Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Easter is coming soon- and with that the Lent season. Each year I usually choose something to give up- and in return I spend more time with God and focus on the real meaning of the cross.

For 3 years I have given up Facebook, in fact last year I even temporally deleted my account. I usually announce on my status I am giving up facebook for lent- see ya after Easter!! This year I have chosen to do so even before Lent season. I am going to give it up March 1st or before.....maybe even today?? I don't know exactly- I am getting fed up with all the craziness!!!

I feel as if some things I can live without- facebook is one of them. I do absolutely love the fact that I can keep in touch with people from all over the world. One of my very first friends who found me of facebook- we were best friend in the 3rd and 4th grade!! I have not seen her in years- she found me on facebook, we keep in touch better now. She and her husband are missionaries in another country, so it is neat to see she and her boys are doing half a world away.

I also have kept in touch with one of my interpreters we used in Peru this summer- it is great to encourage her and keep her built up in a country with so many lost people. To see her is a breath of fresh air in Peru. I have been encouraged by so many who tell me my comments are positive or my scriptures are just what they have needed. That is a great feeling that I can work through such a worldly thing for God. Then of course I LOVE to tell funny stuff the boys do- brings back good memories for moms who kids are grown, and just gives others a laugh. One of the reasons God created me.....Joyful Laugh!!!!

I do however feel the need to look at my phone- it is worse when you have it right at your finger tips....I am going to drop the app on my phone for this reason. I feel as if some days I have talked more to people or kept up with people on the computer than- looked at real life people in person!! C walked over to me the other day with a toy gun and said "Hold up your hands and DROP THE PHONE!!"

When I lay down at night, my mind doesn't rest well. I think of things of others that I wonder "hmm wonder if they got that done, or that meal was good at that new restaurant.....etc!!" and then I find myself looking at pictures from Christmas 2009 just to look because they are there??

You might be thinking by now- Hello is there Rehab for this Facebook addict?? haha!! I know exactly, If you know me well, my motto is ALL or NOTHING!!! That pretty much sums it up.

I do get most of my prayer request from facebook- and for this reason I am not going to announce I am leaving on my status. Just here! Because I feel if they really have a need they can email me. I have a few "groups" that I have started on there- prayer groups for a friend with Cancer, and also our new moms group. I will have to keep up with those.

When you read the Link above I have attached to "Lent" it will make more sense to those of you who don't know what in the world I am talking about. I am also giving up a few other things I have struggled with.....ummm..... Coke!!!! I love my coke- but know it is soooo bad for me!!! I need to loose weight and get in better shape not just for bathing suit season....but for Life!!!

Ok so if you are a reader of this blog- and believe in praying.....Please add me to your prayer list.

I appreciate your prayers and support!! If you have any prayer request please email them to me at I will support and pray for you also.

I John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keep your Eye on the Ball- a baseball story

Spring is almost here.....and Spring in the United States means......BASEBALL SEASON BEGINS!
My husband played baseball until he went to college to play basketball- they even say he was a better baseball player than a basketball player....hmmm I saw him play basketball- He was pretty good at that!! Our Family loves baseball.... T received his first t-ball when he was days old from Coach Cecil his daddy's former coach and our friend. He has no other choice than to love the sport as we do!!!

T is so excited this year he is 5 and T-ball is the game. He likes to wear his daddy's old baseball uniform around the house. I took this picture with my phone last year I believe. He has grown a lot since this time last year.
Sign up begins soon- I am looking forward to spending many many seasons from here on out at the diamond- cheering on my little guys!! We still need to get a correct bat- we have had 2 t-ball sets. Both came with plastic bats- so it is time to get a "real" bat.

