Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You know how it takes fuel to the fire to keep something burning.....kinda like a marriage it takes dates, to stay in LOVE and connected with the person you fell in love with. No doubt about it I Loooove my husband. I am so glad that we got to go on a date Saturday night. Our anniversary was Friday and we had planned on taking the 6 hour drive to my parents- then out to dinner and a movie for a wonderful date night!! Then spend a wonderful weekend together as a sweet family.....and they lived happily ever after.....right?

Well, it was not all that picture perfect because well.....we live a normal life!! Don't let me miss you lead you in thinking I live a life with no mistakes and everything was happily ever after!!

As we were 4 hours into our 6 hour drive- My 8 year old Tahoe....that I have NEVER EVER had any problems out of started to clunk and clank and not have any power. Here we were on a Turnpike in Oklahoma....aka middle of no where!!! It was ONLY 100 degrees outside, I no bottles of water of and about 100 million goldfish snacks left.....I immediately got scared, MAD and stressed all at the same time. Ever been there??

I was scared thinking Oh my we are stuck in the middle of no where.....sure some one may stop and help but I have two small children to keep cool and keep safe!! Then I was MAD because, I had told B that there was a noise in my car weeks ago....and nothing was done about it (I'll get to more of that later) Then I was stressed thinking- well there goes the car, weekend, marriage- you name it was going out the window along with the COLD air we were loosing each mile down the HOT road!!

Well long story, little shorter!! We did make it- going 45 MPH max by the time we reached my parents the 6 hour drive turned into 8!!! We got there in just the right time to go to bed!! Date night was off- and we looked ROUGH!! Wind blown was mild to say the least.

But it taught me an important lesson.....when you hear something wrong with the car.....check it out yourself!! I should have taken it to a mechanic- instead of the unwanted stress and what could have been even worse. I drove it all the time- I knew what it did and didn't do- so it is my responsibility!! It was in the shop all day Saturday getting a new catalytic converter.

Saturday night came and Finally, I was ready to go on a date with my husband of 11 years!! Grana and Poppie took good care while we went to a dinner and movie. It was good fuel for our marriage seeing how it is so hard to talk about much with 4 little ears listening.....we don't know what will ever be repeated!! And at the same time, we like to sit and talk about the past years and how far we have come. In any relationship it takes communication- which is fuel to help keeping it run at it's best!!

We love to spend family time together which is good for the fuel to help our relationships with the kids and there future. If we don't talk to them now.....they will not talk to us later!! I have been reading a GOOD book. My Hearts at Home by Jill Savage. It is a MUST read for Moms, even if you are not staying at home- it has definitely been some gas and wood to add to my fuel in my fire!!

If we don't take time away from our children for time for us- we will not be the parents that God wants us to be. Don't get me wrong, they need us- but when we take time to be alone and talk and discuss our future then we can focus on what is best in the long run for all of us!!On that note.....boys started pre-school yesterday. Two days a week I will be alone with NO CHILDREN or HUSBAND!!! What to do.....possibly get my thoughts together so I will be worth while in the long run.....why YES!! Maybe even go get spa day or lunch with a you understand the importance of getting toes done and a good meal??

Most mom's might cry or have sad feelings, granted I did- they are getting older and each day I try to cherish as if it was our last. I tried to take a sweet little picture of the boys by the back door....yeah right getting two boys to stand still and smile while holding a lunch box.....what was I thinking??
But I also am reminded by there favorite movie and my favorite scene.....Guido and his pit stop!! Watch this clip here and you will see what I mean.

In the BIG race it is important that Guido's speed and all that practice he put worth his best job to help out his team- so they could WIN the big race!!! It paid off and he was able to do his BEST!! I love that little fork lift!!

Call me crazy but I was about half giddy walking to the car thinking- Oh house will NOT know what HIT it!! Had to fight the spiders and dust bunnies for the broom and cleaning supplies. I feel as if I have been lost and my house has looked as if a bomb had gone off months ago and we have been surviving!!Each day I would do daily chores.....but slowly I just keep putting off due to lack of interest because I was worn slap out!! Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the kid who decided he doesn't want to take a nap anymore (which in turn gives me NO alone time at all!!), or maybe, maybe it well.....OWN UP GIRLFRIEND!!! God gave you this day and these kids- suck it up and do your job!! ha!!Really I was just in a FUNK.....I have no clue how or when I got there but.....IF I choose to stay here it will only do more damage. So dust the pants off and jump back up.....cause this mama's ain't gonna let the little things get her down!!

I HAD TO CHOOSE it was MY LIFE and I need to take CHARGE!! So.....I sent the kids to school!!! ha!! Really, I realized- as a MOM I need to re-fuel so I will have enough fuel to make it day to day and week to week!! I took all day yesterday and cleaned my house....and I mean cleaned....all but the kids rooms!! ha!! I'll show them who is boss.....actually they WILL be the boss one day so that is also my job to teach them to clean!!

But it is not just the clean house I gained it is also time alone- that way when the little rascals get home I will be ready for one on one- and FULL of FUEL to spend it all with them!! And in return won't feel as if I deserve time alone and time to think to function!!
Time alone also to spend with my friend, Jesus- not only can you talk and walk with him in the garden alone....but also in your home as you are sweeping the floors!! It takes fuel from his visits and his peace to make it daily!!As I was cleaning and as I was picking up the remnants from the bomb that exploded this summer. I was thinking, God thank you for my mess.....thank you for my roof over my head and a husband who works to pay for it, thanks for this pile of dirty clothes and the life that lives in them to keep them dirty, thank you for the dirt I am sweeping off this floor....for this is also a sign of life that walks through the door of this home- Bless every last shoe or foot that tracked this dirt in, and thanks for all the dirty dishes for this is a sign that we have our belly's full and don't go to bed hungry. It is the simple things in life that we see as things that might set us back in life- but you see if it were not for the little things, we would probably not have the BIG things!!

Speaking of BIG things this portrait my friend Stacy took of our boots (also at the bottom of the blog) It will remind me that those boots that were once size 9 and 12......will grow up- although the feet may get bigger the person who wears them is the same. As a mother of those little feet I am responsible for their steps now, and for fueling up there tanks with all the GOOD stuff for one day that stuff will reflect in their lives as the BIG stuff!!
By the way only took me a few couple of hours and hernia's to get that monster up there at the TOP of my entertainment shelf!! But I do like the way it is a constant reminder to me no matter how old they get.....they once were little and it took little steps to get where we were going!!

The electric dryer is turning but it is all filled up with Gas right now!!


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