Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday to Papaw!!

Two of my favorite Dad and my Papaw..... My Dad is a great example for me and he learned from his Father how to being a loving example to his Family through Christ.....I am so blessed to have these two men in my life today!!
I am thankful for my Papaw he is a great Christian man an shows his faith in he daily walk with his Savior. He raised his family in church and has been a follower of Christ most of his life. He showed by example how to love your wife as your best friend. He and my Mamaw raised their boys and taught them by example of how to live a life FULL of Love!!

Here are some pictures and moments from his 90 years of Life.....

The first picture of him that we have......sitting in the yard with the chickens.....he laughs every time he sees this picture!!

When he was a school boy

He loved the sport of Baseball

His High School class reunion of 70 years was this year.....this was his High School picture.

He served our Country in the Army in World War are some memories from the War...

He and my Mamaw eloped when she wasn't even out of High School.....there love produced: 3 boys......and 6 grandchildren......and 10 great grandchildren!

His Love of his Mamaw....

He LOVED to Fish......and had many fishing adventures and friends to share in his Love!!

This is one of my most favorite pictures of my dad and my Papaw....sitting on the porch after a little football game in the yard.

Here he is with his 3 dad is the youngest!

He was a mail carrier for his home town. We were visiting with him not long ago about his job with the Post Office. He said, "I've been retired longer than I worked for them!" WOW not too many people can say that.

My Mamaw passed away 2 years ago.....he has mourned her death as anyone who was married to the love of his life and his best friend of 68 years!! They would have been married 70 years this week.

I took this picture of him waving at us as we drove the house they have lived in since 1977.....the year I was born. He since has moved to a retirement center and has new friends to play cards and socialize with. He is still doing wonderful- at his last check up his doctor told him he is in GREAT shape for 90!! I wish him many many more years!!


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Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

I like the old pics of your grandfather. I guess that's because I'm old :-)