Monday, August 31, 2009

My Heart.......

Just a quick post. I just need to share this and feel led to so bare with me!!

Okay most of you who KNOW me, you can tell from the moment you meet me 2 strong characteristics- I LOVE to TALK & I LOVE CHRIST !!!

Well, I know that my talking gets on some peoples nerves....I won't mention names- You know who you are!! (wink wink) But, I know God made me Mollie who likes to talk, smile & try to make people laugh!! That is who God created when he made me- correct??

Then thank the Lord he BROKE the mold!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!

Today we made a trip to Little Rock- AR Children's Hospital. T had just a regular check-up on his tubes he had put in last December- GREAT NEWS!!! He is Well & Perfect Hearing Praise the LORD!!!

The day did not start out all that great- Crazy as usual and I know the devil was just getting more & more mad- because I did not want to get defeated! Then to top that off- T peed his pants right before we left??? What the HECK???

He has been potty trained since he was 2!!! I have NO CLUE why he did this- HE does not have a clue either??? I was so shocked and almost paddled him because he knows better!!!

Then it gets better- we stopped to eat, tried to break up the 2 1/2 hour trip a little. We had a bathroom break right before we were on the road. A few miles down the interstate he says "Mama I have to go Potty" I told him " Ok we will stop in 1 mile can you hold it?" He said " I will try"

I pull in a rest area- WHAT DO I SMELL??? NO JOKE!!!! He pooped his pants!!!! Thought I was gonna LOOSE my religion on Interstate 30!!! I felt defeated- Because I was so stinkin' mad!!!

I was in total shock once again. Thinking what in the world is this kid trying to do to me?? Luckily the OVER Prepared mom that I am- I have a pair of underwear & shorts in the car.

As we left the rest area- and I was not only smoking tires but also out the ears of this fake blonde head!!! I told him if he keeps this up I will make him wear a diaper to school on Wednesday so his friends could laugh at him. I know that was super rude- I apologized to him later!!

Then we FINALLY arrived and went to the Doctor's appt. with out a hitch. Made 4 bathroom trips while we were there. JUST MAKING SURE.......we were out of spider man underpants by that time.

I did promise them they could play outside on the wonderful play area- IF they were good boys and acted good in the office!! Amazingly that worked!!

As they played and ran around the soft cushioned play area I sipped on my Mocha Java Chiller. That was my reward for making a bad thing into a good thing!!!

This precious Mother and her little girl were standing by. I smiled and thought Dear God, I am so sorry that our little poopy spider man pants was SUCH a BIG deal to me. This mother probably wishes that is all she has to worry about.

The little brown eyed girl was so thin and her hair was mostly gone- Oh I am crying just typing this. The best way to describe her is a PERFECT poster child for St. Jude. Bless her heart- she melted mine.

As I watched my kids run around and jump off of things- Her mom had to hold her precious frail body. Then she came over to us. I asked her if this little tikes car that C was playing with was hers?? I had never seen it out here. She responded with a smile and said "No but, she really wants to ride in it- we are getting ready to go home" I then removed the screaming red head from it and told him we need to share. Goodness gracious If I had enough money in my pocket I would have gone to buy her one that minute. She was THAT CUTE!!!

As she sat in the car and smiled. I could not see her mouth due to the medical mask- but I could see the light in her brown eyes. Happy Heart!!

Her mom told me that she had Leukemia- she was 5. Bless her heart- My heart just broke- both of my kids are healthy and here I was complaining about some poop & pee!!! Shame on ME!!

They were there to get her chemo treatment. She had to get blood too. The sweet mother was so proud that she had gained 2 pounds in the last few weeks.

I then as I have many times asked her If I could PLEASE pray with her?? I touched the mom's shoulder and looked into the brown eyes of the sweet Madison- As I prayed I choked back tears. I prayed God give her a total healing and restore her body to the way GOD created it. I then prayed for the Peace of the mother & strength. Then as I closed the prayer- I THANKED GOD in advance for her healing!! And sent them on there way.

