Friday, May 29, 2009

10 years ago today.....

Charlotte Johnson could not stand a chance 10 years ago today.......I was SWANGIN'

This big guy from Arkansas asked me to marry him, on his parents back porch while we were swangin' the porch swing! LOVE IT!!! Nothing more southern than that.

We had dated for 3 1/2 years. All I can say it thank God for TIME!!! Look at that hair....or lack there of.....We definitely are those who have fallen in Love for
who we were not what we looked like..... I guess??
Really it was the tie.... I could not resist a guy in a looney tone tie!!!
This picture was actually taken when we started dating....Feb. 1996.
What was I thinking that perm.....honestly when his mom took this on EASTER Sunday and mailed it to me- I was still in beauty school- I got a straightener the next day!!!
Do you blame me. B grew his hair back 2 years later. Thank God!!
Happy Anniversary B.... I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to the Family Baby T.K.

Is he not a cutie!!

B's cousin J & J had their baby boy...T.K. we will call him. I saw him through a window at the hospital but cannot wait to get a hold of those kissable cheeks!!!
Nothing is like kissing a new born baby. That sweet innocent smelling bundle of Joy!!

He was 7 pounds 4oz. 20 inches

LOOK at ALL that HAIR!!!!

The nurses could not resist they gave him a mohawk!!! How cute is HE!!!
Love that baby burrito look on his face......HELLO PEOPLE I CANNOT MOVE!!!

This is B's aunt & uncle's FIRST grandbaby....can you tell!! I saw this picture and got chills.
They are so happy for their daughter and son-in-law. We are too!!

Congrats!!! We know you will be the best parents ever!

God has truely blessed you!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jon & thoughts....

I really love the show Jon & Kate plus 8. It comes on about bed time around here so we enjoy watching the "kids". I think it was great for them to think ahead to have video footage of their precious blessings videoed in there own home on TV. I just don't think they thought it would go this far. Paparazzi and crazy fans. That is just something that comes along with it.

I recently purchased a few magazines to read the story. People I hear is the "real story". I read it and it is just so sad that a TV show can ruin a family who seemed to be so strong it their beliefs and faith. Honestly that is just how the devil works his powers.

I am reminded regularly how I am a lot like Kate....from my husband. Although he also reminds me that the way she treat her husband is NOT how I treat him. But the organized and routine side of her. How she likes everything in it's place and loves to take kids to fun places and spend quality time with them.

I feel as if we all loose track of time so quickly and it can put you in a complete tail-spin when you are not putting God first in ALL things. Even though the sextuplets had a great birthday party and it was well planned and organized- was there Love and Peace there? I did not see it.

I really hope this is just a season of change for them- I really wish they could hang it up and call it quits to save a marriage. I would hate for the kids to see this unfold on TV for the world to see.

I wonder if they have seen FIREPROOF?? If not I think Kirk Cameron and his fine little self needs to personally deliver it to the family. Would it not be a great thing for them to get back together and go to church and everything be mended. Just as the movie we watched this weekend Marley & Me said " you don't end mend it."

If you have not seen FIREPROOF.......go beg, borrow or steal (okay maybe not steal then you would be on TV yourself) 19.99 to watch it!! It will be the BEST money you have EVER spent....EVER!!! Not just for married people.....for people in general.

I really pray for their marriage to make it.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Dining at It's Best


This weekend we ordered crawfish from a local store and we decided to eat out on the back porch. Seeing that the ONLY time it has ever been used to eat at is usually a birthday party. We enjoyed it- think we have started something new! The boys enjoyed it even more than we did. They could not wait to get back to playing. When I drove to town to pick up the crawfish- B turned his back for a "moment" (that is all it takes) and a mud puddle was attacked with great force!! That is all I need to say. Boys!!

Yummy!!! I have acquired a love of crawfish and I am picking up pace on eating them. It takes skill to twist pull and dip into butter!

Yummy....did I say that once already!!

B is a serious crawfish eater....he gets into it and it cracks me up with his serious face. He is so competitive, I am sure he sees it as a many he can eat how fast!!
I fixed the boys a plate of grilled chicken and veggies. The crawfish can tend to be a little spicy- especially since we live so close to Louisiana. True Cajun food. Plus, they just enjoyed looking at the creature and acting like it was gonna get us. T enjoyed the "pincher's". I think C enjoyed NOT sitting in a highchair more than anything!!

