Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Speechless.....yes me!!

Yes, me I love to talk!! That is why I have my own BLOG- don't cha know!! HA! But there are FEW moments I have found myself speechless....until this trip to Peru. Seems like every time I was turning around- I was finding my self in this position.

And if you haven't noticed.....I also love to talk with helps you feel like you are there or can see a visual of the situation. Well, this post has NO picture, just a story.

When I left for Peru, I had no idea my life would come in contact with so many people that would change my life- not just that I was going to tell them about some one to help change theirs!!

I honestly, have never ever led anyone to the Lord. I will witness, share with them the good news- then invite them to church and the rest is up to the preacher and then God! I am not meaning that rude either, I just never have had sat down and talked with people one on one about all the details.....until now!

We were asked to do one on one sessions with the Peruvians and a translator. I had talked in the park with people, prayed with them but this was more of an interview type. The first one was a young girl who was 17- she was already saved so I talked with her about having a prayer life and reading the Bible daily. That was pretty simple, and I felt pretty positive about it.

Then the next day a woman, I will call her Mrs. C. She and I had one on one time, with the translator of course. She was very sweet, and we started out- how was your day, what have you been doing today? Just simple questions. Then it jumps to the serious ones....Do you know who Jesus Christ you know what he did for you??

And she understood so much- but when I got to the question "Tell me what you need to do to go to Heaven?" Her answer was....."behave well.....I guess??" This 50ish woman looked as if she behaved well, she was dressed nice and looked very clean. So apparently she felt as if she was going to heaven.

I then told her the TRUTH, and that the ONLY way to heaven was through the Father. She needed to have a relationship with him and know him personally, he died on the cross for her and when he died he died for her sins and her sickness. I explained to her how each day we need to go to him and talk to him just as he walked the Earth today- and make him your best friend.

She agreed that she was a sinner and that this was a step in her life she wanted to make. To become a NEW creation with Christ. So I led her in a prayer. As I held her hands and shared with her how her life would never ever be the same again. I had tears in my eyes. Knowing that she changed my life spiritually I grew just as she was a baby christian starting out.

It was really a great experience for me and I know that God sent me for Peru.....if only for that one reason to meet Mrs. C and to lead her to my Father just as I was led many years ago. My job was divine appointment was to meet and talk with her.....I was very happy with that.....I could go home!

But wait.....I was not speechless yet?!?!?

The next night it was our last night and we were going on a special trip where we were asked not to take pictures. It was to an meeting at the hospital, a support group for people who were HIV positive.

As I walked up, my breath was completely taken away by what I saw.....each and every night we were in Peru.....they were there with us also. These poor people had this terrible sickness....and yet for most of them it was not their fault. Infidelity is a major problem in Lima. Seems many think nothing of it to share partners.....therefore, there are many people who are living with this sickness.

I walked into the room and saw many familiar faces and the one that made me speechless and took my breath away was Mrs. C......this lady I just led to the Lord the very night before. As I sat across the table and held her hands and led her to the Lord.....not knowing that she was very very sick. She may live for 15 more years with this disease or she may die from her next cold? Only the Lord knows......but I know and she knows that now she has eternal life, and all her sins and sickness were hung on that cross along with the man who died for her to have Eternal Life!!

Do you know him? Do you want to?

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Mrs. Claus said...

Whoa! Isn't God's plan miraculous?

(BTW: I left you an award, if you want to play along. No pressure, I just love your blog!)

Kecia said...

Mollie, I just read several of your posts, and it was so moving. And humbling. I was hoping to hear you speak at Immanuel Sunday night, but then I remembered I'll be on my way back from a wedding in Austin. :( so I'm glad you have a blog!