Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Pictures

I love love love get pictures made with the boys. I did more often when they were little......almost every two months or so.....they just grow so fast- you have to capture it!!

My real life friend Stacy, who also has a blog HERE. She took the boys pictures last the one above- of the boys on the fence. I was SO IMPRESSED with her picture taking skills thought we would try her again....with Daddy present this time of course.

Stacy is one of the MOST talented people I have ever met. Not only does she stay at home with 2 of her 3 kiddos, she sews, she teaches dance, she teaches twirling, and takes pictures!! I can barely stay at home with 2 kids.....she can runs circles around any stay at home mom I know!!

Most importantly she is a woman of God- and give God all the GLORY and HONOR for all her many talents!! Here is a glimpses into the evening we had with Mrs. Stacy.

This one by far is one of my favorites....those little boots.....I could eat them up- of course I had to buy RED ONES!! I love this one of ALL MY BOYS!!! Each one all different- but could not imagine my life without ANY of them!!
If you have kids- you know how hard it is to get them to pose.....the thing I like about Stacy is- she prefers just to let them be....and follows them around...... Boys will be boys.This by far was the HARDEST photo shoot I can ever remember being at, Stacy was so patient!! The boys were in RARE form and the only other time I remember SWEATING while taking pictures was when C turned 6 months old......and he kept CRAWLING OUT of the room!! Ugh!!
We laughed the whole the time my friend Denise was taking our pictures. She is the one who took the pictures of the boys with the cheerios box at the bottom left of the blog. In a different but similar way- Stacy and Denise are a lot a like.....such talent!!You try to get everyone to look at the it is those moments that will steal your heart when you capture the TRUE picture of what being a mother is ALL about!! These are the moments you live for and the ones you will never forget!!And when they wont stand still and smile you sit back and look at how much they have grown and that they are friends and can hold on to each other's hand and not yours. This is my FAVORITE!!That's when at the moment when this picture was taken.....seems like frustration.....but in reality we can look back and laugh!! Remember when the boys would NEVER sit still......and they are teens now and won't get off the couch to take out the trash.......or they are in college and only come home every so often and sit on the couch.....then one day they will walk alone down and isle and take the hand of some very fortunate wonderful young lady, I pray for her everyday!!
There are days when we think we can't make it and going to loose our minds as moms and dads of toddlers!! But this is just a season of life......and we will not get today back ever.....spend it wisely and spend your time wisely......pleasing to the Lord!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! God Bless!!



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Very sweet . . . one day, you really will wonder if they are going to move at all today. LOL!!