Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was WONDERFUL!!! I went on my first Mom Heart Conference Getaway, in Dallas Texas. I went with my friend Tammie. We had a BLAST!!! We laughed, we talked, we listened, we talked, I talked, she listened, I talked she listened some more!! Anyway you look at it I came back refreshed and renewed in all areas!!
I honestly did not know what to expect. I did know they would talk about homeschooling. Which is an option we have looked at.....nothing in stone!! I was mostly interested in that stand point. My friend Tammie, home schools her 5 children. And I have many other good friends that home school also. I am definitely not against it- just don't know if it is for me & my kids?? Still in prayer about it.

I also knew by looking at the website- that it was just what Dr. Jesus ordered for me. As a mother of 2 little busy boys, I often find myself completely run down, worn out, and just plain exhausted- BOTH Mentally & physically!! I have been in a rut as a mother. Feel like the last two years since C was born that I have been spinning in circles and wondering when it was all going to STOP!! Finally, a few months back I got the physical side of the house under control- it was in total chaos for about a year. I found a system... I made up- and it has been working for me!!

When it came to the WORD of GOD and feeding my tired worn out body, I would just crumble at the end of each day into the bed......and fall asleep as I was reading my bible- or praying!! Just seems like I have NOT taken the time for the LORD the way I should. I know with the impending missions trip- I NEED to be ready, and mentally prepared for the task ahead.

This weekend is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Not only was it a Mom's Conference where you check into the hotel, and can wake up and walk to the conference in the same hotel.....sleep on sheets that are clean-that I didn't have to clean myself- nor did we have to make our BED!! Eat wonderful food and indulge in dessert. Not to mention get fed the word of God.....and LOVED on by Godly women!!! BUT BEST OF ALL......THERE WAS CHOCOLATE CANDY EVERYWHERE!!!! Chocolates on the tables, baskets sitting around- and even children walking around with a basket asking... "would you like some chocolate?"What woman would NOT be in heaven on EARTH!!!
When you are in a restaurant with out your kids & husband you can order this and get away with it!! Man I was glad I gave up Cokes for Lent and NOT CHOCOLATE!!!I had my OWN cake & ate it too!!!

Here is Tammie with Sarah.....she loves Sarah......and after listening to her I know why!!!
I was so inspired by all the speakers. First Sarah Clarkson a young 2o something writer who has
written a few books how the importance of reading to your children!! I read to them if they bring me a book- or at bedtime. But she talked about how all of our lives are a story a wonderful beautiful adventure! I have forgotten that....seems like I get so caught up in WHAT we are doing...WHERE we are going, and WHO we will see.....instead of just living for the moments God has planned for us!! Sarah told us...Even though we live in a broken world we have to FIGHT until the end- through or faith & trust in God....there is a Happy Ending!!Then there was Elizabeth Smith.....Oh I wanted to pick her up and put her in my pocket bring her home!! That way she could be my own little Gemini Cricket... no no Mollie don't do that- do it this way......Oh look there Mollie that is a good moment to do this.....good job Mollie!!
She spoke first on Training the WILL of your Child....I took TONS of NOTES.... I met Elizabeth later and told her - her words inspired me and lifted me up, knowing exactly what I needed to hear!! I then informed her that my little two year old boy back home...who is VERY strong-willed or as Tammie says "FULL OF LIFE"....he will NOT KNOW WHAT HIT HIM- when I return with all this information about strong willed children!!! She was SOOOOO GOOOOD!!! I love Elizabeth Smith....even if I kept calling her Elizabeth Smart....Tammie was there to laugh and straighten me out!! HA!These are the NOTES I took from her talk on Taming the Will of your Child!!! Oh my, I learned a lot!!! I AM READY FOR BATTLE, GOOD BATTLE!!!
Then there was Sally Clarkson- the WOMAN who started this all!! WHAT A MINISTRY!!! I was given her book by my sister in law for my 30th Birthday!! What a GREAT GIFT!! Thanks Cole!! It is the book Mission Motherhood by Sally. I have picked it up and read it here and there- when I have time to read! And now hearing her in person- I want to read it and not put it down. She is just a normal lady like me- she has raised 4 beautiful children, and yet as she spoke I was thinking I was the ONLY person in the room of hundreds of ladies. She spoke to my heart, and she knew just the right way and right words to say. She is human and makes mistakes, and we all do!! I told Tammie, I am going to get Sally to sign my book- and get a photo with her!! This is what we saw the whole conference....then we got up close & personal. Sally is so beautiful- you can see the love of God just radiate from her and the JOY in her life from helping other mom's!! She will get home and have many many jewels in her crown for the love & support she shows mothers!!
God's Glory reveled to us the next morning.....out the view from our hotel!!!!
Tammie & I both agreed we have a heart for mother's and really wish that next year ALL our friends & church mom's can go with us to this!! If you look at their website- I highly recommend going and listening to the conference. Or pick up a book by Sally Clarkson- your life will never be the same again!!

