Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, yesterday was my 32nd Birthday. It was great!! Honestly, I have never had a problem celebrating birthdays. They don't bother me I guess I try to be positive and think it is a lot better than the alternative!!

In fact I felt a little young, waking up- I was washing my face..... low and behold a PIMPLE!!! Right there on my chin- that will make you feel young, especially since my face is so dry and they are very rare for me!!

However I am typing this post on my NEW LAPTOP- from the comfort of my couch in my living room!! I JUST LOVE IT!!!

My boys, B mostly gave me this Toshiba Laptop for my birthday- and let me tell you this.... he has saved his birthday money & Christmas money to spend on me for my gift. Something I have wanted for so long- especially since I started the blog!!

He is so sweet & thoughtful, I am so thankful God has brought him into my life and we can grow old together!! He has definitely come a long way especially since his Meat Tenderizer days!!

The reason I have MOSTLY wanted a laptop is, our home computer is NOT in our house. We keep it in the office which is connected to the house by a sidewalk and in a different building. I have only 1-2 hours of computer time use each day. Honestly, that is okay with me. Only it is nap time or bed time for the kids. When B is gone away to work at night time- I don't like to be away or OUT of the house from the kids. Even if they are sleeping & I do have a baby monitor and know exactly every breath they breathe. I am scared of the dark night & walking outside at night is kinda creepy too!! Just kidding- but it is a little creepy!!

I honestly am making a resolution this year to limit computer or "gadget" time. So, this is a temptation for sure. But, I am enjoying it so far.

My sister & Lil' AG ate lunch with us and we went to the store to check out laptops. She is more computer savvy than myself- so she knew what I was getting. Also, she is quite the wheeler dealer too!! After much negotiation we got a deal and is was the BEST BUY we could find!!

Thanks LaLa for Lunch and my Laptop cooling lap pad thingy!!! Love you!! Thanks also to our parents for the birthday money.... and Cole for the gift card to Stage!! Love all of you!!!

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday- It was wonderful and I look forward to many many more!!

Have a Happy NEW YEAR!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Highlights from Christmas...

Some highlights from Christmas & some of my favorites moments or pictures!!
C with his "Pirates who don't do anything" Veggie tales movie!! He LOVES those vegetables!! He says "ARRR MATIE" so stinkin' cute it makes us laugh every time he sees a pirate- or skeleton!!

BoBo reading the Christmas Story from his NEW BOOK from an old friend who he loves!!

HANNAH MONTANA!!!!! She came in person and sang to us...... with her backup singers too!!!

T's Anatomy Body.... the four year old picks THIS out of a whole catalog of TOYS!!! He loves Doctor stuff..... so Grana made him a Dr. Jacket!!!! He then took us into his room one at a time and called us by our name and laid us down on the bed for a "checkup" We better start saving NOW for med school!!!

And then to watch MiMi and Grana take 3 hours to put the WHOLE BODY back together again!! I kid you NOT..... the little BODY man will NOT be back out of the body for awhile. The age on the box said 10..... but that is what he wanted!!! They did a good job though- don't cha think? I joked and said I was gonna drop him as soon as they got all his pieces back into the right way!!
Making fun of Grana & her snuggie wrap thing..... until we woke up in the dark & cold on Christmas Morning- to NO ELECTRICITY!!!!! Wish we all had one to wrap up with!!
Thank you to all the Entergy Workers who drove out here to get us back up and running...... I started to think Santa must have thought we were so bad- he turned out the lights..... Poppie said "his sleigh snagged a pole on the way back to the North Pole!"

MAIZIE of Course!!! The new girl in the family from Oklahoma.... we both know we are the reason God made Oklahoma.... me & the Dog...... we have become buddies!!!

THE GATOR that Santa tricked T with and he almost cried when he said " I really wanted one that I could ride in- a BIG ONE!!!" Then I said maybe it is outside and it couldn't fit in the door!!! That was the fastest I have ever seen that little boy get dressed!!! Coat, hat & all!!

We still have ONE more exchange with the Texas Clan.... hoping to go see Uncle J coach his b-ball team in Texas on Saturday and get together then!!

Just a few highlights- What was your favorite time this holiday season??


Monday, December 28, 2009

All wrapped up!!

You know it seems like year from year it never gets easier or different- same old story!! MORE MORE MORE!!! Being the organized nerd that I am- it drives me nuts that all the new things or toys have NO proper home to reside. Therefore, throw them into the room & we will fix one for them later!!

