Saturday, November 24, 2012

Family Pictures....a tradition!

I love getting our family's picture taken.  One day in the future when the house is quiet and the kids are grown B and I can look through and album and remember the days.......
We already look back on the past 13 years of marriage and the 7 years God has blessed us as parents....and it brings smiles and stories to share!
 Since we have BOYS....outdoor pictures are BEST!! It is so hard to get boys to sit and pose and smile! I have been so fortunate to have awesome friends who are talented to take the pictures and know my kids personalities! My boys have had their picture taken since they were born...daily! So the smiles are not fake....when the see me with the camera....there is a "CHEESE" and SMILE! Although I can tell the older they get the goofier they get and rabbit ears show up in some photos!!
This year we had our picture made in our front yard!! What a beautiful setting.....the barn is very old and the grass very green!! Our landlord actually owns the property....but the most beautiful thing about he whole place is the OAK tree that is hundreds of years large we cannot reach around it!! God's Beauty right here for us to enjoy each and everyday that we walk outside!
My sweet friend Sandi over at Like Christmas Ever day took these pictures this year.....she is so awesome!! The kids loved all her tricks and she had us laughing the whole time!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and remember that When you know Jesus....everyday is Thanksgiving! Thankful He died for my sins and sickness....and know He loves me too!


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