Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, October 23, 2009


Well, I am leaving you with this to laugh at......

Here is C my "helper" of folding clothes this week!!

I was folding and he was dressing..... He then looked at me and said " I wears underwears!!"

I am gonna keep this for sure to show all those girl friends!!

Have a Good Weekend... I am off to my retreat!!! whoo hooo!!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some one's in the Kitchen with Mama

We baked some pumpkin cookies the other night...... I will let the pictures do the talking......
The wardrobe change would be.... bath time while cookies baked-


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Erase Mistakes...

This week while I was in the kitchen I gave the boys a dry eraser marker and two boards to write on- and eraser to share too!!

I saw in my friend Mer's blog a long time ago how she let her daughter write on the white fridge door- because it washes off.....with a dry eraser marker ONLY!!!

Seems like the boys are always under my feet while in the kitchen. I try to let them "help" but some things are just to much or some times I am in a hurry. We do have a few little magnet things that sing songs... those get old fast..... then there is always the old trusted TV watching.... we are trying to remove a little from that too.

Ok with all that said- They LOVED IT!!! I was not brave enough to let them do just the fridge, because at their age I don't think they would understand only draw on that space. Then I would turn around and my walls would have it on them.... or my WHITE cabinets!!
Well, the next day while I was outside for a moment... rolling the trash bins back up to the house. T came up to me when I walked in and said look what I made.... WITH A SHARPIE in his HAND!!!!

I very calmy said "Oh yes please show me everywhere you made something!!" He then led me to the board and this was it!!!!

I then told him we cannot draw with this matker- it would NOT COME OFF of things!!! He said "oh I am sorry I won't do it again." So sweet- but now I was going to have to throw this board away!

Then that is when I remembered this product I bought from here. It says in the ad it will take off permenant marker??? Let's just see I thought.

Every home needs a bottle. I told T this bottle CAN take it off- BUT we won't EVER EVER do that again RIGHT???!!!!



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Drive thru.....

C is loving his new car so much that he even likes to eat on the go. He never ever eats all that is on his plate... unlike others in our family.... ehm...

Only now he takes it for a snack I guess to save for later!!

"I'll take a grilled cheese on wheat with a cup of milk in a sippy cup PLEASE!!"


Friday, October 16, 2009

Paint & Pumpkins.... what a fun mess

We picked up some pumpkins from Mr. Buddy the other day. Thought we could paint a few faces or designs on them....you know carving with a knife, 4 & 2 year old boys....scares me!!

They did a good job....I did pretty good to with my diva pumpkin. T saw mine and said- "I want eyes!!!"

And C on the other hand was just plain messy. I looked over one time and he would paint a little on the pumpkin...then his arm.....pumpkin....arm......pumpkin.....arm......

I finally told him "OK all the paint ONLY goes on the pumpkin- then I looked up and it was in his hair??

I forgot to take a picture with my real camera- so as the boys played out side for a few minutes I took this with my phone.

I just love paint- I have no clue why it is just fun. I like to color with the boys too. I guess it just takes me back to when I was a kid. On rainy days it is the best. Little messy but LOTS of MEMORIES!!!

I love the crayola washable paint....it really is washable!!

Have you got any pumpkins yet?? What is your favorite thing to do with them??



Have you been wondering what happened?? I have been fasting this week- and I choose to fast and pray at my blog time. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.....

It has finally stopped raining hopefully....in the last 6 weeks we have had 32+ inches. Too bad we don't own a boat- we could have set sail in our back yard a few days!!

I have missed these days....

I enjoy watching the boys play outside usually for hours at a time. It has gotten really chilly now that we have had 500 cold fronts and rain move in. The yard is still a little soft and swishy!!

We will still be outside- just for not as long...and with many layers on!! I did buy a few mums I need to plant for right now they are just in pots for decoration next to the Daddy, Mama, brother & baby pumpkins- as T calls them!!

We painted pumpkins, baked pumpkin cookies, and bought mums....think we are ready for fall!!

I am REALLY ready for next weekend- SCRAPBOOK RETREAT!!! I have been going through all my stuff and I am ready to see these boys baby books FINISHED!!!

