Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Erase Mistakes...

This week while I was in the kitchen I gave the boys a dry eraser marker and two boards to write on- and eraser to share too!!

I saw in my friend Mer's blog a long time ago how she let her daughter write on the white fridge door- because it washes off.....with a dry eraser marker ONLY!!!

Seems like the boys are always under my feet while in the kitchen. I try to let them "help" but some things are just to much or some times I am in a hurry. We do have a few little magnet things that sing songs... those get old fast..... then there is always the old trusted TV watching.... we are trying to remove a little from that too.

Ok with all that said- They LOVED IT!!! I was not brave enough to let them do just the fridge, because at their age I don't think they would understand only draw on that space. Then I would turn around and my walls would have it on them.... or my WHITE cabinets!!
Well, the next day while I was outside for a moment... rolling the trash bins back up to the house. T came up to me when I walked in and said look what I made.... WITH A SHARPIE in his HAND!!!!

I very calmy said "Oh yes please show me everywhere you made something!!" He then led me to the board and this was it!!!!

I then told him we cannot draw with this matker- it would NOT COME OFF of things!!! He said "oh I am sorry I won't do it again." So sweet- but now I was going to have to throw this board away!

Then that is when I remembered this product I bought from here. It says in the ad it will take off permenant marker??? Let's just see I thought.

Every home needs a bottle. I told T this bottle CAN take it off- BUT we won't EVER EVER do that again RIGHT???!!!!



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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I LOVE Sol-u-Mel! I used to buy Melaleuca stuff every month (love their cleaning products and vitamins) and seriously, that is ONE product I can't live without. Well, that and Renew hand lotion.

Sol-u-Mel takes nail polish off too! Ask me how i know. ;)

I've used Sol-U-Mel to take names off of school supplies (including backpacks) and pass them on to the next kid. EVERY home should have a bottle. I swear by it!