Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back door guests.....are the BEST!!

The other day we had a special visitor- Mrs. Deborah. I had cut her hair for many years, she is a dear friend. She stopped by to give the boys a little surprise. She found these cute little visor hats- T was a shark, and C was a parrot!!

She is so thoughtful- she is always sending cards for special occasions. She has two grown children who live a few hours away, no grandchildren yet-
guaranteed she will be a GREAT grandmother.

Thanks Mrs. Deborah for stopping by to visit and for the hats!!
They LOVE them as you can see!!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to My Parents.....

36 YEARS and still strong!!!
June 30, 1973- 2009...

Thanks for being such great example for us to follow as a married couple and as parents.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Picture of the Week.....and venting

This is a Lily from my flowerbed. I have redone them this year- I will post pictures later.
This week is another busy week. We are getting ready to have a 4th party & anniversary party on Saturday. B & I will have been married 10 years on the 30th of July. We thought we would get together with a few family & friends to celebrate. Lots of cleaning to do- so sorry if I skip a few days this week.

Do have a story I need to vent.....
Went to the grocery store last Friday. Had not been in 2 1/2 weeks- due to busy schedule. So needless to say I was there for and hour and had two buggy's full when I left. For some odd reason C decided to scream and act like a fool the whole time. We got our usual 'free' cookie from the bakery- then they ate every animal cracker I had left this side of the Mississippi.
I do need to back up he may have been fussy due; to the night before he did fall and bit a hole yes, a HOLE in his bottom lip and chin. No Dr. visit because it stopped bleeding quickly and he did not cry that much. Plus I did not feel like an ER visit since B was gone. He did it by falling from the dining room table chair...trying to get on the table.
OK back to the store. Once we got to the check out. I finally gave him my list and a pen to draw. Well, T wanted it-after a few minutes and a page full of scribbles, I told C that we needed to share and gave it to T for a moment! C cried so loud and hard they probably heard him in Mexico.....I mean that kid has a set of lungs!!
I have been trying to work on sharing with him a lot. He is so rotten that if any one takes ANYTHING away from him he just throws a hostile fit.....red head coming out!!! So I leaned down to his sweet blue eyes filled with tears running down his red cheeks and mixed with mucus from the nose.....I won't go there. I gently put my hand on his leg and said " If you don't hush right now- I will spank you!" HE got LOUDER???
I was thinking kid if you know what is in your best interest you will hush it up NOW!!! So, I picked him up out of the buggy- Swatted his little thunder thigh. Well, as you can imagine- made it 10 times worse. I so was NOT gonna give in. As now every one in the store is looking in my direction, as I turn my head trying to ignore there crazy looks.
I was NOT gonna let him win- I don't care where we were!!! The whole time this young grandmother was standing in line behind me- watching this unfold. I was not even looking her way. The cashier was so flustered thought he was gonna start to cry too!
I went back to him told him to stop crying and I would give him the pen & paper back. He did for a moment. So I told T to hand it to him.......T gently passed the notepad & pen to him. C threw it on the floor and got even LOUDER!!!
At this time- I was ready to go put him on a shelf in the store and mark a price on the poor kid's head!! I once again picked him up an spanked him (2nd time if your counting) HE then got even LOUDER- at this time he was like off the charts, and every one's ear drums are ringing!!!
I was getting so frustrated- I just had no choice but to stand and wait until the checker hit total and the sacker put the groceries in the buggy so we could run like the wind!!!
I went over to him again and told him "STOP SCREAMING NOW" in a calm but urgent tone. He then looked at me and said "NO" Dear Lord hold me back...... I picked him up once again and spanked him AGAIN (3rd time) From that point on I just had him on my hip and he screamed.
The cashier at the other check-out commented and said " What is wrong with that baby?" I just rolled my eyes and said- "he won't share and doesn't like to be told no I guess" This is where it gets U-GLAY That sweet grandma who was behind us- had moved to the other line. She then put her ten cents in ...... "You don't teach lessons in public that is for home- when you are in public you just give them what they want to keep them quiet for others!!"
HELLO LADY.....Who died and made you Dr. Phil??????
I just looked at her and starred at her like WOMAN I am gonna spank you if you don't SHUT your MOUTH!!! Luckily this is store is small and the same people have worked there for years and know me by my first name. The cashier said to her " Her baby's are always good when she comes in here- something must be wrong with him!" I think she thought- the same as what my look showed! I just hushed my mouth- not to lose my witness for Christ and left the store.
As soon as we got to the 150 degree car he neve cried again....all the way home!
I was so flustered when I got home I took my key less remote entry for the car and held it out to the back door of the house punched the button and could not figure out why the door was not opening......then started to laugh- You know it is better than crying on times like these. I know they are only little once- and this is just a stage/season of life.
So, now it is your turn- WHAT would you have done?? Did I handle this the right way???
Tell me your advice.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Okay I am a little late.... I have finally caught up this week.

