Friday, July 30, 2010

11 years down....many more to go!!

Eleven years ago today I held hands with my very best friend on Earth, told him I wanted to grow old with him and we each made promises we have kept and will keep forever!!

The dress doesn't fit anymore, the styles are out of style, flowers are dead....but our rings are still on and our hearts still beat strong for each other.....butterflies and all!!
I have been so blessed to have B in my life for 14 years and to be married for 11 of those years. We definitely complete each other- we are honest with each other- we love to be around each other and laugh til we cry some moments. I have been so fortunate to carry and give birth to two wonderful miracles and I think it is so cool that God created them for us to raise for Him!!
May we have many many more years of happiness & Joy!!
my friend Stacy took these pictures

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer is OVER for US!!

WOW....that was FAST!!! Seems like only yesterday when I looked at my calender for May, JUNE, and JULY....nearly passed out seeing all we had planned!!

I am so behind on my blog, cleaning, you name it I am behind.....I feel like I am swamped from being soooo busy this summer!!

I am ready to start back to a life of NOTHING!! Well, maybe not nothing- but a lot less of busyness!! Here is a wrap up.....

*Of course my Mission Trip to Peru for 9 days and boys at their grandparents!! Still trying to get the kids back UNspoiled....and back into a routine/schedule of some sorts!!

*Swimming lessons for both boys.....they did GREAT!! My friend Lori taught them- she was wonderful!! Notice anything missing from T's picture....YES our first lost tooth!! Tooth fairy came and gave him a dollar....he is proud- I will post a story soon about this!!

*Bought both boys scooters.....that was fun til it got to hot to go outside.....and the helmets those were their ideas....after the first crash- T wanted elbow and knee pads- well to get those you have to buy the helmet too!! Only ones I could fine.....spiderman!!

*Couple of play dates.....with some good friends- gave hugs to some who moved to Germany!!! We miss you Katja & kiddos!!

*Took a mini vacation to Joplin Mo, to the Home of the 4 states Trucking aka...Chrome Shop Mafia.....we picked up B's new custom hood and bumper. He has that truck looking so good!! The boys got to spend their first night in a hotel.....super excited they were!! They slept in the same bed and all until 2am when we heard THUD!! C slept in a BIG bed for the first time. Funny there were two note pads and they immediately grabbed those and started playing with the phones!! We stayed there one night then on to Grana & Poppie's in Oklahoma- there we went swimming and had a good ole' time as usual!!

*SAID Y-E-S TO VBS.....TWICE!!!! As if one is not enough to wear a person out!! I taught 2nd grade at both and I have decided that is my very favorite group to teach....they still laugh at my goofy jokes and hug me!! The first VBS was at our church and the other for a mission project for a sister church in a smaller town. If was a great feeling getting to see kids loving God and learning about how GOOD he is!! Saddle Ridge Ranch.....Yeee HAW!!!

* T caught his first fish.....still talking about that one!! The 4 oz Brim that almost got away!!
*The summer is ending and that means a birthday for this Hunter.....He is having his 5th Birthday next week!!! So hard to believe seems like just yesterday when I was in labor for 3 days had a terrible itchy rash PUPP and could not even see my swollen feet for my HUGE belly!! I will share with you next week about all that fun stuff!!
Until next time......

Shopping.....sewing seeds

One last fun story about Peru....I know I left you sitting on the edge of your seat!! I enjoyed my mission trip so much- I wish everyone could go....even if it is not out of the country! Just do something good for you community and reach out to those in need around you.....they are there you may never know the people you run into at the store.

A couple of weeks ago I paid for my meal and then the car behind me's meal too.... in the drive through at KFC. I just felt led to do that- even if she had a much nicer car than mine.....who knows maybe she was borrowing it?? That made me have a wonderful feeling-to be able to bless some one..... and was all for the Glory and Honor of God! When we were shopping in Peru at the Indian Market, the man here in the picture asked if I was a Christian....I replied "well yes, why do you ask?" He responded and said: because you can see it in you face....your smile and eyes- you have what most people here don't have!" He was also a christian. I gave him a hug because that just made my day. Here I was in another country to let my light shine for the Lord and it showed!!

But I need to carry it on over here now that I am home! Each and everyday do a good deed- just for the Glory and Honor of HIM not for my Glory....but in return I will be blessed!! You never know your worst day may be someones BEST!!

I also bought this purse and Shaw for my two nieces from this lady in a village we visited on Sunday- what a blessing to get to see the hands that made such a pretty thing!!