As I was sitting in the grass this week watching B teach and talk to T about baseball. It was amazing how serious both of them were. B is a great teacher- very patient very good listener and excellent coach!! His main focus was to tell T "what ever you do- don't ever take your eye off the ball when you are playing. You will hit the ball and catch the ball better if you never take your eye off the ball!" And he did- he would occasionally look over at me while batting and swing and miss!! He would say "whoops- took my eye off the ball!" I think he will make a pretty good player-following in good footsteps!! It was hard for me as a mother to sit back and not say anything, honestly it is hard for me to sit anywhere any time and not say anything!! Those who know me well- know what I mean. As I was watching my little boys Father teach him and coach him in something he has yet to play. I was reminded of my heavenly Father- how he is gentle with us and teaches us in different ways of his Glory. In the rising of the Sun- we can see God's Glory and in the smallest bloom on a flower in a field of dead grass- we know there are good things to come to those who wait. God was showing me how I need to sit back and enjoy the Father & Son moment.

A few hours later at supper we sat down to our plates full of food to eat, I told T how proud I was of him and how well he was doing. "Practice makes perfect!" that is what they say so I explained to him if he was going to play- he needed to practice as much as he could. Now that the weather is getting nicer- it will be easy to practice!! Then we talked about keeping your eye on the ball, I shared how in the Bible Peter walked on the water. He said "I thought ONLY JESUS could walk on water?" I said yes, he can and only he can- but once Peter did!! I told him how Peter got out of his boat and started towards Jesus (Matthew 14:22-36) and always keeping his eyes on Jesus he did great. Then when he became fearful he lost sight of Jesus and fell into the water. When the storms of life hit us where do we turn- our friends, phone/facebook to tell the first person the story of how bad it is?? God already knows and he knows the outcome too!! When you seek Him first He will honor your prayers and your cry to him.

Keeping your eye on the ball in baseball is not easy with all the noise in the crowd and distraction from other players. Much like life, when we focus too much on others or too much on things in stead of God- we loose sight of the MOST important thing....Him!! I want to encourage you- if you have lost sight of God or if you have never seen him and his glory in the things I have mentioned. Stop today and Focus on Him- for he is your creator. I can tend to get very busy with life and get busy with other things, and when I don't take time for Him- my days seem longer, more mishaps and much more unwanted stress/strife and drama!!!
I shared with a group at a soup kitchen in Lima, Peru on how we must get out of our comfortable boats and walk across to Jesus grab his hand and hold on- I literally JUMPED like I was leaping out of a boat!!!! He is the way, the truth and the Life- No other way will you have peace, joy and comfort!! I can honestly tell you that my Joy comes from Him!!!

So here I sit watching my little 5 year old playing baseball keeping his eye on the ball- and praying that one day his eyes will be on Jesus and his heart forever his!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My LOVE Story

For many of you who know is obvious that I am truly and madly in LOVE with a certain man. He is my ALL, He takes my breath away, He gives me laughter- LOVE- and tons of JOY!!!

For years I tried to fill my life with people who I thought would help me.....they always let me down and usually I ended up hurt. I met him- and I know each day may be a struggle, but walking with him by my is easier. When you love some one and they LOVE you back, nothing gives you a better feeling.

This man is my soul-mate, I feel his arms around me when I am sad or need comforting and He is always there to pick up all the pieces and help me back on to my feet. He wipes my tears when I cry. He carries me when I cannot walk, He comforts me when I need him most!

He doesn't judge me for who I am or crazy things that I do.....He is always forgiving and understanding. I can have the worst day ever- and He understand and comforts me. I can have the BEST day ever and He rejoices with me.

He LOVES my laughter and my smile- it makes him smile too!! He loves me for WHO I AM- not for who people wish I were! I will not change for anyone but him.

I LOVE this man with all my heart- ALL my soul and one day I know I will meet him face to face........

You see, I have never met him face to face actually, I feel him- I know he is there. I can see him in his works, from the rising of the Sun to the setting of the Sun. In the spring he makes all things dead come to life again. And he is the reason I live and breathe.

He is my heavenly Father, the love for Him that I have surpasses any love I have for anyone I love here on Earth- He is ALWAYS with me and ALWAYS for me. The GREAT thing about him is HE has enough LOVE for you that he has for ME!!! He created you to LOVE HIM TOO!!