Lately, I have not put my goals down on paper- for life. I have my cleaning list, grocery list, to do list, calender, schedule. And yet among all that I have no room for my self- with my creator, my Father. Yes, I pray and spend time with him, read my bible- quickly. But it has become a habit of mine to take care of everyone in my family- there things then me, then sadly- GOD!!

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have put him in the backseat....or in the trunk!! I just don't know where I have gone wrong. I still know I am a Christian and know I LOVE GOD more than anything on this earth. Cannot WAIT for the day he comes back for us- and we can meet him face to face. But on that day....what will he say "Hey Mollie....clean out your trunk some time!!" or "Hey friend remember me?" NO!! I want him to say "well done, good and faithful servant- I am pleased!!" Oh how I long for that day!!

If it were tomorrow I would definitely not get that answer. He might hand me a bottle of ferbreze and say clean out your trunk lately?? There are many things I have put ahead of him. And just as our Pastor spoke tonight on Galatians 5. What are our idols, our things that we put before him?? Material things, house work, people!!! I need to take a step back and reflect. I have given up Facebook for Lent- it has been WONDERFUL!! Thinking about not going back?? I also have given up COKES......Cannot believe it has been a week and a half with out my caffeine friend....hoping to ditch him forever!!

But lately my love has been this blog, I have spent nights up until midnight, writing, reading, and I believe it is therapy for me. My family also lives far away and I know it is a GREAT way for us to all keep in touch. At the same time those precious hours could be spent with the LORD!! Then as Sally reminded me- REST from work, word, worry & the world!!!

The month of MARCH.....I am muting the dryer. There will be pictures- and you know what they say "a picture is worth a thousand words!!" So you can get a laugh, or a thought out of what ever you think is going on in the picture. Just as Sarah was saying- live life and MAKE up your own stories!!

Just as Sally spoke and reminded me I need to Renew my mind, my home, my heart. For the things that matter MOST in my life and the days that are ahead of me are to be GREAT!! I told B after the first speaker....."I already got my monies worth of this!! I have been so touched and blessed already!!" I also told him "When I get home, I will be a new mama, and a more loving & caring wife!!"
I sat down and apologized to T & C.... I told them, that from now on things are going to change, mama learned this weekend that I need to be different- and only with God's help I can change. As I had tears falling down my face T looked at me and said "I love you the way you are already!" Oh thank you Father for putting those words in his precious mouth- even as if I feel as if I have failed my children, my husband & You my Father in heaven!!

I just want you to know you also can have this HOPE that I have found. Message me if you are interested in more information!!

H- Hold fast to Hope, hope is a promise!

O- Offer your LIFE to God!

P- Press on in FAITH!!

E- Endure until the END!!

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of his power toward us who believe. Ephesians 1:18-19


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Silly Saturday

Oh is times like these when I wish I had not given up Facebook for make people laugh and my unpredictable child!!!