I borrowed my sis in laws laptop-THANKS COLE!! I plan on multi-tasking..... the only thing I know!! I really hope I can get a good signal on the computer in the woods....so that way I can download to shutterfly and make Christmas gifts as I crop.....I HOPE & PRAY we have a good signal!!

I will try to get this updated as soon as I can- I am cooking and preparing meals for the retreat and for the boys while I am gone......mmmm....chicken taco soup......vegetable beef soup.....yummo!!!
Please keep my friend Heather in your prayers as she is still battling nasty cancer....pray the Lord gives her strength and courage as she continues on this journey in her life!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

C's Curious George Party

Curious George is C's FAVORITE character right now- so I thought no better theme for a party!! Only thing is.....George is VERY hard to find.....in stores!!!

I could not find hardly anything- George anywhere!! I did find a few cute invites on eBay and paid a lot jut for George. Then found 3 Balloons at a party supply on clearance. The bakery did ave a kit- and that was that!!
Funny how George has been around forever- and yet they have nothing. In fact Uncle Charlie said when he was a kid he would watch him. C's love of George started from the show on PBS every morning when he wakes up. Then the AR Santa left both the boys a George for Christmas last year.

C does remind us a bit of a monkey just the way he runs and swings his arms-
and he definitely is CURIOUS!!!
So if the shoe fits- WEAR IT!!!

We had a small party and I was really glad- the temp was finally forecast 70's and NO RAIN!!! Well, weather men got this one WRONG!!! It was a misty rain most of the party and 60's or less. Too cold to play outside with out a jacket. So it was good there were not that many stacked on top of each other inside the house.
I did something different- since I wanted to keep with the George theme. I was reading a book about George to C last week- it had all of these different animals in the book. And talked about not feeding the animals at the ZOO.
I had bought some paper bag puppets and put up for the boys- so I thought we could make a different puppet and then act out the George story!! It went great!! There were Elephants, bears, tigers, and a blue bird. Then I had the birthday boy make a monkey one!! Here we are making our puppets and reading the story.

Big C made a GREAT Elephant, Lil' A had a tiger with many parts, and Big A was the blue bird.

He got really teased when we all looked at him and sang to him- I thought it was sweet compared to his usual "NO NO NO- NO INGing" All week long at any meal- T wants to sing happy birthday to him. I thinks OCTOBER is C's birthday. Everyday he says is it still October?
He had the whole opening presents down this year- I just had to keep his older brother out of them before he unwrapped them first!! I have already about lost it over the whole- SHARING- with each other. He takes the poor kids brand new toys right out of his hand..... I have a feeling the boat paddle will get a lot of use this week!!

He also got plenty of money for his saving account, a dinosaur, Handy Manny motorcycle, puzzles, little people & their boat of shapes, and a gift card for Wal-mart! He is ready to go- and mama is ready to organize all the new spaces for new toys!!

We gave him a Little Red Cozy Coupe car.....I have always wanted one of my kids to have one....one of those toys. What is any American household with out one of those cute red & yellow flinstone pedaling cars!! IT WAS A TOTAL HIT!!! Here is his reaction when he saw the car- ALL the kids were glad to see it!!

In fact he was so excited to get in.....he did a "dukes of hazard entrance" climbed right through the window!! Then there was a bit of a incident with others passengers trying to enter from the other side- It was CRAZY FUNNY!!!

I am LOVING my new camera- the only thing I don't like about it. The pictures are SO BIG (gb wise- i guess i don't know computer lingo?) It takes FOREVER to LOAD pictures on my blog- and any other website!!!

I have to do one picture at a time now.......SLOW.....therefore I am still working on my ZOO post I just load a few pics a day on it- And I have ALREADY taken 2000- pictures with it~~ I think I have a problem.

I will try with all the time on my hands to get a few more post up this week that I am behind on!!!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Friday

OK this week I have been setting all kinds of stuff on eBay. So many things that the kids are afraid they are next!! ( I stole it from Dave Ramsey) 25 AUCTIONS in ALL- 67 items!!!