Then as she walked off another mom told me about HER 16 year old son who was in a terrible car crash Friday night. He broke his neck and has very bad back injuries- pretty much shattered! She said he DID have FULL brain activity & had along road. She said they would probably be there for 1 month in ICU- then move to another room- then maybe somewhere else. But he had a LONG road ahead of him. I was so heavy with hurt for both of these moms.

I did not get a chance to pray with Alex's mom- but I did get his name........I did have a 2 year old & 4 year old on the playground.

I am not telling you this to boast or be proud of me- I am letting you know to pray for these moms & PLEASE pray for all moms who's kids are in a hospital. I was hard to not miss the mom who sat on a bench with tears rolling down her cheek as she watched the waterfall.

I don't know what she was going through- but as we passed my little red head waved his hand and told her "HI" She then tried to laugh and smile through her pain on her face.

Only through the GRACE of GOD are we saved and have eternal LIFE!!! And through my relationship with him I have found GREAT JOY!! I LOVE to share my testimony with others and I know I may never get to see these moms ever again- But GOD sees them NOW!!!

And he hears our prayers!!! Don't take your children for granted- HUG them and LOVE them as much as you can. Life is so fragile and could be gone with in moments. As I reminded Alex's mom- he is ALREADY a MIRACLE!!! GOD is just not through with him. He is ALIVE!!!

LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE FOR HIM TODAY!!!! Trust me- It was an honor to get to pray for a mom & child who are hurting and I did it for HIM!!!

Like I said I am NOT doing this for GLORY of ME- BUT GOD!!!!

Please Pray for: Madison Russell & Alex Cossey


Thanks for reading my heart,


In Mourning

This poor biker only made it a few weeks- He was a birthday gift for T from C.

R.I.P. Biker Dude....

T brings him to me with tears down his face....."Mama PLEASE tape him back together!!" I asked how he broke he responded " I sorry I just tried to help him spread his legs together to make the jump!!"

I personally was thinking to myself-- Was he jumping on the motorcycle or on a trampoline??

Have a Good Week Glad to be back!!

This week is FULL of SHOW OFF PROJECTS!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick HI

I got a new camera- Cannon Rebel XT 8 mega pixels. I got a great deal on it from ebay of course!!

It arrived in the mail yesterday- so I took a few pics at supper time.....I had a few models.....
As you can see ketchup was served with supper......They like a little chicken with their ketchup!
Still on my projects I have one down and many more to go- I think I will be back next week a little at a time!!

I will definitely have pics of the projects!!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny Friday

Well, this is definitely a out of the mouth of babes story!!

It goes back about 10 years when I first moved here and had a beauty shop in a small town. I was 22 at the time. I like to think that was I KNOW it was!!! Many kids would come and get their hair done and I tried to be a good friend to them.

This one kid would always come and visit everyday- waiting for his little brother to get out of school. So we really became good friends- kind of a little brother & big sis relationship. He graduated high school and every so often he would come around.

I have not seen him much over the last few years- He moved away to go to college, but he was always good at trying to visit me when he came to town. His mom & I still keep in touch and talk about once a week or every other week on the phone.

He graduated college this summer but doesn't start his full time job until the fall. So he needed some things to make extra money and keep him busy this summer!

Well, I had just the jobs for him- yard work, painting, etc. When he came by it was middle of the day and the boys were up he came in visited and we talked a little, he picked the boys up and tickled them. Just being his normal self.

B by the way was FULLY aware he was coming to do some work. I had talked to him about it the night before. I showed him the jobs and he said he would have to come back later in the week to finish them. Sounded great to me!!

That night when B got home I had to quickly leave as soon as he arrived- Kiss and out the door- tag you are it. I had to take food to someones house who had just had a baby.

While I was gone- barely out the door apparently......T told his daddy "Mama had a man friend to come over to the house today!" As he smiled at T he asked him " What did they do?" T answered back " Oh just talked and walked outside."

He apparently drilled him and asked many more questions- which I thought was hilarious!! You know kids say the funniest things!!

When I arrived back at the house we sat down for supper- I then was asked "so mama who was your MAN friend that came to visit today?" I looked confused and then it totally hit me- I could not stop laughing nearly loosing my food!

