Tuesday, December 14, 2010

months in review.....

I know I have not posted much in the past few months.....hopefully this will catch you up and also explain WHY I have not had the time....
C has a new bed....we took his side rail off of his crib and he loves it!!! My baby is such a big boy!! I explained to him the same way I did T- "when you sleep you are to stay in your bed- and not get out, until the sun comes up and then we will watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse! If you do get out- you will get a paddle." Do you know he has NEVER gotten out of the bed....one day he tried on a nap time- I paddled him and put him back into bed. Never ever again....I am so proud of my big boy!!
He is also completely 100% potty trained....I feel light going in places without a diaper bag now....it is nice!! Let me tell you also, to potty train you MUST give up all things and give it 100% as a parent.....that was the hard part for me!! It helped though- going to school with all of his friends....peer pressure!!
We went to Oklahoma for Labor day.... we toured the Broken Arrow Historical Museum! It was great. I am a native of Broken Arrow, OK and my mom is on the historical society there. They have done a lot of work and it was very interesting to see all the people I knew who were "famous Americans" from Broken Arrow. If you are ever in town you should go by and see it!!Many of the exhibits in the museum were hands on for the kids. Really neat!!Went to the Fair.....I also made 2.....TWO field trips to the fair- 2 separate times and took the boys my self this time. We love the fair!! So if you are counting that is 3 trips total!!!B killed an 8 point deer first day of black powder season.....cousin lil AG was visiting and she and aunt Lala got to see the harvested deer in person....prior to a skillet!!! We took Family pictures with my side of the Family......with a tripod.....good thing I ran fast enough to get in the picture!!!The 3 cousins.....all with blue eyes!!!
Then as I mentioned earlier I went on a field trip to the fair.....well....also I have been to the fire station, police station and a few others!! I love that they go on so many field trips and get the kids out and into the community to see what goes on. They also go visit the nursing homes and share hugs with all the old folks.....brings them smiles!!
They are having such a good school year- and LOVE school. C still may cry every time I drop him off- but I think he is doing it to make me feel good!! ha!!
Then on to Halloween.....Trick or Treat for Mr. Incredible and Spiderman!!! We still only go to a few houses....just close friends and family. Our church has a trunk or treat- that is always fun too!! Class Halloween Party for T....

Class Halloween Party for C....

Our local University had a trunk or treat on the Farm....so we put our spurs, chaps, boots, and hats on and rode over for a good time!!

While the weather was still nice we make a weekly trip to the park, duck pond or walking trails...

Me and the boys made a trip in the middle of the week to see Grana and Poppie in Oklahoma.....we took a trip the the Zoo and also to a museum for kids. That was a fun filled few days!!!
One of my friends had twin baby girls.....I have enjoyed getting to know her better along with the new babies....this was at a shower for the girls!!

Thanksgiving day with all the family.....this is B's side of the family. We ate at his dad and mom's house.....my parents and my sister and her family came. We had a FULL HOUSE!!
Cooking Thanksgiving Morning with my mom and sister....in our new matching aprons!!! LOVE THEM!!!! LOTS OF RECIPE PICS for the kitchen blog!!!! Just need to take the time to post them!! Once again B killed another buck.....this time his biggest ever!!! It was a 9 point....in fact it is at the taxidermy and we will get it in March some time. Looking forward to hanging it on the wall in our living room!! The boys are completely ate up with their daddy and HUNTING!!!
B and his 9 point....

Ok that is a wrap for the past few months.....I have been working on a few other stories and also my recipes for my kitchen blog. Seems like I was thinking I would have all this time when the boys started school to get so much done!! I find myself CLEANING or running errands the whole time!! I have gone through the whole house and cleaned every drawer, closet, nook and cranny out!!! I feel like my house is now in order....if I can keep all the clutter of toys up.....they are only little once so, I know there will come a day when I would wish I could step on a toy solider!!
I do have a 1800 square foot shop in my backyard I am working on getting in order next.....ugh!!
Work is never ending!!! In January it will be 8 months until T starts Kindergarten.....where has the time gone!! I want to cherish these next few months as if they would never end!!!
I will try to update as much as possible.....we have had a dozen meetings with Santa already this year- and two class parties this week.....It is the MOST wonderful time of the Year!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Yes, I know another TREE post- I am building a fence! I just love Fall and I am reminded about these pictures I took trying to capture this tree at the edge of our driveway. It is a Catalpa Tree and a BIG one at that!! When we moved here in the spring it was in FULL BLOOM- beautiful white blossoms. I can remember how they were all over the driveway and carport. What a beautiful site to see when you look out the back door of the house.Then with in a few weeks the blooms were gone- and replace with WORMS!!!! I kid you NOT!!! Nasty little WORMS EVERYWHERE!!!! I remember driving down the road and watching one slide up my windshield a little at a time- until plop there he went a flying worm!!!