Since it was a holiday weekend, we enjoyed daddy being home one extra day. We stayed up late ....til' 10 o'clock on Sunday night...... I know we are so living on the edge!!

We did watch Tale of Despereaux- it was a special treat. We made a tent in the living room and laid on the floor watching the little mouse movie. We saw it when it first came out in the is such a cute movie. Definitely worth buying.

B & I watched Marley & Me......Oh my goodness, don't watch this movie if you have just lost a dog within months!!! I am NOT a crying person- especially at movies I know are not real. This one could have been real. Plus, I could totally relate to it. It is a great movie though. Although I watched half of it with swollen tear filled eyes.

Thinking about going to watch UP in the theaters this weekend- I need to check out ratings and previews for kids under 3??? Every time T sees the preview on TV he says... "mama he is sticking out his tongue.....we don't do that!!!" I would hate to spend money on a ticket- then have to leave if it is not that great of taste.

Did you have a good weekend?? What did you do?? Seen any good movies lately??


Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today is a day of Remembrance of Fallen Soldiers.

I am proud to be from a family of many soldiers.
Theses are the Family members who have gone on before and we are extremely grateful for their sacrifice and service for our freedom of our country.

My Uncle D.A. served in the Navy
November 15, 1942- May 5, 2005

My Grandpa Paul "Daddy Pete" served in the Marines

November 13, 1914- February 6, 1995

B's Grandpa Roy Lee served in the Navy
November 21, 1927- June 20, 1992

I pray that all soldiers families are comforted this day and each day.
I Thank God that these men in my family were brought home safely to raise families. There are so many who don't come home, or even get to say "goodbye". May God Bless them All.

P.S. Happy 35th Wedding anniversary to B's Parents! We Love You!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fire in the Mouth

Well you know how a 3 year old- excuse me a 3 and a half years old (he now corrects me anytime I call him 3) likes to ask questions??? Been there??
T has noticed Fire in peoples mouth?? SMOKERS!!!

He refers to call it "fire" because he doesn't know that they are called cigarettes. The other day he was playing and had something hanging out of his mouth, it fell out. He then said "oh man I dropped my fire." I sat down with him and we had a detailed conversation about "fire".

I really did not know what to say other than what the bible has to say?? I just told him that when you put things like "fire" in your mouth it hurts your body. Then I told him that God created our bodies and does not want us to hurt our bodies.

The next day we were driving through town and he said very upset "MAMA THOSE GIRLS IN THE CAR HAVE FIRE IN THEIR MOUTH!!!" Sitting at the Red light I just explained to him that just because we do something does not mean everyone believes the same. Then he told me it was OK if he had fire in his mouth when he grows up, because he wants to be a construction worker or a truck driver( the truck driver who lives at our house does not smoke??) and they have fire in their mouth. I once again told him how it harms our body and what God thinks about that.

I know that this is part of raising children and teaching them. I guess as an adult and knowing better I did not realize how many people in person and on t.v. smoke. Andy Griffith for Pete's sake was smoking on his black and white t.v. show the other day. I thought that show was as clean as it gets??

I feel like I am constantly having this conversation non-stop with him. Every time we turn around there is someone else who has fire in their mouth. If you find a big enough bubble to fit all of my family in- Please let me know! Otherwise do you have any suggestions to conversations about talking with you children about "things others may do, but we don't do in our lives."


Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 Words Thursday


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Treat Surprise

You know when you are growing always seem to remember one special thing or moment that never leaves you. I always LOVED it when we would come home from school and my mom would have a snack of peanut butter crackers, celery with peanut butter or cheese and crackers.