So from then on we started to call the unnamed college grad....."My Man Friend" He comes to visit and helped me with many of my never ending projects this summer- I am so glad I have such a good Man Friend to call on!!

His mom & I laugh about it all the time- He is a good friend who has now grown up and in the real world. I wish him the best in all he does.

Always be careful what you do when little eyes and ears are watching you......T is always watching out for his mama!! Every time B leaves the house he tells T- "you are in charge, you have to take good care of your mama & C while I am gone" He does a good job of that!!

Have a Good Weekend!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy as a BEE

Well, like I said lately I have a few projects...make that a TON!!

In the next month we have:
* 2 appt. @ Arkansas Children's Hospital
* 2 well child check-up appt.
* hair appointment (that is most important) not to mention I have 3 shaggy boys!!
* outdoor setting photo shoot (for boy's birthdays)
* Getting ready for cruise in Sept (24-28)
* Sunday school fellowship
*not to mention all the other daily things!!

I have totally overloaded...and have a ton of cleaning/ organizing to do. I have been holding off until school starts- since T is 3 days a week now. I only have 2 hours in each to completely focus on these projects....therefore no time to blog!! I have also tried to squeeze in a few workouts in the process!!

SO I will be unplugging for the next two weeks...maybe one to focus on my projects:
* T's closet (Ugh)
* My office/ scrapbook room/ craft room/ beauty shop/ clutter zone!!
*new chore charts & a potty chart for C!!

I will be back in a week IF I get them done quickly!!

Hang in there with me- while I am gone I am gonna leave you with a few projects lately that we have completed!! YIPEE!!!

I just feel like I am barely above water sometimes and if my world is not organized....I am lost like a chicken!!

Hopefully nothing will happen over the next few weeks that is worth a pic on the blog- but if so - I will try to jump in and post!!

Thanks so much for caring to read about my crazy turning life. You know how laundry is....the never ending JOB!!! Watch tomorrow for a funny friday story to finish out the week though!!

Gotta run...dryer just buzzed.....


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swim Party

Well, this weekend we went to this little princess party for a cutie that T goes to school with. It happened to be a swim party- and the pool that they took swim lessons at so I thought they would be familiar with everything. I loved watching all the boys eat pink ice cream and eat off of pink princess plates....too cute!!
My friend Crystal and I started a little switch thing- not the cleaning houses....birthday parties. Since our boys go to school & church together- they get invited to the same parties. So one mom take the big boys and the other one stays at home with the little boys (babies T calls them).

This party was different- we both are good friends with the mom- plus I had another shower to go to also that morning. SOOOOOO......that will never happen again!!!

I was a Basket case with a capital B!!! I put floaties (swimmies) on C's arms and set him down in the pool on the step. Sat back and watched them a little bit. Then took my eyes off the pool for a moment to air up some more floaties. This is what I saw.......

I went bonkers!!! Yelling his name and trying to pull him to the side- only to realize he was fine and swimming on his OWN!!! Oh, I tell you I will totally have to sit in the car and read a book when this kid starts contact sports!!!

T did okay Thanks to Mrs. Janet for fishing him out of the deep end. At what age do you tell your kids " If other kids jumped off a Cliff" story???

He got in the deep end because his friends were there.....HELLO they can swim and have life jackets on???

Anyway, I still have a ton of projects planned now that T is in school 3 days a week- So if I break or unplug for a few days I will let you know. Thanks for reading my crazy stories... I swear people if I thought hard enough I could not make this stuff up!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Funny Friday

When I got home Sunday afternoon- I had been gone all afternoon, I had lunch with a friend and then church that night. They had a little work to do in the woods with BoBo so daddy was a busy man!!!

He hugged me when I got home and said " I don't see how you do it!!" I just smiled.

He was running bath water for the boys- T was on the couch passed out and snoring!!!! And I said where is C? B said "honestly I have no clue??"

I started on the trek.....I usually keep all closets, laundry room & bathroom doors closed when I am home with the boys. As I was walking from room to room I saw this.......

Then I grabbed the camera and he said "Cheese!!" He was brushing his teeth....with his brothers (nasty) sweet!!