Seriously, I was thinking- wow looks can be deceiving?? This beautiful Tree with BIG blooms and just weeks later worms eating all the leaves!! Not to mention the waste from the worms!! I had to warn people when the came to my house- don't park under the tree.....and especially leave you windows down!! Cars would have worms and worse- worm poop all over them. How Gross!!The worms work their way down the tree- eating all the leaves.....so by end of spring- NO LEAVES on the TREE!!! And the leaves might I add are BIG leaves!!! Here T is holding one up- there were bigger ones, he just chose this one to hold. That is a lot of worms- and waste.

I had people coming to knock on my door- "Can I have some worms out of that tree..." So, I hear they are great fishing bait too- seeing how are house is on the way to a Lake.....worm oh excuse me WORD got around about the WORMS!! I threaten every year to put a sign out- FREE WORMS!!!

It has proven to be good entertainment now that we have two boys......and YES, I have picked a many of them up and put them in a jar!! Named those little jokers too!!The cool thing about the tree is- it takes the BEST Halloween pictures, kind of spooky and weird looking. I have taken many pictures of this tree- with a FULL moon behind it.

One man even stopped by and said "WOW that is the biggest Catalpa Tree in South Arkansas!" So I let him take a picture too- B begs to differ, now that we have one we notice others.....there are many others just as big.

But we think our is special. I think it would be a great climbing tree- when it is worm free. It has that crook in it. I haven't given permission for that yet either....

I know Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree- but it does remind me of the story. He was a short little man, and he heard Jesus was coming to town. So to get a better look he climbed a tree. Then Jesus noticed him- saying "Come down from there- I want to come to your house!"

So he hosted Jesus for supper- and all the town folk were so jealous. Seeing how Zacchaeus was a tax collector and had stolen their money. But, as he and Jesus visited he learned how he had done wrong and Jesus forgave him and then Zacchaeus gave back twice as much as he stole from the town people. What a Great God we serve!

What a neat day that he had- spending it with Jesus. Oh to sit at his feet and hear all the stories he has to tell. I love to tell stories- this blog is evident of that. But I love my Lord even more- and Love to read his word and hear great stories he has shared.

Have you read your bible today? Here is a good place to start.....Romans 12


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He will never LEAVE us!

I love Fall....the leaves changing colors and then they fall on the ground. Just so beautiful! These thoughts crossed my mind the other day while I was watching the boys play in the yard.
I took these pictures as the thoughts were flowing and this one in particular I actually got the moon in.....not bad for a cell phone picture! Just as a Family Tree- all the leaves are different colors and sizes- most the same shape, because that is our heritage. Psalm 127:3 But the world would be boring if all trees stayed the same green shade all year long. Not to mention families, if we were all of the same personalities and attitude life would be boring. There has to be a humorous one or a boring one in the bunch some where.
And just as all are different so are our thoughts and feelings. God makes us each his own in his own image- but what a broad spectrum of people there are in each family. We all have to leave the home and grown our own seeds and then plant them where they land.
And what a bountiful place a Forrest is with all different trees and all different ages of all trees. Proverbs 11:30 So times when we grow up we may look back on our past- and wonder how and why we are the people we are now. If it were not for my parents giving me a good Godly background- I may not even be a christian. They showed me through Godly examples and taught me how to live. Do I live the same way I grew up? Somewhat- but then we have other influences or circumstances that shape us the way we are now.
Then some don't want to grow- they just choose to stay on the ground and like to be trampled on and do not ever see a future. That is living in the PAST. I have made past mistakes, I have been wrong, I have sought God in those times and asked his forgiveness. I then turn from that way- and choose to go a new way. Getting Rid of the old and making room for the new. Just as the Trees in the Fall do.
When you let go of the past- there is a FUTURE! Proverbs 23:18 If you hang on to every little thing you did wrong or every little thing some one else did wrong to you- you are just hurting yourself and you will go no where!
Then your yard will be cluttered with all theses leaves from the past to remind you daily. If you choose to get a RAKE and pick them all up- throw them in a garbage bag and rid them for good. Better yet- BURN THEM UP!!!! Then that is TRUE forgiveness! Forgiving and FORGETTING is hard, but what would Jesus do? Ephesians 4:32
He created us in his image to be like him- Genesis 1:27