Our little colored Tupperware plate would be sitting on the bar and we would enjoy an afternoon snack. Well, I thought I would continue that tradition. I just started because I have been buying Icee's at the local Icee store- or a cherry-limeade at Sonic happy hour. Then on to pickup T from school.
Yesterday when I picked him up I had NOT a dime in my pocket!! Yes I know it was Monday- but remember my job pays by the hugs & kisses not $$!! So there I was with no money for a "special drink"? What to do?? Then I thought, Well I have been wanting to start this WHY NOT NOW!!!
Here is what you will need.....
I fixed Peanut Butter Crackers, with craisins. I made a little cute face- he needed a nose so I grabbed a baby carrot.
And this is what I got.....
He did have to share with little brother and in fact I had to make 6 more crackers with pb. Then he was asking for another carrot. But, finally he was satisfied and the empty preschoolers belly was FULL!!
And my heart was FULL of JOY and HAPPINESS too!! I loved the BIG smile and excitement on his face. I will continue to do this even when he wakes up from his naps.
What a Happy Boy!!!
At supper we always go around the table and talk about our day....he said his favorite time was his surprise snack I made him!!!
I love that kid!! I slipped him a $ 5 under the table!! haha not really!!
Do you do special snacks?? If so what are they??

Monday, May 18, 2009

Are there Beaver's living here??

This is our beautiful expensive crib...

This is the work of Our Little Beavers.....

When T was in this crib he did a little damage, then when C came here.....well the damage can speak for itself. I have tried to buy a cover- they don't fit. The sides are custom made. If I had to do it over again I would buy a cheaper crib that every thing fits. My husband's parents bought it for us- I am so thankful that they purchased this crib I looked for on the Internet and did tons of research. Little did I know there was no guard for teething babies, nor would it fit anything they sale in the store to go on the side (eg. mobiles, lights, music things...) Atleast it fits mattresses and sleeping babies... I did not say LONG sleeping babies though!!

While I was expecting C and we did the "move" from T's room to C's room. I looked at the teeth marks. In disgust I said "I think I am gonna sand this down and re-stain it" My precious father-in-law said in his sweet soft voice. "Those are priceless teeth marks, one day you will wish you still had them!" Enough said, I kept it the same. Now there are just added marks. What a mouth look at those marks on the side???

I cannot complain I have been blessed with 2 healthy babies. One who would sleep 14 hour nights the other who still sometimes sleeps 4 hour nights.
Maybe he has wood stuck in his teeth?

This is a bed that converts to a toddler bed. For years we will see the work of our "little beavers" and those teeth might get knocked out or just fall out. Then they might be covered with braces one day. Then they will be grown and not even eating in our house anymore. But you can bet I am hanging on to this priceless piece of wood.

Do you have any beavers at your house??


Friday, May 15, 2009

A Visitor

Remember those Bird Feeders.....

The other night they got knocked over in the storm. Now they are on the porch and we sprinkle bird seed around. Then one morning we saw this.
How cute it he!

He usually comes up and un-shells the sunflowers, eats them -them leaves.
We sit on the couch looking out the window trying are hardest NOT to breathe to loud.
Then usually a LOUD BANG on the WINDOW from C and he is gone like a flash!
He looks at us sometimes, I think he knows we are watching sometimes he gets scared but he comes right back.
I love living in the Country seeing these special moments with the boys!!
Do you have favorite Nature moments?? What are they??

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Memory of Abby E.

Please Pray For this Family Today.

In Memory of Abby
February 20th 2006- May 14th 2008

This was taken from my friend Sara's Facebook Group.

Hello. My name is Sara. My husband (Shannon) and I were married June 15, 2002. We have 3 beautiful girls. Madeline (4), Cadence (1) and Abigail- our 2 year old daughter who passed away May 14, 2008.

Abigail Grace was born on Feb 20th, 2006. She was taken 2 months early for heart arrhythmia's in utero. She spent 8 weeks in the NICU and then was home for about a month before she became very dehydrated and was admitted to the hospital.
She spent 4 months in the hospital in that single admission. She always had diarrhea so all of her feeds were stopped and she was placed on strictly IV fluids. She had a g-tube placed which she got continuous feeds through.She got half of her nutrition through TPN which goes in an IV line called a central line. She had several PICC lines placed.

Her main problem was that she could not absorb nutrients from food and she had chronic diarrhea her whole life. I mean she NEVER had a formed stool in her entire life.
Her other and equally important problem was an immune problem with her B cells. The problem is that even at age 2, no one knew why her body was doing this. The doctors did not have any answers.

