Monday, May 3, 2010

Help Clutter Free you living space of TOYS!!!

Have you ever walked through your living room at night and stepped on a small toy....that made you do all kinds of crazy gyrations just to try to avoid the next step away!! Or maybe some one calls on the phone, says they are on their way to your there in 10 minutes!!! You run through the house like a mad woman- throwing toys in all sorts of places, kicking them under the couch...closets.....etc.

I have, and some times it can be embarrassing.....the sea of toys. Most people are understanding- usually when they see two toddler boys......they know it was probably clean that morning. Actually, my living room can go from completely toy free to completely TOY CLUTTER in 1 minute FLAT!!!

With the addition on Maizie our Lab puppy in December. She helped show me how many toys they left out. I have always tried to help boys pick up toys prior to nap & bed time, that way when you start!!! Seems like the little puppy, would chew on toys of all kinds- then I was afraid she would choke on them. Also, the boys would get upset when there toys had CHEW marks on them too!!

Here is a little system I have started, not thinking it would stay and work really really good! Mostly just to keep out of harms way of the puppy!!

I found these two "bins" at Wal-Mart. I labelled them each with their name. Placed them on a table in the Living/Dining Room. They both know which one is theirs too!! If I happen to walk through the room and there are toys lying vacant on the floor- I can pick them up.....walk by the bin.....throw them in it......and move along!!

When it is time for the boys to go rest....they are to take their bins into their rooms and put all the toys up in there proper home. They LOVE it!! I have to admit....I do too!!!

I took pictures of a messy room this week, and hope to post a story this week on how quickly I was able to help show T how to organize and put things up.....on his own. Our HUGE rule at the house is when you get it out....put it it's home!! When they have a million toys it is hard to keep them all straight. Then they will come and ask...."where is my black monster truck?" Well, if it isn't put up in the right is missing!!

I think I am the Queen of BINS.....I absolutely LOVE some bins and organizing!! Like I said, Hopefully I will get to post some more this week!!


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Kecia said...

Great plan! I like it! Sorry I missed you at church Sun. pm. :)