I know that it may sound odd to have so much love for someone who I have never met face to face- but when I see his work in my life, it is rewarding and it gives me butterflies that one day I will see him. I will see him, and all those who I have lost before I was ready- it was their time to go home and I do miss them so.

My heart rejoices for the day I will see loved ones and friend who have left this world for an eternal life with him. To think of all the wonderful people we will see brings JOY to my heart.

I do love him so, I do know that I will live forever with him in Eternity- do you know??

If you died today- where would you spend eternity??

Here are a few of my favorite songs to share with you and my Love for Him-
Oh How He Loves Us
I can only Imagine
Spoken For

This one they sang in church yesterday- It is a major wake up call to parents to show us that we are responsible for the future generations!!
Lead Me

One more thing.....when you come to know is a simple prayer- but a LIFE changing experience!! You know who you Please do not wait another day!!


Marvelous Mondays

It seems as if Mondays are by far my biggest day to clean and organized from the weekend. Most people may dread cleaning up- but for me it is therapy some times. My husband is home most all weekend, and somewhat during the week. He does not have a 9-5 Job so we never know when we will be blessed to see him- but weekends are a given.....unless of course it is Fall....deer hunting season!!

Monday morning it looks as if a BOMB has exploded in the house. I am a stay at home mom, so you would think I have all week to clean up and sit around and eat bon bons- watch soaps!! Oh it is so glamorous.....once you spend a day in the life of a s@hm you may be more work than it is cut out to be.

Many of my friends ask me "Don't you get bored of just staying at home- not working?" OR like my husband who travels for his work A LOT...."I cannot sit in this house ALL DAY....I do not see how you do this??" So my friends and Family- This week I am going to give you a run down day to day of this week and let you know what I do.

Many moms may not have as much on their plate, many may have more.....but just to those who wonder about my bored moments.....

This week you will see why I love Monday mornings......and most Mondays- because we do stay at home and we do get to stay in PJ's all day!!!! Although this week was a little different we had to get dressed by noon for a quick doctor visit- then back cleaning will be set aside and pushed in where ever I can squeeze it!!

Each day this week- I will write down every moment of every day what we do where we go....and so on. I am anxious my self to see how it looks on paper- because I can tell you on foot, I am usually ready to CRASH by the end of every day.

I will try to have as many REAL LIFE PHOTOS as possible!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!

I also started a fast today of facebook and not to mention I started a little "diet" or actually I am counting points like weight watchers. It is just showing me more how I eat and what I eat. The Girl Scout Cookies that came in are my worst nightmare.....Samoas.....UGH need I say more!!

I have been working out at a local gym that works to my time and schedule being a stay at home mom with a husband who works odd hours. I have been going to a place much like this one.

I can tell a difference- but at the same time I wanted to eat better so my burning of calories would not be a loss......when I drive home drinking an Iced Mocha from McD's!!!! Hello- may as well not even work out. Make a huge difference when you write every thing down that you eat.......hmmm can be scary too!!

OK so starting tonight I will sit down and log my day for you to see tomorrow morning.....and the rest of the week and so on. Today has not been a "normal" Monday due to the doctor visit so- you never know what will change from day to day. We did have a good check up- I took the boys in for this cough they have had for a few weeks- he said it was just a little post nasal drip.

We have been blessed to avoid all sicknesses so far this season!!! Praying we stay well too!!

Looking forward to a day in the life this week- I hope you enjoy it!!


Silent Sunday



Saturday, February 12, 2011

Let it SNOW.......again!!!!

