Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Planted all these WEEDS in my flower bed??

We got to go outside today and enjoy all this beautiful weather we have been blessed with lately!! As I grabbed my gloves to pull a few weeds in my flower beds I was thinking back to my flowers last year. When we pulled out all the shrubs and planted new things. That was a lot of hard work. I was wondering what would they look like when EVERYTHING is in bloom this year??

Here are just a few pics of lily's from last years bloom. One of my very favorite flowers is Lily!!

Well then of course as I was pulling weeds- which looked more like some HUGE turnip greens... for all I know they probably were!! I was having to really pull hard and put a lot into it. It reminded me as I was showing my rear end to the Highway traffic. You know when your a kid and everything you parents do embarrasses you??

Well one day as our school bus was driving up to our house my mom was hammering in a garage sale sign into the ground....straight legs and bent over right in front of the SCHOOL BUS FULL of KIDS!!! Ugh!!! Can you imagine.....I was so embarrassed- here I was had to get off at my stop so EVERYONE would know it was my MOM!!! Not like they didn't know I lived there any way!!

So I told my mom "Mama would you please NOT bend over like need to squat and do things- so your rear end is not up in the sky!!" Let me tell you my mom has LONG legs too....little body though. She is only 5'3" so when she bends over she can lay her hands on the ground FLAT!!!

Honestly, from then on I don't ever remember her squatting or standing to remove weeds from flower beds or anything else....just a kid thing- you forget I guess. Or maybe she did start kneeling... I don't know??

Well, as I was in the flower beds today I was trying to get some of these HUGE weeds out.....and so it seemed easier to PULL standing up and bending over rather than on my knees or squatting down to pull. What do you think I looked like to the cars passing by.....hmmmm "There's that lady with her rear end up in the air again!!" It hit me.....honestly, it took every thing I had to get up off the ground each time I got down- but nothing to just stand back up straight!!

So, here I was my mom bending over.....although my kids don't know I am not cool yet- they still think I hung the moon!! And not that my mom was NOT COOL.....all our friends LOVED her....and over course we do too!!! But I always said to my self....."when I have kids I am gonna have them young so I will be a cool mom".......seems like all my friends moms & dads were really young.

Guess when I had my kids.....28 & 30......guess when my mom had us.....28 & 30!!! You see isn't there a saying... what goes around comes around or maybe one that says you'll pay for your raising.....or how about you'll EAT THOSE WORDS!!! Oh every day I get older and wiser just like my mom.....and I am so grateful she is such a sweet and caring person!! And I'd give anything to live closer to her so we could bend over for all the cars & school buses to see us picking weeds!!

Love you Grana!!



Ashley said...

I love this, Mollie! It reminds me so much of me and my mom! I was so embarrassed of her when I was younger, and now I'm so proud to be turning into her! Larry Don daily calls me "Jannell!" It's a blessing to have such wonderful mothers!

Mrs. Claus said...

Hey sweetie! I gave you an award on my blog, click on it to check it out!