Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shopping.....sewing seeds

One last fun story about Peru....I know I left you sitting on the edge of your seat!! I enjoyed my mission trip so much- I wish everyone could go....even if it is not out of the country! Just do something good for you community and reach out to those in need around you.....they are there you may never know the people you run into at the store.

A couple of weeks ago I paid for my meal and then the car behind me's meal too.... in the drive through at KFC. I just felt led to do that- even if she had a much nicer car than mine.....who knows maybe she was borrowing it?? That made me have a wonderful feeling-to be able to bless some one..... and was all for the Glory and Honor of God! When we were shopping in Peru at the Indian Market, the man here in the picture asked if I was a Christian....I replied "well yes, why do you ask?" He responded and said: because you can see it in you face....your smile and eyes- you have what most people here don't have!" He was also a christian. I gave him a hug because that just made my day. Here I was in another country to let my light shine for the Lord and it showed!!

But I need to carry it on over here now that I am home! Each and everyday do a good deed- just for the Glory and Honor of HIM not for my Glory....but in return I will be blessed!! You never know your worst day may be someones BEST!!

I also bought this purse and Shaw for my two nieces from this lady in a village we visited on Sunday- what a blessing to get to see the hands that made such a pretty thing!!

I love to shop so when God calls me to shop.....I will shine for him!!! I just wish he called me to shop more often!! ha!

Be Blessed today and show some one that you care!!


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Kecia said...

I don't know why it's harder to do at home, but you're right, it is. I'm glad to have friends like you to inspire me to keep on trying!