Here in the south we are lucky if we get one good snow day!!! Usually we get a good day of sleet or ice. I remember last year when we were expecting our "snow" day B and I were getting ready to go away for the weekend. I was so sad thinking- I will miss C's first real snow day....and do you know what- it snowed a day early. I think God knows the desires of our hearts and honors even the simple and small little prayers.
This year we have gotten 3 snow days!!! First one being more sleet than snow.....second one was good- great packing snow for snowballs and a BIG snowman....third one I didn't even take the camera was a small dusting of an inch or two!! So here is a review in pictures of our snow days!!!Me all bundled up in my wool coat.....I wear once a the snow!!!First snow.......when it was coming down still......we were all excited!!!Redneck sled.......Daddy pulled the boys from his 4 wheeler with a "clean" trash can lid. Living in the south causes much improvising with sleds!!! Our first snow/sleet man!!!
The second snow.....C was getting tired of falling down and bless his heart he had so many clothes on he could not get back up......he would say "we go inside??" This is the same child that BEGS to go outside all the time!!!

He enjoyed eating the snow.......white snow of course!!

T was loving throwing snowballs!!!! And had quite and arm on him!!!

Snowman #2.....Roscoe the cowboy snowman!!!
B and I talked about since He would only have one snow day a year his experience with building snowmen was not as good as mine- so he said "show me how you build one!!!" There ya go big boy......You roll the whole yard up!!!!! We had a great time making this one- and it took about an hour!!!
The second sled improved also- we used a wind catcher off a Big Truck B's dad brought by. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! We almost passed the 4 wheeler- got some major hang time too!!!

Perfect size for adults but the boys had a good time going slower when mama wasn't on there to hang on to them!!We were running out of snow.....but it was still sliding on the grass just as well!!!! Think we found a new toy!!! We have enjoyed the snow....but I would have to say I am so ready for Spring- my very favorite season!!! And not to mention all the baking I am doing- whew.....this cold weather makes me bake more and then of course some one has to eat it all!!!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Show us your life......Hair Tips!!!

Well, since I have been on a little break away from blogging- thought I would join back in Kelly's Fun little Friday Show us Your Life.

For more great tips stop by there to see what others have in linked to her blog!!

I did hair for 10 years prior to my having two boys.....and now find my self too busy to do any one's hair but theirs.....or mine!! In fact I have a beauty shop right behind my house- it would be very easy to go back to work. I feel as if my time with my children is so much more important right now than my customers. Although I love and miss so many of my clients- I love my family so very much more!!

I did however blog on a few tips and showed step by step advice
from a hairstylist back months ago.

Here are the links to those post:

My Hair style- short stacked bob and how to style it

If you have any questions feel free to email me, I will try my best to help out.
And the best advice I can give you is- if you don't feel confident doing your own or your families- DON'T!!!! Save your self the pain and money and just go to your regular stylist!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 things on the Tenth

Even though my friend Meredith has ended her ten things on the 10th.....I still think it is a good thing for me right now- especially since I am so behind on blogging......

So here are TEN THINGS I HAVE DONE while on my break of blogging!!!

10. Cleaned and organized every drawer, closet, cabinet in our house!!
Hoping on doing some organizing post soon- with pictures and tips!!!

9. Worked on my Beauty shop aka "the STORAGE" building!! Cleaning out all the cabinets and throwing away many many things!! And the attic- while up in the attic getting out Christmas decor- I thought, no better time to take everything out and sort all old stuff and get rid of it!!!

8. Bought and re-arranged Living Room Furniture.The "old" couch went to the playroom- just needs a good slip cover. It is a good sleeper sofa underneath- so it is also a guest bedroom now.Kinda hard to see the new couch in this picture....but B is really enjoying it!!! 7. Loading my car once a week with items to take to consign at a new consignment store here in town.....first one too might I add!! I tripled my commission the second month from the first. And the third month it was 7x the amount of the second one!! Whoo Hoo!!

6. Went on a much needed vacation and retreat with my mom.....scrapbooking!!! First time we had been since was great!! 5. We Bought boys Bunk Beds....needless to say......THEY LOVE IT!!!!!
4. Moved boys to one room instead of two bedrooms.....and closets!!! 3. Changed T's bedroom to playroom
2. Help to start a moms group in our community.
1. Finally feel for the first time in 3 years that I have finally got my house back in order and I am back on schedule and a good cleaning routine!!! I have found the secret key to a happy life- simple life is a good life!! The less you have the less you have to take care of- the better and the more time you have for the most important things in life......Family!!
For the past 3 years I have felt out of sorts and completely unorganized!! I realized that when I am out of sorts then it reflects on the outside as much as the inside!! I re-grouped and for the first time in a long time I can kick up my heels and enjoy life!!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cowboy Fun!!

