Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was WONDERFUL!!! I went on my first Mom Heart Conference Getaway, in Dallas Texas. I went with my friend Tammie. We had a BLAST!!! We laughed, we talked, we listened, we talked, I talked, she listened, I talked she listened some more!! Anyway you look at it I came back refreshed and renewed in all areas!!
I honestly did not know what to expect. I did know they would talk about homeschooling. Which is an option we have looked at.....nothing in stone!! I was mostly interested in that stand point. My friend Tammie, home schools her 5 children. And I have many other good friends that home school also. I am definitely not against it- just don't know if it is for me & my kids?? Still in prayer about it.

I also knew by looking at the website- that it was just what Dr. Jesus ordered for me. As a mother of 2 little busy boys, I often find myself completely run down, worn out, and just plain exhausted- BOTH Mentally & physically!! I have been in a rut as a mother. Feel like the last two years since C was born that I have been spinning in circles and wondering when it was all going to STOP!! Finally, a few months back I got the physical side of the house under control- it was in total chaos for about a year. I found a system... I made up- and it has been working for me!!

When it came to the WORD of GOD and feeding my tired worn out body, I would just crumble at the end of each day into the bed......and fall asleep as I was reading my bible- or praying!! Just seems like I have NOT taken the time for the LORD the way I should. I know with the impending missions trip- I NEED to be ready, and mentally prepared for the task ahead.

This weekend is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Not only was it a Mom's Conference where you check into the hotel, and can wake up and walk to the conference in the same hotel.....sleep on sheets that are clean-that I didn't have to clean myself- nor did we have to make our BED!! Eat wonderful food and indulge in dessert. Not to mention get fed the word of God.....and LOVED on by Godly women!!! BUT BEST OF ALL......THERE WAS CHOCOLATE CANDY EVERYWHERE!!!! Chocolates on the tables, baskets sitting around- and even children walking around with a basket asking... "would you like some chocolate?"What woman would NOT be in heaven on EARTH!!!
When you are in a restaurant with out your kids & husband you can order this and get away with it!! Man I was glad I gave up Cokes for Lent and NOT CHOCOLATE!!!I had my OWN cake & ate it too!!!

Here is Tammie with Sarah.....she loves Sarah......and after listening to her I know why!!!
I was so inspired by all the speakers. First Sarah Clarkson a young 2o something writer who has
written a few books how the importance of reading to your children!! I read to them if they bring me a book- or at bedtime. But she talked about how all of our lives are a story a wonderful beautiful adventure! I have forgotten that....seems like I get so caught up in WHAT we are doing...WHERE we are going, and WHO we will see.....instead of just living for the moments God has planned for us!! Sarah told us...Even though we live in a broken world we have to FIGHT until the end- through or faith & trust in God....there is a Happy Ending!!Then there was Elizabeth Smith.....Oh I wanted to pick her up and put her in my pocket bring her home!! That way she could be my own little Gemini Cricket... no no Mollie don't do that- do it this way......Oh look there Mollie that is a good moment to do this.....good job Mollie!!
She spoke first on Training the WILL of your Child....I took TONS of NOTES.... I met Elizabeth later and told her - her words inspired me and lifted me up, knowing exactly what I needed to hear!! I then informed her that my little two year old boy back home...who is VERY strong-willed or as Tammie says "FULL OF LIFE"....he will NOT KNOW WHAT HIT HIM- when I return with all this information about strong willed children!!! She was SOOOOO GOOOOD!!! I love Elizabeth Smith....even if I kept calling her Elizabeth Smart....Tammie was there to laugh and straighten me out!! HA!These are the NOTES I took from her talk on Taming the Will of your Child!!! Oh my, I learned a lot!!! I AM READY FOR BATTLE, GOOD BATTLE!!!
Then there was Sally Clarkson- the WOMAN who started this all!! WHAT A MINISTRY!!! I was given her book by my sister in law for my 30th Birthday!! What a GREAT GIFT!! Thanks Cole!! It is the book Mission Motherhood by Sally. I have picked it up and read it here and there- when I have time to read! And now hearing her in person- I want to read it and not put it down. She is just a normal lady like me- she has raised 4 beautiful children, and yet as she spoke I was thinking I was the ONLY person in the room of hundreds of ladies. She spoke to my heart, and she knew just the right way and right words to say. She is human and makes mistakes, and we all do!! I told Tammie, I am going to get Sally to sign my book- and get a photo with her!! This is what we saw the whole conference....then we got up close & personal. Sally is so beautiful- you can see the love of God just radiate from her and the JOY in her life from helping other mom's!! She will get home and have many many jewels in her crown for the love & support she shows mothers!!
God's Glory reveled to us the next morning.....out the view from our hotel!!!!
Tammie & I both agreed we have a heart for mother's and really wish that next year ALL our friends & church mom's can go with us to this!! If you look at their website- I highly recommend going and listening to the conference. Or pick up a book by Sally Clarkson- your life will never be the same again!!

