Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Hunting he has gone....

Well, our BIG game hunter is having a birthday today....
His favorite color is camo....
He wants a Hunting Party- so to go along with the theme....
Here is a look back at our Hunter over the past five years.....2 months old- not really liking the camo idea....4 months old......looks like has had plenty of deer to eat!! At age 2 wishing he was in the woods with daddy!!Big deer at age 3 daddy killed the deer but T wanted a picture!! At age 3 with all the hunters!
Age 4 ....Daddy's Big deer last fall.

With his 22 he won at the NRA banquet. All he wants for his birthday this year is to win another one. Check out his story from last year by clicking HERE!

On a Coon Hunt with BoBo, Daddy & Clay

Squirrel Hunting with Clay....and two adults!!

Here He is NOW the BIG 5!!!

We look forward to spending many many more years in the woods and where ever he leads us with our little Hunter who is growing up!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday T!!!
I love the picture of BoBo, Blake, Clay, And T !!!! you need to blow that up BIG and keep forever!!!

Love, Jamie Wilkie