Christmas this year was not much different than others- although there were a few things that really surprised me..... Lend me your eyes and read on and some of the pictures will tell the story......
Love that spending time with family means good times had for all- Did realize however, life is too short and there are people we should go and visit who can't come visit us as often as they would like. I had no clue that opening a Christmas card from Oklahoma with ONLY my Papaw's name would be so hard. This will be the first of many Christmas' with out Mamaw! That made me sad.

Did however learn that the Advent conspiracy could never have been more true!! When you see a bunch of grown adults open gifts- that they could have bought themselves and act surprised that "this is what the got" ALL the while there are kids and people in other countries at that same moment starving and doing without everyday conveniences- we take for granted!! I personally think what is wrong with getting together to eat and enjoy the kids with their gifts!!

It did not surprise me however when C licked the raw cookie dough that we were making cookies for Santa & then ate a carrot that was for the reindeer!! Although it did however surprise me that my 4 year old son asked after opening all the gifts we had for him & getting a Gator from Santa "Where are more gifts for me? Is this all I am getting?" Seeing that the floor was covered in wrapping paper and you couldn't take a step without harming a kids, toy or your foot!!

I just LOVE T's response in both pictures!!! Being the child who could do not wrong and is totally caught off guard when someone else does!!!

The Gator!!

The MESS!!!

Happy that in the midst of a broken heart from loosing a brand new puppy that a four year old boy T had said something he had "wanted his WHOLE LIFE!" Cocoa died only 5 days after we got her. But the Lord put Poppie in the right time and place for him to find out about another 5 week old puppy who needed a home!! Maizie made her appearance Christmas Eve coming all the way from Catoosa Oklahoma!! She is a WHITE LAB- and beautiful and healthy. I also did not think much made me cry, until I felt tears come to my eyes in the vets office when the thought of tell my kids that our puppy was gonna die!!! Then I lost it and days later they were filled with tears of JOY as they sat behind the lenses of my camera when I told T Maizie was a healthy puppy!! Poppie we are doing our BEST to take care of her- he is partial to her now, they bonded!!

Was SO VERY THANKFUL to my parents for giving my husband & I a "date night" those are few and far between. I appreciate that they don't mind watching them anytime that we ask- whether they like it or not.... it is only one night for them and a LOT without them!!! We went to go see an average movie- wasn't knock your socks off, and wasn't anything to write home about but it didn't matter. I had the best looking guy there sitting next to me enjoying watching me eat popcorn & laugh my CRAZY laugh and love me no matter what!! I love that man!!!

To top off our fun filled Holiday weekend of surprises the little boys, my mom, Maizie & I were going to drive back to Oklahoma yesterday to see Papaw and meet with a few friends. Then I would return Wednesday to meet LaLa my sis for Lunch in Texas!! Lots of traveling with many little ones planned. As we made a mad dash through the house packing bags and people trying to think of every last thing we would need- especially SNOW GEAR!!! Oklahoma received a White Christmas in case you live under a rock and didn't know that!! An hour after we got home from church we were pulling out of the driveway with two sleepy headed boys- thinking to myself....naps ahead!! Only to hear 5 miles down the road "MAMA C JUST THREW UP ON GEORGE!!" from T. To the side of the road we went- survived the damage- then back to the house...... thought it was car sickness??? Don't think it comes with fever though!!!

Therefore we are home and will stay for a few days until we are fever free!!! Holidays always seem to run me down and afterwards I feel so drained... so I am somewhat thankful that we stayed home and I DID get my tree down TODAY- funny how when you are potty training a puppy it only makes perfect sense to them to use the restroom under the ONLY green tree in the house!! She is learning to whine at the back door with her legs crossed!!

I will try all week to throw random pictures in here and there- when you take 250+ pictures at Christmas it is hard to choose the best ones to post on the blog!!!

How was your Christmas...... Did you get what you wanted??


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Boys

The other day we had a friend of mine to come and take our pictures of the boys.... here they are I am so super thrilled with them!!!
The only thing I noticed was....... WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LITTLE BOYS???!!!!!!

They look so grown up and SO BIG!!! I know C has grown a lot this year but may goodness you never do see it until you look back and see pictures!!!

Stacy is so talented you can check out her blog here!!

Hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas Eve!!!
Charlie & Jill came over last night and gave the boys Guitars..... maybe by tomorrow they can get a gig going...... so far they just rock around the Christmas Tree!!! Thanks C & J!!
By the Way.... theses pics were in their backyard!!

