Tuesday, February 21, 2012

16 years....flash of love!!

This story started 16 years ago today....

On a date that we both had looked forward to for a looong time- because one of us was shy and the other stubborn.....it took a few months for this to happen!! This Oklahoma girl who apparently by the pictures spent WAY too much time in a tanning bed, and this tall basketball player from Arkansas started something......they never knew would follow them 16 years now down the road!!After a good game and a WIN of course- we met outside the locker room and went across the street to an Italian restaurant. It seemed like we hit it off just like we had known each other our whole lives. Even though we lived 6 hours apart and a couple of states.....we had a lot in common. It was a good night. GREAT and PERFECT first date!! I knew from the beginning this was the man God had intended for me- He did too, just didn't tell me until after we wed.

The part of the story that we will never forget it- the End. When he drove me home that night, I was still living with my parents being just a few months into my 18th year of life. I really didn't like that awkward front door goodbye.....not a kiss on the first date person. So to take the pressure of him and myself, I offered to get out walk myself to the door and then I would flash the porch light at him to let him know I made it safely!

After sharing with him- that I had a great time and looked forward to getting to know him more. I jumped out of his 86' model Red Chevy truck and ran as fast I could in 20 degree weather to the front door- unlocked it and ran inside......flashed the porch lights to let him know. He then flashed his head lights and I watched as the Chevy break lights drove out of sight. I was in L-O-V-E.....love!!!Years went by and we would flash the lights at each other- Three and a half years went by and we found ourselves in the yard of that house with the flashing porch lights and said vows to each other. Til death do us part.....For better or worse....we promised each other and we have seen good & bad- rich & poor days but through it all it has been great!!!

When we were first married we lived off a highway- I would wait to hear the Freighliner ease through our little small town and standing at the door I would watch as he passed and flash the porch lights to him and he would flash back. Then I would stand at the door say a little prayer for his safety and watch as the lights faded into the darkness. Being a Truck drivers wife is not a glamorous life, but was a good life built of trust, honesty and true love being loyal til the end!

Years went by and through many light bulbs later we moved to another house- and as I stood and waved each time he left for work I would flash the lights. I was either holding a new puppy, rubbing a growing belly full of a bundle of joy inside or holding a new baby boy taking his little hand and waving bye to his daddy. Then a few years later that little boy could reach the light switch himself, and I hold his baby brother as we blow kisses- flash lights and show daddy how much we love him as he drove off to work. Now that little brother & big brother fight over who is going to flash the lights at daddy and I remind them to take turns....and we way and blow kisses as we watch daddy leave for work.
I guess somewhere along the way we named the "flash of lights" I love you......meaning every time we flickered those lights we knew the other one was ok and we loved them. I still get butterflies when I see that 18 wheeler drive up or better yet- I can hear him miles away....something about a truck drivers wife's ears!!

I am thankful for my hard working husband- he spends many nights away from home. He knows when he does come home where he is welcome to be himself and knows love awaits him behind those flashing lights!!

He has driven well over 2 million miles since we have been married 13 short years- and guaranteed every mile was covered in a prayer either by me- him- or our family!! When God is the center of your marriage, he will be the one to hold you together in the storms of life!!

As I flash the lights each day, wave and watch his taillights fade into the darkness.....My heart is joyful that God has brought us here today from a little flash of a porch light by two kids who just fell in love!!

So if you happen to be in Arkansas some day- and you drive down a highway and see a Red Shiney Kenworth driving off and porch lights flashing......you will know there is a lot love in this house!!



Vicki said...

What a beautiful post!

Kecia said...

Aww, that is so precious!

Tami said...

Oh Miss Mollie, this made me tear up while reading it. I love your family and I miss getting to see you guys at the library.