His diaper was soaking wet because he had turned the water on too---outside of the diaper!!

Since then he has done it again about 4 when he goes missing I just go straight to the bathroom!!
Atleast you got a sneak peek of my bathroom remodel!!!

One more note.....He climbed out of his crib this week.....YIPEE!!!!

I was in the office trying to get my computer to work and kept hearing him on the monitor moving around so I knew he was not asleep......and that is when I hear a toy play!!! I'll never forget the moment!!! Neither will my friend Crystal...I screamed in her ear because I was talking to her on the phone!!

I cannot put in the blog what exactly I said being the christian woman that I am, but you can ask her and she was just cracking up at me!!!

When I went over to the house and BUSTED him....I quietly opened the door to his room and looked at him in a serious look- He immediately started to slowly stand up and move away from the toy. He then pouted that rosie little lip out and started to cry like he was in big trouble!!

I swatted down next to his shaking body and said in a calm but firm voice "what are you doing out of your bed?" He then in his own language said " blah blah blah....try to bed"

So I cracked that code...he tried to get back in and since he couldn't that is his only mistake!!! I then told him "we do not get out of our crib unless mama comes to get us do you understand me?" With tears rolling down his cheek he replied "ma'am" which means yes ma'am- he learned that from brother.

I then spanked the little climbing hiney and made him sit in his chair for a minute (his age) then I walked back to him and told him never to ever ever do that again- it makes me said and makes Jesus said that he disobeyed mama. Got another "ma'am" and I think that one is solved.

The only way I think he did it NO JOKE.....he had to pull himself up out of his crib with the mobile from his bed them lift his body out and jump onto a rocking chair I really think he did that. He told me " blah blah blah chair" when I asked him- but there is no possible way that he could reach it unless.....he was swinging.

Truly I think when a kid can climb out of there crib- that means time to take it down and sleep in a big bed- this child not the case.....He will stay behind wooden bars for as long as possible- otherwise I will have to remove EVERYTHING from his room but the Bed!!!! He has not tried it again and I remind him every time I put him down- not to get out or he will get a spanking!!

Therefore, once again has confirmed to have Curious George for his birthday party theme!!! He is our little monkey!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Hunter

Last weekend at the NRA Banquet- T had his prayer's answered. He loves his daddy and his daddy loves to he wants to be just like his daddy!!! I don't blame him...I kinda like him too!!

We have a gun cabinet in our bedroom full of big guns but after last weekend there now sits a youth 22 Rifle. For his birthday he wanted a I told him that maybe if we waited until after his birthday and went to the banquet he could win one!!

His face just lighted up like a Christmas tree!!! So from then on each night when I tucked him into bed he prayed his regular prayer to God....then he would add a few requests....."and God PLEASE help me win a Gun from the NRA." Then I would go say a prayer too- "God if you have ever answered a pray PLEASE answer this one!!" I know that he will talk about praying for a gun forever!!! Just hope he doesn't start praying for a sister!!
Apparently God likes to Hunt too- WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!
It was a long banquet...only like 4 and a half hours!!! Whew.....C was not in a pleasant mood having to sit....or play under a banquet table. But, if the child was not there they could not win.
So needless to say I missed the Glory moment....I was in the hall with Mr. Wild man himself and letting him run himself silly!! I had to leave a few times...felt like a million. Then of course they called T's number when I left. I was TOTALLY was MAD!!!
They said he ran up there and was so tickled that his tongue was hanging out of his mouth the whole time. He went up there all by himself too- he is getting so big!!
Luckily, my friend Cindy was able to catch a few pics through out the night. Thanks Cindy!!
And thanks to Mr. Chris in the picture and all the other NRA members who made it a success!!
T did have to wait until Monday to go pick up his gun from the local hunting store. His daddy took him and brother.....he offered to take C.....I was like sure go for it!!! He won't do that again he says!!! He apparently had to fill out a mile long background check before he could get the gun.
He told T to hold C's hand and watch him.......we probably won't be able to shop there anymore!! He knocked down a whole gun case.....full of guns...oops!!!
Then they had to go show it to BoBo at his work. So by the time they made it home they were all worn out!!! They locked it in the gun cabinet with all the others and B told him that he could not use it until he was older. He also showed him the proper way to hold it....down!!
Well, looks like in a few years I will not only be a deer widow....but an orphan too!!! Before long they will all be in the woods together come deer season..... T told me" I could not go because I need to stay home a cook for them!!" some body's been talking to him!!!
I don't mind a little down time myself...maybe I will be able to catch up on the 4 years I am behind in scrap booking....that is what I did before we had kids....during deer season!!
Sorry I have not blogged in a few Internet has been down and we are getting ready for school to start, paining our bedroom still, and much much more need any more excuses...just ask!!!