I love to shop so when God calls me to shop.....I will shine for him!!! I just wish he called me to shop more often!! ha!

Be Blessed today and show some one that you care!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Speechless.....yes me!!

Yes, me I love to talk!! That is why I have my own BLOG- don't cha know!! HA! But there are FEW moments I have found myself speechless....until this trip to Peru. Seems like every time I was turning around- I was finding my self in this position.

And if you haven't noticed.....I also love to talk with helps you feel like you are there or can see a visual of the situation. Well, this post has NO picture, just a story.

When I left for Peru, I had no idea my life would come in contact with so many people that would change my life- not just that I was going to tell them about some one to help change theirs!!

I honestly, have never ever led anyone to the Lord. I will witness, share with them the good news- then invite them to church and the rest is up to the preacher and then God! I am not meaning that rude either, I just never have had sat down and talked with people one on one about all the details.....until now!

We were asked to do one on one sessions with the Peruvians and a translator. I had talked in the park with people, prayed with them but this was more of an interview type. The first one was a young girl who was 17- she was already saved so I talked with her about having a prayer life and reading the Bible daily. That was pretty simple, and I felt pretty positive about it.

Then the next day a woman, I will call her Mrs. C. She and I had one on one time, with the translator of course. She was very sweet, and we started out- how was your day, what have you been doing today? Just simple questions. Then it jumps to the serious ones....Do you know who Jesus Christ you know what he did for you??

And she understood so much- but when I got to the question "Tell me what you need to do to go to Heaven?" Her answer was....."behave well.....I guess??" This 50ish woman looked as if she behaved well, she was dressed nice and looked very clean. So apparently she felt as if she was going to heaven.

I then told her the TRUTH, and that the ONLY way to heaven was through the Father. She needed to have a relationship with him and know him personally, he died on the cross for her and when he died he died for her sins and her sickness. I explained to her how each day we need to go to him and talk to him just as he walked the Earth today- and make him your best friend.

She agreed that she was a sinner and that this was a step in her life she wanted to make. To become a NEW creation with Christ. So I led her in a prayer. As I held her hands and shared with her how her life would never ever be the same again. I had tears in my eyes. Knowing that she changed my life spiritually I grew just as she was a baby christian starting out.

It was really a great experience for me and I know that God sent me for Peru.....if only for that one reason to meet Mrs. C and to lead her to my Father just as I was led many years ago. My job was divine appointment was to meet and talk with her.....I was very happy with that.....I could go home!

But wait.....I was not speechless yet?!?!?

The next night it was our last night and we were going on a special trip where we were asked not to take pictures. It was to an meeting at the hospital, a support group for people who were HIV positive.

As I walked up, my breath was completely taken away by what I saw.....each and every night we were in Peru.....they were there with us also. These poor people had this terrible sickness....and yet for most of them it was not their fault. Infidelity is a major problem in Lima. Seems many think nothing of it to share partners.....therefore, there are many people who are living with this sickness.

I walked into the room and saw many familiar faces and the one that made me speechless and took my breath away was Mrs. C......this lady I just led to the Lord the very night before. As I sat across the table and held her hands and led her to the Lord.....not knowing that she was very very sick. She may live for 15 more years with this disease or she may die from her next cold? Only the Lord knows......but I know and she knows that now she has eternal life, and all her sins and sickness were hung on that cross along with the man who died for her to have Eternal Life!!

Do you know him? Do you want to?

E-mail me if you have any questions......


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take advantage of situations.....

One thing I learned in Peru, is something I can use and do more when I am home. Witness more often. Yes, I can witness by good words and good things doing- actions speak louder than words. But, when you are in a crowded bus, or squeezed into a taxi, make every moment counts.
I feel as if every moment in your life could be a divine appointment from God.....therefore, take FULL advantage of it. When you are in a taxi......even though you feel like a sardine......don't act like a stinky fish. Show God's love and give them a smile or tip....and in our case every time we got into a taxi we gave them a little booklet called a track......tells great stories of Jesus and how he died for everyone!!

Then there is the BUS RIDES......there were many!! So even if we had to hold on as we were walking just to risk handing out tracks......we did. The thing I found MOST surprising was everyone in Peru was very interested in the tracks....if they saw you handing one to some one and not to them- they would look at you or some would even hold their hand out to receive one!! That was awesome. Then most everyone of them would sit and READ the whole little booklet until the end of the trip and then tuck it away in a safe pocket. That was cool, I thought.
Most of the time if you did that here in the states......they would be on the ground. You either do or you don't believe......but Peruvians have NEVER heard!!

