Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast!!

Two in fact. We had a wonderful feast at B's aunt Donna's house on Saturday before Thanksgiving. Then once again on Thanksgiving Day at my sister's house in Texas.
Needless to say.... I have gained back a few lbs. I lost a few weeks before the holiday season began. Not to worry, I will run to catch up with that wagon I fell off of... maybe I can sweat a little running to catch up?

Here are some pictures from Turkey Day!!

Donna does it up... she is a great decorator

Donna, Mamaw, Deb & BoBo
Mamaw & C

cousin C, TK, & Uncle Mark

TK & his Nonna

Gotta LOVE those BLUES!!!

Aunt Deb & Roxette

J & J with baby TK

Texas Thanksgiving!! LaLa cookin' & samplin'

Enjoying all the great food!!

gotta love the kid table!!

The Family

workin' off the BIG lunch!!

My very favorite reason for Holiday season.... GREEN BEAN BUNDLES!!!! YUMMO!!! Every party every get together..... everywhere!!!

Hope you had a good one!!

I did not get to go Black Friday shopping..... due to HUNTING SEASON!!! Now that I have kids- that sleep til 9 mind you. I did however talk aunt Donna into playing Santa. As we were driving to Texas- T said in the back seat "Look this is what Santa is gonna bring us C." I said "let me take a look?" Much to my surprise the toy that they want (or were talked into wanting... they are still young I can do that, and get away with it) was on SALE and then a 20% off coupon. AWESOME!!! Then I thought how in the world am I gonna get these kids up and out the door at 7am then to the store to buy it.... then to hit the HUGE thing???? So, as always trusty aunt Donna I called her and her response "yes, sure- I love those boys and their family and will do anything for them!!" Gotta love some aunt Donna!!!

Thanks Donna, we love you too!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful for my GOD!!

Today is Thanksgiving- this week I have taken a look at all the things I am thankful for. And today to top the list out is by far the MOST important one!!

GOD- My Father!!

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life!! John 3:16

In this scripture it tell me- THAT God gave his ONLY son, for me, my life, my family, my sins, my sickness- for me. When he gave up his son he thought of me!

I use to sing a song in church called "He grew the tree" It talked about how God created a tree from a seed, and he grew it knowing that his son would be whipped and bruised and hurt just for all to know that it was for them and then they would hang him on that tree/cross to die for US!!

I am so very thankful that the Lord has saved me by his grace!! I was saved when I was 5. Grew up in church and loved the Lord. I grew further away when I was a teen. Then with a life changing experience I was changed and I felt like- I was not 100% SURE that I was saved!! I was very young and did not understand that it was a relationship!! I then rededicated my life at the age of 17. I was then baptised for the first time when I was 21, after I had married B. My personal belief- you do not have to be baptised to go to heaven. You do need a relationship with him and know that you are "saved"!!

It is truly a relationship and NOT a religion. When you read the word of God you will see how wonderful his works are and totally understand that he has done so much for us and is still. He knows ALL your faults and loves you anyway. He knows ALL thoughts and loves you anyways!! He is ALWAYS there- when people let you down and you have no where to go- LOOK UP- Go o GOD!!

He is ALWAYS there and he wants you to want him. Although I have learned also- He will be there for you but, you need to be there for him too!! You need to talk and to pray to him daily, and go to church and get feed the word. When you live for him- your life will NOT be easy. It is hard to be in the world but not OF the WORLD!!

I am so Thankful that the country I live in I can pray, praise and fellowship about the wonderful works of our father- AND NOT BE ARRESTED!!! We live in a FREE country, when so many could not even say the name Jesus and be in trouble with the law. When you have all the comforts of this country- we take them for granted and Christianity is one I don't want to do that with!!

IF you don't know my Heavenly Father that I am talking about- Please send me a message and I will contact you and let you know all about him. Or go to your local Christian Church this Sunday listen about him and trust me he will change your life just as he has mine.

Anyone who can know how many hairs are on your head, surely know all about you and LOVES you so much!! Get to know him- He is great!!



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for MY BOYS...

When I say my boys, I mean ALL MY BOYS!!! My husband included. He is my first boy, then the babies came!!
I do love all of them so very much, could not imagine my life without them. The all bring out the best & worst in me.... mostly the BEST!!

They all three are different and it totally amazes me how- 4 people can live under the same roof and we are all different... and how 2 kids can come from the same mom & dad and be SO different!!

B has been my best friend since our first date. We kept saying "I feel like I have known you my whole life!" all night long. And honestly, we just really have a GREAT friendship and communicate & trust each other completely- we can finish each others sentence & read each others minds... in fact I cannot tell you how many times we have picked up the phone at the same exact time and called each other!! I just truly love him more than any person on this earth.

