Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I want to be in Complete Denial

I love these pictures from last Spring. My friend Stacy is so talented and she was able to capture our family in moments that we will have for a life time!!! I love getting pictures made- because that is one time that can capture a memory you will never forget- because the picture will remind you!! With two boys we have found that pictures aren't always easy to come by- but Hey who said Life was Easy??

Last week I ran into a guy who knows my husband, but I have never laid eyes on this man!! He said "Those are B's boys...right??" I said "yes sir that is my husband." He said it would be hard from him to NOT DENY them. I agree- you can tell by this picture with both boys and their daddy!! I LOVE this picture- MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!

They look a lot like him- and what one doesn't have of his feature they have mine- and it makes them look a little different. What is funny- the one who looks the most like him acts the most like me....funny how God has a good sense of humor!! In the same way God created these boys to look like their daddy- and NO WAY in this world would B think to NOT claim them!! The will probably never get away from looking like B or myself. In the same way their actions will be also. Genes are so cool- T will make looks and faces that look my dad!! The whole family comes out eventually- even the skeletons in the closet!!

In the same way- Matthew 16:24 says to deny yourself and come to Follow God. There are things in this life that are so hard for me to deny......

Each day as Christan's we are to deny the things that hold us back from serving God more- and things that may hinder our growth with the Lord. Each and everyday we serve him we MUST deny the things of this world. I struggle each day with denying thing of this world.

When you look at the BIG PICTURE- it is plan and clear that the BIG things in LIFE are actually the Little my case the little people and their daddy!!!

For me to deny the things of this world is give more to my God and in return it gives me more with my Family!! When there are struggles- and there will be.......focus on the Finish Line. There is HOPE so HOLD FAST!!!

Have you ever seen a Runner in a Track race just steps from the finish line.... look down at their feet.....nope they are focused on one thing......the Finish Line. When is the finish?? Only God knows......He is the author and finisher of all things.

Our time on this Earth is so short compared to the Days we will spend by his side in Glory!!!
And as this picture shows......Life is NOT perfect!!! Things may not go our way- but who is saying that it is not God's way!!!

I cannot imagine ever denying my kids- even when they have their moments in public when I feel like walking away from them and saying "who's kids are those screaming in the store!!" I could never deny my children- and as much as I love my children and the love a mother has for their children is not even explainable!!

Can you imagine How much the Father would hate for us to deny him- or put the things of this Earth before Him?? Ouch....yep- I said it.

I have felt soooo good denying Facebook- for Lent. But at the same time- I have had my weak moments when I need to just check real quick to see how someone was doing because I know they were going to have a procedure and just real quick....for a teeny tiny moment.....then it turns into a.......WOW look at this moment!!!
So, when you feel as if you are unworthy, broken and you have hit rock bottom......He still loves you and He is the ONLY one to forgive you and never judge you or look back!!! Come as You are!

It is Hard......especially when you carry on a conversation with a 3 and 5 year old all day and just "NEED AND OUTLET!!!" Well, that is God- He is your outlet of LIFE- PLUG into HIM and I promise.....he will give you all the Light to Shine on the World!!!!


(Thanks Steven for the Matthew 16- great sermon Sunday)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Superman BUSTED!!!

Faster than a speeding bullet......not hardly!!!
I walked passed the play room and caught a glimpse of Superman trying to FLY!!!
Oh to be a fly on the wall at our house......they get tired of keeping up and just die!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bloom where you are planted

I mentioned yesterday that I LOVE spring.....YES I DO!!! I love to see a little bulb buried in the fall- grow to be a beautiful flower!! You know when I was first pregnant with T and we enjoyed each and every month getting closer to the arrival- my belly growing and feeling him kick. I finally realized.....I know what a flower feels like now!! Just glad some one didn't come along with a weed eater and knock me over....much like my beautiful Lily's often get taken down too soon!!

When I see these pictures from my flower beds last year- I am reminded of how we are sooo much like flowers. I planted these bulbs in the ground in the fall. And the winter was cold and hard snow many times too!! But they were protected. Much like our Mother's womb- God knows when he plants that little tiny seed in a mother's belly that is will grow to become a full term baby and be delivered.
Well, if you don't place the bulb the correct way.....they won't grow that next spring!! Yes, I am speaking from experience! It takes a whole year for the bulb to turn around and get in the proper position to come out. In that way I am so glad that doesn't happen with birthing children- I was ready when 8 months got here....let alone having to go 9 months!!!
I think it is so neat how God made the bulb to turn.....or even the ugly old bulb to turn into a beautiful flower. How he knows each hair on our head- our thoughts even before we think them. He knows us because HE created us. Did he know where we would be today- with our trials we are going through?? Yes!!
Just when we feel like no one cares.....He cares- ALWAYS!! Days when you feel alone....he is there reach out for him. Even with all the fear from the World events happening- they seem more and your Bible. God already knows about it all!!
When you see a Green stem on a flower- it is the life line to that beautiful bloom. When you cut it- the flower cannot grow any more. It is dead! Same way we are without Christ centered life. When you keep Christ the life line of your day- you will BLOOM where he has planted you!!
How beautiful a stem is when MANY blooms are there.....

