Monday, March 22, 2010

All things New again...

I just love Spring, the weather is nice and cool yet getting warmer each day. Unless like here in South Arkansas it was 30 degrees yesterday and snowing.....then 67 degrees today!! You never know around here...if you don't like the weather- stick around- it will change!!

For the most part it is just perfect for me if the weather stayed 60-70 degrees year round....that would be PERFECT!! But, we don't live in a perfect world- and don't have perfect weather. I cannot complain- we do have a roof over our head to protect us from the snow & rain. It could be a lot worse.

Spring time just reminds me so much of my life when Jesus came into it. I saw this scene when we went on our nature walk the other day- couldn't help but take a picture. When winter fades away and buds start making their way through the leaves and pine straw left behind. It is just amazing that- even though those beautiful flowers that were there last year died when it became too cold to survive. Yet once the weather gets nice again- here they return.
I came to know Jesus Christ when I was only 5. My mother led me to the Lord in the front seat of our car. Being raised in church I have no clue what it is like NOT to go to church every Sunday- and listen to the preacher's sermon. That was just what we did. I helped in the church nursery, and many other areas- because that is how you serve him.
Then when I became a teenager- and knew it all (wink) I grew apart from God and grew cold with him. Just as the winter months grow cold- I only ran to him when I NEEDED HIM! Not when he needed me. Dust on the Bible was so thick you could write your name in it. I then got in with the wrong people because I was NOT in his will- and following his ways!!
Needless to say- When I hit bottom and came running back to church and running back to the feet of my Heavenly Father- I was welcomed with Loving arms. He was always there waiting on me- unconditional love!!
Just when you have thought you have lost all hope- you have lost your way. He is there to pick you up and hold your hand. He will carry you through the worst days of your life. He is closer than any brother- and always there for you!!
So spring to me- is in the midst of all you have been through- even if you have NEVER EVER known about Jesus Christ- he is there to show that he gives life to all.....just as the green leaves and beautiful buds come up out of the ground that looks as if it is dead and gone. He can work in your life to remove all those things that don't belong. He erases all sin and even though we are human and we may go down that road again- his grace is sufficiant and he forgives us EVERY TIME!!
You may wonder where to begin- well just as I learned last week about St. Patrick a young 16 year old Britain boy who was kidnapped by Irish robbers and held in prison for 6 years- made to be a slave. He had no family or friends- so he started to talk to God and ask him for his help. He prayed and talked to him to give him comfort- in the midst of his darkest hours. God was there- and God worked through him allowing him to escape and he later became a missionary in Ireland. Then he used the 3 leaf clover to share about God- God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit.
Just as God touched Patrick many many years ago- he is the same God who can help you today!! When you call out to him- he will answer your prayers and come to your side. But it is up to you!
I am reminded every time I look at this tree in my driveway- it may look like a ugly tree, with no leaves and crooked in so many ways. But wait a few weeks and it has a beautiful flowers from it and looks so pretty. Changes don't happen over night- some times it takes a while. But as long as God is walking by your side....any change is good!!
I pray that he touches you with beautiful life just as he does all the trees and flowers in the spring. He has created all things beautiful- this includes you my friend!!
For whoever finds me, finds life and receives favor from the Lord. Proverbs 8:35


Ashley said...

How refreshing! I'm so amazed that as we grow cold towards God, He is there waiting for us to bloom again! Love your blog, Mollie!

Mrs. Claus said...

God is always there for us, we have to go to Him. Thanks so much Mollie, this is a wonderful post!

Love you, girl!!