Thursday, April 30, 2009


My Super Heroes are little in size but big in saving there mama from danger!!
B always tell T take care of mama and C, every time he goes to work. They save me from the perils of scraping food off dishes, vacuuming cluttered carpet, and mostly piles and piles of laundry.
I love my super heroes!!
We bought these pj's the other day at the store and T wanted to wear them THAT NIGHT!! I put them on- and melted. They are just too cute- I am gonna try to get a video of them stretching out their little arms and flying as they run from room to room. T yelling "superman" as he is flying through the room. And C does his best to say "bamaaannn" it is so funny to see him follow T with his arms out. Needless to say it did take a while to settle them down for bed. We might just wear these someday while they play. They have little removable capes on the back.
I am so protected!! And feel so SAFE!!! Wouldn't you??
Do your kids have a favorite 'dress-up' outfit??


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Spot for the Moment

C has a new perch. After we made our bird houses and hung them on the front porch. It was much easier to see the lovely birds with the blinds open. I pulled the long string that hung the huge blinds for our big picture window. This little birdie flew up to the top of the couch and can be seen by all who drive by. He waves at cars and calls the truckers by there name!!

He also has noticed on of his NEW favorite words "stop sign" with his hand held out! We have been working with T on his shapes by using flash cards after dinner. Octagon is shaped like a "stop sign" T always holds his hand out too!! Well little did we know until we stopped on day at a "stop sign" that C has been paying attention too!!

They are always listening......even to learn.

Have a Good Day!!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Fish Named Crab

Well we have a New Member to our family......

A Fish Named Crab

I tell you I have no idea where he comes up with these names??

Many of you may know that we lost our dog on January 13th to our busy highway in front of our house. Well kids are so resilient- when we sat down to tell him that his best friend abby-dog was in heaven, he cried talked about it a little then instantly said " Let's go get a new dog." Out of the mouth of babes.

We really don't want another dog now- she was so good a sweet. Let alone when I lost our baby in July 2003 that is when we got her. Plus, that was the second time she had been hit by a car.

So we opted for a house pet this time. He keeps asking "can we have a pet?" non-stop!!

My husband and I agreed a fish would be great....seeing that we just gave chick the fish a new home. He really liked a fish.

We went to the local pet store and here he is....Crab the Fish!

T wanted a "black fish- cause that's my favorite color"

We bought a betta male fish- the lady said it lives maybe up to 2 years...Perfect!!

We bought a little betta house with all the trimmings, rocks, fish food, water conditioner & even a little green fake plant. Crab seems to like his new home. We like him.

I was rocking C one day and reading him a book. T walks up with wet hands? "what have you been doing?" I asked. He replied with a sweet grin " oh I was just petting crab- I love my fishy!" Poor Crab hope he lives to be a month old!!
I just hope we don't have any ice storms this next year either- last time I had a betta fish in my beauty shop and he turned into an ice cube. God rest his soul...poor sparky!!

For the time being he is in our kitchen and we talk to him and about him daily. T keeps saying "yep, he is still alive today." I guess he overheard B & me talking about how fish die so quickly.

Just keep swimming...just keep swimming...... have a Good Day!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Show Fun

This weekend was busy. We packed in as much as we could, and had a fun filled weekend!!

The highlight of the weekend by far was saturday when Aunt Donna & Uncle Mark had a horse show- just a few miles down the road from us. T has such an interest in Horses. He begs me to take him to Aunt Donna's so he can see the horses. Not to long ago she bought him a pair of spurs now he says " I am a real Cowboy!" I just bought C his first pair of boots...he is still getting use to them- he walks as if he has dirtied his britches. It is so funny! Here is a picture for proof.

At the Horse show Donna & Mark both placed first in three different categories. They have been showing horses for around 30 years or so?? Not to for sure but I am guessing. Rosie is the Horse they brought to show. Here Donna is getting her ready.