It is the thought that counts!!

Look at this picture and tell me... WHAT DO THESE things have IN COMMON???

Now I will tell you- These are some VERY USEFUL things and very important things in our house. It all started almost 14 years ago when I met B- our first Christmas together I was so impressed that he bought me DIAMOND earrings!!! Then a week later for my birthday he bought me a GOLD bracelet!!! WOW I thought this guy LOVES ME!!! Then year after year he gave me beautiful blouses and jewelry... the list goes on and on!!

Then 3 years later when we got married I opened my presents that were so neatly wrapped (he paid someone to wrap them!) under the tree. I opened the first box..... an alarm clock..... I was speechless.... I thought Okay this much be leading up to a biggy..... maybe he is pulling a joke!!

Then I opened the next box...... a can opener..... Okay maybe this is a joke.... all along I kept smiling and saying "this is what I have always wanted!!" with a little giggle after wards!!

Then next box...... a cordless phone...... Keep in mind it was a very very nice one- with caller id!!

Then the next box..... a meat tenderizer...... WHAT THE HECK...... Santa must have thought I was a BAD COOK!!!!

He then looked at me and said in the softest sweetest voice and I will never forget it- "I cannot figure out you alarm clock- so I bought us a new one, and then the battery on the phone doesn't keep a charge, and I have NO CLUE how to use that can opener of yours- and your meat is not tender enough!!!" With all honesty and sincerity in his eyes and his voice- I just looked at him and thought poor guy, he loves me so much- HE just doesn't know how to shop!!!
A week went by and for my birthday he gave me a crock pot!!!! I kid you not!!! I thought to myself- SELF, ok we gotta end this now.... you have only been married 6 months.... tell him how you feel.
So we sat down and I told him how much I really- and I really did appreciate his gifts, don't get me wrong. Don't want to bite the hand that feeds me.... you know!! I just told him if he asks me what I would like I can give him some ideas.... and I can also do the same for him. I am very glad that he is such an honest person and I am too- but I feel communication is the key in any situation.
Then the TRUTH spilled out..... he told me when we dated He had NO CLUE what I was getting for my gift until I unwrapped it....... his MOM always did the shopping!!! It all made sense then!!! And let me tell you- she is a GOOD WOMAN- and an even better shopper!!!
While the beans were all spilling out I thought I would tell him one more thing- Our first Valentine's Day he gave me a card... that was so sweet and so perfectly worded..... but I never did tell him it had a picture of an African American couple kissing on the front.... and said mmmmmmmm.... I love you!!!! At the time I kinda thought to myself- he walked into the store swiped this off the shelf and bought it!!!
We laugh about our gift exchange EVERY Christmas..... never fails!!! I love him so much and I love that he loved me enough to be honest with me and give me things that were useful!!!
Let me tell you though- that boy has come a LONG WAY BABY!!! Here is what I got last year for Christmas & Birthday..... My favorite handmade Jewelry store!! HE IS GOOD...huh?!!!
I did however make a NOTE to SELF.... If we ever have boys I want them to learn how to SHOP!!! Luckily I think they already have it down.... since they are in the store once a week with me and go to the mall and every other store I can drag them too!!!
A good friend of mine Ginger who has two grown boys- has told me herself, "boys don't get the shopping thing- it doesn't come natural to them to buy and give to someone else- this is only taught!!!" How true this statement is and I would have never thought so- If it didn't happen to me!!
We went on a family shopping trip the other day to FINISH all the shopping!! I told B- we need to buy something for US from the boys.... he looked at me and said "do what??" I explained that we could just get a little something and just so they can help wrap it and see the JOY on our faces and feel the JOY in his heart at the same time. Teaching it is better to give than to receive!!
So B found a camo face cover he NEEDED.... and I just found some PJ's. We each a separate times took T to the side and told him- "hey let's get this for daddy/mama and it can be for Christmas from you & C!" T then covered his mouth and giggled..... "okay"
As we were walking through the store on the way to the check out he was hiding behind me..... I pulled him OFF my leg and I asked "what are you doing- what is wrong??" He then whispered to me " I am NOT good at keeping secrets and I don't think I can keep a surprise!!" Gotta love a kid who is honest!!! I knelt down beside his little tall body and said "You must keep a secret- it is only for a few days and if you don't then daddy won't be surprised and it won't make you feel happy!" I stood up and said "Daddy, don't you try to guess what T got you for Christmas- because he is gonna keep it a secret!!" B then asked... "what did you get me T?" T responded " I am not gonna tell- I am gonna keep a secret!!"
So far, he hasn't told- I think he forgot......
Here is a secret- We are getting a Replacement PUPPY for the one that just died.... bless her heart!!! Poppie is bringing a WHITE LAB from Oklahoma on Christmas Eve..... shhhh don't tell!!!
A special Thanks, to all for prayers for the boys in the loss of our puppy- but mostly friends like Jill & Tiffany who have sent SOS messages out to try to help us get another puppy in time for Christmas!!! We appreciate friend who show their love for us & the boys!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sad day....

