Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He will never LEAVE us!

I love Fall....the leaves changing colors and then they fall on the ground. Just so beautiful! These thoughts crossed my mind the other day while I was watching the boys play in the yard.
I took these pictures as the thoughts were flowing and this one in particular I actually got the moon in.....not bad for a cell phone picture! Just as a Family Tree- all the leaves are different colors and sizes- most the same shape, because that is our heritage. Psalm 127:3 But the world would be boring if all trees stayed the same green shade all year long. Not to mention families, if we were all of the same personalities and attitude life would be boring. There has to be a humorous one or a boring one in the bunch some where.
And just as all are different so are our thoughts and feelings. God makes us each his own in his own image- but what a broad spectrum of people there are in each family. We all have to leave the home and grown our own seeds and then plant them where they land.
And what a bountiful place a Forrest is with all different trees and all different ages of all trees. Proverbs 11:30 So times when we grow up we may look back on our past- and wonder how and why we are the people we are now. If it were not for my parents giving me a good Godly background- I may not even be a christian. They showed me through Godly examples and taught me how to live. Do I live the same way I grew up? Somewhat- but then we have other influences or circumstances that shape us the way we are now.
Then some don't want to grow- they just choose to stay on the ground and like to be trampled on and do not ever see a future. That is living in the PAST. I have made past mistakes, I have been wrong, I have sought God in those times and asked his forgiveness. I then turn from that way- and choose to go a new way. Getting Rid of the old and making room for the new. Just as the Trees in the Fall do.
When you let go of the past- there is a FUTURE! Proverbs 23:18 If you hang on to every little thing you did wrong or every little thing some one else did wrong to you- you are just hurting yourself and you will go no where!
Then your yard will be cluttered with all theses leaves from the past to remind you daily. If you choose to get a RAKE and pick them all up- throw them in a garbage bag and rid them for good. Better yet- BURN THEM UP!!!! Then that is TRUE forgiveness! Forgiving and FORGETTING is hard, but what would Jesus do? Ephesians 4:32
He created us in his image to be like him- Genesis 1:27

If I were to choose not to forgive those who have done me wrong, then I am passing anger, bitterness and resentment on to my offspring. Then I am choosing not to forgive and allowing it to eat me up inside. Have you ever seen a Tree get rotten in the inside and just fall to the ground- what a waste, you can't even use it for firewood it is so rotten!
When you release it to the Lord- he will wipe away ALL sins! Thoughts may come to try to destroy- but it is up to you to take control of those thoughts and feelings and conquer them with scripture and prayer.
He will NEVER LEAVE US.....therefore why should we leave him. Joshua 1:5 When we need him most we cry out to him- but when HE needs us most, where are we?? Not only should we be there for Him daily, but hourly and support the thoughts and feelings he has for us. When we try to lean on our own understanding- we will always FAIL! He wants us ALL- and Needs ALL of us!
When you commit to him, you will not be disappointed. There will be disappointments in your life by man- but never with God. His Will may not be ours, so therefore seek His Will in doing all things.
If you have something you are holding on to and need to ask forgiveness- just sit down and pray to God, ask him then release it to him. Write it down in a note and mail it to the person that it may concern, maybe you don't have the nerve to mail it. But it makes a difference just to get it off your chest.
I try to be a very forgiving person- I do not want to leave this World with heavy burdens and unforgiveness. I try to forgive and forget and find it very hard- but when I seek his will on it, his timing and his word is ALWAYS right on time.
I encourage you this Thanksgiving Holiday season- to walk in Love and forgiveness. We are not promised how many days or hours and this may be the last time you are around your whole family, or a group of friends. Make it count and make good memories!

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