I will try to catch up!!


Monday, August 10, 2009

10 things on the Tenth

I almost forgot..... it is the tenth!!

10 Things I have learned since moving to the SOUTH!!

1. A shopping cart in a store is called a "buggy" guess that means you are the horse??

2. a Vulture is called a "buzzard" I was nearly laughed out of a car for that mistake.

3. I have heard the saying more than once- "the higher the HAIR...the closer to GOD" If that is the case- good thing the rapture did not come in the 90's those bangs would have gotten all sorts of people in trouble!!

4. I officially say "I am fixin' to.... " which means to do something?

5. When you "carry"someone somewhere they are usually NOT on your back. When my husband and I dated he asked me to "Carry him back to his car parked a few miles away" I was weigh over 200 lbs- are you kidding me??

6. On the other hand when you "tote" something- that could be on your back- instead of carrying something you just tote it?? Confused yet??

7. When you go to a restraunt and order a COKE they ask what kind??? It is not a soda or a pop- all cokes are called COKE!!

8. Unless of course you order Tea then they ask "sweet or unsweet?" when you order sweet- it is usually SWEET too!!

9. Chicken houses stink the hotter the weather gets.....wait I mean....STINK!!!! Doesn't that make your fried chicken taste good!!

10. DEER SEASON- is a national holiday in the south......some areas still let out of school for the first few days- and MANY men take their paid weeks vacation for the opprutunity to kill a BIG BUCK- which will fill the deep freeze full of meat and there pride full of JOY!!

I know I grew up just in a neighboring Oklahoma to Arkansas- but my friend it is a world away. I officially am a "deer widow" when season comes around- usually you can find me fixin' to fry up something or maybe carrying my kids to the store puttin' them in the buggy, and toteing all their stuff. Then at the end of the day I enjoy sittin' down with a nice cold COKE or SWEET TEA!!


My Friend Heather

Yesterday I got to visit my friend Heather. Many weeks ago I asked you to pray for her. She has cancer and this week she will be 31....and also have a surgery on Monday, and her 8th chemo treatment on Friday- what a week!!!
She is such a trooper- has 2 kids and keeping it together so well!! I pray that I get to spend many many more birthday's with her!! I honestly don't know how she does it?? I can barely keep up with my 2 and I am healthy!!!
Our other friend Robbi- came to visit too. She and Robbi go way back to school days. But I met Robbi through Heather by doing her hair- she is too sweet too and such a faithful friend to Heather!!!
Please be in prayer for her today as she is having surgery today. I know God is with her and he is watching over her. Pray for peace and comfort- she doesn't like needles...who does??? But when they have to stick you week after week and have surgery after surgery chemo after chemo- if it lengthens her be it!!!
Love you Heather!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


OK this is a funny but also-
Don't think I did not discipline in the act of a very dangerous situation also!!

Let me set it up if you don't know where we live- It is a big yard....but our house is VERY close to a State highway! We live in the country in a small community- so mostly everyone knows each other and you cannot go out with out seeing someone...and having a conversation with them mentioning they "saw us out in the yard!"

Okay so after the BIG blowout party for T on Saturday- it was raining...very hard and there were lots and lots of puddles! So we sat in the carport (in the south) and watched the kids play in the water. They were playing different games, like chasing each other and catching rain in their mouths.