C was entertained mostly by an icee.... he then got bored with that and decided to poor it all over himself- including the new boots! Boys!! Donna found a place he could not get out of!!

Toward the end of the show Mark offered to give them a ride on the horse. I have never seen a bigger smile on T's face. Well, it is just as big when he sees his daddy drive up from work! He was so happy and he talked about it all day long. Now he IS A REAL COWBOY!!

C got to ride too. This was his most still moment of the day! He is so busy, but he just rode up there like a pro. He talked to Mark in his foreign language.....none of us can understand it yet. He knows what he is saying and he knows what he wants!! Mark said the only thing he could get was TRACTOR!! He does love to say Tractor & Truck!! Those words you can understand clear.

A BIG thanks to the

BEST Aunt & Uncle around!!

Not to mention the BEST soon to be first time grandparents!!

What a GREAT day we had at the Horse Show!! This is a great thing for kids to learn how animals are trained and taken care of to show for events. A lot of responsibility lessons learned.

T wants to ride it in the "dirt" next time....the arena. I told him he had to practice like they do and be good enough to ride the horse all by himself- that would be a long time after he goes to kindergarten. I have to speak in school ages for him to understand a long way away! Which I am sad to say will be closer than we can imagine!

When we got home we did yard work..... I'll post that later when I have before & after photos. Note to Self- Don't tell your husband to tear out the box shrubs in the flower bed until you are ready to put something there! He loves to use his tractor to tear things down.....boys and their toys!!


Friday, April 24, 2009


Well today is my day!! My wonderful friend Crystal live who lives right around the corner from me, has two boys who are close in age to mine. We both are blessed to stay at home, we have also learned can be difficult to keep it together. Literally I think when you stay at home the house is SO much more messy than if NO ONE was there. Makes sense...right!
TV time is great with a 4, 3, 2 & 1 year old!
With the idea from my other friends Adria & Megan who did this system also. We choose 2 days a month (we try every month) and one week I watch the 4 boys while she cleans her house. Then next week I GET to CLEAN and she watches the boys!!!
Little Boys playing together- parallel play still... haha
We are so blessed that our boys LOVE each other. They play wonderful together.
*We pack a lunch for the other mom so she doesn't have to fix extra lunches.
*We usually clean from 9-noon or 1 if we are lucky!!
Then when the boys go back home the take a nap- they are usually worn out!
BIG boys playing Doctor
Let me tell you, the first time we did it.... I was a mad woman moving through the house like a F5 tornado. Cannot believe how fast and all I got accomplished ALONE!! There are just some things I cannot do with the kids here. For example C the toilet splashing toddler would wonder why does she get to play in the potty when I get a spanking for splashing all the water out? And T has NEVER missed all those thousands of McD's toys I throw away every time he leaves the house. Granted they do sleep each day I get a lot accomplished when they nap each day....but that is when the sleep at the same time or for small little daily jobs- dishes, laundry, etc.
Anyway today is my LUCKY day!!
It is my turn.
So off to go clean.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is there NO Rest for the Weary???

OK, you get ready to go to bed and you hear this.....

Well it is too often these days at my house.

Seems like just the other day my husband & I were discussing HOW different 2 kids from the same mom & dad can be.......OURS??? You could lay T down to sleep he would cry then sleep all night. You lay C down don't hear a peep then all the sudden this blood curdling scream in the middle of the night- the kind that makes you jump 5 feet off your bed!!

When T was little he would sleep 14 hour nights!! I thought those people who told me.." get plenty of rest now, when the baby gets here you won't get any!" They knew nothing.

Then C came along!!! HELLO to NO sleep!! He would sleep maybe 4 hours at the most the first year of his life. Then all the sudden when he was 16 months old he started sleeping all night!! Whoo Hoo!! I thought this was great....then I could not sleep or if I got more than 4-5 hours I was too tired??