Well, today is a sad day at our house. Our new little puppy Cocoa has been sick and we have made 3 trips to the vet since we have had her. Come to find out she had a intestine problem and she had to be put down.

She had a upset stomach and didn't feel good since we have had her- she really was sweet and quiet. Already house trained too. But, honestly she never chased a ball or would play with us- just laid around and slept.

T is probably the saddest- I did shed tears at the vet. Love ya Dr Hayes & staff, you are great. They totally feel sad for us- you can tell. They have been on the road with us and Abby dog and her rehabilitation from her mishap with the road & a car!! They are WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!

I just told T & C we need a healthy puppy and one who will run & play with us. T cried so hard I felt so bad.... but we are on the search again for a HEALTHY DOG- Honestly I don't know if I want a PUPPY..... I forgot about those up in the middle of the night every two hours..... It has been a long weekend.

I know God will comfort us and our broken hearts- and Abby & Cocoa are in Doggy heaven running and playing together with their new bodies.... that is what I told the boys!!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas came early

This year T & C really wanted a puppy for Christmas. Ever since we lost our Abby-dog in January, he has said " I wish we had a dog.... I miss Abby-dog" Here is T & Abby- great pals!!! She followed him EVERYWHERE- and he the same!!
So yesterday I traveled a little ways to get a FREE full blood Lab..... rare to find a free one!!

A sweet lady Mrs. H had 2 puppies left- I told her I would come back and get the other one if she didn't have a home by Sunday. Thank God he answered that prayer. I thought PLEASE GOD send someone to get that other puppy... I think I can only handle one- along with 2 growing boys!! Thank you Mrs. H for the sweet baby girl puppy- I am so glad the man came to get her sister!!!

My Friend Courtney saw the add in the paper..... Thanks Courtney & L!!!!
I as drove there & home I could not think of ANY NAME to name this sweet little sad eyed looking puppy!! I did know however- NO HUMAN NAMES!!!

When I took Abby to the vet once, they kept calling her MOLLIE- and me ABBY!!! There are a lot of dogs named Molly, I will give them that- probably not too many named Abby!!! So, not to confuse anyone we definitely wanted a DOG NAME!!!

I stopped by my friend Courtney's house on the way home- so they could see her. They asked what is her name? I laughed and said "Courtney??" Only right since she ended my long search for a FREE LAB!! I asked her if she had any nicknames?? She said "COCO!"

Sounds good to me- Cocoa it is....
I added a A not to be confused with COO-COO!!! Which might fit the family better!!

C told her this morning when we left and took T to school- as she whimpered and cried out the window of her crate- "It okay CoCoa... no worried we be wight back- be goo gurl!!"

This morning when T woke up he said "I had sweet dreams of me & Cocoa- when I grow up she is gonna ride with me everywhere in my truck- I am gonna be a policeman & raccoon hunter!!!

So far, the boys just LOVE HER!!! C can say her name perfectly, and T response was "I have wanted a DOG my WHOLE LIFE!!! I LOVE MY NEW DOG mama & daddy- Thank you so much!!" Man I love that kid-he is so funny he almost makes you cry!!!

I am sure you will see a lot more of Cocoa on here so stay tuned!!
I am on my way NOW- to take her to Show-N-Tell at T's school!!! He can't wait- he was super excited!!!

The only thing I forgot about..... Puppy = BABY.... she was up 3 times last night. I cannot complain though- I took her out and she went to the bathroom OUTSIDE all 3 times!!! Glad I got a girl that is SMART too!!!

I am so glad that we got a good little puppy for these boys to enjoy and have for a friend!!! We love her so much already!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Parade

Here are a few pictures of the Boys at the Local Christmas Parade..... Next time I will try to get in a better spot- too much editing on "our location" I had no clue every thing in the Parade would have our towns name on it- or all the buildings in the back ground!! Let alone ALL the people I would have to ask their permission to put their picture on my blog.... Ugh- I am sure Santa would not mind though!!