Anyway I guess that T hears me talk about eBay a lot. So he knows a little about it- and that it has to do with the computer.

When we were in OK for my grandma's funeral poor B- he was running around keeping track of 2 busy boys while I was visiting or who knows what!

At one point B lost track of C- He then looked at T and said "where is your brother?" T responded in a frustrated voice " He is in there in Grana's computer looking up stuff on eBay!"

Then Yesterday as I was punishing T in his bedroom- I make him sit on the bed, them I come in and talk to him while I am stroking the mini boat paddle we spank them with. Talk about scary moments in the eyes of a child!!

Anyway, I was talking to him and asking him "why" he did what he did was wrong- I then spanked him and talked about how NOT to DO IT again!! Then I hugged him as I always do and tell him " I love you and I don't like to spank you, but you must obey so I don't have to spank you any more!"

He looked at me and said " Can we buy a boat- so we can go fishing, then I will take that paddle and keep it in the boat- so you cannot spank me with it ever again!!" I said "No this is a spanking paddle and that is what it is for- and it is HEAR to STAY!!"

Then he quickly replied....." Well, then when I grow up I am gonna SELL it on EBAY!!!"

I had to turn around so he would not see me laugh!!! Kids they really are listening when you think they aren't and REALLY pay attention!!!

Have a Good Weekend!!!
We are CELEBRATING C's BIG 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday...pictures to come!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HI HO HI HO it is off to work I go...

Well, I have finally finished sorting, taking pictures & now I am listing 67 items on eBay.
So, you will not hear from me until next week- I do have a FUNNY picture lined up for Friday!
Saturday is C's big party- so If I am not eBaying- I am CLEANING!!!
Oh yeah and those kids I have to fit them in there somewhere, the hubby too!!
WHY the rush on eBay.....the have a 0 listing fee....it expires on Sunday the 11th!!!
I just wish I was really Snow White and had 7 little helpers!!
I already have the handsome prince! ;)
See you in the funny papers....(that is what my father-in-law says all the time)
Oh yeah Happy Birthday to My sister...LaLa!!! Love you!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


the BIG 2...
Seems like yesterday when you arrived so FAST and FURIOUS!! When you came into the world- it has never been the same!! The doctor broke my water I was dilated to a 4 and 50 minutes later you were HERE!!! You came so fast the doctor almost missed you- your little nose, face & legs were skinned up a bit because you literally flew down the birth canal!!
It was FUN let me tell you!!

Your check up is next week so I will give approximate weight is 28 pounds & I have no idea about height- I do know that you are flooding in your 2T pants. I have not gotten your hand-me downs out of the attic yet...I know I was the younger one I had to wear them too!!

You are definitely ready to potty train- you don't like wearing a diaper. Especially during nap time. Hopefully last week after you took your diaper off and pooped all over you rug in the nursery you have learned the hard way NOT to EVER do that again.

That is something else you LOVE to do...CLIMB!!! No mountain high enough for you. You are a born leader and explorer. Who knows you might climb Mt. Everest, just to see what is up there some day?

Since the day you were born your brother has loved you, and you are loving him so much. Although brotherly love can be tough- you are standing your ground. And when push comes to shove some times you will bite- just to get your point across. You all really play well together- I love to listen to you all talk....it is so interesting. Thank God for monitors- I can be the fly on the wall...a few rooms away!

You have the BEST SMILE EVER!!! When we go to the store, you wave and tell everyone we meet "hi" and then when I talk to long to people I know- you say "bye bye"

When you walk into the room you light it up and make everyone laugh & smile!!