These are some pics from Father's Day at my parent's in laws house.

Here is My Baby Daddy and my 2 kids.
My three FAVORITE people!!!

This is My Father in Law & his two kids.
My poor sis-in-law she is only 4 feet tall... hee hee....

This is B's grandfather and his two daughters.

I framed a poem for B from the boys. It says we are too little to fit in daddy's shoes but we feel ten foot tall when we put them on, and how they hope to grow up and be as good as their daddy.

Have a Good Weekend.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boomerang Express came and went...

Well by far the most exciting part of last week was VBS (vacation bible school)

Boomerang Express, was a train ride through Australia that we learned about Jesus through Peter's experiences with Jesus in person. Our train just happened to be Thomas.
(he is the 3rd car back front seat)

T was so excited- he loved every minute of it!!
Here he is with a little buddy we go to church with.
In fact Saturday morning he said "guess what daddy since you are home today you can go to swim lessons and bible school with us today!" Bless his heart, he was so confused- we never go anywhere 2 days in a row.
We would leave the house every night at 4:45 to eat at church, thank God for people who thought to serve the workers of VBS. That was Wonderful! Then we would VBS from 5:30- 8:30 leave the church at around 9 every night!!! Whew makes me tired just to think back on it.
It was so well worth it. I taught a bible study class and crafts for ages 3-5. Can I get another Whewwwww........... I was totally drained each night. I loved the kids they were great, but the glue and the sticky foam crafts.....what was I thinking????
Each night we had around 160 kids total, just 38 in my group. And 60+ workers. I thought that was great too. Never have I ever been in such an organized VBS. That was even more wonderful!! We had about 5 ask Jesus in their hearts. That was great too!!
The last night we stood on stage with our 38 some pre-school. They recited 2 Peter 3:18 together and sang a few songs. It was so funny, thought I was gonna loose it up there with them. After it took us only 5 minutes or so to get up there, have them stand in a semicircle. Then they said the verse so well. ALL the sudden they turned on the music to sing- It was like they took a plug and shocked the kids with voltage........They ALL started jumping and dancing around like a bunch of little monkeys......... Then a few got a little brave and went to the edge of the stage- thought they were gonna body surf across the church there for a moment. I had NO CONTROL of my little group on the right side of the stage. So, I just went and sat on the edge of the stage to keep the monkeys from falling and breaking anything. Those Pentecostals ain't got nothin' on these little Baptist kids!! CRAZY I tell you!!! And mine was the ring leader....imagine that....sweet little T!!!

We did tell T on the way to church that night, If he did good and sang good on stage. We would get him some ice cream afterwards! Bribe....works every time.....although next time I will tell him to STAND and sing. That ice cream was really good!!! Too bad we had to get it on the go...it was late!!!! Good thing we were in Daddy's truck not My car!!!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Two Fish

Here are some pictures from last week's swim lessons. It was both of the boys 2nd year for lessons. Great teacher's they are so patient with the kids.

T's class was all boys and one little cute girl.
I packed a lunch for all of us. C & I would sit under a shade tree and eat while T took his class. Then T worked up a BIG appetite swimming in the pool, which is not unusual for him- the boy likes to eat....and it shows!!!
T has not been in a pool since his lessons last year- so the teachers said he needs to practice more. He cannot kick his legs- for some reason....Lord I hope he is more talented in sports than me- I pray he gets the talent from B.....mr. athlete- I can barely run without falling down. I would try to play every sport out there.....I just really did not find anything other than cheerleader.....LOUD voice and tumbling that was my game!!!

All T talked about was JUMPING OFF the diving board. He remembered that from last year. The last day they let the kids jump off- this year they let them do it a few days early. The first day, I held his hand as he stepped off the board. Then the next day he had on a "Cars" swimsuit with Lighting McQueen on it......He told the teacher "Lighten McQueen is scared he doesn't want to jump!!" Ha ha that was so funny and original- where does he come up with it??? When C saw that big brother jumped off the diving board- well, that was it that is all HE wanted to do too!!!
The best picture of him jumping....and my skinny side- my arm you can see here. Hunter's mom has a photography business. She took good pics of all the kids. Very sweet, Thanks Janet it was nice to meet you!
In C's class he was the only boy out of 4. He pretty much screamed the whole time in the water most of the days. Why?? Because he did not like to be held......okay kid sink or swim!!! He did wear floaties a few days- but he did not like those either- imagine that!!