It changes the looks dramatically!! And people want to look at the beautiful blooms not just the green stem. I have many flowers in my flower beds- I do not do much work.....leave that to God. I am so glad God does all the work- year after year. I try to keep the weeds out- I cut things back in the fall and winter- but it is mostly his work!! I enjoy seeing them bloom- but flower beds just aren't my thing. And with two boys....we are much more into digging things up and not planting things.
Although there is one thing I do want to PLANT in them. The firm foundation that Jesus Christ was born lived a perfect life and Died for their sins and sickness!! He will come back to get us all and reunite us with those gone before us.
We have been reading this book to our boys. IT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I told B I wish I would have read this when I was a kid- or even a new is SO EASY to understand Who God is and How and What he wants in our life. T is loving it- and I am once again how kids can be sponges and that they LOVE to learn!! We will have to go over it with C when he is older- but I am still surprised how much he can grasp!!
I have this CD in my car and I have to say when it comes to this SONG.....I hit repeat every time it is over. It really hits my heart. How God can always be there for us- Seems like when I have problems I always tell them to Him. As if He didn't know it was coming. But He wants us to be there for Him also. Not just a prayer at meal time or bedtime, a prayer on our knees crying out to him to tell Him how much we truly are grateful for everything He has given us. We need to cry out to him with our petitions of LOVE not just of problems.
Tito- preacher from Peru came recently to our church and he said "Don't tell God how Big your Problems are- Tell your Problems HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS!!!" We should not take anything for granted- Not One Day!! I can say I have taken WAY TOO MUCH for granted not just lately, but in general as a Life style. We get in our comfort zone or routine and things seem to be a ritual and not a REAL THING.
I want to BLOOM where God has planted me......I want to PLEASE Him and not man!!! When I look around at our town and see so many who may die not knowing him. I want to reach them all- but it takes more than one person. God is a BIG GOD......and when HIS people who are called by His name HUMBLE themselves seek his FACE- and turn from their ways- HE WILL HEAL OUR LAND......YOUR TOWN!!!!
It makes me sad to see pictures of Japan- how many lives were lost with out knowing God?? What if America had another 9/11......was that not a BIG enough wake up call for America?? God is real- He is Here,,,,,,do you know Him today??
So when God plants you in some flowerbed with a lot of through the weeds- choke them out don't let them choke you out- so you can BLOOM where God has planted you!!
Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring....Achoo!!!

Spring here in South Arkanas.....means....Pine Pollen!!! A lovely cloud of yellow- just floats in the air....and it is so nice to go outside and enjoy the great temps and beautiful days. But if must.....beware of the cloud of YELLOW DUST!!!

My Allergies have always been bad.....since I moved here- in fact I do not remember having to carry around a box of tissue when I was younger. Seems like all my sneezing started when I first came to visit in 1996. Easter weekend- B brought me home to meet parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles!!

Ever since then Spring has not been good to me!! I have found however my BFF....NETI POT!!!! I absolutely love the fact that my friend Renee told me about this little thing she saw on Dr Oz!! Can we say GROSS,,,,,,but complete and total relief to a nose that is out of control at spring time

I honestly do not like flower beds all that much- but I do like mine to look good. So, I do have to brave the out doors- not to mention keeping these two boys couped up inside all winter long. I love day light saving time- longer days!!!

Spring and Fall are both my favorite season because of the temperatures- but not necessarily because of all the outside work!! Even though I may have to use my Neti Pot more in spring than fall....and have a box of Kleenex by my side- I am so thankful for my health and ability to go out and enjoy all that God has created!!

I do Love Easter- one of my favorite holidays.....and I enjoy it even more the older my boys get and they realize the REAL MEANING of the holiday. I feel as if I am a flower in bloom in spring- getting out more and enjoying the air- as long as I can avoid the cloud of yellow!! My favorite flower is Lily's and I have my whole porch lined in them- these are pictures from last year when they bloomed!! I Just love them!!
Do you like spring?? What is your favorite flower??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Silent Sunday....

Prayers for the People of Japan......

Monday, March 7, 2011


I have done a bible study in the past for young college girls in our town. Similar to Titus 2:3 it says the older women should teach and guide the younger women. And YES...I am an older woman in this case.....33 years old considered "older" I know never thought I would see the day!!

However, I do feel honored and definitely not worthy when the bible study rolls around I get to attend- visit with college girls and meet new friends. For the past few years I have taught on the subject of staying at home. I have a guideline of Proverbs 31 Virtuous woman. How the Bible shows that she is ultimate woman for us to follow.

Here is the Job Description for a Modern Day Virtuous Woman.....

A creative and patient person to cook, chaplain, good listener, fashion consultant, decorator, recreation expert, teacher, chauffeur, psychologist, nurse, artist, gardener, economist, communication advisor, entertainer, purchasing agent, lawyer, accountant. No Pay, but Excellent Benefits!!

