Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 things on the Tenth

Well this is a Random 10 things I have done in the last few weeks.....because I have been WAY TOO BUSY!!!! I am learning the more you say yes to some things you must say NO to your family!! I miss them and starting Sunday they are all mine.....because I am gone to a VBS workshop most of the day today- then back for some family pictures tonight.....then hopefully a great time in the Lord's house & family time Sunday!!!

So here are 10 random things I have done in the LAST few weeks....
1. Sat and enjoyed the Weather Channel.....from my own living room- like the colorful MAPS on the wall!!
2. Helped organize the resource room at church.....lucky for me it was spring break and some other ladies HELPED A LOT!!! Had some wonderful baby sitters that week....it took 4 days from beginning to end!!

3. Survived ANOTHER 6 HOUR drive to "Oklehoma" to see Poppie & Grana!!!! Theses trips are every other month- and the boys get better and better each time!!!
4. Went to Cousin AG's 6th birthday party.....which was a skating party- AND WERE AMAZED at what a GREAT SKATER C WAS!!! He is definitely getting some of the skates for his birthday next fall!!! He LOVED TO "KATE!!!" Asked every day for a week after!!
5.Hosted a table for our churches first ever Passover Seder......very very interesting and I LEARNED A LOT about the traditions we have at Easter!! This is my table at Easter Sunday when we all came and ate at our house- but the one at church was similar......since I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! Ugh!! 6. Helped Host a Shower for this beautiful young woman Katie.....she is getting married on June 19th....the day I leave on a missions trips......sniff sniff.....still sad I am going to miss such a Wonderful event!! I love her & her family!! Her mom Renee is one of my favorite friends in the world!!! 7. Cleaned and sorted ALL CLOTHES in boys CLOSETS......changed T from 5-6 to 7 boys and shoes from 12-13 to ONE....yes he is ONLY 4!!!
Then jumped in the attic and got out hand-me-downs for C....he is in a 3T!!
8.Pick and chose a few battles this being one......I tell him he doesn't have to take a nap....he can read- MUST stay on his blanket (Thanks Donna from Oklahoma0 he loves it!!!) and read books quietly......hahahaha he falls into the TRAP EVERY TIME!!! I go and check after about 10 minutes....he is asleep!!!
9.Attended SESAME STREET LIVE......and LOVED IT!!!! 4th Row seats ELMO is REALLY BIG in person!!!! The next week after we saw it- EVERY TIME we watched the show they would say..."LOOK THERE'S so and so....we SAW THEM in PERSON!!!" 10. Heather's HOPE....helped my friend Heather out with our FIRST team for Relay For Life.....raised OVER $4000!!! Had a FUN time.....and so proud of her and her speech she made- reminding every one how even though you are 30 and healthy feeling....you need to check out the slightest pains.......and CANCER is NOT a death sentence- she had stage 4 Appendiceal Cancer just a year ago. Please PRAY she has a Cancer FREE Report in June!!
Well, there you have it back up to date hopefully!!!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Fun to read your list, Mollie.

My son has HUGE feet, but your sons really don't have a chance to not have them, do they. (Unless they take after their mama).

I love Katie too. I remember when she was *little*!!!

You've been busy!

Kecia said...

Wow, you have been busy. I'm so glad to hear good news about Heather--I'm still praying for her! I wish I'd known y'all were doing a Passover Seder--we would have come! We do our own family Seder every year. :)