Monday, April 19, 2010

Puzzle Time

Well, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth- I am BAAAACK!!! Just really really busy catching up on things around the house last week- after being gone so many weeks prior!!

Last week the weather was just too nice to stay we didn't we stayed outside almost all day every day!! Boys just LOVE to be outside. T already has a BUG collection!! Hopefully I will get to sit down a post a story on it this week.

And I reeeeaaaaallly need to catch up on my recipe blog....been taking lots of pictures just need to add them and the recipes!! Have you ever bought some thing.....put it back for birthday or Christmas.....then pulled it out on a rainy day!! Yep...that's exactly what I did today.

I bought this book of tangram puzzles for T & this Melissa & Doug (YES my favorite) one for C. They LOVED them. And it took up about an hour that we would have spent out side- due to the rainy weather.....we stayed inside and put puzzles together!!

Not to mention it is busy work- for busy hands to be doing something useful!! I know we own at least 20+ puzzles. From LARGE floor puzzles to 100 pieces dinosaur puzzle (only one 100 pieces one) Most of the ones we like are non other than Melissa & Doug!!! They are SO DURABLE.....and if you have know what I mean. A puzzle piece might just become a hammer or a sword....never know??

What do you do for inside play on a rainy day??


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