Lately, I have not put my goals down on paper- for life. I have my cleaning list, grocery list, to do list, calender, schedule. And yet among all that I have no room for my self- with my creator, my Father. Yes, I pray and spend time with him, read my bible- quickly. But it has become a habit of mine to take care of everyone in my family- there things then me, then sadly- GOD!!

I cannot tell you how many times in my life I have put him in the backseat....or in the trunk!! I just don't know where I have gone wrong. I still know I am a Christian and know I LOVE GOD more than anything on this earth. Cannot WAIT for the day he comes back for us- and we can meet him face to face. But on that day....what will he say "Hey Mollie....clean out your trunk some time!!" or "Hey friend remember me?" NO!! I want him to say "well done, good and faithful servant- I am pleased!!" Oh how I long for that day!!

If it were tomorrow I would definitely not get that answer. He might hand me a bottle of ferbreze and say clean out your trunk lately?? There are many things I have put ahead of him. And just as our Pastor spoke tonight on Galatians 5. What are our idols, our things that we put before him?? Material things, house work, people!!! I need to take a step back and reflect. I have given up Facebook for Lent- it has been WONDERFUL!! Thinking about not going back?? I also have given up COKES......Cannot believe it has been a week and a half with out my caffeine friend....hoping to ditch him forever!!

But lately my love has been this blog, I have spent nights up until midnight, writing, reading, and I believe it is therapy for me. My family also lives far away and I know it is a GREAT way for us to all keep in touch. At the same time those precious hours could be spent with the LORD!! Then as Sally reminded me- REST from work, word, worry & the world!!!

The month of MARCH.....I am muting the dryer. There will be pictures- and you know what they say "a picture is worth a thousand words!!" So you can get a laugh, or a thought out of what ever you think is going on in the picture. Just as Sarah was saying- live life and MAKE up your own stories!!

Just as Sally spoke and reminded me I need to Renew my mind, my home, my heart. For the things that matter MOST in my life and the days that are ahead of me are to be GREAT!! I told B after the first speaker....."I already got my monies worth of this!! I have been so touched and blessed already!!" I also told him "When I get home, I will be a new mama, and a more loving & caring wife!!"
I sat down and apologized to T & C.... I told them, that from now on things are going to change, mama learned this weekend that I need to be different- and only with God's help I can change. As I had tears falling down my face T looked at me and said "I love you the way you are already!" Oh thank you Father for putting those words in his precious mouth- even as if I feel as if I have failed my children, my husband & You my Father in heaven!!

I just want you to know you also can have this HOPE that I have found. Message me if you are interested in more information!!

H- Hold fast to Hope, hope is a promise!

O- Offer your LIFE to God!

P- Press on in FAITH!!

E- Endure until the END!!

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of his power toward us who believe. Ephesians 1:18-19



mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Do you know that Sally C lives in my town? The mom's group at my former church worked through her Mission of Motherhood book and she came and spoke to us...she lives a few doors down from my friend!

I've always wanted to go to one of these conferences but never have. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Sandi said...

. . . very sweet! I'm glad you are renewed, and ready for the next round! LOL! Let me know when you guys are planning to go. I wouldn't be interested in home-schooling, but it sounds like way more than that anyway. We'll miss your words of wisdom in March.

Glad you both had fun!

Kecia said...

Wow, that sounds great! I wish I had gone! What mission trip are you going on?

Tammie said...

I enjoyed the weekend too. Thanks for coming with me and being a friend to me. May we write beautiful epic adventures with our life unto the Lord!