Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take advantage of situations.....

One thing I learned in Peru, is something I can use and do more when I am home. Witness more often. Yes, I can witness by good words and good things doing- actions speak louder than words. But, when you are in a crowded bus, or squeezed into a taxi, make every moment counts.
I feel as if every moment in your life could be a divine appointment from God.....therefore, take FULL advantage of it. When you are in a taxi......even though you feel like a sardine......don't act like a stinky fish. Show God's love and give them a smile or tip....and in our case every time we got into a taxi we gave them a little booklet called a track......tells great stories of Jesus and how he died for everyone!!

Then there is the BUS RIDES......there were many!! So even if we had to hold on as we were walking just to risk handing out tracks......we did. The thing I found MOST surprising was everyone in Peru was very interested in the tracks....if they saw you handing one to some one and not to them- they would look at you or some would even hold their hand out to receive one!! That was awesome. Then most everyone of them would sit and READ the whole little booklet until the end of the trip and then tuck it away in a safe pocket. That was cool, I thought.
Most of the time if you did that here in the states......they would be on the ground. You either do or you don't believe......but Peruvians have NEVER heard!!

I have decided to take the tracks out of my bible that have been there.....for special times and start leaving them in restaurants or giving them to people in the park when my kids are playing. I do love to wear Christian t-shirts.....gave most of them away in Peru. But, I just love to witness in this silent way. Some times a phrase on a shirt can start a conversation of a life time....an Eternal Life!!

I know I have had many many opportunities to witness here at home, and NOT taken advantage of it. But at the time I don't think I had grown spiritually enough. And not that I am some spiritual giant now....I just think this trip was what I needed to grow my FAITH even more!!
Maybe before I was almost scared to be rejected.....afraid of the unknown. But I do know one thing- Jesus is coming back soon......that is unknown is when he is coming back! I want to be ready and I would rather be rejected as he was than to not know how some one stands with there faith, and that I may have missed a divine appointment he had planned for me!
I am so glad God led me to go.......my life will forever be changed......

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Vicki said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Peru experiences, I can feel my smoldering flames of faith starting to flare!