My sleeping is so messed up now. Luckily, C has got me straightened back out.....because he once again is not sleeping??? He is up at 12 & 5 or 1 & 6. When we went for his 15 month check-up I got the whole " he really needs to be off the bottle by now." talk. I agree I had T off by one. But, just when he started to sleep all night- Heck NO Man- I ain't changin' nothin'!!!

Plus, You come and tell this red headed kid at night time he can't have his bottle-we'll see who wins??

He had a ear infection last week. I am sure that is why he got started back- plus he has gotten 2 new teeth in the last few days. He has in fact given up on the passy on his own!!! Praise the Lord!! Nothing like seeing a kid going to Kindergarten with at passy, although C might still be on the bottle??

Any advice for getting off the bottle this late in the game?? Or getting him to sleep??


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Story Time at the Library

Story Time is so much fun for us. Not only do I get to visit with other moms, the boys get to pick out books, play with friends, and of course listen to a story.

We have been going to Story time since T was 5 months old. He would just sit on my lap---now that is different story! He plays games on the computer, can tell you what is going on in the story and answer questions. My how he has grown!
We LOVE Mrs. S! She is the best Story Time Leader Ever!!! She has such good attributes for teaching children to read- PATIENCE, Love, and a caring heart!

C is not always the best at sitting a listening to the stories, but before long I know he will. He loves books though!! He usually will pull them off the shelf and just sit and look through them. I have found that he would rather sit by himself than in my lap when I read to him also. Whatever works, as long as they love to read.

It is important to start good reading habits at a young age. We have read to both boys since they have been born. Even if they are babies I would sit them in my lap and read the newspaper or magazine out loud.

Our Library just recently acquired a new home. It is much more spacious and newer than there former location. Next week there will be a open house for children's story time. This week it was great to just get to see the new place and get back together with friends. They have this carousel horse that the kids love to ride- Glad they kept it. The visit to the Library would not be the same with out a horsey ride!

T's favorite book is the Bible so far, I hope that does not change. He has so many books I don't really think he has a favorite story book. C on the other hand LOVES his curious George Books, or anything with Clifford, Mickey Mouse in it. He likes short books to read since he is on the go- not too long- lots of pictures!

Do you read to your children if so what is their favorite book? If you don't have Children what do you like to read?


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PLEASE Don't try this in your Car!!

Here it is the story that everyone keeps asking me about......

Yes, this is real the names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

Just as it happened one sun shining glorious February Day.
I was traveling to a check-up appointment for my little C. I have traveled down this road many times and done the same thing before.....only this time I got BUSTED!!!

As I was driving listening to "the wheels on the bus" as we do most of the time in the car. I was traveling my normal 55 mph. Because that is the law. Needless to say I have slowed down tremendously, since I am caring precious cargo in the back now. And when I travel on this highway we were on, I usually meet many 18 wheelers. Today was no different. I also run into an occasional Arkansas State Trooper ( dun dun dun...)

On this trip I met a AR State Trooper and moments later I met an 18 wheeler. Just as any law abiding self respecting truckers wife would do..... I flashed my headlights at the trucker. Then to my surprise my dashboard friend....fuzz buster let me know real quick......that was not so smart!There right behind the large truck was a FULL GROWN BEAR!
It did not take a genius to figure out you don't flash your headlights at another state trooper to warn him of the one you just met. But, it does mean you need to go to the eye doctor IMMEDIATELY!!!
A few miles down the road, I thought....whew..... I really got away with that. But wait faster than a speeding bullet....there he was! Right on my bumper! Ah Rats!!

I warned T in the back seat "OK mama has just done something wrong, I am gonna stop and this police officer is going to come and talk to me- BUT, everything is gonna be OK!" T is definitely the question asking three year old and not to mention a great storyteller. I was thinking to myself- Great everyone is gonna know about this!

As the sharply dressed uniformed officer walked to my window- I know that feeling. I have been down this road before- but usually for speeding. The knot in my throat got bigger and my stomach got higher in my throat! (have you been there?)

