Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Priority Mail.....

Well, lately you can probably tell I have been absent. I am doing a 10 things on that soon....on the 10th!! Seems like each week that last few weeks I am the stay @ home mom.....who is not @ home!! Ever feel that way??

If it is NOT one thing it is ANOTHER!!! In fact T has asked every night at bed time...."where do we have to go tomorrow??" Ugh how frustrating is this that my child feels I am dragging them around from here to yonder.....(oh that was bad....I have lived in the south too long when you say yonder when your typing!! HA!!)

Ok remember that MOM's HEART conference a few months back that CHANGED my LIFE FOREVER!!! I cannot stop thinking about every thing they said....I second guess every thing I do each day and whether I am making good choices??

So the other day I was thinking....just in case you smelled something was my brain!! I remember Sarah one of the speakers talking about how your life is a are the characters and you write determine if it is good or bad.

Then I thought back when I was a child, I LOVE to be creative and paint. I would set up an easel and paint....painters cap and all.....I have always been EXTREME in all I do!! HA!! So, I thought well if life could be a could also be a PAINTING???

Just as you paint you put color in you creation- it might be a sad painting or a happy painting?? Either way you are responsible for the brush and you control it.....when you are painting you have to take a step back and look at WHAT the outcome is every so often. When you do that you may see something that needs a little more color- or see something that needs covering up.

Life is the same way- when stop and step back and look at your to do list or look at your might see somethings you need to remove or add to. Priorities!! What is MOST important and WHAT do I need to do to make it work the BEST!!

I will tell you that the last two weeks I have woke up before the kids and got myself dressed- then dressed them as soon as they woke and we were OUT of the house in no time. Kudos to ALL YOU MOMS who work OUT of the HOME each day.....I have no clue how you do that- two weeks for me was enough.....what was I doing?? Like I said stay tuned on the 10th of April you can see my list!!

So after I looked at my painting in life- I then thought if I had a job description and had a PAYING job with would I be doing?? So if my husband and kids were to pay me with MONEY would I deserve my pay.....yes I know kisses and love pay a LOT more than anything GREEN.....but do you see my point.

Was I doing my job to the BEST of my ability?? Let's see.....hmmmm.....Can you yell at your boss if you get mad and NOT get fired?? Can you be behind on a deadline and not have dinner so you must order out and not get fired?? Can you put one thing off to do something less important and NO ONE has any clean clothes to wear?? Then you will find yourself working over time.....that's the case in my JOB.....means lack of sleep- therefore the RAT RACE is even harder on less gas!!

Yes, I definitely have appreciated my family a lot more and been a lot different since I have gotten fueled at the Mom's conference....but it is so easy to run on empty or low fuel.....and you cannot do that long- you will eventually have to get out and PUSH your self to the side of the road. Which is where I am at!!

I have found myself once again putting house work before my kids and husband. I do in fact think that taking a break from the computer mostly facebook- for Lent, has proven to be VERY rewarding. I am strictly using it for communicating with friends and QUICK check-in's with those in need.....prayer request things like that. Otherwise I will get so caught up with who sneezed and when.....and how loud it was.....and where it was......get the point!!

So my friend when it comes to priorities- this poor little blog I have had for a year is getting added to the lower part of the list. I just love writing and telling funny stories- but most of that time when I am.....some thing is lacking in other work usually. When my kids are sleeping....I am blogging....and when they are awake....I am cleaning.

This month however I am SUPER CLEANING....stay tuned for those QUICK CLEANS!! HA!! Oh My....I didn't even get through with this post and lost the point again....when I am not spending time with my family....I AM SUPER CLEANING!!!

I have found it VERY VERY VERY rewarding also to wake before every one in the house on these busy days.....and read my bible, talk to the Lord about the day- and look to him for guidance. I love that Proverbs has 31 chapters.....and most months have 31 that is a chapter a day!!

I do love my husband and I have found the last few weeks.....he still loves me too- especially when I don't have a computer in my lap!! HA!

And my kids.....well those times are few and far between....I told B the other day- T grew up so fast I feel like I have missed parts of his life......C is just 2 but it has gone by so quickly too!! I want to walk in the park slowly, take time to smell the roses.....when there not covered in POLLEN!! Pick up rocks and skip them in a pond.....feed the ducks while we are at it.

Just like my theme song says.....wear your red dress, use your best dishes, makes a BIG mess and make lots of wishes.....have what you want but want what you have!!!

So here I go again....

Thank you all so much for reading so faithfully- I love to share my thought and my heart!!
She is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed!
Proverbs 3:18

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