I was finishing up my hair in the bathroom one morning- put Handy Manny in the dvd player. I thought it would keep the table climbing kid still JUST FOR A MOMENT. Did I mention that his new trick is not just climb on the table now.....but stand and reach for the ceiling fan string and pull it!! Yes, Lovely next thing ya know he will be HANGING FROM IT!!! Cannot tell you how many times I have spanked him for getting on the table.....KID NEVER LEARNS!!!

So, now that he has this new trick- IF I LEAVE THE ROOM.....he makes a beeline for the dining room table. Handy Manny usually works. USUALLY key word here!!

Oh but WAIT....just when you think he is all out of TRICKS..... he can now OPEN A CHILD PROOF LOCK!!!! Not only is he a very talented climber....but a lock picker too!!! Oh, I hope and pray this is all leading to some where good for his future. Not and escapee artist!!

What cabinet does every mother usually have LOCKED UP?? Yep you guessed it- UNDER THE KITCHEN SINK....why?? All the cleaning supplies....right??

Well, guess which one slick Rick choose to open up?? You guessed it!! As I am finishing my hair and spraying, putting in my touches until we leave to run errands- I glance in the living room. And for a second look I see C is not there- but T like his ANGEL self is just sitting watching Manny & his tools work!

So, I immediately go on the HUNT.....if C is is dangerous. I look into the kitchen!!! Oh my!!! I see him kneeling in the kitchen floor with glass cleaner in one hand and a multi-purpose cleaner in the next. He is squirting the WHOLE FLOOR!!! As I pick up the pace to get to him I start saying "NO..NO...C put those down....stop spraying!!!"

He sees me and starts standing up then like a crazy man starts double fisting and pumping the triggers on the handles like he is pumping for GOLD!!! He then seeing I am moving toward him quicker- DROPS the slow bottle and starts double fisting one!!! He is all at the same time looking at me and moving all around the kitchen!

Once I arrived in the kitchen.....overwhelmed by FUMES!!! I am glad I had enough thought to tip toe through the NEW RIVER in the FLOOR!!! Otherwise I think I would have busted it BIG TIME!!!. The floor was slick as snot!! He looks up at me and says in his sweet voice "I KLEEN!"

I reached for the cleaner and said "NO we don't do this!!" As I sent him to the chair- I looked around.....the WHOLE KITCHEN....WALLS......CABINETS......FRIDGE....FLOOR!!!! Sparkling clean with streaks!!! I took my eyes off him for 3-5 minutes tops???

Then I went and talked to him before he received his punishment. I asked him "Do you know what you did in the kitchen and getting into the cabinet and squirting the cleaner all over everything was wrong....yes or no?" He then looks at me and says "yes or no!" Oh my!!! He all at the same time is giggling and smiling!!!

Then I asked differently with a firm voice and straight face...."Did you learn that we don't do this?" He looked at me with those sweet blue eyes...."uh.....I learned about Jesus!" I had to keep from smiling...this is the answer he gives us every time we leave church- I will ask the boys what they learned?? All at the same time I was thinking.....Kid you are gonna see Jesus sooner if you don't stop doing this stuff!! I made him sit there a little longer as part of his punishment....which is punishment for him- he likes to GO!!!

As I was cleaning it all up and wiping everything down, I had to laugh when the thought of my friend Stacy and her little girl came to mind. Look at her post HERE from a few weeks ago. I pray each day for my kids and their future spouses. I thought- hmmmm what would happen if these two got together!!!Now wouldn't that be a pair!!! She likes to draw....he likes to clean!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!!

P.S. Good thing I use Melaluca products.....they are natural & safe for kids to be around!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fence-

Well as I showed in LAST Funny Friday- we have a NEW FENCE!! A fence was needed for a few reasons.....
It is basic and wooden, cheaper than a chain-link. But it does the job!! Just what we needed!!