I have decided to take the tracks out of my bible that have been there.....for special times and start leaving them in restaurants or giving them to people in the park when my kids are playing. I do love to wear Christian t-shirts.....gave most of them away in Peru. But, I just love to witness in this silent way. Some times a phrase on a shirt can start a conversation of a life Eternal Life!!

I know I have had many many opportunities to witness here at home, and NOT taken advantage of it. But at the time I don't think I had grown spiritually enough. And not that I am some spiritual giant now....I just think this trip was what I needed to grow my FAITH even more!!
Maybe before I was almost scared to be rejected.....afraid of the unknown. But I do know one thing- Jesus is coming back soon......that is unknown is when he is coming back! I want to be ready and I would rather be rejected as he was than to not know how some one stands with there faith, and that I may have missed a divine appointment he had planned for me!
I am so glad God led me to life will forever be changed......

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jump in the Waters GREAT!!!

One of my first "OH WOW!!!" moments in Peru was Sunday. A day we were told we would go to a church service and see a baptism. Something I have done many times!!
So we were picked up on a bus and taken on a very long bus ride to a village.....but prior to the church service we made a stop at the Pacific Ocean. They said the baptism would take place here!! Wow I was not expecting this. Remember it was also there early winter which was about 55-60 degrees......can you imagine how cold the water was??
So we parked they bus and walked until we could not see the bus any the shore line. I have seen the pacific ocean before, but never touched it!!

As we stood and waited, I heard the story of the young man who was to be baptised. He was a translator for a large group. The prior day he was saved and some one in that group lead him to a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was awesome! Here he was hired to help translate about some one he had never heard about- only to find he needed him himself.

The pastor from the visiting church shared a few words, and a young man shared his testimony. Then on to the BEST part. I love to see a baptism.....and each time I get chills all over my body! Seeing how it is a physical sign of how Jesus can wash away our sins and cleanse us. When you are dipped down in the water and then brought are all clean!!
Even though when you are saved it is immediate when God forgives you of your sins as soon as you repent......every little last one!! It is still just cool to feel clean!! Just as we bath each day we need to go to God each day and ask forgiveness even for things unseen or unheard.....he knows our thoughts!!
As I stood and watched the waves crash up on to the shore and watched the people fight the waves to get to a good part in the ocean to prepare for this special moment. I thought back to when I was baptised.....I can remember the lady who came to me prior and said I cleaned out the baptistery and turned the heater on so the water should be nice and warm.
I was humbled by this young man, and another young woman who walked out against the waves in the doesn't matter where God can cleanse you anywhere. Even though it was cold.....and I know it was because we were standing so close the waves hit out feet. They took a huge step of FAITH by walking out among all these crashing waves and cold be baptised.
If a picture is worth a thousand words here one I will never forget.....

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17

Home is where the Heart is......

One thing that really is going to stick in my mind forever while I visited inner city Lima, Peru. The homes and the way of life they have come to accept. Until you leave the United States of is hard to really appreciate all that you have or all the freedom that we have.

Seeing how yesterday was the celebration of our freedom and we can celebrate all that we have here. It was hard no to reflect back on the homes that I saw in Peru.

When we were given the tour of the homes, we were told prior to that we needed to make sure our facial expressions didn't reflect our emotions. I have been in some rough homes here in the States- but was NOT prepared to see what I was about to see.

Most of the homes we saw were the ladies who had been in our bible study meeting all week long. They all were very clean, well kept and super sweet. You could tell in there faces most of them had a relationship with Jesus Christ. You could just see it on their face!! When you walked the streets and saw so many empty sad faces it was a relief to see this bunch of ladies who had the JOY of Jesus on their faces.

When we arrived at their homes it was the same way, they were so proud of what they had. Then they gave us a tour of the neighbor hood. Each house had a different personality much like in America. They were painted different colors, had different decor. But one thing that was the same.....dirt floors and roofs made of plywood or cardboard.....not to mention NO running water in any of theses houses.
There was ONE watering center for 100+ people to share!! AMAZING!! The simple things like water that we take for granted. Before I left for Peru- the man across the road from us cut a water line and therefore they had to turn mine off to fix the line. I was OUT of water for an hour or so.......that was such an inconvenience for me. Seeing how I had to turn off my washer, and dishwasher.....that would just delay the chores for the day. Shame on me!!
Then when they showed us how they take a bucket of water to and from their home for bathing, cleaning, cooking etc. When that is out they take it back to the same place they got it from and pour it in a drain.....that filers back to the same water they got it out of the spout.