Nothing makes me more sick than getting in a pool with people who's children are much younger and they have a flat stomach. UGH!!! Oh well, I just need to get my bloggy bottom up and do some exercise. They say the camera adds 10 pounds to you..... 20 people were taking my picture, I have my own paparazzi.
C loved to put his head under water. He also loved jumping off the side- he would say "two" when I would stand him on the side. I would count "one, two, three- jump!"

C finally got to jump off the diving board his last day.....Oh My Goodness I was scared to death.....REALLY!!! I have NO pictures because I was not leaving the pool. Not much scares me- and he loved it- wanted to do AGAIN!!!! I pray I have enough nerves left when he plays high school sports.......(biting my fingernails)

MiMi & our cousin Big A.G. came to watch too.

Finally the last day they give each kid a sucker and C's group got a rubber ducky. It was like a light went off inside of T's brain on Friday- and he could kick his legs and swim alone.

I love to swim so I am glad both of the boys like to also. I can remember my dad telling me hold on- and he would swim under water let me touch the bottom of the pool and go back up. We would swim the whole length of the pool underwater. I always loved to open my eyes and look around underwater- it was a neat thing I thought as a kid.
We love to swim do you??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lil' A.G.'s Big Birthday Bash!!!

We went to celebrate this little sweet angel's birthday. She is my niece, it was her 3rd birthday. She has come along way from spending her first week in the NICU. She is FULL of Happiness & Joy.

They live just two hours away from us in Texas- so we drove over for the day.
They rented this 2 story tall water slide. The kids played NON-STOP. They hated to go inside to eat and do presents. T was not for sure if he wanted to go down the slide at first- then he went and NEVER stopped going. He was still on it just moments before we left.

At first C was interested in the kiddy pool.........

All that fun and big slide and where did C go- to bucket of water. We laughed at him sitting in his "redneck pool". He would get in and out- in and out....over and over and over again. Talk about a TRUE country boy!!

I got on the slide with C and that was a mistake!! He wanted to go on it from then on!!!
I was so sore the next day- he would just point and say "mama mama mama"

WHAT A SPLASH.....see those FEET????

We had a great time- they will be headed our way in August for T's birthday.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Trying to Recover....here's a short review....

WOW.... I so need to catch up on my blog.
We have been so busy this last week- I am still spinning

Here's a review....
We drove to Texas for the day to see this sweet little angel Lil A.G. for her 3rd Birthday Party!!
Yes, that is ME sliding down the water slide.....those are definitely worth checking back to see!! I was sporting a "dugger" look- with a t-shirt over the suit and a swim skirt on- hahaha!!!

Swim lessons everyday last week from 12:00- 1:00 (thirty mins. each boy) I packed a lunch and sat with C while T swam- then it was our turn.....Whoo Hoo...I just love bathing suit season!! Not really!!!! I dread it with a passion!!!! Gotta do it for the kids though!!!

Then it was home for a two hour nap for the boys, not for me I was busy gearing up for VBS from 5:30- 8:30 each night. YES, 3 hours with 30+ three to five year old. All I have to say it next year I think I am signing up for snacks!!! I was completely worn out and exhausted each night. Then had to take my hyper kool-aid addicted kids home at 9 and try to calm them down to go to bed. The first night C got to bed at 11:30!!! I took advantage of his being worn out hoping he would pass out each night and weaned him from his bottle!!! It worked- no bottle for a week now.....'bout time- thought he was gonna have to take a bottle for nap time when he went to kindergarten!!
Then of course it was Father's Day this weekend. We tried to rest and just hang out with our daddy. We had good weekend with him- seeing that we had NOT seen him ALL week LONG!!
He would come in and we would leave for Bible School. Luckily, I DID NOT have to cook supper ALL week LONG!!! What a break- it was wonderful!!! The church fed all the VBS workers!!!
What a Blessing!!!
OK, so the next few days will be a review of the last week.....stay tuned!!
Have a Good Week.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!!

To all the Dad's who are special to us!!!

To my Dad...Poppie

To B's Dad.... BoBo

To my Papaw

To B's Papaw B.B.

To my Brother-In-Law Uncle J

To some Uncles..... Charlie, Philip & Uncle Mark

And Most of ALL the Father of My beautiful Children who look so much like him, and act like me!! He brings such joy to my life seeing him be such a good daddy and so caring. HE is the BEST husband too- did I mention the other day just walked in the door with a gift certificate to get a massage & pedicure......I know he is GREAT!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Hope all the Father's out there have a great day!!