This is the conversation as follows:

ARST: " I am assuming you have NO doubt in your mind why I pulled you over!!!!"
Me: "Yes Sir, I flashed my headlights at the 18 wheeler. I did not know you were behind him."

ARST: "And why would you flash your headlights at me to tell me that my fellow Trooper was ahead of me?"
Me: "Well sir- I just thought that is what truckers do??" (Gee I did not know you were there honestly!! I promise!! I was thinking)

ARST: "Did you know that there has been escapes from the jail- there are 3 child predators, 2 rapist, and 2 murderers out and we are looking for them!" He said with pure anger in his voice.

Me: "Oh sir I did not know that there were escapees?"

ARST: "Well there wasn't but, if there were- you would have warned them about a trooper they would have turned around and then they could have come to your toward your house and possibly harmed you! I don't write that many tickets on this road, I am out here for your protection and to slow people down!"

(OK that put it in a whole new perspective)

Me: "Officer I am really sorry that I did that, I really never thought of it that way. I just thought of it as something truckers do." (did I mention I have blonde hair)

ARST: " Go ahead and give me your insurance and registration. I'll be back"

He then walked back to his car. I looked in the back seat and my two boys were wide eyed and T was about to bust with questions- It was all over his face.

"Mama" he said with fear in his voice "is he gonna take you to jail for flashing your lights at that truck?" WHAT??? He was right in with what was going they don't miss a thing!

"No, I have my seat belt on and I was not speeding- everything will be okay" I reassured him.

He then asked if he could talk to him. I told him it just depends. *wink* If mama gets a ticket I was thinking!

The trooper came back to my window. As I took off my dark sunglasses and batted my BIG blue eyes....thinking that would help- hey I was desperate!

He told me that he should arrest me- this was a criminal offense! To my surprise flashing your headlights to warn other drivers of another police is Obstructing Government Operations!!

Geez- I had NO CLUE!! Anyway, he had mercy on me and gave me a warning. The eyes worked!! No really I think the two kids in the back seat even though they did not make a peep he knew they needed their mama. Plus not to mention I just honestly told him I the truth. I feel that when you lie you are just digging a grave you cannot climb out of.

*Oh the things that I could have said... " that was my husband in the truck", "I knew that trucker- I work the parking lots", "what have you got those prisons lined with paper- I swear they escape every week.", "yeah right you don't write tickets what do you do out here eat donuts?" wait wait one more... "hey there officer I was flashing my lights at you so I could get you to stop me so I could see you up close- you are one fine lookin' man!!" *

No really, I totally respect anyone in a uniform. No matter how brazen or tough they might come across as- that is there job. For all of the hours they put there life on the line for my life.

Before he walked away I asked him if my son could talk with him. He responded "yes" as he puffed out his chest with pride. Then I rolled down the back window. Seeing the two toddlers sitting in there tightly buckled car seats, he melted. T then took over from there......" Thank You for being our Hero." As the trooper chuckled he said "you're welcome- I am glad you boys have your seat belts on." Then he tapped the side of my car and said "Have a Good Day!"

As I drove off I thanked the Lord for Favor on my part...out loud. I thanked God for mercy and for giving me the right words to say at the right time. I then looked at the piece of paper he gave me- called his name out and asked the Lord to Bless him and protect him and his family for having mercy on me.

Slow it down out there....Have a Good Day....and take my warning don't flash your headlights!!


Monday, April 20, 2009

High heals wearing & Toolbox toting Tot

Here is a Good Laugh for Monday.

After church yesterday we came home and much to my surprise.
There C was standing in the kitchen in my high heals and carrying his Handy Manny Toolbox!!
This diaper wearing toolbox toting tot will grow up to be a young man one day....
this could be used against him!!

The picture quality is not great- I just grabbed my phone to take it!!

But I am definitely glad I got it!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Muddy Buddies

For all you OCD people look away now!!!
This was a few weeks back...but I have been wanting to post our moment in the mud.

We had a Fun Day in the MUD!!!

Where Brother goes He follows....

