Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finger Painting FUN!!!

Yesterday we did a little painting project.....started out with paint brush.....ended up FINGER PAINTING!!! WHOO HOO!!! PARTAY!!!!

I forget where I saw the idea but I thought it would be cool if they painted a canvas in the colors of my living and dining room, then I could hang it up in my house- and cherish it forever!! Well, I found a great deal on some canvas at Hobby Lobby- so I then thought we could make some to share with others too!! SO......we it much fun!!!

C is so funny I paint my hand?? the canvas?? my hair?? He did end up with a streak of BLUE in the front.

When they were just using their brushes- it was showing a lot of that is when I said- "hey just use your hands and rub it in." It was as if you could have heard a pen drop- they were like....mama- you want us to make a mess?? COOL!!!
C was like this is too cool- He kept looking at his hands saying "I make mess....I make mess!!" Seeing how that is his FAVORITE pass time!! He was in Heaven!! T was okay with it- he wanted to wash his hands asap!!

Check out those grins!!! PRICELESS!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Well, I took C to the other room to wash his hands- and came back T had taken the brush and started to write all different letters in the paint. Gave it a really "different" look!! That is what he thought looked good- So I know the people who receive them will also think that is cool!
I just set them up on some boxes to dry in the shop. I am going to write
a little note or poem on the back.
The FINISHED Project......Saving them for some special people......for a special day????

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