....Now do you happen to know anyone like that- with all that qualification!!! It goes on to say in the scriptures Her children raise up and call her blessed- her husband also!! Many have done well but she excels them all!! Yes indeed I would say so.

Do I try my best and my hardest ever day- well, look back at last weeks post and gather your answer from there. I do know I also want to do what is right and pleasing to the Lord and NOT man. Does it matter to me what others I do wonder and it is always in the back of my mind.

I love the song....Legacy if you have never heard of it- listen to it....NOW!! As a Christian and a mother I want my kids to say "Our mom was the BEST!!" and have no regrets when they are older. I already have regrets and my kids are 3 and 5!!!
When they are 20- I want them to say I am glad our mom spent time with us- and I am glad she was there for us.......they will not say "we had the cleanest house on the block" or "Our mom was bad with a mop!!" I highly doubt they will even remember many details about the house....or housework rather. They will remember good moments and bad.....I pray the good out weigh the bad!!

But my way of looking at those regrets are.....the past is behind us today is a new day and lets take one day at a time in a new direction. If I were to just give up and not focus on the future- we would get no where...FAST!!

When I decide to draw a line in the sand and say from this day forward.....I mean it!!

I mentioned my Fast last week for Lent. Well, Lent actually begins tomorrow. You can read here the things I have given up. I did start last week and I have been doing great!!

One of the things I gave up was social networking.....I really struggled with this last year during Lent. It was always in the back of my head.....I wonder....hmm..... This year- I have been glad and almost good riddance to the thing!! It can be so time consuming and such a time waster!!

I then find myself back pedalling the whole rest of the day trying to catch up....because I looked down and 30 minutes of my day has passed by me trying to see what everyone else is doing. Where they are eating....etc??

I thought to myself one day....IF I were at a paying job...with real green cash of course. My Boss would have fired me by now....for all the social activity I have done. Not with my children. Granted my kids have come to an age where they can entertain them is nice at supper time and times when I usually need to get some important thing accomplished.

But, when I am just standing around wasting time.....that is valuable moments that are wasting away. They are only little have heard me say that a hundred times I know.....but it is so true!!

Last week after looking at all my daily things I had accomplished I thought- wait a minute! I spent way way too much time away from them.....and we were under the same roof!! Then there were the days we were outside together the next day to make up for it. Yes that was good.

But, if I want them to be the husband and father that God wants them to be- they are training from now is so hard to have to marry some one and train them. I have heard way to many horror stories!!

Another thing I have been convicted of lately, IF I were to speak to my co-workers or Boss the way I speak to my family some times.....whoa.....I might have made it two days on the job. I do love Kevin Leman he has so many GREAT books!!! He has a series How to have a....New Kid- New You- or New Husband by Friday. Giving a step by step daily guide how to change them!!

And in every book it tells the same thing....Attitude, Behavior and Character. When you change your attitude and behavior......hmmm everyone else starts lining up along for the nice peaceful ride on the same train!! Choo Choo....the Happy Train of Life!!

So, that is where I am now....the happy train!! If you want to jump on board let me know....otherwise this train is taking off!!!

Do I care about what people think about my house, kids, life, not too much anymore!! I am not out to offend anyone- but I do want to please one and only person....GOD!! {Romans 8} Then everything else will line up.

ALL ABOARD......this Train is leaving the station.....


Weekend full of Fun!!!

This weekend was very busy and very FULL of Fun all at the same time.

Saturday we spent time as a family and got a lot accomplished. Grocery shopping, errands supper out that night- and then on to our Cousin A's 7th birthday party at the bowling alley.

I was very impressed with how T mom took him this summer when I was in Peru and he still remembered and did a great job. C did pretty good too- for a 3 year old. The adults had a lane and B and I got a chance to bowl too- mine stayed in the gutter most of the time.....but hey it was Fun right?!?! A got lots of fun new toys and clothes at her "Princess Party"- we all had a great time!!
Then Sunday after church we had three guests for lunch- my friend Erin and her twin girls A & L came to eat soup and salad. The are soooo precious and their mom is pretty cool too!! Their daddy was out of town on business.....we will have to have them over again sometime when he can come too!!

OK.....I am pretty sure.....this is A on the left and L on the right.....I think.....maybe......NO WAIT- It is L on the left and A on the right.....Yeah that is right......pretty sure?!?! Are they not beautiful and who doesn't LOVE a bumbo seat.....we had one with C- and we were so glad we did. They are so neat for the babies to sit in and are very useful!!

Today we have had a productive day.....I bought theses wooded pieces from Hand Writing without Tears. The boys loved them!! I let them play and see how many letters they could make and then to see if they could make their names. It was fun. T is writing very well, although he starts most of his letters at the bottom and then goes up- or just and awkward direction. He seems to be left handed also- but writes better using his right hopefully this curriculum will get me and him both straight as far as writing goes!!

