Friday, July 30, 2010

11 years down....many more to go!!

Eleven years ago today I held hands with my very best friend on Earth, told him I wanted to grow old with him and we each made promises we have kept and will keep forever!!

The dress doesn't fit anymore, the styles are out of style, flowers are dead....but our rings are still on and our hearts still beat strong for each other.....butterflies and all!!
I have been so blessed to have B in my life for 14 years and to be married for 11 of those years. We definitely complete each other- we are honest with each other- we love to be around each other and laugh til we cry some moments. I have been so fortunate to carry and give birth to two wonderful miracles and I think it is so cool that God created them for us to raise for Him!!
May we have many many more years of happiness & Joy!!
my friend Stacy took these pictures

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