Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prayer & Faith....BEST Wireless connection we have!!

 Well, I have not written on my blog as much as I would have liked in the past few months....but hopefully I can catch you up on what we have been up to.  Our family has had many changes lately....for the good!

As we have been seeking God in the past year he has opened doors for our future and closed many doors from our past.  God has guided us in ways we never knew we would go through.  And when I say "guided us" I mean....kicked us on down the a nice way!

We have been very comfortable in our sweet little home that we are settling into.This picture is of our new front yard....much different than our former front yard of a State Highway!!  It is a temporary move.....we just don't know how long...or temporary.  But in the short weeks we have lived in this new place.  God has shined upon us and shown Grace and Love to us more than we deserve. 

We sold the house that we brought our babies home.....that was HARD!! But the new owner is well deserving and such a sweet lady.  We know our house that so many memories were made for our family- will hold so many great memories for her!!

We took this picture on the day we gave her the keys to her new home.....similar to the same pose back when we brought C home from the hospital....just a little bigger (or some of us SMALLER) in size!!

 Just days before our move.....we had a kitten come live UNDER our we have adopted this poor little helpless kitten...."Miss Kitty" and she is bringing many smiles to all of us. She is super FRISKY!!

Lately, we have had more time as a family and less time with other useless items that can so many times consume our lives!!  When I titled this "Prayer & Faith the BEST wireless connection" I should also so MY ONLY CONNECTION!!  Other than electric and a land line telephone the last month I have not had Internet, satellite or much cell phone service.

 Honestly, I don't think it hurt at all- I was packing- moving- unpacking- settling in....etc. And I often get distracted by minor electronic "black box" devices.  I have had TONS more prayer time with God....which is what I needed.  I didn't realize how low on FUEL I was.....just barely making it day to day with minutes spent talking and reading his word.  And these days seem to be less stress and more slowed down pace- wonder if that has anything to do with I have a lot more time to spend with God.

I have taken a few steps back and looked at the past few years of my life.  Many times overwhelming when I try to pack as much as I can into one day....and then totally exhaust myself to the point of anger!! 
 Is it worth it??

 Something I don't want to miss out on.....and I feel as if the past few years I have missed moments that God is putting right in my face....saying... "here is my GLORY!!" and I seem to be so busy or caught up in something or someone else that I missed the whole picture. 

ONE thing that I am MOST excited about in our new journey......HOME SCHOOLING.....these 2 Gifts from God!!! Oh my...I really wanted to last year- but my husband and I were not on the same page.  Now after we have seen the difference between the two....WE are agreed 100%

This new journey on the road of life that we are on I know will come with bumps and bruises.  But as long as we have God to guide us and He already has....and we keep him as a lamp unto our path....we will survive and we will go where ever He leads us.  Our path is not straight and narrow nor is our future in our hands.  God is the one and only who knows where and what we will do tomorrow.  So I hope I can start blogging again about our new journey and new adventures in schooling at home.  My Internet access is limited but my mind is so full of wonderful stories to tell. 

So here is my advice so far from my journey- STOP- SLOW DOWN....smell the roses, look at the rainbows, hold your child; husbands hands as you walk and talk.  And you don't have to tell or show the whole world....because ALL  that matters in that ONE moment is God sees your heart and He sees your actions and He is pleased.....not to mention the time spent putting down the less important items and picking up the FULL of LIFE things the reward in the end is MUCH...MUCH GREATER!!!



Kecia said...

I didn't know you had moved! We should talk more. :)
I'm excited about you home schooling. Have you joined cchoice yet? Are you interested in any of my kindergarten stuff? Let me know!

Mrs. Claus said...

Love hearing your heart. I am behind on blog reading but loved this post!