Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yet another project...

OK this week I got a head start- we were not supposed to be home until Late Monday night- My goal was Saturday to have this finished!! I am almost done!!

Yes, I have a HUGE problem.....taking pictures......These boxes are JUST PICTURES!!!

Mostly from 2005- to present~~ Although I have NOT developed ANY pictures since last December......Just kept them on disc.

You know when the first kid is born and you take 150 pictures of them A DAY- OF THEM DOING NOTHING BUT LAYING THERE!!!! Can you agree???

That is my problem- only thing is I use to stay on top of it and keep them organized- Now they are just in boxes- not scrapbooks!!

I am going on a retreat to scrapbook later this month- so I am getting things in order!!

I also am taking ALL of this and re-organizing it!! A friend of mine cut me a great deal on her tote and everything in it- Luckily she had a boy too- so all her stickers and scrapbook stuff just what I needed!!!

My GOAL is to get ALL this stuff into 2 of those BIG Black totes......
GOAL...... will only be reached if I get rid of a lot of stuff!!
No need to run to Hobby Lobby or Michael's before this retreat!! Although I am selling tons of stuff on EBay- mostly out dated or GIRL stuff!!! Wishful thinking when I was pregnant I guess- I bought a lot for our two nieces.....but do you REALLY NEED 500 stickers of girls stuff when you have 1500 of boys???

Next week I will focus on the house for the BIG 2 year old birthday party!! I sent the invites out- they turned out so cute. I ordered them off of eBay!! Do you see a

So this week I am busy as a bee trying to get all this sorted out.....gotta run I hear stickers, papers & die cuts calling to be put in an organizer!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!!

I took this picture as we were pulling out of the driveway Saturday night!!!
We took a date night & although we did not get to go on our cruise.....we had a blast just being together!!
We laughed like we never have in a long time- I promise you before we had kids all we did was tell old stories & laugh- now the kids entertain us and we laugh at them!!
We ate at The Texas Roadhouse....LOVE their steaks!! Then we went to see All about Steve- it was OK it should have been named- all about crazy people instead!! It had a good story line- just a little weird humor.
The kids- Oh yeah the went to BoBo & MiMi's- we called before the movies to tell them goodnight and T said- " I want to stay here for 5 days & nights!!" B told him- when are you gonna come back to stay with us?- T responded "Tomorrow!!"
It was just nice to not have to take a diaper bag, and sippy cups- then hope you get a speedy service so you can get the heck out of there before your kids get too loud!!
I just love to spend time with my hubby- he is great and I am so glad that the Lord has blessed us so much!! I am going to do a bible study soon with some college girls and I am gonna talk about Proverbs 31- the Virtuous woman....that I am not- just to tell them about what God wants us to be as women. I truly have been blessed just studying about it- and I got to share with my husband goals I would like to achieve, but can only with God's help!! He was super supportive and prayed with me about this!!
I just love that my husband loves God as much as I do!!
Two funny things did happen I forgot to mention- On the way home after dropping off the boys- I rode half way home listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.....before I noticed- I am alone and I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO HOT DOG 100 TIMES!!!
And then there's the mess.....when C woke up from his nap Sunday afternoon- He showed me what he thought of him leaving him this weekend......He was in his crib still and so quiet I had no clue he was awake- then I smelled POOP!!! That's right diaper off and ALL OVER EVERYTHING!! It was so bad- If the kid did not need a place to sleep- I would have thrown the whole bed away!!!
Seems like the vacation only last so long!!! Then reality hits some times harder than others!!
Be blessed, speaking from a refreshed mom!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes....

I so wish I could bottle my boys up and save them for when I get older and they will still be 4 and 2 and we can still have these sweet precious moments together. Here is what I mean, these are actual things that T has said to me recently:

"Mama when I grow up...will you marry me?"

"Mama you're the best mama I never known!"

Then there are the moments like when I am driving and pull out from a red light too fast and I here from the back s

flower beds

Well I keep forgetting to post here it is-

I mentioned to B one night at dinner- "I would really like to remove all those shrubs out of the front flower beds- they are just too hard to keep trimmed"
That's all it takes when you are married to a man who owns a Kabota Tractor!!

The next day they were GONE!!!
4 Holly Bushes (ouch) and 14 box shrubs!!! They were planted in 1988....we think??

These are the after pictures- All I did was transplant Lantana & Aster Lily!! Actually my man friend did all the tranplanting!! Nice to have muscle around- whether it bed a Kabota or college!!

