Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Life deals you Lemons.....

There is an old saying "When life deals you lemons make lemonade!" I am sure you have heard of it. Meaning that no matter what comes your way make the best of it. Every one's life is different. No two people have the same life, even if they are siblings. And I have noticed in matter how much you may have in common with some people. It is NOT still the same life. Some people make the best of each situation and are over flowing with lemonade!! And others choose to see the sour side of the fruit....they look for all the bad things this lemon has handed them and would rather see it go rotten than use it!!

When you see the glass of lemonade half full rather than half empty it is a lot more refreshing on a parched mouth. Regardless of the sour taste, and if you are thirsty enough you will drink the whole glass and be thankful no matter what.

If you see the glass half empty, you may see that you really wished you had more because there is never enough and the sour taste is never pleasing to your sweet liking!

Similar to LIFE.....Lemons and Lemonade.....In any situation you go through in could pick apart every detail of every part of a situation and never will it ever be good enough. And try to think of how YOU could make it better or YOU would do something better than others!! could use it as a tool....maybe God has you in a place or a situation or are uncomfortable or not happy about. If you choose to see the Good in all of it and use it for the could fill up a LARGE glass of lemonade from that lemon. Instead of only seeing the negative and getting a few drops.

There may have been something in your life that has given you a sour taste in your mouth your whole life, abuse, anger, fear, failure. And you have a sour spot every time a thought or feeling comes back about the problem. Well, have you ever eaten or drank something too sour, and then the drank some cool refreshing water to get the sour taste out of your mouth?? Similar to situations, God is our Living Water....when you thirst and Go to Him....he will take away your sour bitter feelings!!

It is YOUR life and YOUR can choose to be sour and Bitter over things or you can choose to take your lemon....squeeze life for all it is worth live it to it's fullest and be BETTER in any circumstance and situation you may come against!!


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