Then as BoBo and MiMi left they started getting brave and running through and around the two vehicle's left in the driveway. Still not bad because there were 5 adults sitting there- and me with my nose to the camera watching with one eye!
So, as they were running through the cars there was a pattern..... T, lil A.G., then bringing up the rear with his little muscular pigeon toed run -C! As they came around each time I would try to catch the candid fun they were having. Then the pattern went T, A.G., T, A.G., T- that is when the infamous question in our house was asked "anyone know where C is?"
You know we were all just sitting there and watching so where could he have gone?? Then as we looked up I let out the scream that is similar to Kevin's mom on Home Alone "C........!" I really have a HUGE voice and very loud- doesn't take much to get ANYONE'S attention!!
Where was he you ask?? THE MAILBOX.....right next to the HIGHWAY!!!! I ran so fast the waters in the yard were parting faster than the Red Sea ever thought about!!
I reached him at the black crooked mail box at the road where the helium filled balloons were hanging soaking wet- and he sweetly looked up at me and said "baaalloooonns!" Then as I squatted next to his little soaking wet body and looked into his crystal blue eyes- I told him how dangerous this was and not to ever go into the road....then gave him a little wet spanking and cut the balloons off of the mailbox then- led him back to the house as he giggled knowing he would get to play with a balloon.
He loves balloons-like a moth to the flame- he is a sucker for a balloon!!! Then I gave each one of the kids a balloon and they were happy and laughing even more!! Of course as much as C likes balloons he loves to pop them even more?? His main goal once he gets the thing is to squeeze the snot out of it until it blows up- then he will look up and say " uh oh- pop!" He then looks for another unsuspecting balloon to go pounce on!
Ok I know you are saying that is not that funny?? Well, I have not gotten there- Later that evening I saw the light flashing on the phone that I had a message. I was listening to it and feeling my face get more and more red as I listened!! I could not believe what the little lady who lived down the road had seen and what she was is her message " Mollie, we were driving by and your little feller is out in the road by the mailbox- I think we are gonna turn around and come check on him, I know it is not like you to not watch your kids so it really did worry me- Oh wait he is gone now, well I am glad you got him, he is just so little and I know how he likes to wander around the yard- Well we don't have time to stop any visit- OK BYE!!"
Well folks there goes my running for Mother of the Year Award!!!
Have a Good Weekend!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Someone's 4 today!!!!

August 5, 2005 7:35pm

God Blessed us with you- and now you continue to Bless us.....

T now that you are 4 what are you up too??
48 lbs. and 44 inches
Size 6 clothes- 13 shoe size

You LOVE the color Black & Camo!!

You LOVE monster trucks, any kind of truck really- and trains.

All you talk about is Hunting in the deer woods with your daddy and you can make anything into a deer stand!!

You cannot go to bed without us telling you a story when we were little.

You have 6 Bible verses memorized by heart- and can recite them...because you cannot read them yet.

Your dream and wish is to be as big and just like your daddy- you follow him around when he is working on his truck and kick tires behind him and check oil with him.

At school you have learned a lot this last year- you know all you abc's, colors, shapes, learning to cut and write your name- you have to T and getting better at the others!!

You LOVE to pretend to be a doctor and to pretend I have a baby in my tummy...Thank the Lord I am glad it is only pretend- you also like to dress up like a fireman and hunter!!

You smile a lot and people always compliment your sweet blue eyes!!!

You LOVE your little brother and like to include him in everything we do. Unless you mention- "hey when C takes a nap- I am gonna play with this toy, because I just don't feel like sharing!"

You and C like to wrestle around on the floor and play "ready, set, go"then run through the house like wild boys!!!

When you wake up you still love to snuggle or sit in my lap and be rocked- I love it too!!

I know now that you are 4 you are bigger now and are learning more things each day. One thing I want you to know is the Lord and how much he loves and cares for you- more than mama and daddy ever could!! He has come to give you eternal life if you follow him- We pray each day you draw closer to the Lord and come to have a great relationship with you heavenly Father! Just as you follow your daddy around and want to be like him- Your Heavenly Father wants you to follow him and be like him.