We also started "hooked on Phonics" level 2 to help C learn his alphabet- His teacher at pre-school says he knows the sound of most letters, just doesn't know the LETTER!!! I think that is because we work with T more on sounds than letters.....back to the drawing board when reading books now.
This book is an intro to letters and sounds plus reading. It has a DVD you watch- book you read- and workbook also. I went through A-H with boys today- T is very ready to read, in fact he can read some words- and sounds them out if he cannot. He spelled LOEPOP "lollipop" with the wooden letters from HWT it was cute.

Well, this starts my second week of fasting Facebook- and honestly, I can say it has been worth every minute of each day. I told B yesterday- I feel like the old me is back. I may never go back to it. As a confirmation last Monday, the first day of giving it up- T told me "mama you have not had your phone in your hand as much and you have not been cranky!!" talk about feeling as big as a pebble!!
I guess I didn't realize how much I held my phone and looked at text messages, fb and everything!!!! I can say that my mind is resting better at night and I feel much more refreshed when I wake in the mornings. This morning we all slept was nice- and as you can see by the pictures above- Mondays are PJ's day in our house!!!
We don't leave the house and it is is a day I actually feel like a stay at home mom!!!!
I read this post from my friend Meredith back in November- but it has crossed my mind many times since about facebook. I will elaborate more on this in my post tomorrow!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day in the LIfe of Mollie......Friday

I am taking a day OFF!!!!

After looking at all these post this week- I do have to mention, since we did have guest in our house I crammed one month of cleaning into one week. I usually don't do that much cleaning in one week- my house looks so good, I have lots to do today so I will wrap up a day in the life today. Next week I think I will catch up on my recipe blog and add some of my cleaning tips and systems that work for me.

7:00 wake, shower
7:30 wake boys snuggle
7:45 get boys dressed and ready for school
8:00 pack lunch for boys
8:15 leave for school
8:30 arrive at school drop boys off
8:35 Meet with friend about a possible future idea for our family-
pick up B's paycheck
9:30 Go to gym and work out
10:30 Go sign T up for T-ball this spring
11:00 return home, shower make up, fix hair
11:45 leave for town- go to bank make deposit
12:00 Meet my friend Whitney for Lunch
1:00 Hair Appointment with Ashley.....think I am going a little lighter!!
3:30 Pick up boys- Go for a Walk with Erin and the twins on the Farm Road (Amanda and Erin got a chance to walk earlier in the day and honestly- after my work out I don't think I could have run or walked even if some one was chasing me!!)
4:45 Home
5:00 bath boys and get dressed
6:30 Friend house for a get together
9:00 Home in Bed

WEEK is OVER!!! least I got today off.....notice NO LAUNDRY- NO MEALS!!!

looking forward to her party tomorrow night


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Thursday

Today was a good "stay at home mom" day. We stayed at home all day and had friends to come and play. We ate, visited and enjoyed all that came to our house today....GREAT DAY!!

6:00am Wake up- shower
6:20 Read Bible- Pray- put on first load of laundry
7:00 Sweep and Mop floors- bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living and dining room. (this was on my to-do list yesterday, seeing how we were outside for almost 6 hours, it was put off until today!)
8:00 Boys wake up so I sit and snuggle with them and watch cartoons
8:30 back to floors
9:00 get dressed, make up hair- switch laundry out and put on 2nd load
9:30 start preparing food for guests
10:45 food all prepared, just straighten up prior to guests.
11:00 PLAY DATE!!!! 6 moms, 11 kids.....all under 5!!!
2:00 Most guest have left and one of my very most favorite friends Crystal stops by with her 2 boys- my boys ages- she needed me to watch them while she took care of some business.
3:00 all guests have gone except boys best friends M& C Crystal's boys. OUTSIDE WE GO!!!
3:15 Boys all play good together so I opened windows and doors and went back into the house to clean up a little from the party.
4:30 Daddy is home!!! EARLY TODAY- what a treat!!
4:45 Daddy is on duty now- so I go inside and work on supper and finish picking up toys in the play room. Switch 2nd load of laundry to dryer.
6:00 Crystal comes to get boys and we go inside for baths and supper
6:30 Supper Sweet baked Potato and Fresh Salad. Light side tonight!!
7:00 Clean up kitchen and do dishes
7:15 Boys sit on couch with Dukes of Hazard
7;45 Bed, Bible story and prayers for boys.
8:00 B takes shower- gets dressed to head out for Mississippi
8:45 I kiss B goodbye and watch til the taillights fade into the dark.
9:00 Talk to my mom on the phone while I fold 2 loads of laundry
9:45 Finish up on laundry and sneak into boys room to put it away and hang it up.
10:00 sit down to type this......realizing this has been the longest week of my life now that I see it all in print!!! I feel like this...... I am going to bed now!!!
P.S. Please Pray for my friend Crystal- her Papaw is drawing near the end of his journey on Earth.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Wednesdays

I always love to see comments on facebook that say "Mondays....Ugh!!!- Wednesday- whoo hoo Hump day half way there!!- Then Friday the same people are saying TGIF- Glad this week is over!!"