This is a favorite moment of ours- usually I don't get muddy....but today I had no choice. C started to throw it everywhere. As I squatted down to talk to T, I fell in the mud. They thought it was so funny. This was C's first time to stay up most of the time too. He usually falls down or gets stuck in it. You know what that means.....yes, I know he is getting bigger.

One day I will look back at all of my mud puddle jumping pictures and they will turn into driving their 4 wheelers in mud. I know that theses days will pass why not get muddy while I can. Plus, it helps me burn a few calories. Not to mention when we came in after a warm bath- they took a good nap! That is my moto- wear them out so they will sleep!

T & I had Mud Beards....I must admit my face feels so much smoother!! hahaha

Mud Pie Anyone???

So Glad I am a mother to boys.....if I had girls we would not be doing this!!

Muddy Mollie

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do You have one of These??


It is amazing how night and day two kids can be. T could not even climb on the couch until he was about 18 months. C found out he could climb in a chair- next thing I know he is on the table. He scattered flash cards everywhere and showed that table who was boss!

He is our Climber!! He has even tried to climb into his crib.

He will not stay in his highchair.....always standing up. Now he has figured out if the tray is off- he can climb up into it. Go Figure?

In fact I have found him sitting on the toilet- backwards.
Early potty-training I hope. Just walked in and there he was.

I was putting Laundry in the dryer- just turned my head for a moment.
There he was in the drawer of the stove. Thank the Lord it was not on!!
Let's just say he like to just check things out. Seems like every time we got visit somewhere the comment is always "you have your hands full!" I Love It!!
And I love him for who he is. I know one day it will all make sense to me when he comes home and says "mom when I grow up I want to be a ........." Until then I just remove him from his danger zone and put him back on two feet, after taking pictures of course.
Do you have a climber? If so where do the venture to climb?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here Birdie Birdie.....

We made Bird Feeders!! How Fun!! This was C's first time to paint with REAL paint. I have given him finger paint that is edible, so that doesn't count. He has this thing about everything to the mouth. I forget when they stop that- but I think he should. He still tried....that is the future leader in him coming out!! I really think putting it on a plate was a mistake- have plate will eat anything on it idea for him.

T loves to paint and visit. I can remember when before C came along, we would sit at the table and color/paint/play dough/etc. and visit forever. I miss that. But, I would not trade C for anything. I know one day C will be the same. When he learns to SIT and STAY.
I always cover my table with this old table cloth that I have had since before I was married. Every time T see me putting it on he says "goodie what are we gonna do?" Then I put old shirts on them- not to get there play clothes even dirtier!! Yes, I am a little OCD about things and keeping them in there original condition.

Here are our Bird Feeder for the Birdies!!! They seem to like them. One was inside the big feeder the today day, T was so excited. We have hung them right out on the porch so when we sit at the dining room table we can watch them. T sings "building a birdie house with my friend Mickey Mouse" the whole time we were painting. (that song is off of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

We also have a hummingbird feeder in front of our Living Room window. Ahhh the simple things. We can be in the middle of a crazy game- or running through the house then all the sudden, STOP look there is a bird!! It is fun to talk about how all the birds are different just like people. And how God created them all different just like us.

This project total was:
Empty Gallon of Milk or Water 3.99
Kid's Paint (already had) 4.99
Paint brush pack of 4 .99
Time with the boys.......................Priceless


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Could I PLEASE just have a spoon??

Recently I have had a few run-ins with spoon problems. First, B & I had a date night. Stopped by the Local Sonic. When she brought my Hot Fudge Sundae....mmmm yummm. The girl handed B the ice cream and said " Sorry we are out of spoons." WHAT??? My quick thinking husband said "Could you bring her a fork!" with a laugh. Why did they NOT tell us that when we ordered. Luckily he ordered his favorite Chocolate Milk Shake with Carmel.

