Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

Yes, I know another TREE post- I am building a fence! I just love Fall and I am reminded about these pictures I took trying to capture this tree at the edge of our driveway. It is a Catalpa Tree and a BIG one at that!! When we moved here in the spring it was in FULL BLOOM- beautiful white blossoms. I can remember how they were all over the driveway and carport. What a beautiful site to see when you look out the back door of the house.Then with in a few weeks the blooms were gone- and replace with WORMS!!!! I kid you NOT!!! Nasty little WORMS EVERYWHERE!!!! I remember driving down the road and watching one slide up my windshield a little at a time- until plop there he went a flying worm!!!

Seriously, I was thinking- wow looks can be deceiving?? This beautiful Tree with BIG blooms and just weeks later worms eating all the leaves!! Not to mention the waste from the worms!! I had to warn people when the came to my house- don't park under the tree.....and especially leave you windows down!! Cars would have worms and worse- worm poop all over them. How Gross!!The worms work their way down the tree- eating all the by end of spring- NO LEAVES on the TREE!!! And the leaves might I add are BIG leaves!!! Here T is holding one up- there were bigger ones, he just chose this one to hold. That is a lot of worms- and waste.

I had people coming to knock on my door- "Can I have some worms out of that tree..." So, I hear they are great fishing bait too- seeing how are house is on the way to a Lake.....worm oh excuse me WORD got around about the WORMS!! I threaten every year to put a sign out- FREE WORMS!!!

It has proven to be good entertainment now that we have two boys......and YES, I have picked a many of them up and put them in a jar!! Named those little jokers too!!The cool thing about the tree is- it takes the BEST Halloween pictures, kind of spooky and weird looking. I have taken many pictures of this tree- with a FULL moon behind it.

One man even stopped by and said "WOW that is the biggest Catalpa Tree in South Arkansas!" So I let him take a picture too- B begs to differ, now that we have one we notice others.....there are many others just as big.

But we think our is special. I think it would be a great climbing tree- when it is worm free. It has that crook in it. I haven't given permission for that yet either....

I know Zacchaeus climbed a sycamore tree- but it does remind me of the story. He was a short little man, and he heard Jesus was coming to town. So to get a better look he climbed a tree. Then Jesus noticed him- saying "Come down from there- I want to come to your house!"

So he hosted Jesus for supper- and all the town folk were so jealous. Seeing how Zacchaeus was a tax collector and had stolen their money. But, as he and Jesus visited he learned how he had done wrong and Jesus forgave him and then Zacchaeus gave back twice as much as he stole from the town people. What a Great God we serve!

What a neat day that he had- spending it with Jesus. Oh to sit at his feet and hear all the stories he has to tell. I love to tell stories- this blog is evident of that. But I love my Lord even more- and Love to read his word and hear great stories he has shared.

Have you read your bible today? Here is a good place to start.....Romans 12


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