I often wonder- when you work at never have a Monday- because everyday is the beginning.....Wednesday- there is NEVER a middle of WHAT....craziness?? Friday.... that means it is the weekend- and weekends are so busy that the house gets even messier!!!

But then if you look at each day and each chore like this it make it easier to accomplish......

A kitchen sink Full of dirty dishes means that you have plenty of food on the table for your family. And a healthy family to eat it.

A hamper full of Dirty clothes and never ending family is healthy and able to get these clothes dirty and I am thankful for the sweat and hard working husband I have to work so hard- the least I can do is wash his clothes.

A house Full of clutter- is a mother who has been having fun playing and tending to children and let the house go- because they will always sleep.....and you can catch up later. They are only little once.

I gave my mom a fridge magnet and she still has it "Let the dust bunnies gather and cobwebs grow because before you know your children will be grown" I didn't grow up in a clutter free home- but I grew up in a FUN home and a home where any one was welcome any time day or night. And the Love of God was shown to all who came through the doors of that grey home.

My Prayer is that I will have a home like that. Cleaning is important- but the lives of my family are so much more valuable!! I try to do my most deep and extensive cleaning on days when my kiddos are at school- so days we have together we can enjoy!!

Enough said about that Here is Wednesday-

Well....last night I stopped at 9:30 and went to bed!!

I wish I could tell you I went to bed then- Nope, I laid down and I have been having ear trouble (part of the dr appt Monday) so I could not handle laying I came back into the living room- got a book and read it until I fell asleep!! That was at 11:30pm......

2:15 am- C wakes me up screaming......"I need to go to the bathroom!!" (I have told him night after night- if you need to go....get up and go!!!!)

4:00am- B leaves for work and tell me good bye.

6:30am- Alarm goes off.....I get up wash my face put my contacts in and go straight for coffee!!
Read my Bible and then look over my GA lesson for girls tonight. (I study lesson Sunday afternoons usually- then review Wednesdays)

7:00am C wakes up- sit with him watching cartoons and read my devotional for the day via my blackberry and Proverbs 31 Ministry

7:30 put first load of laundry on.

8:00am T wakes up sit with him and watch cartoons for a few minutes- glad to see some one got to sleep in!!! He is my snuggle bunny- so this time is most important for him!! Although if you notice a pattern from day to day- I try to sit at least 15 minutes on busy days- to an hour on days we don't have to leave the house and snuggle with boys and watch cartoons. LOVE IT!!
8:30am fix breakfast and eat it Eggo Waffles and fruit

9:00 unload dishes from last night and re-load clean up kitchen dinner prep- pot roast, put in crock pot for day.

9:30am lay out boys clothes and they get dressed as I get dressed- do hair and makeup, pack care for town- Library books, sack lunch for park, bread for ducks, jackets in case cooler weather.

10:15 Boys get in car, I buckle C in and we head to Story time.

10:30 Story Time every Wednesday at 10:30 at our county library- it is FREE and entertaining for kids, and I have met some of my very best friends over the past 5 years. We have attended every since T was 6 months old!!One thing story time is teaching is the importance of reading- I love it when I walk into a room and see T reading "batman" to C.....C love batman!!!

Mrs. S reads stories and then they do a craft- last week they did President's day, and made Abraham Lincoln hats......I sent the following picture to our parents on my phone last week because T wore his Abe Lincoln hat the whole rest of the day. I was the chauffeur for President Lincoln all day....what a treat!!

12:00 Leave Library after checking out books head to the state park for a picnic, feeding ducks and nature hike. Lots of FUN!! Love this weather- we haven't been to the state park since September!!We had a great time!!!! Got exercise and enjoyed the time together!!!

2:30 head home from the park- stop to get and icee and snack.
3:00 home, boys beg to play outside in yard......even after being outside for over 2 hours already!! They play outside and I sweep up back porch as they play. Run in and out of house (love the fact I can LOCK them in the back yard keep back door open and I can step inside and start supper) *boiled chicken for meal prep for Thursday *switched laundry out and started 2nd load *sit and watch boys play as I review GA lesson again.
5:00 pick up back yard, put dog in kennel and come inside- STRAIGHT TO BATH TUB!!!
5:30- Supper is ready and I look up and C is asleep on couch......poor baby!! I wake him up we eat supper- Roast, carrots, green beans and salad.
6:00 leave for church
6:15 arrive at church visit with church family
6:30 Boys go to mission kids class and I teach GA's (Girls In Action) a mission class for girls ages 2nd grade- 6th grade. 12 girls on an average. Good time!!
8:00 leave church head home- Call B and he just made it in the door, boys persuade me to go to DQ and get ice cream cones!! While in the drive thru T says "need to go the bathroom" so we make a trip inside- and we leave at 8:30!
8:45 arrive home.......hugs and kisses from daddy- he meets us at the car!
9:00 jammies and good night books, stories, brush teeth, bible story and prayers for boys
9:15 B takes shower, and goes to bed- I put his coffee on for 4 am and make his sandwiches for next day.
9:30 I shower and come back to living room to type all this.....not like I am already worn out from doing it all already!!! Here is me at the end of the day.....
10:30- finish blog post, read a chapter in a book and go to bed by 10:45.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.........
Since I have been exercising I can tell a HUGE difference in taking a hike with boys today than last fall when I was 10 lbs heavier......ready to see how much energy I have when I shed the next 20!!
Gotta get rest.....having a playdate tomorrow.

