Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10 things on the Tenth

Well, my friend Mer has a blog over here she likes to do a 10 things on the tenth of each month.

I thought I would try this month. So here it goes.......

10 Things I LOVE about SUMMER!!!

1. FLIP FLOPS..... I heart them!!! You know they were really in back when I was younger, then they went out of style for awhile- just like everything else. Although when I was growing up we called them "thongs"......not anymore!!! When I was pregnant with T my mom was staying with me- she said "here don't forget your thongs!" when we went to get a pedicure- THOUGHT I was gonna die!!!! I spared you a picture for this one.....I so badly NEED a pedicure!!!

2. Kiddy Pool - My kids love the little kiddy pool we have had for 2 years. Just throw it in the garage in the winter and pull it back out in the summer. Only $20 bucks. We have definitely gotten out moneys worth out of it. If you cannot hear me....I am sure the neighbors get tired of hearing me yell " C sit down on your bottom!!" " NO!! T don't shot me with the water gun... I have my camera in my hand!!"

3. Sprinklers- This sprinkler was only 10 bucks I bought last year at Wal-Mart. Best money I have ever spent.....hours of entertainment!!

4. Outside Play- we usually stay outside for a couple of hours each morning and then again in the afternoon. If we don't have water toys out we go on a nature walk or just play with outside toys.

5. Cousins sleeping Over- Already we have had both of our cousins to come spend the night. How fun!! They are both girls- but they don't mind playing with guns and boy stuff!!

6. ICEE's- who doesn't like an Icee??? When I was pregnant with both the summer....wheww...I would get an Icee a day!! Now that is probably why they like them SO MUCH!!! *Cannot believe I have NO pictures of us drinking Icee's- new project??*

7. Little Boys laughing in Swings- C really likes to swing.....he smiles and laughs the whole time.

8. Picnics- Last year we went to the Lake a few times and ate under a shady tree. Already this year we have had a picnic in the yard.

9. Little Boys swim suits & tan lines- You know those little Coppertone booties.....the boys were running and I caught this picture- C still wears swimmers so his is not revealed as much- T keeps pulling his wet shorts up.

10. Vacation Bible School- Last but certainly not Least. I love helping out at bible school. This will be the FIRST time I have taught my OWN child!! He is finally the age that he can start going to a class. I am excited about it. We had a meeting the other day, talking about the importance of VBS and so many children come to know Christ during this time. I could not believe ALL the people who raised their hands who were saved during VBS when they were kids. Amazing!!! Here are a few pictures from our kick-off last week. (T was getting his face painted looks trusting eh') Thomas the Train came to visit. Our theme this year is Boomerang Express....Australia.

Hope you have a Good Summer......When I told T we could get the sprinkler and pool out he said " You mean Summer is here...I thought it would NEVER get here!!!"



Carpoolqueen said...

Here from Meredith's Linky party -

I'm teaching VBS, too, this year - Boomerang. Spent hours cutting this week, and now it's time to study the lesson before 15 first graders descend on me next Monday.

And I love icees, too. Coke ones!

Jennifer said...

Visiting from Mer's blog.

Love your summer list! I had to laugh at the thong/flip flop name. I worked for a company in Indiana and one summer I was up for a corporate meeting. We talked about this very subject! ROFL I just bought a new pair of flip flops in search of a comfy pair........I think I found it! Yellowbox! :)

We love icees too! They are the weekly treat for my kids thru the school year after checking their agendas. :)

Holly said...

Ah Summer! I love it. And VBS is one of my favorite things to look forward to...hope you have a blessed day!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love summer and I love your list. I don't love VBS but I'm coming back around after lots of years of burnout!

I'm behind on your blog again, Mollie. I'll catch up soon I hope!

You forgot to put Sonic on your list! And have you ever picnicked at Logoly? It's nice and shady back there!

whimzie said...

I came over from Meredith's. I think I love everything on your summer list! We lived in Hawaii for a couple of years and they call flip flops "slippers" over there. What?! Whatever you call them, I love them.

I haven't had an Icee in too long! I'm not sure if they even have them up here but now I'm going to be on the look out!

His Girl said...

I'm a Meredith linker too!

We're gearing up for VBS in July (I'm on staff in a Children's Ministry dept), but I have to say how much I love reading that you enjoy yourself as a volunteer- it's really cool to be reminded that it's a joy for our teachers... sometimes I'm so thankful that they're sacrificing, I forget it's a blessing too.