We tried to raise the edging....then realized it was rusted!! So, we did have that expense. Other than that- it was so over grown I just needed some moving around to make it look more like a flowerbed not a JUNGLE!!I love the bird house (milk carton) on the porch- we have since thrown that one away and are getting ready to make new ones!
Theses pictures are from the spring- if you drive by will see a jungle once again- with all the rain we have had!!! I look at these and think-
Wish flower beds did not come with all the maintenance!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Crusin' to Cozumel



HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND....I am going on a date tonite.....shhhhh......don't tell B!!!

He is handsome and so sweet to me- Think he would be jealous!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here we go...

Well today we were leaving- headed to take the boys to Texas- my sister & my parents-in-law are splitting the 5 day vacation (for us not them...hehe)!
Plans changed and due to the death of my Mamaw.....we decided to go another time- instead we are still gonna let the boys go to their MiMi & BoBo's and we can have a day off- and date night!!
Here is a POST I had ready to pre-dated post for our trip!!
NOW that we are not going I can look at it and NOT CRY!!!
I really did not have total peace about the whole trip/cruise- just don't know why? But, we may never know if God spared us from something- or maybe when we see something on the news this weekend we will be thankful we canceled?? Who knows- I do know we are home and still trying to catch up on lost sleep from the busy weekend!
Here is the POST that never POSTED TODAY!!
I have NEVER left them for over 24 hours!! I love them & love to be around them!!
Here.....a list of things I will miss each day......
* Each morning- whether we go somewhere or stay home- I hold them and rock them in the recliner....I know they are 2 & 4- but as long as they let me I will do it!!

*Then I do it again when they wake from their naps- EVERYDAY!! LOVE IT!!!
* Unpredictable moments of C!

* Imagination of T!
* Moments with their daddy
*Watching them be brothers & love each other!! When they are not choking each other!!

* Eating Lunch with them & supper & breakfast!!

* Playing outside or inside- PLAYING anywhere with them- and watching their little minds work, and listen to their little voices talking for people or "bbrrrrrr" for truck noise!

* Bath time!!!! Who cannot love the best time of the day!!

*Reading to them each day- any book any time!!

* Putting them to bed- and once again rocking them and telling C I love him- he pats my back. Telling T a "story about me when I was little" Then hearing his sweet prayers!!
* Who couldn't resist this smile!!!

Okay I Will miss my boy's so much- I truly LOVE my job and for so many years- I wanted a baby now I have been blessed with 2 WONDERFUL boys!!! Healthy little buggers too!!
I think it is time for a vacation after 4 years what do you think??
We are headed to COZUMEL MEXICO on Carnival Fantasy Cruise Line!!!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Mamaw

This is a Tribute to My Mamaw.....Pauline as a most knew her by. July 12, 1925- September 18, 2009
She and my Papaw were married when she was only 15- this November they would have been married 68 years! They were the best of friends and good fishing partners, gardeners, and stood by each other through thick and thin.
They had three boys, my dad was the youngest. Even when my papaw went off to serve in World War II- she was here home with 2 boys to raise alone.

She grew up on this "hill" in Coweta Oklahoma, being raised on a farm she was taught to work hard and take pride in your work. It showed- she was a perfect house keeper and homemaker. I have heard a story about when her 3 boys would come home for lunch....she would polish their shoes while they ate!

This is a picture of all her brothers & sisters back when they were younger.
As you entered the door of her house you could usually smell fried chicken, mashed potatoes & rolls! She was a wonderful cook and very talented in the kitchen. Oh the fried chicken....I cannot explain it any better than.....just melt in your mouth- falling off the bone good!!
MMMM....Good.... and my cousin Darren & I would fight over the honey for our rolls!!!

She was always dressed up and I don't know if she ever did- but she is the type who would have done the dishes and vacuumed in high heals!! ALWAYS looked good- never a hair out of place- beautiful jewelry, gifts from my grandfather mostly!
She was a HUGE sports fan especially when it came to OU football.
I have never seen a woman yell at the game like she did- she would even yell while watching golf on TV! Loved her sports and winning!!

Here we ALL were in 2000. The family has grown since then, but this is the last time we were ALL together as a whole- 3 sons, 5 granddaughters 1 grandson, and 2 great-grand kids at the time!

I love this picture- it shows the house they still live in...they built it in 1977- the year I was born. It is the only house I have known them to be in!

Her pride & joy!!
Behind us is her perfect flower beds full of hydrangea!!