We LOVE you first born- you are such a sweet boy and we are so BLESSED that God has shared us with you to raise- It is an honor!! Thank You Lord for our Baby boy who is growing up so very fast!! We pray he has many many more blessed years with us!!

We celebrated this last Saturday for T's birthday- Had a "swim party" with a SUPER big slide we borrowed from aunt Cole. Thanks again- it was so much fun!!

It was a bit rainy and so we said they can play in even if it rains as long as it is not thundering and lighting. So the minute we heard thunder and saw lightening- the outside play was DONE!!
Usually we are outside for his parties and sweating off nearly 10 pounds a piece!! Not this year it was really nice- we did not even put 'sun scream' (that is what T calls it)on the kids.
Some where along the way T hit heads with C and they both have the bruises to prove it- C has his first of many black eyes!!

This year was different for me- now that he is in school and has new friends. He wanted to invite his friends from school- Well that meant I could not invite my friends!! Oh well there is always C party in October, I can invite them to that!!

We had a Monster Truck theme. He is really into monster trucks now and pretty much any truck. He is a BOY- I don't expect him to play with dolls.....on the other hand.....he did get a doll for one of his presents- FAVORITE gift AWARD goes to aunt Cole and big cousin A.G. I saw the doll at our local hunting store when I went to get his present- I thought about getting it then thought- I will remember it for Christmas. Then Blake's sis aunt Cole called and asked what to get- I told her HUNTER DAN.....that is his name- he really is a super muscular Ken doll if you ask me. He comes with his own rifle, climbing stand, camo clothes and a camo tent to hunt out of. He slept with the doll the first night- he had to me to take his shirt off so the doll and T could "sleep like daddy, with out a shirt!"

Do you see what I see?? Look at the smiles on those hunters in the back ground....JOY!!!

We gave him camo clothes for the up coming hunting seasons and new rubber boots. I saved our for the last gift- I knew he would have to change into them asap...he did!!

He loves to dress up so BoBo and MiMi got him a dress up police and fireman suit- he then proceeded to arrest all of the guests at the party.

Grana and Poppie got him a "toy puppy." That was one of the first gifts he mentioned he wanted. "Well since you won't let me get a REAL doggy- I want a toy one" he told me when we were writing out a wish list. We are NOT getting another dog for awhile- we live on a very busy highway and our dog got run over last January- that was her second time in 4 years. We will wait until we move??? Who knows when that will be?? Same town- don't panic!!

Thank you to everyone who came and gave him- trucks, clothes, money, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, footballs, floor puzzle, veggietales movies, helicopter and much much more- He appreciates it all and we appreciate your generous spirit!!

His very first gift he opened was before the party- we then used it for table decor!! Uncle Charlie and aunt Jill gave him a MONSTER TRUCK!!! He loves it!! He really loves all of his gifts and has played with them so much since the party- he is surprisingly sharing very well with little brother too!! I usually buy two of everything so they can each have one- I was worried about birthday party gifts. It is just part of learning to share.

He was so happy all of his little friends from school came- when we were making a list of WHO to invite he mentioned all boys names, I then suggested to invite some girls his response was "NO mama, it is a Monster Truck Party- NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!" I told him that his two girl cousins were definitely coming and if we invited a few girls they could play together. That suggestion was completely vetoed!!

Our littlest guest was our new baby cousin T.K. we were so happy he got to come!! He is only 2 1/2 months old- he is so sweet and too cute!!! Thanks for coming J & J!! We love you all!!

So LOTS of boys and LOTS of boy things!! We did have a lot of food as usual!! I love to give parties- deep down inside I really would like to be a party planner. I just love having parties and getting together!! In the future I have a HUGE feeling I will just be planning super bowl parties, world series & NCAA final four parties instead of tea parties!!

I designed his cake- but left it to the bakery in town to fix. I bought some cheap cars and some monster trucks a the store. I then took a hammer to the cars and I drew a diagram of my ideas with the monster trucks in mud and crunching the cars.....I think they did a GREAT job of putting my thought in icing!!!