Move it or Lose it

Well, in this case it is move it and lose it!!!

I joined a gym......first time in over 8 years!!! I did exercise by doing water aerobics during both pregnancies- and it proved to be great for the big D-Day!! Longest I had to push was with T and it was 20 minutes!!
Then after I had the kiddos I just stopped working out- even had 3- yes THREE exercise machines in the shop!!! I would try, then give out- seemed it was so hard because I could never find time!! Or I would never MAKE TIME!!

I honestly think that I had a FEAR.....big problem!! Not until just recently did I realize how fearful I was. Until the Lord revealed it to me one day while I was working out. I explained to the man who runs the gym about this experience from my past......READ HERE if you haven't heard.

As I started working out He came up to me one day and wanted to know exactly what and how it happened? I told him the story and he said- make sure and take it easy!! So I really have- in fact I took it too easy at first. Probably looked a little lazy to the gym rats!!! I would show up- ride the bike for 5 minutes then get on elliptical for 15 and leave....hahaha!! What a wimp they were probably thinking??

I know I need to loose weight- I know I have a problem with over eating.....preferable JUNK!! In fact I have taped pictures of me that I look so awful in on the pantry cabinet doors just so I would not open the cabinets to get junk food out. Similar to this one......blegh!!! T took this picture of me without me knowing.....we were at a nature walk. This is one reason I like to be behind the camera!!

But not until I had a doctor visit a few months ago because of this pain in my hip- I have to go to the Chiropractor weekly because I am in so much pain!! He recommended going to my family doctor to check it out. So I visited him- he looked at me, looked at my chart- and said " I really think if you loose 20-30 pounds it will solve the problem- along with diet exercise and a multi-vitamin you can do it!" {He was being nice.....I really need to drop 30-40!!!}

In all the years- all the doctors visits I have had I have NEVER EVER been told I need to loose weight!! I have always been able to eat anything any time and never gain a pound........UNTIL I had children at the age of 30!!!!

I would eat foot long sandwiches from Subway at age 22 like it was a cracker!! It is called metabolism.....the older I get the less I have apparently!! So as I choked back tears- literally started crying in front of the doctor- I was so embarrassed!! He looked at me and said "Join a gym- if you don't do it for your self do it for you kids, you want to be around for them and to be able to play and enjoy life!!"

So I left the office that day thinking, there is no way I can join a gym with the hours my husband has- plus what a waste of money if I can only go twice a week.

I had breakfast with my friend Renee a few days later- told her about the "crying" I did, and she mentioned some multi-vitamins for ladies.......because the crying may have been hormonal too!! ha!!

Then she told me how she joined this gym in town similar to this one. And it was open 24/7 so if B got home early one day I could go and then the days my kids are in school I could go then too!!

So I joined and I have been going- twice a week, and tried to go 3 times a few times but life happens. I can tell you this- I feel soooooo much better.

I am taking it slow and in fact now I am up to a good hour or hour and a half work out.

First and foremost I have Praise music on my MP3 as I work out I am uplifted by encouraging songs about How God can help you through any battles and any struggles!!! And he can- so therefore I have memorized I Corinthians 6:20. Talks about taking care of our bodies!!

Then I do this routine.....

I ride the bike for 10 minute warm-up

Work out on the Elliptical for 20-30 minutes

walk on treadmill for 5 to cool down

life some small weights for arms, shoulders and chest

do some leg weights for inner and outer thighs.

Then lay 10 minutes in the tanning bed!!!! hahaha.....incentive to go!!

My Goal......I bought 2 Easter Dresses last year- I tried them on in the store they looked great and a month later Easter morning......NEITHER ONE FIT!!!! Oh about a melt down!!

I ended up wearing one- with a camisole and not buttoning the jacket and having to PRAY the zipper didn't break!! But I still looked like I stuff myself in the dress. And the one I really wanted to wear was pink and black flowers. So here my closet has held this dress for a YEAR waiting to be worn- I am going to wear it this year.....if I have to tape it on the front of me!!!

This week's fast has started off great too- NO COKES!!! I have replaced it with 8- 8oz glasses of water......therefore if you happen to see me and my eyeballs are floating- or perhaps I run you over trying to get to the bathroom. You will understand because I am on my way to that PINK dress!!!

Do you work out? Exercise? What do you like to do??


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of Mollie.....Tuesday

Just a side note on all these posts of day in the life of I tooting my horn- I enjoy seeing what others do when they blog day in the I am running out of stories!!!
Just trying to give some of you and idea on how my life goes. How we live in our house may differ from yours a lot of not much at all. It definitely was different from diaper changing and feeding babies days!! Although, I did forget to mention the times I helped wash hands- wipe noses- bottoms etc. with the boys. I did leave out details....if that is hard to believe!!!