I did however get some good pics of the boys enjoying it!!
How long are you parades... this one was only about 20 of those blink and you miss it parades!! Not bad when it is 40 degrees. I don't see how Mer does it in Colorado... Tough people in that cold weather!!

I was glad our daddy made it in... just as we were leaving to watch it- so we made it a night and ate out too!! I was sad that Crystal & her boys were sick and could not come- First time in 3 years that we did not get to go to the parade together!!

Last week on my Advent Conspiracy story I forgot to put the link for my sister & the foreign country mission that we are helping out with this year... give it a look by clicking here!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow ride.... minus the the cold!!!

Friday night we went on a Snow ride with the Children at Church!!! Lots of Fun, we drove through neighborhoods and sang Christmas Carols. Ate Chili before we left then came back and had Hot Chocolate here are some pics we had a BLAST!!!

It is moments like this when kids really remember the fun times and the memorable moments of life, I know when I was a kid I enjoyed things like this. Luckily our daddy made it in just in time to enjoy it with us!!
What do you do for FUN during Christmas time to show the true Spirit of Christmas??


Let the Celebration Begin....

Well. tis the season for lots of get together- and parties!! Lots of Food... and moving belt buckles & loops!! This last week I was so busy running around getting things together for our annual Christmas Party/ Play date with friends. Last year I told Crystal it is not fair- we don't work, I love to cook for the holidays- so I think we should have a "office party" for stay at home moms!!

Last year was the first with 13 moms ?? kids.... this year was a bigger hit- 16 moms & ??? kids!! I love it when we can all get together and just enjoy the food- fellowship. I have a house full of toys and we are all kicking toys & stepping over kids just to visit & eat...... so what is any different day around any other stay at home mom's house??

Each mom brought a finger food to share and then a plate of cookies to exchange & give away- we however play dirty Santa with that.... so fun stealing goodies from each other!!

Last week though I was so crazy everyday- I left the house and was gone ALMOST all day... til nap time at least!! So, we put the Christmas tree up on Tuesday night then decorated it Thursday night- nothing like last minute!!

I stayed up until 12:30am.... not unusual for me though- remember my husband is gone most nights so it is easier for me to pass out in the bed than lay in bed and listen to every LITTLE noise the house makes!! I had to finish up a few cleaning chores and "redo" some of the tree help.... OCD got the best of me.... nothing like a tree with 500 ornaments from the knee down and 2 on top!! Plus I just couldn't decide where or how the tree looked best- what do you think?? B LOVES the tree in the Dining room- so it doesn't block his new HD tv & ESPN!!!

I woke up at 6:00 am to get the day started, needed to start baking my food & set the table, things that you do you get myself & two kids ready. Tidy up all the loose ends- SO when I got myself dressed I thought I would just throw on some grey sweat socks and run around in them- then when company came.... I could slip on those comfy casual high heal shoes!!

HOWEVER, I forgot one thing..... towards the end of the party I looked down and to my surprise this is what I saw....... Luckily my jeans covered them up- but man I was flying low of the fashion police radar!!

Hope you all have very many great Christmas Parties!!!
Did you see For Better or Worse Cartoon on Sunday.... I LOVED IT!!! I really thought at the end her friend was gonna say... "I am single with no kids!!"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things on the Tenth

This month thought I would do a list on things

I do like and things I dislike about Christmas and the season!!

10. Love to put up Christmas Decor (although since I have had 2 boys I don't put up near the stuff I use to- or do I get it all done the day after Thanksgiving)

9. Do Dislike having to take it all down so quickly- should be more like our friend Jill and put it up in November to appreciate it longer!!

8. Outdoor Christmas lights.... love to look at them..... don't like them on our house (that would be my job- and I would break my neck falling off the house!).....
dislike that people leave them on their house all year long- or on a mobile home
(visit the south you will see it)

7. Love all the FOOD, CANDY, SWEETS to EAT.... Dislike all the weight gained from the rolling holidays.. Oct.31- Jan.1st

6. Fruit Cake... 3 words- NO THANK YOU!!

5. Dirty Santa- the name says it all- a gift that cost 10 bucks only to be re-gifted or not liked!!Why not just eat and enjoy a game together??

4. Christmas sweaters or sweatshirts.... Have not seen ONE yet that doesn't flatter someone- I am guilty of wearing them in the past.... puffy paint and all!! Just have no clue how I fell under the radar of the Fashion Police!!