If I were to choose not to forgive those who have done me wrong, then I am passing anger, bitterness and resentment on to my offspring. Then I am choosing not to forgive and allowing it to eat me up inside. Have you ever seen a Tree get rotten in the inside and just fall to the ground- what a waste, you can't even use it for firewood it is so rotten!
When you release it to the Lord- he will wipe away ALL sins! Thoughts may come to try to destroy- but it is up to you to take control of those thoughts and feelings and conquer them with scripture and prayer.
He will NEVER LEAVE US.....therefore why should we leave him. Joshua 1:5 When we need him most we cry out to him- but when HE needs us most, where are we?? Not only should we be there for Him daily, but hourly and support the thoughts and feelings he has for us. When we try to lean on our own understanding- we will always FAIL! He wants us ALL- and Needs ALL of us!
When you commit to him, you will not be disappointed. There will be disappointments in your life by man- but never with God. His Will may not be ours, so therefore seek His Will in doing all things.
If you have something you are holding on to and need to ask forgiveness- just sit down and pray to God, ask him then release it to him. Write it down in a note and mail it to the person that it may concern, maybe you don't have the nerve to mail it. But it makes a difference just to get it off your chest.
I try to be a very forgiving person- I do not want to leave this World with heavy burdens and unforgiveness. I try to forgive and forget and find it very hard- but when I seek his will on it, his timing and his word is ALWAYS right on time.
I encourage you this Thanksgiving Holiday season- to walk in Love and forgiveness. We are not promised how many days or hours and this may be the last time you are around your whole family, or a group of friends. Make it count and make good memories!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mama's don't let you babies grow up to be cowboys.....TOO LATE!!!

These are my little cowboys who are growing up too FAST!!!!
My friend Stacy took these pictures along with the others I posted awhile back. She is just wonderful. And so talented- captured the little smirks and glances I wish I could bottle up, and I know I will cherish these pictures for years to come.
C's expressions will crack you up- he is either HOT or COLD!!! You can read him like a book. But, he loves to show his mean face.....grrrrr!!

Their outfits are such a bargain, I have to share! This summer our theme at Bible school was Saddle Ridge Ranch. A friend of mine at church had this set of leather chaps, vest and spurs!!

She said her boys were grown and they enjoyed wearing them and she thought they may fit one of my boys? So, I put them up and was going to purchase another pair (you cannot have JUST ONE around here....two of everything!!!)- come to find our our local western store had the SAME one for 59.99!!! Oh my!!!

My patience paid off- a friend of mine was having a garage sale and gave me a night before pre-view!!! There on the hanger in PERFECT CONDITION was the SAME outfit!!!! FOR A DOLLAR!!!! So not only are these outfits cheap for me they were PRICELESS memories for little boys to dress up and play. The hats and shirts I did buy at the local western store.

I just love T's toothless grin- he has lost 3 teeth this summer and has grown a "foot" he definitely is going to fill his daddy's shoes......FAST!!!

His smile will tell you the story of his life......Little B!!! He is just like his daddy- laid back, calm, cool, collected- smooth & slow!!!! Although, then he opens his mouth and he reminds you of his mama- ask one question- get 100 answers!!!

One day I picked him up from school I asked him "how was your day?" He said "I can't talk- I am just tired of talking- all day we talk at school!!" ha!! I can see the future of report cards and progress reports flashing back to my past...."Mollie needs to realize this is not social time- this is study time....she talks too much!!"

Hard to believe that theses little cowboys were just little babies not to long ago- my how they grow so fast. I have been so blessed to stay at home with them and enjoy seeing them grow!!

T is 48" tall and weighs 58lbs.

C is about 38" tall and weighs 35 lbs.

A BIG "YEE HAW" for all our friends and family out there-

and Wishing you a great Thanksgiving season.

I am so very Thankful for my GOD who has provided me with a wonderful husband and two terrific kids. They keep me busy- but I would not have it any other way!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To be absent from the blog.....is to be pleasantly purging!