For the most part my boys are very independent and can feed and dress themselves- it is new season for us!! Much different than days of mom doing it all.....teaching them to be independent young men now.....chores and responsibilities galore!!
Here are pictures of what my house looked like before and after- Before was Monday Morning.....and After was this evening after I de-cluttered and cleaned today....ahhhh that's more like it!!!
Play roomBoys RoomDining RoomOur Bedroom
Living Room

So here is Tuesday.....

2:00 am My hard working husband goes to work- a load to Mississippi He usually comes and kisses me and tells me to have a good day- No telling what I say to him- Sometimes "good night!"

3:00 am C wakes up needs a drink- I tend to him and he is content and back to sleep in no time.

5:00 am T wakes up to come tell me he needs to go to the bathroom- he then sneaks under the cover on our bed and sleeps on his daddy's side. Awake enough to realize a friend is having surgery at 5:30 say a prayer for him.

7:00am- Wake up- wash face, put contacts in, text my husband "good morning I love you!" and get COFFEE!!! I then sit in my chair drink my cold coffee....(another post some day) and open my Bible- read Isaiah 55.

7:20 finish packing boys lunches.

7:30 wake up boys for school. any other day they would be up at 7 you know!!! Then we sit and watch cartoons while they drink their milk.

7:45 lay boys clothes out for them to get dressed. I then go get dressed, brush my hair, and try to look half way presentable for gym!

8:00 Go help boys finish getting ready and put their shoes on- pack the car.

8:15 get in car go to school. Drive boys to school we call Daddy talk to him on speaker phone. Then put our Full Armor of God on head to toe and pray for the school day to go well and we will learn a lot. I drink all natural shake on the way to take boys.

8:30 Arrive at school drop boys off.

8:35 leave school- usually head straight to gym- go drop off car for oil change and detail. My friend Crystal meets me there and gives me a ride home.

8:45 we head home and I get a call from a friend who's husband had surgery earlier and found out it is Cancer at 34....sitting in Crystals car we hold hands and pray for comfort peace and healing for my friends Alan and Tammy as I talk on the phone to Tammy.

9:00 finally get out of Crystals car- go in house- put on load of laundry.

9:05 Log on to Facebook to update the prayer group for Alan and check emails.

9:30 leave for gym in husband's truck to go work out.

9:45 arrive at gym (I am soon going to add a post on my work out and what all I do- stay tuned maybe next week)

11:30 done working out. head home.

11:45 fix lunch make a few phone calls all while changing load from washer to dryer and adding second load of laundry

12:00 Eat lunch- sliced chicken sandwich and salad. I studied my bible study as I eat.

12:45 Start first then work on bathrooms. Here is a list of things I did- not in this order but just random Bathrooms (2)- showers, toilets, sinks counters, floors around toilets (ugh...boys!!) washed all rugs in bathrooms. Unloaded and loaded dishes, picked up all clutter in every room- and placed it where it belongs.

3:30 My Taxi.....Crystal arrives to take me to pick up my car. Thanks ;) girl!!!

3:55 Get car and pay for it- wow looks great too!! Poor people- sea of GOLDFISH!!!!

4:00 run a few errands

4:30 pick up boys from school.

4:45 pick up Icee for boys

5:00 run to grocery store- I figure we can go to park tomorrow so I add this trip today.

5:45 Home from store to play outside until dark......put dog up in kennel.

6:45 come inside and straight to bath for boys. I fold one load of clothes while boys bath and just sit and talk and watch them take a bath......we usually take showers- because the "little tub" they call it is 6 foot by 4 foot Jacuzzi tub. Not to easy to clean- so since it was freshly cleaned, they took advantage.

7:30 removed boys from bath and got them into "jammies"

7:45 at sliced turkey sandwiches for supper with fruit.

8:05 Daddy arrives home.....after over 800 miles logged for the day

8:10 Daddy sits and eats with us- his supper was brisket, beans, and corn on cob.

8:30 finished with supper- Daddy reads boys books and bible story and we put boys to bed.

8:55 exit boys room I take shower and B watches weather channel to see what is in store for his Dallas trip in the morning.

9:15 I put coffee on for B set it for 4am and then get in bed.

9:30 Bed for me and B........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......

I got a lot accomplished but I am so tired!! And to my mom......I never got the chance to call you back- apparently you understand why?? ha!!


A Day in the Life of Mollie....... Monday

Today is my first of the week for A Day in the Life.....

So this is what we did on Monday- now unlike most Mondays we did make a quick trip to town. Other than that- it was pretty much the same.

7:00am- wake both boys usually sleep thirty minutes later than today. So we all sat and cuddled on the couch for awhile- They drink milk, I have my coffee- and I read a devotional.

7:30- Put on first load of laundry (I have a laundry schedule for each day)

7:35- start breakfast- waffles (whole wheat Eggo) and fruit.

