Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Would do it all over again....

Seem like yesterday when I would look down and see this.....if I could see past the HUGE belly!!
I have only had my blog for a little over a year now so I never have really shared my FIRST full-term pregnancy story. Seeing how this is T's 5th birthday tomorrow- thought I would share.

After two miscarriages and many many fertility treatments and procedures, I finally just gave up!! God if you want me to have a baby it is just gonna take a miracle......that is was!!

In the fall of 2004 I started exercising and did it a little too much, I found my self looking like this and walking in these lovely casts for 10 weeks.....YES TEN!!!To get the whole story read HERE. about a TEST from God, I had no were to go but UP!! I did however work, sitting down on a stool....take more than both ankles having stress fractures to slow me down!
But, I found myself in the word more, on my days off I would stay home feet up instead of running around like I did ALL the time!! Trying to get every one pleased instead of pleasing the Lord!!

It was the day I got my "boots" off that I also found out in a random blood test that I WAS PREGNANT!!! I took a picture of myself on the phone with the doctors is hilarious!!
I then had a picture perfect pregnancy from then on.....gained a little too much weight of course....but I was happy and baby was healthy. Here are some ultra sound pictures of Baby T.

I was in my last trimester and the baby dropped and one morning I woke up and my belly just started to itch.....and itch......and itch......I was thinking man this baby is scratching his way out!!

Went to the doctor the next day for a weekly check-up I had PUPP a terrible itchy rash that only happens in 1% of pregnant women!! Lovely, I kept telling my self, you only have a few more weeks!!! It was making me go INSANE!! I was taking oatmeal baths, cortisone cream like it was no ones business....going through a tube of the cream a DAY!!! I did end up in the ER because I thought, there has got to be a of baby!!!

By that time I was googling "how to go into labor early!!" HA! Not really but I was taking all the advice I could get. My mom had come down to be with me by that time- first baby, first grand know the over prepared people!!

I then went into labor went to the hospital....only to get sent home.......UGH!!! Until my water broke. I was 38 weeks pregnant.....PEOPLE PLEASE!!! I was back in the hospital......very nervous B by my side. He was checking monitors and biting nails all at the same time!!

And 6 hours and three days later after I went into labor.....there was a problem.....

The nurse came to check me and she rushed out of the room...quickly- then my sister passed her in the hallway on the phone with the doctor. The nurse said come quick I don't understand it?? So without being alarming my sister came into the room- and sat and prayed.

Nothing is more scary when a TEAM of people walk into you room with an big machine and say we think the baby had turned or something is wrong. My heart stopped. ALL of this and now there is trouble. Oh God please please don't take my baby or me!! Then after a little ultrasound and a lot of feeling under the covers....don't you just HATE that part....UGH!!

The doctor looked at me and said 20 years I have done this and NEVER seen had two bags of water.....the first one the had already broken was empty- NOW we need to break another one.....with the baby inside!! My My.....isn't it neat how God protects our babies he creates!!

I know without a doubt in my mind he gave me EXTRA protection to keep that baby in my body. Now the rash.....saving that question for when I reach the pearly gates...."what in the world was THAT??" But I know that extra bag of water was from him. It did explain all the question in my last weeks of "are you having TWINS!!!" It really looked like it and if I had two bags of water- I definitely had room for another one!!

And with that water breaking T was born 6 hours later.....a healthy 8lbs. 5oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.

Perfect in his image he created a wonderful healthy baby for my arms. I was so happy tears of sorrow turned to JOY, and we literally just sat and stared at T the rest of the night. We could not believe he was here and we could hold a baby of our own!!I love these two pictures of B with T.....we both sat and stared at the poor baby just thinking....I cannot believe he is here- and for months we did this. I guess when you want something so bad, by the time you get it- it is hard to believe some times that your prayers were answered!!To see the JOY on his daddy's face when he was holding him the day after he was born.....priceless!!We were both doing so well, we got to go home with in 24 hours after he was born!!

Now, the rash- it did NOT go fact didn't get rid of it for 6 one in a million women don't get rid of it......I was happy holding my baby and itching like a dog with flees for months.

GOD was so good to me- how could I complain. Now when I look at my legs and see those scars from my rash- I am reminded by our test God gives us. Through 4 years of waiting and wanting a baby, then weeks of itching non-stop until I gave birth....only to itch even more after giving birth....God was with me all the time and he taught me the patience I would need for when child #2 came along.

Because since it took so long to have T we thought- T is just so good we would love to have a dozen......18 months later here I was pregnant with C......and now that he is almost 3......WE ARE DONE!!!

I think he completes a good way!!



Mrs. Claus said...

What a ride! Some poor pregnant girl down the road is really going to benefit from your story.

Ginger said...

I love the pic of your 3 boys. The look Ts face is priceless

Kecia said...

I had to read it, even thought I heard it last year--miracles can be told over and over again and still bring tears to my eyes! :)