#1 reason NEW PUPPY MAIZIE. Her safety and my need for her to be outside. It is still cold and she still gets to come inside to sleep....naps & night time. But when you are trying to eat and she is in the kitchen barking- because you make her stay behind the baby gate.....otherwise she will eat the food out of the kids hands!! She needs to be out when we eat. She has plenty of toys to play with and lots of room to run- not to mention a covered porch!! She has been OUTSIDE for a week and a half now.....she is so happy- I watch her out the window and she will bounce and play with a blowing cute!!

#2 reason.....C- he is fast and so quick that it is almost dangerous. We love to play outside and when I am helping T with something- C... seeing it as an advantage to make a run for it. Not because he is BAD....because he is NOT....he is just curious- and QUICK!!!

The other day we were playing out in the yard and T was with me, I was helping him with something. The dog was over across the yard and C was.......well where was C........Oh yeah- THE MAILBOX!!!! My famous last words.... "let's go get the paper" he headed to the mailbox!! The cars driving by were thinking Oh no that boy is in trouble!!! I was sprinting out to the black box on the side of the road......snatched him up and spanked him right then and there!! Then set him back down and said "NO...NO MAILBOX!!!" And tried to explain to him If a bad person saw you they would take you away from you want that?? "YES" he said....he has no clue!!! Not to mention getting hit by a car....UGH!!! Nightmares for me....crazy people drive 75 down our road and the speed limit is 55MPH!!! Fast enough in front of my house!!

We BADLY NEEDED A that very day- I sent B a text...said I AM CALLING A FENCE COMPANY TODAY!!!!! His response......MAKE SURE IT HAS A GATE BIG ENOUGH FOR MY TRACTOR!!!

Next day the Fence guy Brian came and with-in a week it was up and done!!! Great Job Brian!!

I wish I had a picture of the guy Brian who did the great job on the fence. He wears a brown felt cowboy hat, with a wide brim. We also have a brown hat- but ours is from VBS last year....kinda like an Australian hat.....Ok with all that in mind.

T was watching him out the window NON-STOP and giving me a play by play of every nail!!! He then walks in the room with his brown hat on and asks me "M'am.....would you like me to bulid you a fence??" in his deep manly voice!! Oh I thought I was gonna roll in the floor laughing!! He is so funny....I have no clue where he gets it from???

So what do you think?? Like the fence??


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bang Trim

Last but certainly not least the BANGS!!! My mom use to TAPE our bangs to our forehead. Which was not a bad idea....if you want the STRAIGHT ACROSS look. They always looked great!! She was trying to save a few bucks rather than taking us in to get a bang trim. Honestly, it was also probably the night before school pictures- we had some HIGH bangs in a few of those pics. Love you Grana!! I got her back when I gave her a perm while I was in beauty school.....but that's a whole 'nother post and a trip to the couch in the psychiatrist office!! HA!! Here is what you will need:

1 pair of SHARP SHEARS.....please don't use kitchen scissors....those are for a bag of chips!

1 comb

1 clip
Here is my before.....see how long my bangs are- not straight but in my eyes.

Section the part you want for your bangs.....remember this is a TRIM NOT a fresh cut- so if you have most hair to your eyes and one or two to your nose.....straighten your section. Or graciously have a helper to assist you in getting a straight line. Once you have the hair you want to TRIM sectioned out- then clip ALL the hair you don't want cut...BACK out of the way!!(even though this is an after pic- just ignore that and look at the clip)Then very carefully start to snip at an ANGLE..... not straight across....making a zzzz look....zig zagging you hair. When you snip....use small snips and NOT DEEP UP INTO THE HAIR!!! Take baby steps. Then you can always comb it down and that where I want my hair to fall....if not.....take little bit more off......a LITTLE IS THE KEY WORD!!Moving all the way you see the ZIG ZAG in this picture?? That is what it should look like. Now mine are angled.....that means take more off the middle and less of the ends. Easiest way to descibe that. Then there you have it.....soft swept bangs to the side. I can also wear them in the front because they are short enough. I like mine right at my eyebrow or just a hair pun intended!!QUESTIONS????
Kecia the answer to your question about conditioner for frizzy hair. Best bet is to ask your stylist- I have been out of practice for almost 5 years. So they might have come out with some thing new. BIOLAGE has GREAT products for curly, frizzy hair. I love their conditioning balm...and oldie but a goodie. The also have a straight & curly line out now. As far as smoothing it out when it is dry....I LOVE anti-snap from Redken. All these can be purchased from your local stylist. I have been using Moroccan Oil products and LOVE THEM TOO!!
That wraps it up for Hair advice.....I realized this month it is a WHOLE lot easier to cut then to type how you cut?? And take pics while you are cutting....wheww!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Heroes!!!