They have been given money through a Baptist missionary fund to get the running water they have- but they now must pay to get each home one spout of running water. This is what the men are working on in this picture. They will still not have sewer or septic- that must still be disposed in the same place all the other water is emptied.

Each home did have electric. In fact while we were touring I hit my head on one of the electric wires. They are very low and very exposed. In fact in this picture you can see the lady on top of her house taking clothes off the clothes line.....I wasn't for sure which was a clothes line and which was electric lines at first.
A few years back in 2000 there was a very bad ice storm that hit the area we live in.....most of South Arkansas was paralyzed by the storm. Not having electric, for some up to a month or more. I can remember B and I living in an all electric home at the time.....and after one night we were prepared to go stay somewhere else when we realized we could not handle being without heat or the comforts of our home in the state we were in. We barely made it without electric for a little over 24 hours.
Although we still had running water, and all the comforts of our home. It was just almost unbearable to live just that short time. I was reminded by that as we walked from home to home and looked at all they don't have, yet all that we DO HAVE and if we are inconvenienced one or more days we are just PUT OUT by it!!
I didn't realize how good we really had it until I saw this neighbor hood I walked through. Most of the homes you had to step down into- because they had to bring in so much dirt to help put the water system in. And when I say step down, I mean a BIG step. They didn't mind it, because now they have water.
This kitchen was cooking on a propane stove......and this is the kitchen they use everyday. How would you feel if this is what your kitchen stove looked like?? For me it would be hard to have company to want to show your clean kitchen off to?!?!
Then how about this.....washing your clothes in a Kenmore or Whirlpool here!! I never heard one complaint. In fact I asked some of the ladies if I could video tape them, and they were just laughing and talking. Much like we would if we had company. You could tell they were a tight community- that stuck together.
When we have hard times here in America, we stick together. Remember that Tuesday morning, September 11th? We stuck together and we bonded in a new way, you could not turn down a street without seeing an American flag. We united as ONE and worked together for good.
My how things have changed, I take my freedom for granted- I try not to seeing how I am a daughter of a veteran.....granddaughter too. I know that many have fought and died for my freedom. But it is the small simple things that were revealed to me that we take for granted. Water, electric, sewer, any kind of floor except dirt!
I find myself wanting the nicest, newest of everything- when I realized how they lived on so little and how they made it work. It made me sad for them- but at the same time, I know that there is not much I could do for them.....except pray that God helps them make it through each day.
It is hard not to forget those faces and those homes, but it has changed my perspective on ALL that I have been blessed with. GOD has been so GOOD to is hard not the thank him and give HIM ALL THE GLORY!!
Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on the things above not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears then you also will appear with him in Glory.
Colossians 3:1-4

Friday, July 2, 2010

God speaks all languages.....even when we can't hear!

This is one of my favorite stories that will stay with me forever. I love God and I love to share that with everyone. While in Peru, we were asked to prayer walk and walk the streets praying aloud and silently for many things.

As I walked along the prayer walk- I asked God to bring people into my path while I was there, that I would make an impact on their life and they would do the same for me.....all for the Glory and Honor for God!!

On this particular day....I was walking with my translator and another Peruvian woman. We stopped and asked random people if we could pray with them- and what needs we could pray for them?

I saw theses workers.....working very hard replacing bricks in the sidewalk. And I really hated to bother them, and take them away from their job.....but I really felt led to speak with one. As I knelt down and tapped him on the shoulder and my translator spoke in Spanish for me. I asked him "Excuse me.....I am Mollie- from United States." At that time he looked at us puzzled and then pointed to his mouth and ears.

He then spoke with a muted voice to which we only understood that he was deaf and mute. My translator looked at me and said "he is dumb and can't speak." I was determined to let him know about my Jesus. So with the little sign language I know- I told him my name and that I loved Jesus.

He was SUPER excited that I knew sign language and could communicate with him. I gave him the time of day- and did not ignore him as if he were "dumb" I then told him I would pray for him and that Jesus loves him. He responded to me and said "yes- I pray to God and I love him too!!"

I then look at my Spanish translator and said "God knows no boundaries.....he is a God of all languages!" My translator was FLOORED!! He said " I was going to walk off- you did not need me...but I could not because that was one of the greatest things I have ever seen!"

Each day while in Peru, God showed me he is a BIG GOD and can do mighty things- and we don't ever need to underestimate his POWER!!