Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning.....the Medicine Cabinet

This month I really wanted to do a month of organizing and how to clean out some closets and how to put them back in order.....yeah the middle of the month has passed and we are rolling right into May before you know it. So I will try to do some random tips here and there. I tried to take pictures as I would clean out a closet, drawer, and cabinet.....Oh My!!! I cannot I am letting every one see my mess!!!

The first one is easy and took under and hour. You can do that while you kids take a nap or even while the are doing some busy work. Some times when I have BIG projects that need to get done- because company is coming I will out on a movie the haven't seen in awhile- that takes care of about an hour of time for me to get what I need to accomplished!

So here is my medicine cabinet....I actually think it is suppose to be a linen cabinet.....because there is a lower part for a hamper. works for me best as a medicine cabinet. Seems as if at the end of the winter- it looks as if a spring tornado has already hit it!! I try to clean it out as we go- otherwise it is about 6 months or so. I take all....EVERYTHING out and wipe down the cabinets. While they are drying I usually take all the meds- in different totes or boxes and put them in the kitchen or dining room table.

As I sort I have a trash can by my side- to THROW away all out dated meds. I then have other piles. Boys OTC, Boys prescripts, Adult OTC, Adult Prescipts, then my first aid kit, a pile of spoons or oral syringes, and my trust otoscope! I sort in to piles then I place them in their home in little $1 baskets you can get at the dollar store. It holds medicines up right and when you are looking for something....just slide it out and see them all and then slide it back into place. I label all sliding baskets to know what is in there- and who it is for.

Here is the FINISHED product in under 45 minutes. Now the lower shelf is my new found love of Young Living Essential Oils!!! I have them on had and usually use them prior to any meds!! Along with healthy eating to try to get better asap!!

My Next project it the boys room......Ugh!! I just took a few pics the other day as we were cleaning out things.....and was thinking it would be great to post how we do things at our house!!


Mrs. Claus said...

I need to get some baskets . . . my husband would disagree. But I love putting things in organized little compartments.

Lori said...

I love it!!!! I have been purging my house for months and I have so much to do. We have a new rule, if I want to bring something new into the house I have to take something out. Sometimes I slip some things in. Thank you Mollie for sharing.