She went to Cincinnati Children's because they are the top when it comes to GI and Immunology but they still didn't know why her gut would not take in the nutrition. Also something very interesting is that Abby was born with hair so brittle it would fall out if you touched it. Her organs were affected by her immune disorder as well. Her liver and spleen were very enlarged.
Abby was on several medications, Prograf at one time, Prednisone another time. She got IVIG and Pentamidine every month. She required blood transfusions about once a month and she spent more time in the hospital than out.
She was a very happy girl though. I mean she had a smile that would melt your heart and her hugs made you feel like you were the only person she really loved that much! In April, Abby was admitted to ACH in septic shock. She was placed on a ventilator. She spent 6 weeks there before she passed away.

Abigail died in my arms on May 14, 2008. She was 2 years old.
The week before she passed, I found her diagnosis on OJRD (Orphanet Journal for Rare Diseases). It is called Syndromic Diarrhea, Phenotypic Diarrhea or Tricho-Hepato-Enteric Syndrome. All of the information I have found has been from France.
I am attempting to find others with this syndrome or at least find out if there are any others here in the US. I created this group to hopefully raise awareness about this syndrome and find others who may know something about this fatal condition.
A big "Thank You" to all who have visited this site. May God Bless each and every one of you.
Please visit these sites for more information about Abigail or Syndromic Diarrhea of Early Infancy Search: Baby Abigail Story Her carepage name is: AbbyGrace2007

Thank You For Praying For a Cure and For Abby's Family!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not a Computer Geek

OK today I have to bust B out. He is SO not the Computer Geek. He is a hard working truck driver. In fact this month he will be driving a truck for 10 years!!

He is such a hard worker. He is gone away from us a lot, but no matter how tired he is he always likes to take time for his most important jobs- Husband & Daddy!

Well the other night he asked " Can I look something up on the computer?" Surprised I said "Yes- what a map to the location you are going?" He responded "No a Truck"

As he proceeded to sit in front of the computer he said "how do you turn it on?" Yes he did!

Then I googled Trick my Truck apparently there is a Kenworth with a certain type of bumper. fender, stack, paint job...I really don't know what he liked the best about the truck.

Then as I proceeded to fold laundry as he drooled all over the computer at chrome and trucks. His next question floored me.... " hey what is faw-q" I said "EXCUSE ME?" surprised and confused by what he just said. And as he uncontrollably laugh he said this and pointed to the letters on the screen- FAQ! Otherwise known as Frequently Ask Questions. The rest of that conversation is was pretty much laughter, snorting laughs and gasping for air! We laughed until we cried. I love those silly moments together- I will cherish them always!!

I knew you would get a kick out of my little computer geek in training!

He needs to keep his day job.... what do you think?


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in the Dark

Lately we have had a monsoon of rain. We have lost our electricity many times. Well you know what they say.... when life gives you lemons.....try to find them in the dark with a flashlight and make lemonade.
One night in particular we luckily had ALL had our was a muddy day, one of those strip down at the back door and run to the bath tub. We had just sat down at the table for supper and listened to the thunder and was getting pretty strong and the wind now we know was clocked at 66 mph.
Then all of the sudden........SILENCE & DARKNESS.
Been there? You know there is no buzz from the lights, TV, fridge, etc.
T had never experienced the moment, so he was a little weirded out for a moment. Then I grabbed the 2 candles out of each bathroom, the flashlight??? where would it be- Oh yes in the trunk of my car!!! Ran out in the ran to get it.
Then I remembered I bought theses little lanterns for the boys. I was inspired by Jon & Kate plus 8. I love that show, and they gave their kids lanterns and let them go camp out in the back yard. We have not camped out- but they came in handy!
So here we were sitting at the dinning room table. Making a LOG HOME!! I was trying to keep C- OFF the table. We then moved to the floor and played every game we had, two or three times.
We always read the bible to the boys at bed time. Why not act it out with little people?? Great idea I thought. We had little people firemen as bible characters and baby Jesus also filled in as baby moses in a basket.
We had a BLAST!! Honestly, I know why the people who grew up living in the dark at night were so much closer. The talked!!! Instead of the TV and all the modern distractions. They had no clue about all we have today. What a mess modern things can turn special relationships into.
I would love to just turn the lights out again one night and do it again. We were without for 2 hours. All the boys went to sleep and I did the dishes with a flashlight while listening to the Entergy trucks humming out side. Apparently there was a line down right behind our house.
What do you do when the Lights go out at your house?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day full of JOY!!