On our trip to Eureka Springs last week......we had to bring back souvenirs.......I figured the boys would enjoy something to play with instead of a t-shirt that said "my parents left me @ my grandparents while they got me this shirt in Eureka Springs Arkansas!"

So the first place we stopped to eat....Cracker Barrel....mmmmm Chicken & dumplings!!! They have a gift shop in the front. Well, I was looking around and saw these super cute super hero capes. I had a BLUE one and a RED one in my hand ready to buy.....for only $12.99- what a DEAL!!! They love to wear their PJ's with superman & batman....but they are shorts- so this would be perfect since we are still couped up inside due to the cold weather!!

Then along came B.....I showed them to him......he turned up his nose and said "Mama what are you thinking....look here these are batman & spiderman reversible!! Get these instead!!" You know women have no clue when it comes to super heroes!! I placed the PLAIN blue & red capes back on the rack.

I then took Batman & Spiderman capes to the check out and proceeded to pay.......then she told me and absurd amount of money to pay her.....I looked at B and said how much were those Chicken & Dumplings. The poor cashier looked puzzled as I asked her how much everything was.....she informed me that the capes were $24.99 because they were the Batman & Spiderman instead of the PLAIN RED & BLUE!!!! Ugh!!! I looked at him and said "well??" He gave me that head know...go ahead!!! So here they are OUR HEROES!!! They love them and run around the house all day everyday with guns some times too- cowboy hats too!!!

T told me the other day..... "I am a good hero.....I will save you from the BAD GUYS MAMA!!!"

C likes to growl and show his teeth.....guess that makes him the bad guy?? I already know I got my money's worth out of the cute little capes!!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So you think you can TRIM....HAIR???

Ok, this post in NO WAY is to take away from any hairstylist and what they make for a living. It is in fact a little help, for the brave- who think they can save a few bucks by stretching a haircut a few more weeks.

I am not responsible for any HOME haircut mistakes...or CUTS!!

This post just gives you a few little tips- that I think are very do-able to the reader....if you feel brave enough. The good thing about kids and men's grows fast & they can wear a hat if it looks that bad!!

Here is what you will need....

1 pair of texture shears, 1 pair of shears, 1 comb, trimmers (electric or cordless) You can get all these supplies at Sally's if you have one in your area. For the price you pay- think about all the hair cuts you could save on??

Oh yeah- a cute kid or person too.....a cape or towel to drape on their shoulders. Go check this earlier post I did of the same kid......4 years ago!!! Same picture- same cuteness!!

I also want to say- TRY THIS ON AN ADULT may not have the Patience. They only reason I did a child- is because I needed and adult to take the pictures!!

Start with the Perimeter....outside lines of the hair. Here I am holding his face and cutting with my scissors right up against his skin. Be very careful not to scratch them.
If you feel like you might scratch them or say they need a bang trim...cut this way....chipping in the edge of the straight line of hair.Then continue all the way around- combing the hair forward and cutting a straight line. Then you can go back with the texture shears to blend in the bangs with the rest of the hair- holding your comb and shears like this.
Comb the hair up in small sections and pull it up all the way- until it almost falls out of your fingers....about the length that I have in this picture.

