Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer is OVER for US!!

WOW....that was FAST!!! Seems like only yesterday when I looked at my calender for May, JUNE, and JULY....nearly passed out seeing all we had planned!!

I am so behind on my blog, cleaning, you name it I am behind.....I feel like I am swamped from being soooo busy this summer!!

I am ready to start back to a life of NOTHING!! Well, maybe not nothing- but a lot less of busyness!! Here is a wrap up.....

*Of course my Mission Trip to Peru for 9 days and boys at their grandparents!! Still trying to get the kids back UNspoiled....and back into a routine/schedule of some sorts!!

*Swimming lessons for both boys.....they did GREAT!! My friend Lori taught them- she was wonderful!! Notice anything missing from T's picture....YES our first lost tooth!! Tooth fairy came and gave him a dollar....he is proud- I will post a story soon about this!!

*Bought both boys scooters.....that was fun til it got to hot to go outside.....and the helmets those were their ideas....after the first crash- T wanted elbow and knee pads- well to get those you have to buy the helmet too!! Only ones I could fine.....spiderman!!

*Couple of play dates.....with some good friends- gave hugs to some who moved to Germany!!! We miss you Katja & kiddos!!

*Took a mini vacation to Joplin Mo, to the Home of the 4 states Trucking aka...Chrome Shop Mafia.....we picked up B's new custom hood and bumper. He has that truck looking so good!! The boys got to spend their first night in a hotel.....super excited they were!! They slept in the same bed and all until 2am when we heard THUD!! C slept in a BIG bed for the first time. Funny there were two note pads and pens.....so they immediately grabbed those and started playing with the phones!! We stayed there one night then on to Grana & Poppie's in Oklahoma- there we went swimming and had a good ole' time as usual!!

*SAID Y-E-S TO VBS.....TWICE!!!! As if one is not enough to wear a person out!! I taught 2nd grade at both and I have decided that is my very favorite group to teach....they still laugh at my goofy jokes and hug me!! The first VBS was at our church and the other for a mission project for a sister church in a smaller town. If was a great feeling getting to see kids loving God and learning about how GOOD he is!! Saddle Ridge Ranch.....Yeee HAW!!!

* T caught his first fish.....still talking about that one!! The 4 oz Brim that almost got away!!
*The summer is ending and that means a birthday for this Hunter.....He is having his 5th Birthday next week!!! So hard to believe seems like just yesterday when I was in labor for 3 days had a terrible itchy rash PUPP and could not even see my swollen feet for my HUGE belly!! I will share with you next week about all that fun stuff!!
Until next time......

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