Sunday, May 16, 2010

Catch Up.....busy week....busy weekend!!

With only a month left before I leave for a week long missions trip to Lima Peru.....time I am spending together with family friends is such a blessing!! I know God has great things in store for me in Peru, at the same time- I keep thinking I want to spend as much time as I can with my family & friends!!
I can say that this past week and weekend I accomplished just that!! Family & Friends GALORE!! Here is a re-cap for you.......
Shed tears of joy & tears of pain over this bad boy....
I bought it at Hobby Lobby last love love it......sat on my bookshelf in the Living room.....well IT DID!!!! Ugh.....having boys I don't know why I even try to have "pretty" things!!
I found it in the store and then found out it was 50% off......Jumped for JOY with tears knowing it would look so good in my house!! Then when T brought the base to me without the top and tells me "Mama C broke your pretty!!" Tears of sadness fell!! They weren't from my eyes!!!
Oh well, maybe I can glue it......add it to the list of GLUED ITEMS!!! HA!! Mother of BOYS!!! One day I will look at all my pretty things in and empty house that was once filled with laughter from little boys!!

Took time to see my beautiful Lily's favorite flower!! Lily is MY FAVORITE FLOWER!!! U have many planted in my flower beds.....looking forward to seeing more bloom soon!! Along with other flowers!!C insisted on shaving with Daddy.....every stroke I heard...."mama dook at me's!" He used and old razor with NO BLADE!!! T shaves with daddy every chance he gets.....but when C saw what fun it was.....well he wanted right in!!
Visited a local farm FULL of fun and loving animals.......Mrs. H has a wonderful "petting friendly" farm for kids!! C got to ride "Shorty" the pony. B put him on there he said "I need my gun!!" He was a REAL cowboy!!!Mrs. H & T gathered eggs......then C came up and grabbed one.....never in my life have I ever seen an 88 year old lady move so fast!!!! I was right with her only from a different angle- she caught him first... then we both looked up and laughed!! She said "I knew what was coming next!!" And to think she has only spent and hour with C!!! HA!! Learned which came first.....the chicken or the egg??? Feed a baby Lamb & baby pig by bottle!! She has ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, all kind of birds!! And you can pet almost every one of them!! Mrs. H is the hardest working lady I have met in a long time- she takes care of all these animals by herself!! Wonderful lady....loves kids. She asked if the boys could have a COKE?!?!?! Seeing how they have NEVER EVER had a real COKE in their lives.....I thought- you know there is a time and a place for everything!! Special can you turn down a real COKE from a glass bottle!! How cool is that!! Nickel a piece too- that's my kind of price!! We will definitely go back and visit.....takes you back to the good 'Ole days!!
Had the chance to see eye to eye with a Budweiser Clydesdale's.... . and their dog.....They actually had some "public showing times" but we just crashed in when we had the chance. They came to our town festival as I remember 4 years ago....we just went in the barn and watched them work with the very large and beautiful horses. It was fun getting to see them bath and groom the animals. Amazing how much work goes in to taking care of theses large horses.
Keep in mind B is almost 7 feet tall.....this Horse is TALL!!! T said "daddy you can ride this horse!!" They are just so pretty to see in person if you ever get the chance- GO!! All of the handlers and workers were so helpful and glad for us to come and watch them work!!
The boys loved seeing the horses!!!
Was Humbled by these hands & tiny feet......My Friend R had her Baby E at 27 weeks gestation. She weighed only 2lbs and 6oz.....she is now 4 weeks old and a hefty 3lbs and 10oz. She is precious and so tiny. When you see all the wires and monitors it is overwhelming to imagine what her mom is going through. I know the only way she is making it day to day is by God's Grace.....which happens to be the baby's middle name.

R was the leader in a bible study I attended when I had only one toddler and was expecting C. She was such a sweet and kind person- so full of FAITH and she inspired me so much when we got a chance to visit her and her sweet baby at the hospital in Little Rock. Please keep them both in your prayers- hopefully she will be able to come home in a few weeks Lord willing to her sister & brother too!! Keep her husband in your prayers too being 3 hours away from his wife with the other children!! Only God can carry them all through!!CELEBRATED a 1st BIRTHDAY....We drove to Little Rock to see out newest little cutie pie celebrate his 1st Birthday!!! Baby T.K. his mom & B are cousins. Here we are with all 3 boys....little blurry- but you try to get them to all look at the same time and smile....STILL!!! Boys....they are all gonna be a MESS in a few years!!We had a great time seeing him open his gifts.....or his mom rather.....don't ya just love those first parties......the kids is just happy to be there!! HA!! He did like his CAKE.....and J did great making it!!! She is a teacher....she has that crafty side down!!He loved every bite.....this is my favorite picture....could you just eat those cheeks up too!!! HOW CUTE IT HE!!!

Saw a HUGE step of many more in school.....Today we saw our little Niece AG graduate Kindergarten, she is an official 1st grader.....How cute it she!!! We are super proud of all her accomplishments. We love her & her mom Aunt Cole!!
How pretty is she.....we gave her some FLOWERS for her accomplishments!!!

And that's a you can see now why I haven't had time to sit and post anything.....not to mention 4 doctor visits in the last week. This week is not looking much slower!! HA!

I am remembering that each day each moment I spend with the boys and friends & family are cherished as if it were the last!! I am looking forward to my trip to Peru and
know I will come home with much much more respect for our Freedom of many things!!
Have a GREAT week!!

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