Move all the way across and over on the sides. (gotta love the fact the kid loves to smile @ the camera!!)

If you find it easier to do this......comb up the hair and what is left on the under side.....snip that. This technique is for the sides & back only!!
Remember ONLY using the texture this- otherwise it might be gapped up....leave this for the professional- to cut with the shears!!

Then to trimming the edges.....You might just like to skip all the other steps and just do this- If your man need an emergency trim up and you have no appointment!!Use the trimmers right at the point that they want their sideburns. And with the trimmers turned them in that spot and pull down....gently!!
Then go very carefully around the ear. You may want to pull it back- just be careful NOT to go too high!!! That would be called "white-walls"!!!

Go behind the ear- folding the ear forward and combing all the hair forward.

Continue to go all the way down to the neck line. Then comb all the hair straight down and go from middle to side out-----IF YOU GO SIDE TO might not be even. Starting the middle and go out to each side.
There you have it. Your man or little man- is trimmed up and can go about 2-3 more weeks before their next hair cut. And it will save you a few bucks a year- probably one-two haircuts a year?? I have no clue really.
My advice is honestly, if you feel nervous or don't feel confident- don't worry about the few bucks spared- GO TO THE BARBER!!! Because if you don't feel like you can do it. You might have that gut feeling that is saying....NO- THIS IS A MISTAKE!!
If you feel brave and you can do- GO FOR IT!!! You would really be surprised HOW MANY moms and wives cut or trim theirs husbands or kids hair!!! Amazing!!
Like I mentioned earlier....As the Dryer Turns....and Mollie are not liable for your cuts in anyway!!! This is strictly a simple way to trim and you don't have to do it!!
Try it and give me your feed back....or do you already cut your family's hair- tell me about it??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Button..Button...who wants a Button??

My real life friend Bekah....who we go to church with....super sweetie pie!! She is also a very crafty & creative person!!! She made a Button for her blog the other of course.....I HAD TO HAVE ONE TOO!!!!!

So, the great friend that she is......she made me one!!!! She did it in a SNAP- check it out!!!! If you read her blog on the post she got her button- you could do your own...or if not she might be able to help you!!!
If you want to add it to your BLOG- help yourself. It is over on the right side of my blog. Just go to your layout and add it as a Gadget!!
I just love it- it is me.....simple yet- sassy!!! What do you think. She is super smart & I could have NEVER figured it out myself!!! Gotta Love a girl who is cute with brains!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Mission

I am going on a Missions trip this summer!! I am so excited- Don't know what to expect... except Blessings!! I am sure my eyes will be opened to more that the work for the Lord- but also how good we have it here in the good ole' USA!!

I am going to Lima Peru. I will keep you posted if you would like to donate to the mission trip please leave me your email in the comment box or send me a private email at

If you are a friend of the Family.....look for a letter in the mail for more information!!

God had good things in store for this summer and my trip- I know and I am thanking him in advance for it!!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good weather....good times!!

Yesterday the boys got to go on a squirrel hunt with B & are the results..... a COON!! Good times & good memories had by all.
Then they got home and rode the Gator around. The weather has been nice in the 60's for the last few days!!! Spring is just around the corner!! I can't favorite seasons are Spring & Fall!! I love the temperature and we like to be outside!!
Poor Troy got sick last night & has not felt good today- say a prayer that is tummy will be all better, think it was something he ate??

Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Friday

Here's my NEW FENCE......NEW CLOTHES LINE.....all in one!!!

My drying rack I have had for 10+ years decided to I had no other choice. I cannot dry B's jeans in the dryer.....they might shrink. Not to mention I can ONLY wash 2 pairs at time in a super capacity washer!! It is hard to come by a 42x40 size jeans so don't want them to shrink!!! So I had no resort....just had to throw them over the edge of our new fence!!
Next thing I know I am going to hear Jeff Foxworthy say "you might be a redneck hang your jeans out to dry on the brand new fence!!"
Nothing like paying GOOD money to have a fence built to hang your clothes on and keep the spoiled dog in the house!! Thanks Renee....good point!! HA!!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips for Kids Cuts

This will be the last week for HAIR for you!!
So, if you have any questions about hair leave them in the comment box.
I will still answer them!

