know who was who half of the time. And the all ask the same questions- What was the last time they ate, drank? Have the had a cold, fever, cough? Have they ever had surgery- anesthesia before? Many, Many questions, all for the safety of your child....just be patient- they are doing their job.
I will mention however, we did have to cancel C's surgery and put it off a month due to a cold/cough- IF THEY HAVE CONGESTION- it could interfere with the medicine or your child could have complications- SO keep that in mind. I would much rather put it off and have a healthy child than to keep the appointment and have complications.

You will be in this room until they come and wheel your child away- The thing I LOVED about ARCH... they came in about 15 minutes before surgery and gave him some "goofy Juice" I have no clue what it was but let me tell you, I have NEVER seen C more still in my life. It made him go from crying and restless to calm as a cucumber and mellow.
When they gave T his before surgery he was on his knees on the bed and said "Getter Done!!" Thought the nurses were gonna pee their pants.... It was SO FUNNY!!! T can remember rolling away from me and he cried- C didn't have a care in the world.....each child is different, I don't think they gave T as much- I told them this was his 4th surgery and he usually didn't get to emotional.

Once your child is back in surgery it will be just moments that seem like hours and they will be done. T had tubes & adenoids out first time.... it 15-20 mins. and he did have an IV. Which they don't put in until they are OUT and unaware of it. T's second surgery was tubes & tonsils out- that was about 20 mins. with an IV also. His 3rd & 4th Surgeries were just tubes only which is gas only, no IV's and it was 5 mins. C's was just tubes so his was only about 5mins. Just depends on the doctor & child.
Your child will be in a recovery room when you go back- they will give them juice or sprite. You can rock & hold them as long as you want, and then they will tell you you are free to go home.
I usually wait at the entrance and B goes to get the car. Much easier than hauling a kid whose it dead weight across the parking lot. Once you head home you can sit in the back with your child- I always strapped them in their seat belts & just sat next to them. C watched CARS on the way home- he never moved, or went to sleep.I will tell you I have NEVER been more aware of HOW BLESSED we are when you visit ARCH each time or any Children's Hospital- You will be humbled!! Here we were worried about some tubes and sitting in the waiting room with parent's whose kids are in surgery for their hearts, and cancer, You can tell by the crowd and the presence of pastors and friends praying the severity of the surgery. If you ever need a reality check just go sit in the front entrance of a Children's Hospital.
I hope this post helps any of you parent's that have wondered about the procedure- from a mom's perspective. I know I was told by many parents- "it is nothing, so easy, so simple!" And really it is- but it is also my baby!!
If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me!! I would love to answer them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Funny Friday

This week on Facebook it is WAYBACK week... so they want you to put a picture from way back when..... what was BIG!!! Glasses were BIGGER and teeth were crooked......

SO I DID....

And can you believe that all people who have known me for the past 10 years or LESS.... could not believe it was me!!!

I get that all the time- because those who knew me in 1993 when this picture was taken..... can't believe I look the way I look now!!!

One friend even mentioned I get the award for MOST changed.... and others STILL don't believe it is me!!!

All I have to say is WAY BACK when this was taken I was also a different person than I am now- I was hidden behind my glasses, and until a life changing experience- I did I not know really who I was.
After you have been down a road you never want to go back to- do you realize how strong you are and how much you can handle.
Luckily I have been so blessed to have found someone to grow old with and since the day we met 14 years ago..... I do believe those around you will bring out your inter beauty!!
And the happier that you are the more beautiful you look to others- I must have been really unhappy in this picture.
Beauty is only skin deep....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kitchen is complete!!

After many months of being backsplashless.... think I just made up a new word..... Our kitchen is finally complete!!
Thanks to Chad... last week he came and we ran errands while one day he set the tile and the next day he did the grout while we ran MORE errands!!

What do you think??
I am enjoying it, and also my new Roman shades B installed!! This room is now complete- no on to another project down the road!!
So far this week I have been re-organizing things around here... trying to get the year off to a good start!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week to Tweak

Last week I was going to try my week to tweak....

Routines, schedules, chores, errands, meal planning, laundry system, and the list goes on and on!!

I just feel overwhelmed sometimes as a s@hm.... feel lost and don't want to take advantage of the wonderful privilege that I have!! At the same time- all my older systems and planning have gone to POT, I must change them regular- due to my children changing... naps, school, extra- curricular activities, church, etc...

This week is a trial and error run on a few things- Hopefully next week I can share some details of my new systems!! I just to love to have everything in an orderly fashion!!

Right now I still feel like a chicken with her head cut off- chasing after two wild chicks with Christmas wrapping paper wrapped around their ankles!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ten things on the Tenth

Hi I am Maizie the NEW Puppy in the house- My mom is busy with the boys thought I would do my mom's ten list this month!!

10. I am the only dog in the house.... I am ROTTEN already!!

9. I have 2 BIG brothers!! Gotta watch the short one though.... he tried to knock me off with a potato masher last week. The BIG one- he just loves it when I grab his pants leg!!

8. I LOVE MY DADDY.... I am his little girl!!!

7. Mama feeds me 4 times a day- so I REALLY love her!!!
There are no pictures of me & mama.... she is the one who takes them all!!!
6. I get to stay inside ALL DAY- because it is cold!!
In fact I don't even like to use the bathroom on the frozen ground.... so I will just go on the sidewalk- It makes my feet feel cold!!! BRRRRR!!! They keep talking about when it is warmer... backyard kennel.... not for sure what they are talking about??

5. I tricked my mom into holding an umbrella over me one night when I went to use the grassroom.... she was afraid I was gonna use the carpet so, she thought since I wouldn't stand in the rain she would stand over me with an umbrella while she got rained on!!

4. Love all my new toys especially the Gator they drive around the yard!!

3. Don't like that they put up this baby gate when they eat meals at that big table...

2. Do like that the little kid drops every other bite and when they take the gate down... it is MINE!!

1. Really Glad Poppie & Grana LOANED me to my new Family, who needed a GIRL!!!
miss you Poppie!!