Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have been wanting to post this thought for awhile. As you can see by my absence from the blog- I need to post something!!! Sorry....life happens each day....and I don't want to miss a moment!!

There have been many storms here in the south this spring- and Thank you Jesus we have been safe and not had any damage, unlike so many unfortunate people. In the middle of all theses storms you see very dramatic pictures. It is those pictures of trees- HUGE trees that have been just simply blown over from winds!!

Roots all up in the air and the HUGE trees- very old trees laying on their side. Or worse on someones house or car. I was having a conversation with my husband about those trees. He said many Oak trees roots don't go deep into the ground- they stay closer to the top of the ground. Pine trees etc have deeper roots and are harder to fall over. When the roots of a tree are not deep into the ground it doesn't take much to knock a 50 year old tree down!!
I found these pictures on the Internet to explain more of what I am talking about. Amazing how big and old these trees may have been- yet their roots didn't grow deep enough to allow them to with stand the strongest storms!! What a waste of 50 years or more of growth!! It takes a long time to get this big when your an Oak!!

I started to think how much this is like our Faith and our relationship with Christ. When a storm hits you- whether it be a thunderstorm or F5 tornado of life. If you roots in the word and in prayer with a strong solid relationship with God it is Soooooo much easier to blow you down. Knock your feet out from you and simply destroy you!!

When you rely on the Lord daily for encouragement, strength, comfort and wisdom- you are ready to face any battle He may put before you and your legs would be less likely to fall out from under you. If you are knocked down- the best thing to do is climb up to your knees and talk to the Lord as if He was your best friend. Cry out to him and He will hear your cries. God knows you like no other person. You can go to him when you get a busy signal from your best friends phone.....you don't have to leave a voice mail.....he doesn't have call waiting. He has a direct line to your heart. He sees your heart- good and bad and loves you anyway!!

There are people in life who may reject you and people in life who may just plain HATE you. In fact there are people in life who will go put root killer on your roots!!! But, God is here to show you love and by this He has promised Eternal Life to those who show love to Him and have a personal relationship with Him.

You see, if your roots are deep with God- when the storms of life come......you have a ROCK (2 Samuel 22:2) that will hold on to your roots and pull you back up on your feet quicker. When trials come and you feel as if there is no hope......rely on God, He will direct you path. Your path may not be the path you have planned- But God has a plan already mapped out for you!! Trust in Him and He will show you the way!! Psalm 16:11



Jill W said...

Love this...thanks!!

Beth Dempsey said...

Mollie , I have always liked you from when you cut my hair in Stephens.You were a young new wife then , with a trucker husband gone most of the time. I just wanted to say that I have seen you go grow into a wonderful mother. As time goes by you really show the world what faith can do for a family. Your family is beautiful and everyone can see that you ,with your faith are the reason for that.You keep up the GREAT work