3. Love to Give- I am a Friday's child and I love nothing more than giving people gifts and doing things for them to make them happy & enjoy life!!

2. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping..... Love it, Love it, Love it...... Just not all the traffic & lines!!


Merry Christmas & May God Richly Bless You in the New Year to come!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

This weekend at church our pastor spoke on Advent Conspiracy.... it was wonderful!!
I just want to share my thoughts and my way of thinking on Christmas.

It seems like so many people put so much into gifts and Santa that when the holidays are over.... there is an emptiness. I had a very close friend of mine come very close to death this year in her battle with cancer. I lost my grandmother to an illness. We lost our family pet of 6 years too. There have been those very few things this year for us that have been challenging.

If it were not for the LOVE that I have for God and his son Jesus who died on the cross for my sins & sickness.... I could not face another day. Jesus is the real reason for this season. I myself know that and have been brought up knowing that- but it is so easy to forget when you see the SALE rack at the local store and want that RUSH from all the hype about shopping.

The Scripture that says "do not be conformed to this world- but TRANSFORMED, by the renewing of your minds" (Romas 12:2) I have to daily remind myself. That is this what God wants for me or my family.

I can remember as a child pouting after Christmas morning when I opened my presents from my parents that were Roper boots that I had wanted.... only in BROWN not BLACK!!! WHAT a brat!!! If that would have been my kids today..... spanking & to your room- I will take them back to the store!! REALLY, I would - Did my parents, no they went and got grey... they were out of black. But, I didn't care I was a kid!! My dad worked hard for a living and I was always very appreciative- but I don't think I realized how hard he worked or how little they sacrificed for us, until I became an adult/parent!! Maybe if they would have made me go work at the Salvation Army food line on Christmas Eve- I would have seen what I had and be thankful for any boots on my feet!! Let alone Feet that work and are healthy enough to walk on!!

Already, I can see in T who is only 4- when he gets a toy or gift that he doesn't care for that much.... he looks at what C has with at look of intent and pouts with his little red lip out saying " I don't want mine- I want what he has!" Yes, this is what kids do- But I don't want my children to do it. WHERE Do you start?? How do you end this attitude that for years has gone on in so many people.

Here we live in a FREE country can do just about anything we want to if it is legal..... yet all we can do is complain about it is not enough. Do you think that Jesus thought about himself or others while he hung on the cross and and was beaten and spit on.... hmmmm..... yeah WE WERE the REASON that HE SUFFERED & DIED!!!

So, although I have almost all my Christmas shopping done. I did go and pick one more child off the angel tree at church. We are going to buy food for another family here in town. And my sister has mentioned this year sending money to a forgein country for a family to buy a chicken & some vegetables to eat- Instead drawing names and wasting time & money on something that you will have to stand 2 hours in line to return!!

We did in fact start last year after Christmas, I had T to clean out toys making room for all the new ones. Told him to pick 3 toys to give away to some kids who had NOTHING!!! He did not completely understand it..... told me he could give some of C's toys away "because his toys might not be age appropriate for little ones" Honestly, people I cannot make this stuff up- Have no clue where he gets it from!! FINALLY, he chose ONE Thomas the Train to give to the kids at our local homeless shelter- when he had to look around and see that they did not have anything!! He then wanted to give them more!!

Last year we also were given a Little People Natvity set from GiGi and the boys LOVED IT!! We have played with it all year long- it is good to talk about Jesus all year long, not just a Christmas too!! We had a Happy Birthday Party for him too- cake, candles & all!!

So remember this season is the that we should celebrate Jesus, buy giving ourselves and time for the ones who need it the most!! Take the time to share his word with those who have possibly never heard it. If it were not for the gift that Mary & Joseph received those many years ago in a stable in Bethlehem, we would not have the eternal life promised by him!!

This season we hope to:
Worship Fully
Spend Less
Give More
Mollie Moses

Friday, December 4, 2009

Funny Friday

Don't cha love all the little Indians, cowboys, and army men laying on the floor-
definitely a obstacle course!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beauty Shop

While we were at my sister's for Thanksgiving.... My niece Lil' AG she wanted to "FIX" my hair!!
T wanted to jump in and help- felt more like he was working on a TRUCK!!!

So here are some pictures on this almost wordless Wednesday!!
She did great what do you think?? Necklaces and ALL!!!
It was kinda nice having some else do my hair for a change- just not use to wearing clips!!