Monday, July 5, 2010

Jump in the Waters GREAT!!!

One of my first "OH WOW!!!" moments in Peru was Sunday. A day we were told we would go to a church service and see a baptism. Something I have done many times!!
So we were picked up on a bus and taken on a very long bus ride to a village.....but prior to the church service we made a stop at the Pacific Ocean. They said the baptism would take place here!! Wow I was not expecting this. Remember it was also there early winter which was about 55-60 degrees......can you imagine how cold the water was??
So we parked they bus and walked until we could not see the bus any the shore line. I have seen the pacific ocean before, but never touched it!!

As we stood and waited, I heard the story of the young man who was to be baptised. He was a translator for a large group. The prior day he was saved and some one in that group lead him to a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was awesome! Here he was hired to help translate about some one he had never heard about- only to find he needed him himself.

The pastor from the visiting church shared a few words, and a young man shared his testimony. Then on to the BEST part. I love to see a baptism.....and each time I get chills all over my body! Seeing how it is a physical sign of how Jesus can wash away our sins and cleanse us. When you are dipped down in the water and then brought are all clean!!
Even though when you are saved it is immediate when God forgives you of your sins as soon as you repent......every little last one!! It is still just cool to feel clean!! Just as we bath each day we need to go to God each day and ask forgiveness even for things unseen or unheard.....he knows our thoughts!!
As I stood and watched the waves crash up on to the shore and watched the people fight the waves to get to a good part in the ocean to prepare for this special moment. I thought back to when I was baptised.....I can remember the lady who came to me prior and said I cleaned out the baptistery and turned the heater on so the water should be nice and warm.
I was humbled by this young man, and another young woman who walked out against the waves in the doesn't matter where God can cleanse you anywhere. Even though it was cold.....and I know it was because we were standing so close the waves hit out feet. They took a huge step of FAITH by walking out among all these crashing waves and cold be baptised.
If a picture is worth a thousand words here one I will never forget.....

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation the old has gone, the new has come!
2 Corinthians 5:17

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