Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funny Friday

I know I haven't been here much this week. I have felt BLAH!! Lack of sleep for sure.....both kids have been climbing in my bed EVERY NIGHT this week?? B has been gone ALL week at night too!!

So, to finish off this week- thought I would give you a laugh to last all weekend long!!

The weather has been sooooo nice this week so we have played outside a lot. And thanks to my trusty new fence.....I can actually walk back in and check on laundry or supper....etc....the never ending mom jobs!!

On Tuesday I got supper going- then off to the back yard to play. I checked the mail first with the help of my two always present & willing to help, helpers who if it was not for JUNK mail some days they would have nothing to argue & fight about all the way to the mailbox!!! "I get the Mail..." I make them split holding a letter a piece always making sure they get JUNK....not to accidentally loose important bills!!

We walked back to the house, I then unlocked the back gate, laid the mail DOWN on the table on the back porch. I usually look through the mail on the way back but for some reason I just handed them their "MAIL" and walked along. They placed theirs on the table to and off to play!!

I sat and enjoyed the presence of Maizie and her puppy breath....then I told the boys "I am going to go inside and check on supper." I walked out of the gate- locked it behind me. So glad there is a LOCK they cannot would be awful if I had to worry about them getting OUT and into trouble OUTSIDE of the fence!!

I then proceeded in the house, leaving the back door open so I could hear them and half way see them through the fence. As I was mixing up cornbread they interrupted me 100 times as usual. I walked to the fence talked to them and then came back.

T then told me "Mama, some one sent you money in the mail today!" I didn't think much of it- seeing how I didn't see the GOLDEN envelope we have been looking forward to receiving from Uncle know the one with Lady Liberty on it.....TAX RETURN!!!

So, I figured it was some stupid "fake check" he was talking about that you get from a car dealer that says some stupid gimmick on it!! Honestly, the child has NEVER opened the mail EVER?!?! I really didn't think much of the comment. I just responded "Oh good- be there in a minute to look at it."

I slid the cast iron skillet full of cornbread in the oven, washed my hands and headed out the door. As I approached the gate- My eyes got bigger and bigger I know, because I almost TRIPPED on my own JAW!!

There was T standing with a CHECK out of the envelope......covered in DIRT from the IRS!!! Oh My!!! He was so proud.... "Look mama I helped you open the mail, and I found a check for you- someone sent you some money for your missions trip!!" As I quickly removed the check from his hands and thought, the bank is NEVER gonna take this?? I looked at the table, there on the table was a WHITE envelope that was torn beyond recognition!!

I have NO IDEA how that check made it out alive......and then to get a tour of the backyard- dip in the mud hole. Oh, to be a fly in the backyard. I told him how important it is to not open any one's mail......and then was still shaking my head in disbelief......WHEN DID THE IRS CHANGE THERE ENVELOPES???? Has it not always been in a GOLDEN ENVELOPE!!! I WOULD HAVE NEVER LEFT LADY LIBERTY IN THE BACKYARD.....EVER!!!

Luckily, the bank took our dirty laundered money......but they had NO CLUE where that check had ever been!! Have a Good Weekend....Keep it CLEAN!!!


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Mrs. Claus said...

LOL!! That is hilarious! I don't know when they changed the envelopes because we normally get a bill and not a check. LOL!

I have a surprise for you . . . Surprise! I have something for you on my blog. Check it out!!