Then on our six hour drive to see my parents for Easter, we stopped at a McD's in the lovely toll road in OK. I once again ordered a Hot Fudge Sunday. The girl looked at me and said " Would you like a spoon?" As my jaw dropped to the counter top I said " No, that is okay I will wait until it melts then drink it!" She said "OK" HELLO!!!! or as I like to say "Mc FLY" (those of you back to the future watchers will catch it) This guy in line behind me was laughing uncontrollably and said " you almost did not get one."

One more..... Today I went to our local McD's and ordered this..... ICED Hazelnut Coffee. The lady responded on the intercom "would you like it hot or cold?" Can I get another HELLO???
As I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue I said " Iced Please" Instead of saying "Please make that Iced coffee hot so it can melt the ice" By the way YES the Iced coffee is great at McD's.

Maybe God is just trying to tell me "Thou shalt not eat Hot Fudge Sundays & Hazelnut coffee"

OK- your turn tell me what crazy things you have run into in public places???


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Doggy Named Jesus?

Yes, we have a doggy named Jesus that lives at our house. I love to tell this story because it is just so innocent and a "out of the mouth of babes" situation. We were trying to get T into a big boy bed before the arrival of C. So, we thought if he had a few friends to sleep with that would help. I grabbed a few puppy dogs out of the toy box....and ended up starting a litter for him to sleep with.

I told him each one would sleep with him and keep him company in his new "big" bed. So, we needed to name them. The first one was easy- he was brown and had a tag that said "Charley". The next one was little and so that one he refers to as the baby puppy. (My husband's best friend's name is Charlie and his wife is Jill.) He named the baby puppy Jill. Then on to the little spotted one. Since he was only 2 at the time, I had to help him along the way. I mentioned that it had spots or patches of different colors. We named him Patches. Last dog that we needed a name for was white and soft- he said she was the mama puppy. I told him "what do you think the best name for a mama puppy would be?" He said "Jesus". I said "Well, OK that is a man's name, but I guess if that is the name you like." He said " Yes because I Love Jesus just like I Love you mama." sniff sniff...."Thank You baby, I know you love me but I want you to love Jesus in heaven MORE than me- OK." I had no other response. He said "OK" with at puzzled look.

Jesus the Puppy

Anyway, I told you that to tell you this story.

His first few weeks of pre-school, he was having a hard time getting up and getting with it in the morning. He was very clingy as are most little ones. One morning he asked if he could take Jesus to school with him? I said well probably not. Thinking Jesus would get all germy and then he would need a bath before bed....(my ocd kicking in). He said with tears in his eyes " mama I really want Jesus to sleep with me at school." " Well, OK" I said. "You must keep him in your cubby until nap time otherwise he will get dirty."
We headed for school with Jesus and a BIG smile!

When we arrived I told one of the teachers that this is Jesus the Dog and he will stay in the cubby until nap time. She smiled and said of course. I left a Happy Kid and Jesus the Dog-in the cubby.

That afternoon when I arrived to pick him up another teacher told me the sweetest story. As I was gathering him up and all of his belongings out of his cubby. She started to smile and said "at nap time he said he needed Jesus to sleep with him." She responded by telling him " He is, he is with us all right now- go to sleep and rest." He looked puzzled and said "No, I really need him so I can hold him right now." She sweetly responded " Yes, I know but he is holding you, and he loves you and he is right here with us." Then T said to her " No he is my puppy in my cubby!" She went to his cubby and looked there was Jesus waiting for his nap. She got the biggest kick out of that.

T with Jesus watching over him and holding Jill & Patches

And just like the puppy in the cubby, Jesus in heaven is waiting for us to come and draw near to him. He sleeps with T every time he is in bed. I know that Jesus in Heaven is watching out and giving T comfort.

Do your children have a favorite thing to sleep with?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Giving

Today I got a chance to clean out some clothes. C slept for 3 1/2 hours (praise the Lord) and T was at pre-school. I have been needing to sort through a few things. We are having a "new" boy cousin soon. So, I needed to get some things together for J & J. They will welcome baby T in a few weeks.