Then there is T my first born.... well he is a typical first child!! He makes me laugh and cry in the same moment- his honesty and soft hearted side reminds me so much of his daddy. I have a feeling by his growing.... he will be a gentle giant as people call B. He is growing up so fast I cannot believe it. He is totally predictable and even tells me when he has done something wrong... as he is crying!! "Mama I pulled my brother's hair and he cried- I just wanted to let you know because it made me feel bad!" He is my helper- and good at it!! I love him so much!!

Well, bringing up the caboose in my boys is C- he is only 2 so I still have a long way to go as far as learning him.... although he still speaks Chinese I do understand him in his own language!! He is so much like me it is sad!! Strong-willed and very determined. He is a natural leader- leads his older brother in fact. He is my explorer and my searcher..... he searches for things to do or check out!! He definitely keeps me on my toes... I need that though!! I love him because he is silly and funny in his own way- like his daddy!! His sense of humor is dry and funny in his own special way!! The thing I am still trying to figure out is moods.... you never know what mood he will be in- I am clock work.... and cut & dry you know what I am feeling and MOST of the time I am happy & in a great mood. C on the other hand.... goodness you don't know from one minute to the other. Very Unpredictable.... but I am doing my best- I have to tell T in the mornings when we are all jumping into my bed to snuggle for a few more moments.... "don't touch him give him time!!" Where me & T LOVE to snuggle and love on each other!!

I do LOVE moments together like that- Snuggling in bed nearly every morning- in fact I hate to say that this semester of school T has been arriving at 9 or later.... due to extra snuggle time!! Here is the way I see it- one day they won't be here or want to snuggle with mama on a cold morning- so I will take it when I can. Plus, one day he will have be at school on time- and I will have to be at work on time.... right now..... just chill & snuggle!! They are only little once- that is my motto!!

We have been trying a family tradition this year- due to hunting season it is on hold. Saturday morning breakfast at a restaurant. Since B usually has to go to the parts store to get a few things in the mornings, we stop by and eat then go with him. We all want to spend as much time as we can life is too short to not spend time together!!

I love to celebrate Birthdays- and go all out!!! You only live on earth once, why not celebrate and enjoy what the Lord has given and blessed you with. I see giving my kids a BIG birthday bash an honor and not a burden. All the years I wanted babies and then to only have 2 babies in heaven, I say CELEBRATE & be THANKFUL for ALL YOU HAVE!!


Thanks to Crystal for great pictures!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for Family

I am very thankful for my family~ We have so much to be thankful for all the good examples of marriage & christian homes!!

Both B & I have a sister, and they both have one daughter. Our family might be small but we are close. Sometimes I feel we are closer to our extended family- friends, and church family.
All in all it does not matter if you are blood kin when you have a bond with friends they are just like family.

Here are some pictures of our family....

My parents, sister, brother in law & niece with our family

I am so very thankful for the 84 years that my Mamaw had to get to know her and I am extremely thankful that my boys both got to meet her- T got to know her more. Papaw is 88 years old and still very healthy!!

I feel that is special seeing that I never met any of my great-grandparents!

B's family~ straight & silly sides...

His parents, sister, niece, aunt & uncle, & grandparents with our family

There is B's granmother Mamaw M~ she is amazing... I see her as a strong woman- a wife of a truck driver... back when they were really gone and had no phone call but once a week!!

Our Extended Family~ the Brother that Blake never had..... UNCLE CHARLIE & AUNT JILL
Man we could NOT make it without these two in our lives.... from helping with parties to coming to retrieve dead animals out of flower beds... hahaha There any time we need them. And of course the LOVELY yard that almost all our family pictures are taken!! Blake &Charlie are very special friends!!

We love all of our family each and everyone in a different way. Each of you are special to us and we appreciate all the Love that you show us through out the year!


Monday, November 23, 2009

A week of Thankfullness

This week I would like to take the time to show and tell about my Thanksgiving!

I would like to start with my Friends.... most who are faithful readers ;)

I would like to mention a few, although I have many friends- I don't have time to spend time on the phone all day talking or eating lunch, I would love to!!!

This is our group of moms from Story time at the Library.... we had Katja's shower at a cute little sandwich shop.... left a pretty heavy mark. But they all stay at home and have little ones like myself so we can all relate!! Not to mention we try to get together with a BIGGER group for play dates and holiday parties!!!
Then there is my 30th Birthday Party.....

Fun Fun Fun.... this was 2 years ago- but ALL these friends are very close to and I love them all. I might not talk to some of them for a month or two- then pick back up exactly where we left off. A few were not here, Whitney, Crystal, Sandy...

