Tuesday, October 6, 2009


the BIG 2...
Seems like yesterday when you arrived so FAST and FURIOUS!! When you came into the world- it has never been the same!! The doctor broke my water I was dilated to a 4 and 50 minutes later you were HERE!!! You came so fast the doctor almost missed you- your little nose, face & legs were skinned up a bit because you literally flew down the birth canal!!
It was FUN let me tell you!!

Your check up is next week so I will give approximate weight is 28 pounds & I have no idea about height- I do know that you are flooding in your 2T pants. I have not gotten your hand-me downs out of the attic yet...I know I was the younger one I had to wear them too!!

You are definitely ready to potty train- you don't like wearing a diaper. Especially during nap time. Hopefully last week after you took your diaper off and pooped all over you rug in the nursery you have learned the hard way NOT to EVER do that again.

That is something else you LOVE to do...CLIMB!!! No mountain high enough for you. You are a born leader and explorer. Who knows you might climb Mt. Everest, just to see what is up there some day?

Since the day you were born your brother has loved you, and you are loving him so much. Although brotherly love can be tough- you are standing your ground. And when push comes to shove some times you will bite- just to get your point across. You all really play well together- I love to listen to you all talk....it is so interesting. Thank God for monitors- I can be the fly on the wall...a few rooms away!

You have the BEST SMILE EVER!!! When we go to the store, you wave and tell everyone we meet "hi" and then when I talk to long to people I know- you say "bye bye"

When you walk into the room you light it up and make everyone laugh & smile!!

You are a silly goose!! Your daddy & brother LOVE to tickle you and I love to hear you laugh. Your laugh makes me laugh. In fact all three of you wrestle on the floor EVERY night before bath time. You usually end up starting it and finishing it!
You definitely are independent and can do a lot on your own- we have found out mostly from watching how strong you are and how you study things.
Last week you told daddy "I luvs you my daddy" and I was so jealous- Here I am with you all day and you have never told me that and he walks in and that is what you say! Then that night at bed time I asked you to tell me I love mama- You told me "NO" that made me laugh.
The next morning when I picked you long little body out of the crib and you were rubbing your still sleepy eyes you laid your head on my shoulder- patted my back and said in the sweetest voice I will never forget "I luvs you my mommy" Awwww you are such a sweet boy.
I pray each day you grow up to know the Lord and have a relationship with him. And experience the things he wants you to know and be in yourself and in life. You have made us so proud even though you are just 2- you are our big boy!!
I love you, Your Mommy (PS I love that you say mommy instead of mama- it is so cute)

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