HOWDY PARTNER....... For months C would dress up like a his party theme was a cinch!!! He wore his hat and carried a gun from dawn til dusk......but had a smile that would melt your heart!!!

Luckily our theme at bible school was also western so I had plenty of decor already!!!

We did choose to go to a bounce house- and let the kiddos jump around. We choose not to do gifts for the boys birthdays and to ask guests to donate to the mission work of T.E.N. in their efforts to give to orphanages in Peru and Africa. C was able to raise 400 dollars from friends and family to help other kids. We are so thankful for friends and family and all they did to support this effort!!

There was a 2 story slide that was C's favorite- so the grown ups took turns walking up and sliding down with him or other kids!! FAMILY FUN!!!!

His friends and cousins all ready to JUMP!!!

T enjoyed climbing into the Lions mouth!!!

JUMPING WITH FRIENDS!!!! I am telling you that nothing this boys does with out jumping or running, we could not have chosen a better place- well worth the money!!!

We did give him a tractor from T for his present and a truck that looks like daddy's!!

He was so happy- he loves Trucks!!!

C is my free spirited very independent child. He is my second born so of course he probably gets away with a lot more than the normal. But at the same time he is caring and loves his brother!! He loves to go hunting with his daddy- and cries now if he is left behind. His red head gives him lots of looks from ladies......they love the hair!! And he loves the attention!! I love that each and every time I pick him up from his bed he pats my back as I pat his- and he tells me "I wuvs you mama" melts my heart!! Looking forward to seeing what he will LEAD in his future- he is a born leader!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Party time!!

We had a BLAST at T's 5th birthday.... in August. I am so behind on blogging it is not even funny. I am having to write stories I remember to tell them later!!

We decided to have another fun in the sun party!!! It was a blast for the kids last year and no better way to cool off from the HOT days of Summer....than the big water slide!!!

Our cousins Big AG and Lil AG were serving drinking from the sand box.....chocolate or vanilla shakes!! Umm Yummy!! Are they not the cutest waitresses ever!!! B enjoyed a shake as they went around and served every one!!!

This year T wanted a Camo Hunting party his request for gifts.....rubber boots and work gloves!!! He is his daddy's boy!!! This year for BOTH boys birthdays we talked with them about giving to others- since my trip to Peru I visited a few orphanages and my heart has been heavy for those kids since I left. When I returned to look at all my kids have and all we take for granted I talked with them about taking donations for their birthday instead of gifts. T agreed and C is always just happy to be along for the ride!! So T was happy with his rubber boot and gloves and he collected over 400 dollars for the Orphanages in Peru and Africa through T.E.N. I was so blessed by the support from our family and friends!!
C enjoyed the card that Mimi and Bobo gave T!!! The shades were a party favor!! The chair a gift from aunt Lala..... C is one cool dude!!!
I love to decorate......even if it was a hunting frills and bows......but that's how we roll!!All T's friends got to come in out of the water slide and sing to him.......good memories!! Then instead of opening gifts- we had a video made of the past 5 years of T and tried to get lots of funny shots and family members in the video. It was fun to watch!! blowing out the candles.....
My very favorite part about a summer party......out door eating!!! Easy to clean up!!!!
The Hunter....looks like he is shooting the 5 from here!!
More out door eating!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!!
T is my firstborn and he is so special in his own ways- we have been blessed that he is extremely thoughtful and very caring for others. Unselfish in every way, and a very smart boy. He love Jesus and he loves his brother.....He wants to be just like his daddy when he grows up.....but yet still loves to sit in his mama's lap each and every morning when he wakes!! And I will rock him as long as he lets me!!
Love you T!!!! Mollie