Monday, September 14, 2009

Lesson Learned the hard way

5 years ago... today......

Have you ever heard the saying slow and steady wins the race? Well, I have especially after an incident a few years back. Let me start by saying that I have always been exercise minded and kept in pretty good shape.....then came clomid, kids, staying at home....and the excuses go on and on.

I have always loved to walk and stay in shape. When we moved here, I had a hard time finding a GOOD place to walk. So, I just did not. Then the weight came on...and on..and a friend named Cindy and I decided to get up at 5 in the morning and walk the "farm road".

On our journey to town (which is a 10 min. drive) we talked about how we would start at one end- walk to the other, then turn around and walk back. Then she would drive it and we would see how far we had walked. Sounds GREAT.

So we headed out on the walk. Lovely place to walk if you can stomach the "FRESH" manure smell. I was sweating and huffing the whole way. "Oh Cindy" I kept saying " this is a long way". For someone who has not exercised in 2 years. THREE MILES is not where you start!!!Each day we would go do our three mile walk. And by the end of the first week I had shin splints...THIS MY FRIEND IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS!!!

When you get shin-splints....STOP!!! OH NO...Mollie had to get that weight off. Huffing and Puffing everyday like I belonged in the pig barn on the "farm road". I started to hurt really bad. So after the 3rd week I quit!! I cannot take it anymore!! I will just stay FAT my whole life!!!I went to the doctor...they ran test....they took x-ray. They would get back with me. They told me to REST!! Those of you who know me what is rest???

I kept cutting hair....cutting cutting cutting for 8 plus hours of the day.I just knew something was broke!! I went on to a Hair Show in Tulsa, OK. Walked 6 hours one day then 8 the next!!! By this time now my whole foot was hurt.

When I returned home I went to the doctor for a bone scan.The Doctor called me in his office the next morning.You have 2 stress fractures in both ankles and the ball of my left foot was also fractured!!!OUCH!!!!I JUST KNEW SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!!Then he asked " What have you been doing?" " Walking" I replied.

Therefore, I was put in 2 walking casts at the same time. For 6-8 weeks.Let me tell you " THESE BOOTS ARE NOT MADE FOR WALKING"Anyway, everything you do when you are in these boots is difficult. EVERYTHING....The first night I had them on, poor B had an attack of kidney stones.
My self portrait for photography class.

We did not know what was wrong, he just was in so much pain. I DROVE HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!! I had never driven yet, you see I just picked up the boots from the medical supply and then took them home and put them on. So OFF WE GO.... (this is where the story gets good)

Poor B I helped his large 6 foot nine inch body into the car, then put my FLASHERS on and away we went.....FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET!!! Oh My Goodness, You cannot tell how much power was behind that foot. You see, you cannot flex your foot in these boots, IT IS ALL OR NOTHING BABY!!!!

B by this time is hanging out the window saying can you go any faster???"FASTER...FASTER...I AM GOING 80 IN A 45 MPH." Finally we arrive at the Hospital and come to a SCREECHING HALT!!!I then help him out of the car....Oh what a fly on the wall inside the hospital I would have liked to have been!!We walked in ....they came over to ME!!!! hahahaha

I said " Oh I am fine, he is the one we are here for!"Then I sat in the waiting room...the looks were great!! I started to think of great stories to tell people. I mean come one gets hurt from walking!!My friend you have never walked the farm road with Cindy!!

I continued to cut hair..sitting down of course. I could not let those people down. I also continued everything else I, went bowling with a ladies group from church, I even went as an astronaut for Halloween, I also attended a photography class at the local college.

You see the things God will teach you, will come at a Great Cost sometimes. I know that I was going too fast in life....too fast for everything!! I needed to slow down and enjoy life. If I would have not been in these things for 10 WEEKS!!! I would not have slowed down to the speed I am now.

Plus, after 4 years of trying to get pregnant- The day I got my boots off was the same day I found out I was pregnant with T!!!!!!!

Take each day enjoy it treat it as if it were your last. You see the lesson I have learned... It does not matter how much weight I lose by walking or how fast it comes is about staying healthy and being here for my boys!!I will start off slow and steady...then I will win the race that God has set out for me!!


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kwallocha said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing. And what a wonderful way to find out that you are pregnant with T!!!