7:45- eat breakfast with boys- while watching cartoons. I check my email, and respond to any messages at this time.

8:15-clean up from breakfast- unload dishes- and re-load breakfast dishes.

8:30-strip beds and start second load of laundry. Switch clothes to dryer.

8:45- play pirate ship with boys, then become a prisoner for a few minutes.

9:15- shower, get dressed and do hair and make-up. All while stopping numerous times to talk to boys about not hitting- and sharing. Had to put both boys in time out for arguing.

10:00-TV Off- dinner prep- make meatloaf for supper and place in fridge for later.

10:30 get boys dressed and ready for the day. T can dress himself. C still needs little help.

10:45- make beds- Boys make their own, but I help.

11:00- finish hair and switch second load to dryer and add third load of sheets to laundry.

11:30- fix lunch, sliced chicken sandwiches and apples slices and grapes for them- Fresh Salad for me with chicken.

11:45- eat lunch

12:00- I finished lunch and start cleaning kitchen again. I then took the magic eraser and wiped down all kitchen cabinets. (one thing I try to do weekly)

12:15- get dressed- good thing because the Mailman drove up as I was walking back into kitchen with a box of books from here that was too big for the mailbox.

12:30- helped boys put on shoes. Started Fourth load of laundry.

12:35- start working on getting out the door to make dr appt.

12:45 buckle boys in car and drive off to town ( I try to leave 15 mins to get anywhere- we get there on time or just moments before)

1:00 arrive at doctor- sit in waiting room with my bag of tricks (books, flash cards, color books, I Spy book are best!!)

1:15 get called back to see doctor

1:45 left doctor appt with good report- no sickness just post nasal drip. He gave us sample nose spray.

1:55 Walgreens for quick list of groceries. One bathroom trip while in there.

2:25 Leave Walgreens headed to Korner Store- Boys reward an Icee for good dr check-up and behavior in dr office.

2:45 Return home.

2:50 sit boys down at table for snack of crackers and Icee's while watching cartoon

3:30 boys have quiet time in their rooms (sitting on their bed reading books while listening to music) I take time to do my Bible reading and bible study. T came out of his room 4 times- 3 to go to the bathroom and 1 to tell me he was done reading.

4:20 get meatloaf out of fridge place in oven. clean up kitchen

4:30 Look up and my husband drove up in the driveway- always a pleasant surprise!!!

4:35 Go to boys room and tell C he may put his books on shelf but T must stay 10 more minutes because he didn't obey and got out of bed without being told.

4:40 C and I walked out to greet Daddy in the driveway.

4:45 walk inside talk to T and explain to him why he got in trouble for not obeying.

4:50 B played with Boys in playroom- I get rest of supper going (sweet potatoes to cut and boil in water)

5:15 Sit at table and work with T on his homework due for school tomorrow am

5:20 B fell asleep on couch because he had gotten up at 2 am and was going to go back to work after supper.

5:30 Play with boys in play room- the box that came in the mail is now a pirate ship and also my laundry basket. Played hide n go seek and got found a few times!! Trying to stay quiet so daddy can rest. I hang up play clothes that were played with today. Help boys pick up room and playroom.

6:00 took meatloaf out of oven- go back and play with boys

6:30 get plates for supper ready. Deer Meatloaf, sweet mashed potatoes and salad. Need to post it here soon

6:40 sit down and eat supper with family at the table. After I finish eating I do a kids or family devotional. Then we work on flash cards with boys on what ever need work on at the moment.

7:15 Supper over- clear table- boys all take plates to kitchen and help put things away ketchup etc.... before supper they help get them out too.

7:20 Bath water is running and boys are getting ready to get bath by daddy while I get pj's and vitamins ready.

7:30 Bath over boys dressed in pj's and sit on couch B reads them their book of choice and they drink a glass of milk. Then he read a bible story from Their Bible the same Bible that his daddy read to him.

7:45 boys in bed we take turns saying prayers with each boys and telling "stories of when we were little" at their request.

8:00 we exit boys bedroom- sit on couch to watch end of Notre Dame basketball game. B makes a phone call to realize his load it not ready- so he says he will go to bed and get up at 2am again.

8:15 He goes to bed we visit in kitchen for just a moment while I make his sandwiches and he sets his coffee on automatic coffee maker. I then put dishes in dishwasher and clean up kitchen.

8:30 I pick up lap top to type what you are reading while watching TLC 19 kids and counting. Michelle is my Hero!!

9:30 Finish typing post then, will fold 1 pile of socks and hang up a load of laundry of boys clothes that I had to do yesterday because I was behind on laundry.

10:00 folding.....watching a moms dvd to preview for our new moms group

10:30 folding......hanging up

11:00 folding.....hanging you see I was very far behind!!

11:15 finish folding and watching.

11:30 shut off TV go make boys lunch for tomorrow school. debated unloading dishes....nah!!

12:15am.....bed.....are you realizing now I am a night owl!!! I do get to sleep in til 7 am though!!

all in a days work....

See ya Tuesday!

questions leave in- comments sections I will do my best to answer.