Then in 2005- we started it....5 more great-grandchildren 2 years!!!
Which made a grand total of 10 great grand kids in all!!
Just not as easy to get everyone happy and laughing all at once!!
That's a good family photo- Mamaw & Papaw were cracking up at all of us on the other side of the camera- trying to make everyone smile!!
I know that she is gone on to Glory and we will meet again some day in heaven. Until that day I will never forget someone I am a lot like. I do have many of the same characteristics with her and she was a excellent example for a daughter, sister, mother & wife.
I know she is with her mom, dad, brothers & sister- mostly she couldn't wait to see my Uncle DA. They are all together now and probably sitting at the table belly's full from fried chicken and playing some cards now or watching OU football!!
I will never forget the last time I talked to her two weeks ago, and she looked in my eyes and told me "love you" as her faint voice whispered- I knew in her eyes what she was saying.
Although I miss her and will always.....
I have eternal life from my heavenly father
and I WILL see her again soon.
Until then.....heaven will never be the same with her there.....those streets of Gold are sparkling like they never have and she is keeping everything nice and tidy!!
Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lots of Lemons

Well, you know the saying when life gives you lemons-make lemonade!!

This next week we were headed to Cruise to Cozumel!!! Then LIFE happens like it does so many times- You know reality!!!

Lately, Life has been crazy and busy and today everything just stopped. As I drove to Little Rock, for C's appointment- I got a call from my dad that my Mamaw had gone on to be with Jesus.

I can rejoice in knowing that she is in a better place and has a new body and is 100% pain free!! At the same time it is hard for you to rejoice when your heart is full of sorrow for my Papaw who was married to her for 67+ years.

And for my father, I cannot imagine losing my mother? We will be headed to Oklahoma tomorrow.

PLEASE PRAY for my family- My Papaw, Dad & Uncle Paul especially. The funeral is on Tuesday 2:00pm.

Thanks for reading and your prayers!!

And this is what he promises us- even eternal life. I John 2:25

Therefore, "they are before the throne of God and serve him day and night in his temple; and he who sits on the throne will spread his tent over them. Never again will they hunger; never again will their thirst. The sun will not beat upon them, not any scorching heat. For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their Shepard; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes." Revelations 7: 15-17


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friends + Fair = FUN!!

The county fair is going on this week- so Crystal and I took our boys again! This is the 3rd year in a row that we have gone together. We usually go in the middle of the day- when there is NO crowd. There are a lot of people working- so you can usually pet the animals and talk to them about the animals.

The GREAT thing bout this year was STROLLER FREE!! All the boys can walk and we did not have to fight pushing a stroller through the sawdust & hay!!! Try it - it's fun....your kid gets whip-lash too!!

The thing T looked the mot forward to was washing his hands in the mouth of a PIG- this year he wanted to wash his hand in the COWS mouth, funny the things they remember about the fair. This year he got to use the cow- here he is along with Big C his best friend & my lil' C washing their hands in the mouths of the farm animals! Cute huh?

A BIG THANKS to Mr. Buddy our neighbor- he let the boys pet and feed his new little pot belly pig. C LOVED feeding the bottle to him- it almost made me cry to think he was so big, and looked so big helping the little pig. I mostly was surprised that he did not want to drink out of it- he has not been that long without on himself!

They also got to feed a baby goat- T liked that the most!! There was this BIG white rabbit and a little black one that just hopped around and let the boys pet them and love on them!

Then T said- "I want to go see that cow with wheels!" I am thinking- I did not see a cow with wheels?? Then he pointed to the plastic cow that was for milking on wheels!! Perfect sense!!

They loved it!! T & C squirted each other with the faux milk once they figured it out- and Big C did a great job- Crystal and I were completely impressed with his milking skills!! Kids will amaze you- you never know there talents!!

Mac, C's little friend was not all into everything-

Crystal said he had woke up early and needed a nap! On a rainy cloudy day do you blame him? He was still just as cute as ever!!

Then we saw Crystal's uncle Ronnie & cousin Morgan's cows- He picked up the boys and let them pet the cows- them good ole' C jumped on one!!
Famous last words- I had just told him "you gotta watch him- you never know what he will do!"

A BIG Thanks to Mr. Buddy, Uncle Ronnie & Morgan!! We appreciate your showing us around the farm at the fair!!

We had a great time- right before we were getting ready to head to the car- C found some manure~ loverly when it is all over his clothes and boots!! You know me the OCD mother, having boys I have definitely over come dirt & mud....guess manure now too!
Oh well it will come off in the wash- I hope!!
Instead of having my car detailed too- I thought I would just strip him down to a diaper and let him ride home diaper-free & naked!!
Then when we headed home- There was a bad wreck right in front of Crystal- I mean she saw a tire fly in the air right in front of her car......crazy!!
Even though I thought a little manure was a set back and sweating at the farm on a humid day- if it was not for that little cow dung on size 2 clothes- that could have been us hurt or in the middle of a wreck!!
You see once again I had to Thank the Lord for the little things- we might see as set backs or mishaps- God was protecting us from danger. Everything happens in his timing. Crystal and I did stop and check the victims were OK. Thank You Lord for your protection and angels watching over us always in the car!!