I am glad however my sister told me to go put some jeans on instead of my pj's about 10 minutes before I opened the door and they were all standing there!! Thanks for the video too Kristy!!

I love this picture even though we just are looking loverly, with no makeup on. My friend Sandy, she lives in Little Rock- has a baby just a few days younger than C. She & I have connected because are husbands were friends in High School. Sandy is also a wife of a husband in the military- very Thankful for her & him!!

Of course there is Heather- she and I also connected because her first husband & my husband were also classmates. She then started to come get her hair done from me and worked in my shop doing nails up until I had T. Robbi is with us in this picture- she and I have connect through Heather.... btw keep her in your prayers still... she is doing well, just has a long road of healing ahead!!

Then there is Debbie, Renee, GiGi & Mrs. Deborah- these are my friends that are a little older than me but we really can connect. They treat my kids like their own and help me out so much- whether it be a shopping trip or trip to the Doctor in Little Rock. They are my Hero's I just think they are glad they don't have to go home with us.... the car ride is bad enough!!!

Then there is my Blog Family, I love to read their blogs and don't get to keep up with them any other way.... Here is my list of REAL LIFE Blog Friends:

I thank Mer for being such an inspiration to me in writing a blog and as a young mother. I can remember from a young married girls life I thought she was just the best mom ever- Great example to follow and her kids and husband call her blessed for sure!! Even though she lives far away- I can keep up with her blog.

Last by certainly NOT LEAST.... Crystal- she is my shoulder and my rock. She and I talk on the phone at least once a day and if not we have to talk the next day twice to make up for it!! Our kids are the same age- and we live right down the road from each other!! We have cried on the phone together and laughed until we cannot understand what the other is saying, we completely accept the other one for who they are and what their talents & gifts are!! I am so thankful for her!!

And to think.... we met on a isle at our favorite Grocery store when she was pregnant with her C and I was trying to have a baby... I told her "WOW you are pregnant- you cannot tell until you turn sideways!!" She looked normal from behind.... then when she went to reach something- woowza belly 'bout to bust!!!

I am so Very Thankful for ALL my friends- I pray for them all daily and Thank God that they have all come into my life at a special time!!

I am so thankful that GOD has sent all my friends to me.... in all different ways!!

What about you, do you have friends you are so very thankful for??


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Locks of Love

This week I had my hair cut... for Locks of Love- In honor of my friend Heather who is now TUMOR FREE!!! Her surgery Thursday was a success- Praise the LORD!!

7 inches
Old hair... New hair....My new do- what do you think??

It is much different- in fact Wednesday night at church most of the people in our Sunday school class did not know who I was.... NEW WOMAN!!!


Friday, November 20, 2009

a Visit to the ZOO

Here we go... a flash back to September... Labor day weekend. Hence the shorts!! It has taken so long to upload these pictures. I took my new camera.... and my goodness when you take a million pictures it is really hard to decide which ones to use on the blog. Then you can only upload 2 at a time because of the size of the pictures. I have learned that OUTDOOR pictures take MUCH longer!!! And we all know the ZOO is definitely OUTDOORS!! Could you imagine the smell of an indoor ZOO!!! UGGHHHH- Don't even go there!!

So here are the pics from our visit to the Tulsa Zoo!!
Lots of FUN!!! I really enjoyed it this time. I grew up going to this ZOO my whole life- they have done a lot of remodeling. The last visit we had was when I was 8 months pregnant with C.... I definitely had swollen ankles after that trip... and we were potty training T at the time. We knew were all the restrooms were!!
We were glad to take T back and C for the first time of many I am sure!!

Grana, Poppie, Daddy & the boys in the jungle rider

C enjoyed the elephants and T showed us he is the same as a monkey!!


I did give T an "old film camera" hahaha that sounds funny !! He loved it- we would crack up at him to see him take a picture as if he could see the picture on the back like a digital camera. His pictures I paid $13 for a bunch of grass or a elephants tail!! Priceless though to him- he took them for show & tell!!

At the petting ZOO the boys found a log..... this cracked us up so much. They just were holding onto this log and petting it. While the goats & sheep were dodging all the other kids!! They did pet the animals but, went to the log first!!

That is what T use to call them!!

I like this picture a lot because I cannot tell you how many pictures of me & my sister that we also have at this same fence looking a the sea lions!!

Waiting on the Train ride.... waiting.... waiting.....

FINALLY.... HAPPY BOYS on the TRAIN!!! Choo Choo!!!

If you have ever seen poppie.... here he is 50 years younger...... T

C loved the Train... every time the whistle would blow he would just crack up laughing!!! Then yell out "all aboard"

Our piggy back rides to the car... our little monkeys!!!

Have you been to the ZOO lately?? Which one.... Got any favorites??