You are a silly goose!! Your daddy & brother LOVE to tickle you and I love to hear you laugh. Your laugh makes me laugh. In fact all three of you wrestle on the floor EVERY night before bath time. You usually end up starting it and finishing it!
You definitely are independent and can do a lot on your own- we have found out mostly from watching how strong you are and how you study things.
Last week you told daddy "I luvs you my daddy" and I was so jealous- Here I am with you all day and you have never told me that and he walks in and that is what you say! Then that night at bed time I asked you to tell me I love mama- You told me "NO" that made me laugh.
The next morning when I picked you long little body out of the crib and you were rubbing your still sleepy eyes you laid your head on my shoulder- patted my back and said in the sweetest voice I will never forget "I luvs you my mommy" Awwww you are such a sweet boy.
I pray each day you grow up to know the Lord and have a relationship with him. And experience the things he wants you to know and be in yourself and in life. You have made us so proud even though you are just 2- you are our big boy!!
I love you, Your Mommy (PS I love that you say mommy instead of mama- it is so cute)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Funny Friday...sorta

OK what a week- I am still sorting....Lordy I have so much scrapbook stuff!! Usually it puts me in the mood to crop when I start looking at the cute stickers, paper, die cuts...etc......not this week- I am ready to be done with this stuff!!

But as most of you know- when I do my busy work is during nap time. I have a building in my backyard- use to be my beauty shop when I did hair. That is the same building that my office is in. So when the kids lay down for a 2 hour nap each afternoon- I fly out of the house....locking the door behind me of course.....I am like a 747 leaving for take off. Getting all I can accomplish done in 2 hours!

I have a baby monitor on in the office- so the least bit of moving around I find a stopping point and putter back home.......but...but... I did not finish......I have to tell myself- there is always tomorrow. I am one of these people who- when I start something- I want it done YESTERDAY!!

So, this is so hard for me to stop in the middle of a mess!! I usually will lay in T's bed stroking his soft little sweaty blonde locks of hair as he is waking up...only to pick him up and carry his nearly 50 pound body to the recliner to rock and watch a few cartoons together. Then C will give a little whimper- usually when he hears the TV come on. I then go retrieve him from him beaver den.

Although we had a visitor this week- right in the middle of the whole laying down with T. He had only been asleep 45 mins- so I was trying to get him back down.

Then as his blue eyes were rolling back into his head. There was a knock at the door- wait......A HUGE BANG....BANG....BANG!!!! I mean like beating the door down to tell us there is smoke coming out of the house BEATING!!!

As I leap out of his bed- he then is FULLY awake now! I run to the back door- only to find some weirdo standing in my carport!!

As I opened the door- keep in mind we have a door with the blinds in the middle of the glass.....therefore when the blinds are shut.....assume SOMEONE IS SLEEPING!!!

The salesman who was about to jump all over the place obviously had ADHD or something started to YELL....."HI I AM IN THE AREA TODAY SELLING".....and just before he could finish........

I riped off the nice little sweet mother mask and threw on the MAMA BEAR MASK.......I told him in a VERY FIRM WHISPER....." hey I don't care what you are selling, I have two kids who are sleeping- probably not now because you have almost knocked my door down from knocking so loudly......I am NOT INTERESTED in ANYTHING FROM YOU- I suggest you get back in your truck and leave sir!!!"

I so felt like Kate Gosslin at the time when I was saying it.....Gotta love the MAMA BEAR in all of us moms!! Nothing like waking up your kids when you are TRYING to get a chore done!!

At our house during nap time....if you don't tip toe through the house....some one WILL HEAR YOU!!!

Back to the dude selling MEAT from a FREEZER in the BACK OF HIS TRUCK.....for all I know it was some kinda ROAD KILL!!! Let's have mystery meat for supper honey....NO THANK YOU!!

Anyway, as he slowly picked up half of his hiney I had chewed up and spit out on the carport- he then tiptoed away saying in a very quiet whisper "oh I am sorry...God Bless You....hope your day is better!"

I then shut the door feeling about as big as an ant....he probably the one who sent the Jehovah Witness the next day!!

Walking into the next room only to find one little groggy 4 year old and a screaming almost two year old in the next moment!!

Gotta Love Nap Time While it LASTS!! You might not think that was all that funny- but I am hear to tell you- WHEN THE BLINDS ARE CLOSED....DON'T COME A KNOCKN'!!

What is a blog with out a picture of the boys...all week....I found this one.....coming home from Oklahoma last week- George too!!