If you know me well, you know that I do love to clean & organize. So....since the boys have started pre-school two days a week- I have been on a binge! Even nook and cranny in the house. Clean it out and wipe it down- then throw away or donate what needs to be done.

I have almost completely finished the whole house. I mean NOT a drawer, closet anything over looked!! Therefore, I am setting out to accomplish this goal- so other things to get pushed to the side....blogging :(

I have a lot of catching up to do. I do love to tell my stories and share my life in the blog- but have you ever gotten in a little funky mood when you just need a "break" I guess that is what I have done lately. When I get "funky" I like to clean- I don't get to "funky" that often! It is not that I don't have anything to say.....HAHAHA!!! What a day that will be....when I am gone from here!!

I have been trying to get a few other things together and organized- out side of my daily domestic engineer life. Church activities and I don't know I think that seeing how fast my boys are growing up and seeing that this is T's last year at home with me.....kinda makes me want to play one more game of guess who- or candy land. Even if it take a half a day to get up off the floor when we are through. It will be worth it when they are grown and I will be able to say I am so thankful that I was able to be there for them.

Not to mention EVER since I got back from Peru in June I have worked with C to toilet train....ugh!!! That is just a post in itself- talk about opening a CAN OF WORMS....or should I say underwear of Poop!!! He is finally this week really getting the hang of it- are laundry is getting less and less of plastic pants!! I can see the lights coming on- it just happens to be one of those that takes a while to get bright though, you know the ones that come on at dark and go off at dawn.....there own time!!! Just like the Bible says there is a time and a place for all things!! As long as he is not going to Kindergarten in 3 years in diapers- I think I will be OK!

Here are the latest pictures of the boys my friend Stacy took- Awwww I just love her and her talents!! She is awesome. Can't wait to see these hanging on my wall in the house!! Love Love Love the last one with boys by the old Ford truck.

I hope to start catching up soon on the blog- like I said one last project....My Room & My Closet.....dum dum dum!!!! Clothes galore!!!! The rate I have been going should not take long......so we will see you soon!!

~The Soul of a Child is the loveliest flower that grows in the garden of God.~


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cowboy!!!

He's rough, He's tough......He is COWBOY C!!!!
His expressions on his face will make you laugh. His little grin will put a grin on your face. And from day to day who knows what he will want to dress up and pretend to be. No matter who he pretends to be.... he is my second born!!!

This cowboy is 32" tall and 35lbs. He runs most places and LOVES to JuMp!!! He is so full of Life and A LOT of ENERGY!!!! When he hits the sack, he sleeps all night and take good two hour naps- to recharge that cowboy courage!!

His humor is dry must like his daddy's and so when you laugh at him either says "NO STOP LAUGHING!!" Or he tries to hide a timid grin. His teacher in pre-school says he is doing great and loves school. Even though he cries every time his mama leaves, but we all know Cowboys love their mamas!!

I know when this Cowboy grows up he will definitely be good at sports and the LEADER of the pack. His leadership skills are VERY GOOD.....and he likes things to go his way!!

It has been a short 3 years- but so far he has made his mark in a lot of people's lives. He is very loving and even if it takes a little for him to warm up- he usually loves to give kisses and hugs!!
No matter what he ends up being in life or where he goes, my prayer each day is that he is saved at a young age and live each day for the Lord. I know that When HE is on FIRE for GOD- EVERYONE will KNOW!!!
We Love You C!!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Hunting he has gone....

Well, our BIG game hunter is having a birthday today....
His favorite color is camo....
He wants a Hunting Party- so to go along with the theme....
Here is a look back at our Hunter over the past five years.....2 months old- not really liking the camo idea....4 months old......looks like has had plenty of deer to eat!! At age 2 wishing he was in the woods with daddy!!Big deer at age 3 daddy killed the deer but T wanted a picture!! At age 3 with all the hunters!
Age 4 ....Daddy's Big deer last fall.

With his 22 he won at the NRA banquet. All he wants for his birthday this year is to win another one. Check out his story from last year by clicking HERE!

On a Coon Hunt with BoBo, Daddy & Clay

Squirrel Hunting with Clay....and two adults!!

Here He is NOW the BIG 5!!!

We look forward to spending many many more years in the woods and where ever he leads us with our little Hunter who is growing up!!