I was sorting through ALL the Rubbermaid containers of baby boy clothes, getting so sad. As I would pick up an outfit- I would think back to the time when my little babies wore it. Thank Goodness I take a ton of pictures. I have almost a picture of them in all of my "favorite" outfits. Therefore I did not feel bad that they would have a new owner.

I also sorted out some of the clothes for the homeless shelter. As I was looking at all of these clothes, I was thinking " Why am I hanging on to these?" I really don't think I am going to have anymore children? I have left that up to God. But, really I had SO many left over after I put some in a box for our cousin. Why let these sit up in a dirty dusty attic- when there are children in our community with NO clothes or maybe what is just on their back.

Well, that just opened up a whole NEW can of worms- or shall I say Rubbermaid boxes! Maternity Clothes??? I had 8 lie.....of Maternity Clothes!!! I had bought some myself, but then as friends would stop having babies.... I would get MORE clothes!!!

Most of them the wrong season for me- but I just hung on to them. I set a Goal. I will try to get 3 out of the 8 boxes. It took me two hours total to get all this done. I did it. I met my goal and now have plenty of empty Rubbermaid boxes. Plus, I called a girl up that we go to church with- she and her hubby are expecting baby # 1 in six weeks. Gave her a few blouses & dresses to get her through.

The 5 bags of Maternity clothes I have to give away will go to the Hannah center- for Abortion Minded Clients who get counseling. They gave me 2 free ultrasounds (to teach others and practice) when I was preggo with C. It is awesome to see that little baby inside of you....even if it looks like an alien at the moment. And the Ministry that it is a blessing to give someone an ultrasound to let them see that God does not make mistakes even if we do sometimes.

Today I felt so good to get things cleaned out. Plus to think of all the people who NEED these things more than me. I don't know HOW my attic was not falling through the ceiling?? With 16 boxes total with clothes just sitting waiting for someone to wear.

I prayed over the clothes after I bagged them all up and asked the Lord to Bless and touch every one's life who comes across these clothes. Then I thanked him for blessing me with the clothes either that had been given to me or that we were blessed to have the money to buy them.

" Give and it will be given unto you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38

P.S. Praise and Worship Music is the BEST for sorting clothes. hahahaha


My friend Heather...

Please Pray today for my Friend Heather Chandler.
She is 30 years old and visiting MD Anderson all day today! She will go through many tests and talk with many doctors to give her a second opinion of her diagnoses of Cancer of the Appendix.

"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the Lord. Jeremiah 30:17

I pray that she has peace, comfort, and understanding. I know God has many plans for her future and has promised her life and more abundantly.

Thank You for All Your Prayers!!

I Love You Heather!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009


Think of Jesus today.
He lived and died for we should do the same for him.


Have a Wonderful Easter and remember ...
Jesus is the Real Reason we celebrate this Holiday.
John 3:3-7


Friday, April 10, 2009

T's Prayer

This is what we are blessed to hear each night at the dinner table,
when daddy finishes blessing the food.
Precious, that is all I can say.
Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Poppie!

Today is Poppie's Birthday.....
He is 60!!

You are the best Daddy we could ask for....

Best Poppie we could ask for...

Grana thinks you're a neat guy......

Best Balloon Blower upper for Birthday Parties...

And Best Tractor Driver in the World!!

We Love you Poppie!!!

What a great man. I think it is great to see him take the grandkids on a tractor ride. The joy you see in both of their eyes a memories to last forever. And Most of ALL there is not a day that goes by that I know he has prayed for us and thought about us. He raised us in church and taught us to trust in the Lord, and lean on him.

He taught us to work hard by example. Having raised two girls he taught us to respect ourselves and not let anyone take advantage of us. He taught us to fish, change oil, & change a tire. He built the house where we were raised with his own two hands.

I can go on and on about my daddy..

I think he is just the BEST EVER!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY....Have a GREAT DAY!!!


(most of the pictures were taken by my friend Denise Waterfield)