Today I am giving tips on kids cuts!!

First off- make sure they are comfortable and sitting in a booster seat of some sort...this is my homemade seat....a step stool!! Most stylist will have a nice comfy chair- but you might want to stay close...and arms reach. Just in case you have a leaper!! Some kids like to just hold your hand- that is usually fine as long as you stay out of the stylist way!!

Here I am cutting C's hair.......this is my shop @ my house. Of course you can tell by the mess & the exercise is not a working shop anymore!! I only cut my boy's hair now.

The main point of the picture is LOOK at WHAT he is watching....TV/movie!!! If you salon does not have a TV for your kids to watch- take a portable DVD player!! Your stylist will thank you!!

It has always been a trick of mine- since the first salon I worked in had them.....Oh the kids loved it too!! You have to block out the noise...but a child to sit still for a haircut....worth it!!

Then of course a bride never hurt any kid.....I always have suckers or candy for them afterwards...sometimes you have to break them out before the cut is over!!

They can snack on a bag of treats too!!
A few other things to keep in mind:

~NEVER EVER say....."sit still or she will CUT OFF YOUR EARS!!!!" Oh my....the kids might make a break for it?? That will most likely make the kid scared of getting a hair cut!!

~It is best....if the kid is not watching TV- to NOT have them look at the mirror while getting a haircut...most might dodge the scissors!! Others might want to watch every cut in the mirror- which ever works for your child.

~Haircuts should not be a forced thing-unless they are unable to sit by themselves or want you to hold them. Don't HOLD your kid down screaming for a haircut!! Try a stylist that is kid friendly. Most large towns have a fun environment places for!!

~When your child gets a haircut....remind them only stylist can cut our hair. Then when you are using scissors to cut paper....remind them we only cut paper with scissors. Hopefully you will not have any ER visits or HOME haircuts by 5 year old!!

~Always prep your kids for it.....Tell them what to expect, how to act, and you might want to go first and let them watch- the first time. It is always best otherwise to make them go first the next time, that way their attention and patience is still intact for their turn!!

If you have any questions about kids cuts just ask??

Youngest child's hair I cut......9 days old!!! Luke had hair half way down his back. He is 7 now!!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thick & Curly hair

Continuing with the "Hair for you" month of hair FAQ....Here is the answer to Mandy my friend who has two beautiful little girls!! Mandy's hair is THICK and Curly. and mid-length to long. Here Mandy is pregnant with her youngest daughter & holding her oldest daughter- she is a super sweet mother to her babies!!

So my ideas are here......
I love Kate's hair- It always looks wind blown....yet perfect. I think her key is LONG layers and GOOD product!! Here bangs are grown out and so she can always pull them back. You could have side bangs- but unless you plan on wearing your hair straight all the time I would not have FULL bangs across the front.

Just like Kate- this model had the soft curls. Key to soft curls that don't get frizzy....PRODUCT!! There are so many on the market I cannot begin to suggest for each and every curl. But definitely to some anti-frizz or defining curl cream.

I would also use a diffuser for curly hair it looks like this.......You work your curls through the teeth of the diffuser and place it on your scalp- use HIGH heat then your cold shot to hold in the curl. It will make your curls more defined!!

I think since your hair is cut shorter now Mandy...I like this look best....then you can always straighten it too- It might be easier to wear it curly though??
Here is a shorter look in the same style on Sarah Jessica. I love the way her bangs are. And how easy would this length be?? When I had a BIG was so easy to just throw some gel in it diffuse until mostly dry and rum out the door!!Another key to curly hair- is to keep it conditioned!!

Then if you hair started looking like this......Well, there is always the CHI!!!!
Ok Mandy what do you think??