What a GREAT Mother's Day!!

My Cup is Overflowing with Joy and Happiness....

For Years my husband and I wanted children so bad, it hurt at times. We lost a baby along the 4 year journey. Seems that if you are not a mother of a physical child on Earth- you are not honored as a mother?? I have never felt that way. I have felt as if I have been a mother always even if my first two babies are in heaven. Regardless of a mistake of mine.....God does not make mistakes. He has Grace for those who do.

Well, for years it has been hard to attend Mother's Day services. Yes, the past 4 years have been better. I was 6 months pregnant one year, the last 3 I have had living babies to celebrate with me. This year tops them ALL!!

The church my husband grew up in and we attended our first 4 married years together, is a traditional southern baptist church. FULL of Wonderful People!! They honor each woman with at flower- then go through the Mother's oldest, youngest, most children.... and so on. Over the last 3 years we have not been there for Mother's Day nor did we attend a church that honored Ladies in the way.

For year's this moment on this special day I would have to literally choke back tears! Seeing all the mother's get a flower.

This moment this year brought tears of JOY to my eyes.....I got my FLOWER!!

My precious 3 year old brought me this flower. Oh the Joy in my heart. To have a healthy child living on earth with us to bring us laughter, joy, and comfort after all those years.

Then we celebrated with family at my husband's aunt & uncles house. Here I am with my boys and our sweet niece A.G. I have two niece's they both are "my girls" I love girly stuff deep down inside- I absolutely LOVE to buy for girls!!! That is why God gave me Boys!!

For my present this year and the past few years. My awesome husband just tells me to go to the local florist/ nursery and pick out whatever for my flowerbeds & potted plants. I purchased a lot of flats and planted them in different planters on my porch. Here is one. I LOVE IT!!! .

My husband & the boys gave me a sweet card with puppies on it- T was so proud he picked it out himself he told me! He came home Friday after running a few errands with his daddy and immediately told me "we went somewhere and got you something, Daddy told me not to tell you and if you asked to say I cannot tell you- OK?" I then replied "where did you go?" (I know I am so mean--- temptation) He said "freddies?" I was thinking he must have to him some funny name so I would not catch on. I just left it at that- knowing I was getting a card!

I am so joyful and happy that this year was a great one- I hope you had a great Mother's Day too!! What did you get for gifts? How do you celebrate?



For all the Important Mom's in our Lives.....
Mamaw C
She is my last living grandmother, I am so glad I have been able to have a great relationship with her and my boys have gotten to know her. I never knew any of my great-grandparents, so I think that is special.

Mamaw M
B's grandmother. Never a dull moment when Mamaw M is around!!
She is full of life and loves to live it to it's fullest!

Mamaw J
B's grandmother. She is so quiet you would never know she is in the room- until she laughs! She gets to laughing she cries almost every time. And her laugh is contagious!!

Aunt LaLa
My sister- best mom in the world I think. She naturally gave birth to her daughter 5 weeks early and stayed by her side for a week in the NICU.
Aunt Cole
B's sister. She is a single hard working mom. Providing the best she can for her sweet little girl, she has worked hard to get where she is at....and we are so proud of her!


B' mom. She is a caring grandmother. She loves to laugh at the boys in there silliness. She is the best cook too!! I have been trying to perfect her recipes for years!! Still can't!! (and might I add the prettiest thing....we get asked if we are sisters! hahaha thanks!)


My mom. She is the best example to follow, as a stay-at-home mom for us. She was always there when we needed her. I have learned from example- "let the dust bunnies gather and cobwebs grow...for before you know your children are grown." She put US above everything and I am so glad she did!! She is the Best!!


Of course!! I LOVE my BOYS!! It took 4 years a lots of prayers to get T here. I never thought I would ever be a mother. And by God's Grace and Blessings LOOK at ME NOW!!

I dedicate this post to the babies I have never met....5-10-95 & 7-03-03... I will see you in heaven one day and get to hold you then.... I promise....Until then...Mama Loves You!!