Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 things on the tenth

Ten things I have learned since becoming a MOM!!!!
1. Patience is Learned while you are waiting to get pregnant,
then tested when you potty train.
2. You can NEVER get enough hugs & kisses!!
3. MUD is your FRIEND!! Only when it is outside!!
4. You will NEVER pick up all the toys and them stay there for more than a minute
unless your kids are gone to grandma's
5. If you let them help with chores & shopping it WILL take TWICE as long.
But it is a learning experience for both of you.
6. I tried to get the first kid to do everything quickly (crawling, walking)-
Second Kid I don't want them to move any quicker than they have too!!!
7. Once a child is able to move from one spot......there is NO going back.....into EVERYTHING!!!
8. Nap time is like Recovery time in the hospital!!
9. Going to the Bathroom by yourself is PURE satisfaction & an accomplishment!!


Kendra said...

I LOVED your list. Made me laugh, especially #1 and #7.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

It's all SO true, Mollie. So true! But so much fun and JOY!

Lemonade Girl said...

Oh, I LOVE this list!! I especially relate to #1 and #4 except my kids never go to Grandma alone. :)

Kecia said...

I always feel like a good mom when my kids come in muddy. :) I'm excited you're going to lead our Bible study one night!

whimzie said...

I stopped by from Meredith's list!

Too funny and so true!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a FUN list of 10 things.

Isn't it GREAT being a Mommy!!! :-)