Today I am taking T on a date! He is so excited- I really am too. I know one day he will be walking 10 feet behind me at a mall and wishing I was invisible- so I will take it while I can!! We plan to go to the "Ice cream place" aka Dairy Queen- then off to get a truck at the dollar store he can pick out with his birthday money and chore money he has saved up.

Thank you aunt Donna for watching C for me while I spend time with T. I think it is very important since he is first born that we spend time with out little brother sometimes. I have time with C when T is gone to school so it is only fair!! I can't wait to hear all his stories and tales he loves to talk about.

Unhook the slide the parties over.....

The slide after the the pouring down rain!!

After the party and as it keep raining harder and harder the kids found a puddle in the driveway that was not safe......One guess who found it first???

Yep- you were right.....
you have to read on funny Friday for a story about this!!! Can't miss it!!

And Many More......

p.s. Thank You Neca the card & money made it in the mail on the right day!! You are so thoughtful!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Good to GO!!!

Well, this morning went well- sorry I am just updating!!! Sleep came first. I went to bed at 10:30 and woke up at 2 am to leave at 3am. We checked in at 6 am and surgery was 10 mins before 8. We were leaving the hospital before 9 am and back at home at 11:15. We then ate lunch, sent Grana & Poppie on their way and we ALL crashed!! Wheww I need another nap just thinking about it!!
Like that shiner??? That was from his brother's birthday party- read tomorrow for that post!!

He did good- for C!! He is the one who doesn't like ANYONE to bother him, touch him or look at him- he is getting better. But this morning he was up at 4 am and from then on he was grouchy!! Poor nurses and staff.....he kept on grunting at them like get away!!
Then the clouds opened up and angels sang... the angel nurse came in with "goofy juice" they give to kids to settle them down for surgery. I kindly told her before she tried to give it to him
"he is a spitter- stand back!" She then handed the syringe to me and said you do it then. We ended up holding him down and all getting it on us- except B he was holding his feet- YES it took three adults to hold him down to give him medicine- at home I can usually 'hog tie' him between my legs and blow into his face so much he doesn't even know what hit him!!
A few minutes after the juice was in effect- you could tell he the lights were on but no one was home. B started to tickle him and he just had this crazy giggle like some old drunk man!! Oh it was so funny. He went from growling at all the nurses to smiling and laughing!!
Then just a few minutes they took him away and he was done and we were in recovery with him and we were on the road!! It was great- so fast and so precise too!!
I will have to say when we were on the way home I sleep off and on- I am so not truck driver material- and plus as this picture shows he caught a cat nap between nurses and doctors coming in!! He would so kill me if he knew I put this on here.....he does not read it- so what he doesn't know won't kill him!!
Plus that is pay backs for all the wild driving to Little Rock and me hitting my head on the window a couple times on the way home- due to my nodding off......I caught myself knocking my head back and forth a few times and he was laughing at me!! You know kinda like the 80 year old man who sits in church and his head bobs back and forth until the preacher says something loud- then he jumps!! That was me!!
C was just in lala land watching CARS in the back seat- never made a peep- so I moved up to the front for more leg room!!
I am going to post a time line and story about tubes soon- I think it will help any one who is unsure about getting tubes in there kids ears- I put it off on T for 6 mo. just because I was scared!! It is really not bad at all- and then the end results are even better- He will be talking clearer in NO time!
I can remember the doctor telling me about T- he said the reason he talks funny is because it is like he hears you from underwater??? Is that not crazy??? So I think this is the way C is too.
I do need to record him saying a few things now- because it will change overnight!! This morning when I put him in the car seat it was 3 am remember- he said in a groggy voice " Uh Oh...George" I then gave him his brown little monkey with at missing eye....and he then told me in the sweetest softest voice I will NEVER forget it "Gank U my momma" That is how he says Thank You!!!
I love they way they talk when they are just learning and as much as I hate to repeat it to them it is just too sweet- They grow out of it way too soon. First person he asked for when we were in recovery was " where's broder"
Thank You all for you Prayers for our precious little gift from God above!! Thank you so much to my mom & dad who watched our other gift and spoiled him.....and cleaned my whole house, did all my laundry and did a few "handy man" jobs around the house while we were gone this morning!! You are Priceless!!